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Saturday 1  May 1886
Birth -
CARTER -    on 29 April at St. Albans, Christchurch. to wife of H.D.Carter  -  a son, London papers please copy
KING   -   on  24 April at  Burwood,  to Mrs Geo. King,   -  a son
PREBBLE   -   on 29 April at Prebbleton to wife of J.W.Prebble, -   a son,
FLOWER  -  on  9 April at Sandyford Street, Sydenham, to wife of W.C.Flower, -   a  daughter. Home papers please  copy
TAYLOR  -  on 29 April at 168 Montreal Street to Mrs W. Simpson Taylor, -  a  son

Marriages -
SMITH  -  BALL - on 24 April at -- Edwin Taylor Smith of Christchurch, (late of Croyden, Surrey,Eng.)  to   Elizabeth Ball dau. of late Thos. Ball, Woodend
VALLANGE - ORMOND  -  on 27 April at -- Wellington, Charles William Vallange,  Bank of Austalasia, Featherston,  grandson of the late Lord Kinloch of 
                            Edinburgh   to   Eleanor Louisa,   2nd  daughter of F.F. Ormond Esq. M.R.C.C.S.L. of Hawkes Bay

Death    - 
FOSTER  -    25 April at Birdlings Flat, Lake Ellesmere, suddenly,  Fred. N. Foster, Master of Courtenay School,  age 43

Monday 3 May 1886

Birth  -  
CURRIE  -   on 28 April at 252 Colombo Street, Christchurch,   to wife of Archd. Currie, -  a son
HULBERT -  on  30 April at Linwood to Mrs C.P.Hulbert,  - a son

Marriage  -
LISSAMAN - FOSTER   - on 28 April at --  Alaric A. Lissaman, of Southbridge (late of  Warwickshire, England)  to Ada Emily Foster, of Leithfield, Canterbury

Death  -
BENSLEY - on 1 May at her residence,  Walpole Street, Sydenham, beloved  wife of George Bensley,
SCRALEY  -  on  2 May at the res. of Mr. William Pierson, Southbrook, Emily Robbins Scaley,   age 16 and half
TABART  -    on 2 May at his parents res. Opawa, Francis Gerard, beloved  son of F.C.Tabart, age 17
WILLIAMS  -   on 2 May at Merivale,  Isabella Mary,  eldest daughter  of John &  Marion Williams,   age 18

Tuesday 4 May 1886

Marriages -  
AMBROSE  - LUSK -  on 22 April 1886 at-- Thomas William ----Ambrose, son of T.B. Ambrose,  Spreydon   to Mary Sloan Lusk, dau. of Archibald Lusk
LUNN   -  TURNER -  on 3 May at St. Lukes by Venerable Archdeacon Lingard,  Horace Lunn   to   Amy Turner.

Death  - 
HEYWOOD  - on  2 May at Dunedin,  Emma wife of Joseph Martin  Heyward,   age 51

Wednesday 5 May 1886

Birth  -
BOURDE'T  -  on 27 April at   Wanganui,  to  wife of  William Bourde’t,   - twin daughters.
CHECKLEY   -   on  2 May at Merivale  to  Mrs J. Checkley,  - a son
WHITEHEAD   -   on  3 May at Orkney, Kilmore Street East,  to Mrs G.J.Whitehead, -  a son.

Marriage s -
BUTTLE  - HARRIS  -  on 25 April at -- Rev. T. Newman Buttle, Masterton, Wellington   to Elizabeth Sarah,   eldest daughter of Mr. Win  Harris, Pine Villa,
                                Worcester Street, Christchurch.    Auckland and Otago papers  please copy.
EVANS   -  PETRIE  -   on  28 April at Waddington, by Rev. James Maxwell,   Richard Evans   to   Tinnie Petrie,   both of Kowai Bush.

Thursday 6 May 1886

Birth  -
PARLANE -  28 April at View Hill, Oxford, wife of James  Parlane,  -  twin sons

HILLER    -  GRIFFITHS  - on 13 April at Kaikoura, -- John Anderson Hiller,  Sweden,   to   Mary Ann,  eldest daughter of John Griffiths,Wellington.

Friday 7 May 1886

Birth  -
BROWN  - on 2 May at South Belt, Christchurch, to wife of Gilbert  Brown,  - a daughter
BUCKHAM  -   on 5 May at  Naumai,   Rangiora,  to  wife of George Buckham,  - a daughter.

Marriages  -
PEARSON  - TUBMAN  - on 15 April at --  John Pearson,  son of Richard Pearson, County Covan, Ireland,  o  Eliza Jane dau of Robert Tubman, of Papanui.
WINSTANLEY  - CURTIES  - on 17 April at  --Charles Frederick,  son of Thomas Francis Winstanley,  to Mary,  dau. of Thomas Curties,  of Norfolk, England

Death  -
BEECHER   -   on 5 May at the Whitecliffs Hotel, Governers Bay,   Sarah,  daughter of John & Margaret Beecher,  age 10 weeks
FALKENDER  -   on 4 May at the residence of his father,  Abberley Road, St. Albans, James,  beloved son of J.& M.E.Falkinder,  age 2 years 7 months.

Saturday 8 May 1886

Birth  -
DAVIS    -  on  5 May at Plough Hotel, Rangiora,  to wife of Henry  Davis,  - a daughter.
POLSON   -  on  6 May at St. Albans,  to wife of John Polson,  - a daughter.
MacFARLANE    -   on 6 May,  at Achray,  to wife of James MacFarlane,  - a son

Deaths -
HAMILTON   -  on 6 May at the residence of his uncle,  George Wallace, of Flaxton,  A. R. Hamilton,  of Ballarat, age 24
OSBORNE   -  on  8 May at Christchurch,  result of an accident,  Alfred Osborne,  age 62
SYME   -  on  6 May at Invermay, Alford Forest, Jane,  wife of David Syme,  farmer, late of Fifeshire, Scotland,  age 45
REID   -  on  7 May at Dampiers Bay, Lyttelton, Alexander Reid,  late of  Peterhead, Scotland,  age 53

Monday 10 May 1886

Birth  -
DAVISON  -  on 8 May at St Leonards, Amuri,   to wife of J.H. Davison, -  a daughter.
FULLER  -  on  5 May at Nelson,  wife of W.J.Fuller,  Prison Dept.  -  a son

Funeral Notice  - 
-   The Friends of Mr. Thomas Mills Pepperell are invited to attend  funeral of late wife Emma,  of Leinster Road, Merivale

Tuesday  11 May 1886

Birth  - 
MOORE  -   on 8 May at Waikuku, to wife of F.W.W.Moore,  - a son

Death  -
HAMILTON  -  on 8 May at Albury,  of bronchitis, Cecil Pascoe Swan ,youngest son of Hugh & Annabelle Hamilton,  age 9months
STOUPE   -   on 9 May at his residence,  Babadoes Street, W. J. Stoupe,  age 43    Belfast, Ireland papers please copy

Wednesday 12 May 1886

Birth -  
ANSON   -  on  8 May at Wainui, Akaroa, to  the wife of F. Anson,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
HENRY   -   STAPLES   -  on  26 April at St. Lukes, by Rev. Archdeacon  Lingard,  George Fokes Henry,   to   Caroline Sibethorpe Staples.

Death  -
FOSTER  - on 25 April at Little River,  Frederick Nathaniel Foster,  formerly of Indian Navy, Buckingham Plave, New Brighton, son of Frederick Foster, age 43
MAYDWELL   -  on 10 May at Sunnyside,  Daniel Maydwell,  late of Harewood,  Papanui, age 39

Thursday 13 May 1886

Birth  -
HOPKINS  - on 10 May at Woodend,  to  wife of H.J.Hopkins,  -  a daughter.
JENKINS  -  on 10 May at Hereford Street,  to wife of E.H.Jenkins,  -  a son

Marriage  -
KELSEY  -  REEVES   -  on 11 May at --  Arnold Robert Kelsey of,  Dunedin to   Marion Hamilton,  2nd daughter  of William Reeves. Opawa

Friday 14 May 1886

Birth -
MEARES   -   on 13 May at her residence,  Tootoo'wa, Christchurch, to Mrs Devenish  Meares,  -  a daughter.

Death  -
McBRIDE  -  on  12 May at Rotheram - Rob McBride
PEPPERELL  - on 8 May at her residence,  Leinster Rd,  Emma, dearly loved wife of  Thomas Mill Pepperell, age 60

Saturday 15 May 1886

Birth  - 
GOLDSMITH  -  on 14 May at Sudeley, Irwell,   to wife of Philip W.Goldsmith,  a son.

Monday 17 May 1886

Birth -
CHAPMAN  - 16 May at  Bath Street,  to Mrs A.K.Chapman,  -  a son
ROSEWARNE  - 14 May, to Mrs Randle Rosewarne,  -  a son, stillborn.

Marriage -
BARR  -  SEAY  -  on 12 May at bride's fathers residence, Springfield,  James, son of Mr  J.P.Barr, of Mountain View Farm, Annat, Canterbury,  to  Elizabeth,                                
                         2nd. daughter of Mr. Thomas Seay.

Death - 
MOODY  -  at her res. North Road, Kaiapoi. Frances,   relict of the late Wm. Moody, age 64.

Tuesday 18 May 1886

Birth -  
LECHMERE  -  on 16 May at Sumner, to Mrs Edward Lechmere,  -  a son
NELSON  -  on 12 May at her residence, North Belt, to Mrs G.B. Nelson,  -  a son

Marriage -
HARMAN  -  QUARTERMAIN  -  on 6 April at St. Lukes, Burwood, NSW. William Harman   to   Ella Quartermain,  both of Mortlake, NSW.
                         &   late of Canterbury, NZ

Death -
DAVENPORT  - on  17 May at his residence,  Bowen Street, Sydenham,  William Henry Davenport,  64th year.
FLECK  - on 17 May at the res.of her parents,  80 Madras St. South, Annie Brown,  beloved daughter of James & Jessie Brown, age 5 years.

Funeral Notices- 
DAVENPORT   -William Henry Davenport from his res. Bowen Street to  Addington Cemetery.
WOODFORD  - the funeral of his  late  son   Herbert Bromley Woodford  will leave his Cumberland St. Richmond res. for Woolston Cemetery.

Wednesday 19 May 1886

Birth -  
BARKER  - on 18 May at Hoon Hay, to wife of A.C. Barker,  a son

Marriage -
DEARSLY - DUNLOP -   on 14 May at Avonside  George Dearlsy, son of Thomas Dearsly Christchurch,  to  Mary Ann Dunlop,  daughter of John Dunlop,                                            
                    Edinburgh, Scotland.

Friday 21 May 1886

Birth -
RICHARDS -  on 17 May at Kaiapoi, to wife of Mr. C.B. Richards,   jeweller, -  a daughter.

Marriage -
MOORE - GRANT -  on 19 May  of bride's father, Southbridge, Samuel,  5th son of William Moore, Killinchy, County Down, Ireland.  to   Sarah,  2nd daughter                                   
                         of Mr.G. Grant formerly of  Warwickshire, England.

Death - 
LEE -  on  20 May at Peterborough Street, George Lee,   age 48 yrs.

Funeral Notice - 
LEE  -   Mr. George Lee to be buried at Addington Cemetery

Saturday 22 May 1886

Death -
FRANCIS -  on 21 May at Linwood House, Avonside,  Charles Maud, 4th  son of Elizabeth & George Francis,  in his 22 year.
LANCE -   on 19 May,  at Okover, Riccarton,  Henry Percher Lance,  age 53 yrs.

Monday 24 May 1886
Marriage -
BRADLEY - DUNN -   on 20 May at -- Edward,  only son of late Edward Bradley, Manager of  Union Bank, Ballarat, to   Mary Dunn,  stepdaughter
                            of Mr.William Bowden, Christchurch.

Death  - 
TATTERSALL -    on 23 May at St. Asaph Street, James Tattersall,  age 62

Wednesday  26 May 1886

Birth -  
FOWLER -  on  22 May at Kaiapoi,  to wife of P.J.Fowler,  -  a son.
GRANT  -   on 19 May at Courtenay, Canterbury, NZ, wife of Grigor Grant,  storekeeper, -  a son.
LATTO  -   on 23 May at Kaiapoi, to wife of David Latto, - a daughter.

Marriage -
ESKINE  -  DRAPER -    on 7 April at --Leeson Parish, Dublin, Ireland, Capt. Archibald James Erskine  D.A.G.G. the Worcester Regiment,  to 
                            Ellen Blanche (Nellie)  2nd. daughter  of Colonel Draper, Department Commissary General, 18 Leeson PK.

Death -  
SIRETT -  25 May at Oxford, Mr. Richard Sirett,  farmer,  age 53

Thursday 27 May 1886

Birth  -
STONE  -   on 26May at Opawa, to  Mrs. Allison D. Stone, -  a daughter.

Death -  
EDWARDS  -  on 24 May at Westerfield, Gloucester Street East,  Bethune Edwards, age 57

Friday 28 May 1886

Birth -  
BAUMBER -   on 26 May at her father's residence,  Hillsborough, to wife of Rev. Wm. Baumber, of Napier, -  a daughter.
MINCHENER - at 38 Park Terrace, Christchurch,  to wife of C. Walsiugham  Minchener, -  a son
MALCOLM  -   on 28 May at Riccarton, to wife of F.S.Malcolm, -  a daughter.

Marriages -  
CLARK  - WYATT  -  on 15 May at -- William, son of the late Richard Clark, Christchurch,   to   Mary Elizabeth (May) eldest. daughter. of M.M.Wyatt,
RUTHERFORD  -  GERARD - on 27 May at Fendalton by Rev. J. Chaffers-Welsh, George Rutherford, to Mary Gerard.

Death  -  
CUNNINGHAM  - at her sisters res. Allen Street Christchurch, Margaret Agnes, youngest. daughter of the late Neal & Maria Cunningham, age 16 years.
FERGUSON  -  on 11 April, drowned on the Taiaroa, James,  brother of Donald Ferguson. age 46
MASON  -   on 26 May at Sumner Road, Lyttelton,  Sarah Ellen, beloved wife of George Mason. age 37
WITCHELL  -  on 17 May at Flaxton, Lemuel Witchell, age 57 for many years  gardener for Mr. R.H.Rhodes.

Funeral Notice  - 
-  Sergeant Major Mason, invites friends of his late  wife Sarah Ellen,  leaving his res. Sumner Road for the C. of E. Cemetery, Lyttelton
WITCHELL -   Mr. Lemnel Witchell, funeral will leave his late residence,  Flaxton, for Kaiapoi Cemetery.

Saturday 29 May 1886

Marriage -  
DIEHL  -  BROWN -  on   5 May at -- Auckland, Emil Edwin Diehl,  to  Adrina Peebles,  dau. of Andrew Brown of Richmond,  Christchurch, 
                                formerly of  Cairnie Pier, Perthshire, Scotland
RUTHERFORD  -  GERARD  -  on 27 May at --- George Rutherford, of  Dalethorpe,  to   Mary Gerard. eldest daughter of William Gerard, Snowden.

Death -  
KNIGHT  - at Heathcote Valley at the residence of her father (Mr .J.Sandford) May Elizabeth, beloved wife of J.T. Knight late of Lyttelton, in her 23 rd year.
WYATT  -  on 28 May at Aikmans Road,  Elizabeth, beloved wife of Henry Wyatt, age 60

Monday 31 May 1886

Birth -
BREMNER  -   on 28 May at her residence  St. Asaph Street East Linwood, to wife of Joseph Bremner, -  a daughter.
MACKINTOSH  -   on 28 May at the Manse Temuka,  to  wife of Rev. E. MacIntosh, -  a son
MC'RAE -    on 29 May at Glens of Tokoa, Amuri, to wife of George Wilsden McRae,  -  a son
SINCLAIR -  on 16 May at Springston, to wife of P. Sinclair,  a son.

Marriages -  
ESLICK  -  POWER  -  on  24 May at --- Joseph  son of the late Joseph Eslick Esq. of Plymouth,  England,  to Martha 2nd. daughter of Mr. John Power, Sydney
NEWTON  - O'GRADY  -  on 27 April at St. Josephs Lyttelton by Rev. Father O'Connor, P.P.William Newton   to   Jane Snowden O'Grady,  both of Lyttelton.
PETRIE  -  NICOLLE  -  on 14 April 1886  at St. Michaels Sydney, Robert Drummond,   3rd son of late George Septimus Petrie, formerly of Melbourne,
                                to Eugenie Florence Elleanor eld. dau. of E.D.Nicolle esq. C.E. of  Whiteheith, Wollongong, N.S.W.
ROSS  -   MILLAR  -   on 19 May at --- Hugh William Ross, son of James Ross, Belfast, Ireland  to  Mary Minnie, eldest dau. of Joseph Miller,
                         Ballyclander, Downkirkpatrick,  Ireland

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
3 September  2003

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