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Saturday 1 March 1886
Death -  
FRITZROY  - on 4 December 1885, Sir James Fritzroy, Fortinbrass, Vriteboo, Canada, age  62 years, also Lady  Naomi Fritzroy wife of above 7 December                                     188? age 69 years

Tuesday  2 March 1886
Marriage   -
KEATS - KING  -  on 24 February 1886 at Oxford.  Thomas 3rd son of George Keats Esq.  to   Amy, eldest daughter of Mr. A. King, both of Oxford
POTTS -  LE CLERC  -  on  2 March 1886,  at Dauvauchelles Bay Church, Freeman Potts, Solicitor,  son of T.H. Potts Govenors Bay, to   Amy Frances,                                                  daughter of   Mr  J. A.  Le  Clerc. Barrys Bay

Thursday 4 March    1886
Birth  -   
BELGRAVE   -  on 1 March at Kirwee  to wife of J.W.Belgrave,  -  a daughter
CLARK   -    22 February    at Normby Road, South Rakaia  - to wife of G.Clark,   -  a son

Friday 5 March 1886
Marriage    -
BELCHER   - BLACKMAN  - on 24 February at -----Kaiapoi  Charles Belcher, only son of the late William Belcher   to  Lydia Mary,  3rd daughter of                                                                       H.S.Blackman of Carleton, Melbourne.
LYLIAN  - KNIGHT  -  on 1 March at Alford Forest -- Walter Herbert Lilyan of  Sofala, NSW   to  Flora Emily,  dau. of Hy Knight, of Alford Forest,
                                        formerly Coventry, England

Death    -
SHEE   -   on 4 March at Church Road, St. Albans,  Henrietta Laura,  beloved child of Chong & Henrietta Shee,  aged 6 weeks
JACKSON  -  5 March at his late residence  Park Road, Addington.  Charles Jackson,  age 52

Saturday 6 March 1886
Marriage -
TAYLOR   -    MURPHY  -  on 14 February at ----  Thomas,  eldest son of  James Taylor   to   Annie J. 3rd daughter of Richard Murphy, Christchurch

Monday 8 March 1886
Birth     -
FOWKE   -  on 7 March at Bryndwr, to wife of J. Fowke,   -  a daughter
STEEL   -  on  5 March at 146 Manchester Street,  to wife of John Y. Steel, -   a daughter

Marriage     -
SMITH   -   GRANT  - on 29 December 1885 at Hope Lodge, Moffat, Dumfreeshire, Scotland. John Stace Smith (jnr) Glenholstein, Bean-sejour, Winnipeg,                                             Canada late of Otaio, South Canterbury, to Jane Horsburg Grant, dau. of the late William Grant, New Valley Estate, Dekoya, Ceylon

Death -   
DIGBY -  on 6 March at Sunnyside,  Frederick Henry Digby,   age 4 years
FREE -   on 7 February,  at Richmond,  Eliza,   beloved wife of  Thomas Free,  age 70 years
JONES -   on 3 March, at Christchurch  Hosp. of diabetes,
SIMPSON  -  on  5 March at Rangiora, William Simpson,  accidently killed, late of Clerkenwell,  England, age 49 years

Tuesday 9 March 1886
Birth   -   
BARKER   -  on  6 March  at Avonholme,  to wife of David Barker,  of Pahan,  Amuri,  -  a son.
JONKS -   on 7 March  at Richmond House, Richmond,  to wife of  A.W.Jonks,  -   a daughter

Wednesday 10 March 1886
Birth -  
WATT  -   on 18 February,  at 18 Tasman Street, Wellington, the wife of  D.Watt,  -  a daughter
COYNE  -   on  3 March  at Mrs Penrose's  Ward Street, Addington,   wife of Thomas Coyne,  of  Little Akaloa, -  a daughter
THOMPSON  -  on  6 March  at Rakaia, Canterbury,  to wife of Joseph Thompson,  formerly of Belfast, N.  Ireland,  -  a daughter

Thursday 11 March 1886
Birth -
GARLAND  -   on  5 March at Marbury House,  Hillsborough,  to wife of  Joseph Garland,  -  a son
SMITH   -  on  9 March at Cashel Street, Christchurch,  to wife of A.  Smith, Rakaia,  -  a daughter
SULLIVAN   -  on 18 February, at Annat, Malvern, Mrs William Sullivan   - a daughter, Nelson and home  papers please copy.

Death  -  
JONES  - on 10 March at Christchurch Hospital, Adolphus Charles, commercial traveller, 2nd son of the late Henry Jones of Croyden, Surrey, England,  age 48

Friday 12 March 1886
Birth  -  
BROWN  -  on 10 March, at no. 213 Madras Street, Christchurch,  to wife of H.S.Brown,   -  a son, premature
CLARIDGE    -  on 10 March at her residence Claridge Street, Ashburton,   wife of A.C.Claridge, -  a son
HUG  -  on 10 February at her residence 140 Phillip Street, Sydney,  to wife of B.Hug,  -  a son
KNIGHT   -  on 10 March - at Sumner Road, Lyttelton, wife of  J.T.Knight,  -  a daughter
THOMAS   -   on 8 March  to wife of Dr. Thomas, -  a son

Marriage -  
PUDNEY  - CLARK  -   on  10 March at ---- Frederick John,  eldest son of Mr. John Pudney, Tillbury Hall, Halstead, Essex, England  to  Amelia Evans (Milly)                                         3rd daughter of Mr. Henry Clark, Lincoln Road, Addington

Death  -
DIGGLE  -   on 11 March at his residence Allen Street, Nathaniel  Diggle,  after a short illness,  in his 56th year
PYLE -   on  4 March  at St. Bathans, Otago,  William Graham,  dearly beloved son of William & Margaret Pyle,  age 14 months
NEILL  -  12 March  at 1-30am at his sons residence  Caledonian Road, St. Albans.  George Neill,  after a long and painful  illness of 9 years,   age 69

Saturday 13 March 1886
Marriage    -
BUTLER   - O'SULLIVAN  -  on 9 March at the Catholic Church, Barbadoes Street, Christchurch, by Rev. Father Giuaty,  James Butler   to   Mary O'Sullivan
CHAPPELL  -  LUCAS  -  4 March at--- Arthur Barnard  son of late Henry Chappell, Witham, Essex,  to Alice 2nd dau of John Lucas, Oxford, England, 

Death  - 
-  at Whalebone Cottage, Kaiapoi. Mr. Isaac Saunders,   age 75 years

Monday 15 March 1886
Birth  -   
PRITCHARD   - 12  March at Oxford, to  wife of A.P.Pritchard, -  a son

Death -
PHILLPOTT    - on 14 March at  Harewood Road, Olive Martha, eldest daughter of Mr. John Phillpott, age 36
VIRTUE   -  on 15 March  Mary Virtue, beloved wife of James Virtue,  at her residence Stanmore Road,   age 61 years

Tuesday 16 March 1886
Birth -
LATTER -     on 13 March at Tikao Bay,  to wife of  Edward S. Latter, -   a daughter
MAXWELL  -  on 14 March  at   Caledonian Road,   to wife of  J.Maxwell,  -   a son
McKAY  -  on  26 February at  Edzell Cottage,  Radley, Woolston,  to wife of John McKay, -   a son

HARWOOD  -  on  10 March  at Christchurch Hospital,  Catherine Kay,  wife of  William Harwood,  of West Oxford,  age 5
HENNAH   -  on 14 March at residence West Town Belt, Timaru,   H.H.Hennah age 54

Thursday 18 March 1886
Birth    -
BARBER   -  on 16 March  to  wife of Fountain Barber,   -  a son
BAIN  -   at Rickton,  Rangiora, to  wife of W.Bain, -   a son
DEANS   -   on 4 March  at Riccarton  to  wife of John Deans,  -  a daughter

Marriage.   -
RUTHERFORD  -  LANDSBOROUGH - on 17 March at Albury ----  Duncan Rutherford, of  Leslie Hills, Amuri.  to   Eva Landsborough, of Albany

Friday 19 March 1886
Birth -
CRICHTON -  on  16 March at Delrinde, Papanui, to  wife of W.B. Crichton late of Belfast, Ireland, a son

Marriage. -
MULLINS – HAWKINS  -  on 9 March at Tai Tapu Weslyan Church ---- John Proctor to Ruth widow of the late Thomas Hawkins both of Christchurch.

Death -
MCNALLY   -  on 17 March, killed by an accident at Omihi Creek, John McNally,  aged 32 years,  the beloved husband of Catherine Agnes (nee Greig)  deeply                                 mourned. The deceased leaves an infant daughter, they were married on April 24 1885 at St. Pauls, Leithfield

Saturday 20 March 1886
Birth      -
BRITTAN -  on  18 March at Hekie? Burnham, to  wife of F.H.Brittan, -   a son
HUTTON  -  on  20 March  at Lyndhurst, Merivale,  to wife of E.C.Hutton, -    a son

Death -   
SPENCER   -  on 19 March at Bryndwr, Christchurch in 73rd year,  John Hellfield Spencer, late of 48  Fenchurch Street, London, home papers please copy.

Monday 22 March 1886
Birth  -    
GEORGE  -  on 17 March at Gloucester Street, to wife of Edwin George, -  a daughter
FORD  -   on 20 March  at 21 Lichfield Street, to  wife of  W.Ford,  -  a  daughter
BROOKE   -  at the dispensary Kaiapoi, to  wife of  C.M.Brooke,  -   a son
BROWN  -    at Madras Street, to  wife of H.W.Brown, -   a son  (one of twins)

Tuesday 23 March 1886
Birth  -    
KITCHINGHAM  -  on  19 March at  15 East Belt, to wife of H.W. Kitchingham, -  a son

Marriage -    
LEWIS  -  TIPLER -  on   4 March at -- Leithfield, Thomas, son of Robert Lewis, --- Bridgend  to Jennie, eldest daughter of Edward of "The Terrace"  Leithfield
THOMSON   - SOPER  -  on 1 March at resof bridegrooms brother, by --Alexandra, son of Peter Thomson   to  Hannah Soper, dau of John  Soper, England

Wednesday 24 March 1886
Death -    
BUNZ  -   on 23 March,   Archie Douglas, infant son of C.F. & E. Bunz,   age 8 months
HENDERSON -  on  21? March  at his residence 123  Montreal Street, after a short illness, Daniel Henderson formerly of  Putneyton,
                                Wick, Caithness, Scotland,  age 55 years. Home and Australian  papers please copy.

Thursday 25 March 1886
Birth -        
FERGUSON   -   on  24 March at Hereford Street, to wife of Alexander Ferguson, - a son.
MILLINGTON  -    on 23 March at the residence of Mr. J. Gower, Little Brenchley Road, Lyttelton to  the wife of S.G.Millington -   a son.
                                    Wellington papers please copy.

Death -    
HORNBY -   on 24 March at Kaiapoi,  Elijah Hornby,  age 42 years
WESTON  -  on 25 March at Okair, North Road, Kaiapoi, Sophia, 3rd daughter of George Weston

Friday 26 March 1886
Marriage -  
ROBINSON  -  BARTRUM  -  on  15 January at the res.of the brides father - Ashley Street, Rangiora by- Robert James  Robinson to Mary J. Bartrum, Rangiora

Death     -
BARROW -   on 25 March at residence of the parents, ------. Druscilla Mary,   beloved daughter of William & Mary Ann Barrow,   age 9 years 4 months.

Saturday 27 March 1886
Birth -       
FOSTER -   on 24 March at South Belt,   to  wife of T.S.Foster,  a daughter

Death -     
WILKINS -   on 2 February entered into rest at Christchurch Terrace, Cheltenham, England, John  Wilkins age 70 years

Monday 29 March 1886
Birth  -
MERTON -   on  27 March at 75 Armagh Street, Christchurch,  to wife f G.H. Merton,  - a daughter

Marriage  -   
SIMEON   -  SUTTON -   on 27 March at Scawby or Scowby, Lincolnshire by--- Simeon,  3rd son of the late Captain Simeon   to Janetta Nina,  younger                                                     daughter of the late Rev. B.  Sutton of Scawby Hall of Lincolnshire

Death -  
SCOTT -   on 27 March  Susan Franklin Scott,  wife of John Scott,  at her residence St. Asaph St. East

Tuesday 30 March 1886
Birth -  
THOMPSON -   on 27 March at East Oxford, to wife of Charles Abel  Thompson, a daughter

Death -  
BUCKLEY  -   on 23 January, at "The Close" Norwich, Anne widow of Eugene Buckley C.E. of Hawarden,   Cheshire  age 86
MULLIN -   on 30 March  at Rangiora John Mullin  age 47

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