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Tuesday  1 June 1886
In bancruptcy  -
Charles SCHOLFIELD,   of Christchurch

Wednesday 2 June 1886
In bancruptcy  -
Arthur Montague HUSEY  or  BUSEY

page 3
Inquest  -   email for a copy
at 7-30pm yesterday  -- held an inquest on the body of an infant 15 mths old, a step-daughter of Mr Trevenna,  who resides at Eaton place,  off Manchester street south  -----

Inquest  -  
SELLARS  -  on Monday an inquest was held  --------- on the body of Mrs Sarah Sellars,  an old lady of nearly 80 years of age.   died from natural causes.

Inquest  -    NEW  -
an inquest was held at the Waiau Hotel on May 28 -----  touching the death of William New,  who nwas found dead in the Stanton River with a dray on top of him.    -------  email for a copy

Wellington  -  COLE   -
A man about 35 years of age was drowned while crossing the Raumahana at Tewhiti in a canoe.  A Wellington pawn ticket was found on him,  with the name Richard Cole  on it.

Nelson  - 
   -  a man named John McGregor left here in an open boat,  for the Moutere,  about 12 miles distant,  on Wednesday, taking with him   --------
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Thursday 3 June  1886

In bancruptcy  -
ROUNTREE  -   John,  Produce and  Commision Merchant,  of Christchurch.

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Geraldine   -   Death  - 
-  Thomas Raine  of Geraldine,  ------- on Tuesday afternoon,  died on Tuesday night.  It is said that the deceased leaves a wife in Christchurch.

Friday  4 June  1886

page 3
Wellington  - death   -    
  -   An expressman named Mercer,  residing at Newton,  -----  He had been drinking heavily.

In bancruptcy  -
Dunedin  -   John CREIGHTON  -  a runholder  at Mount Ida.

Saturday  5 June  1886

page 3
Death  -  WILLIAMS  -
This morning Mr L.C.Williams,  residing at Linwood,  reported to police that his daughter Isabella Williams,  8 years of age,  had died suddenly at 10pm yesterday. She had been suffering from an attack of measles,  but no doctor had been in attendance.  There will be an inquest held at the Royal George Hotel.

Monday 7 June  1886
page  4
Rangiora  -  inquest  -  BURT  -
an inquest was held at the courthouse Rangiora,  on Saturday morning, -------- on the body of John Millar Burt,  aged 14,  son of Mr David Burt,  who died suddenly the previous day.  --  death resulted from eplipsy, and a verdict was returned accordingly.

Inquest  -  WILLIAMS  -
on Saturday morning Mr L.C.Williams residing at Linwood,  reported that his daughter Isabella,  aged 8 --------  issued a warrant to bury without an inquest.

Tuesday  8  June 1886

In bancruptcy  -
William JOHNSON  - of Christchurch.

page 4
Death  -  WEBLEY  -
an infant 12 mths old,  son of Mr Webley,  blacksmith, of sandridge,  died rather suddenly yesterday morning.  -----  it is uncertain if there will be an inquest.

Dunedin  -   -
THORNE   -   William,  a miner at Skippers,  died suddenly in his bunk.
BOYD  -  William,  died suddenly whilst riding between Frankton and Queenstown.
BLAIR  -   a child 3 years old, daughter of Mr Blair,  milkman, near the City, -------   died this morning.

Wednesday  9  June  1886

In bancruptcy
John Weston CHAMBERLAIN  -  labourer of St Albans.
Jacob  GRETT  or BRETT

page 3
Invercargill  -  HARE -
John Hare, a well known merchant,  died suddenly last night.   Deceased arrived here many years ago, and for a long time did a large trade with the Lake goldfields.  before coming to NZ he was at the Cape of Good Hope and on the Victorian goldfields.

Saturday  12 June  1886

page 3
Wairoa  - 
  a search party at wairoa found the mangled body of Bainbridge,  the English tourist,  buried under the hotel verandah.  He had 3 five pound
                        notes on him.

Terraces  completely destroyed. -    Bodies recovered  -  inquest proceeding  -
Auckland  -   Burt,  surveyor,  has been found safe,  The bodies of HASZARD  and children have been recovered.    lots more  about the earthqukses  and volcanic eruption  in the whole of this week's  papers.

page 4
Nelson   -   death from exposure  -  PASK   -   THOMPSON  -
information has been received from the Waiau this afternoon that a survey party has come in from the back country of the Upper Clarence.  They were caught in a snow storm and 2 of the party namely Messrs Pask (cadet)  and Hugh Thompson  (chainman)  died from exposure.  Mr F.Smith  (the District Surveyor)  and 4 hands were rescued by a reserve party from MacArthur's,  St James' Station.

Monday 14 June 1886

page 3
Hamilton  -  inquest  -    BAINBRIDGE  -
The jury expressed their admiration of the heroic conduct of Mr McRae,  during the disaster at Wairoa,  and their belief that to his exertions many Ruropeans  owe their lives.  The verdict was  - "that James M.Bainbridge came to his death on the morning of June 10 1886 at Wairoa,  Tarawera,  accidently,  by the falling of a balcony attached to the Hotel.  which was made to fall by the weightof debris from an eruption of Tarawera mountain.

Tuesday 15 June 1886

page 3
Dunedin  - 
  Mr Robert Gillies, ex-member for Bruce,  died this morning.

Inquest  - 
    an enquiry into the cause of death of Mr William Verrall,  whose sudden decease on Saturday evening  -----   inquest adjourned until June 21st

Wednesday 16 June 1886

  Invercargill  -   page 3
- A man named John Crilly  was found dead close to the Kingston Railway bridge  near Winton.  ---------

PASKE  -  The body of the late Mr Paske,  who perished in a snow storm at the Clarence Valley on Thursday last,  was interred in the Church of England                                 cemetery,  Riccarton,  this afternoon.

Thursday 17 June  1886

In bancruptcy  - 
William Denne MEERS  of Lyttelton,  shopman.

page 3
Inquest  -  BROWN  -
an inquest touching the death of Maggie Brown, was held at the Cust yesterday,  -----  deceased was 5 years of age,    --------verdict returned accidental death
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Thames  - 
  an old resident at the Thames named E.C.Dodd,  licensee of the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, was drowned yesterday off the Shortland embankment.

Friday  18 June 1886

page 3
Invercargill  -  BROOKLYN  -
Peter Brooklyn engaged on the unemployed section,  Seaward Bush Line,  was struck by a falling tree and had his spine injured.  he was taken to hospital on wednesday and died today.  He leaves a widow and 12 children.

page 4
Obituary  - 
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Saturday 19 June  1886

In bancruptcy  -
Thomas & Edward PAVITT  -   Christchurch

page 3
Volunteer Funeral  - 
McDEVITT  -   the late Sergeant McDevitt  wa interred with full military honours in the Christchurch Public Cemetery.  -------------  email for a copy.

Monday 21 June  1886

page 3
Dunedin  -  CRANE  -
a labouring man named Charles Crane was swept off the breakwater works at the Otago Heads on Saturday afternoon into 18ft of water.   ----  he leaves a wife and family in Dunedin.

Obituary  -  Robert WILKIN  -
------- Robert Wilkin was born at Tinwald Downs,  Dumfries, Scotland,  on January 20th 1820.  His father James Wilkin, was a leading farmer in Dumfrieshire.  His mother Rachel Douglas Laurie, was a daughter of the parish minister at Tinwald.  --------  he was 64 years of age at the time of his death.
a  very long column, 
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Tuesday 22 June 1886

page 3
Letters of Naturalisation  -
Henry FEUTZ,  farmer,  Irwell, Canterbury    b. Lauterbrunnen,  Switzerland
Olof Albert BENBERG,  bushman,  Alford Forest.
Andrew GUNDERSON,   bushman,  Alford Forest

Funeral   write -up  -  Mr  Robert WILKIN  -
--one of the largest in Canterbury.  --  more than 80 carriages,  besides a dozen horsemen.  The mourning coaches nearest the hearse contained the members of the deceased's family and of the firm Robert Wilkin and Co.

page 4
Inquest  - 
    a very long column,  email for a copy

Wednesday  23 June 1886     

Death  -   JOSLING  -
Mr John Josling, a colonist, of between 30 and 40 years' standing,  about 28 of which were passed in the Rangiora district,  died at his residence,  stratford grove,  rangiora, this morning, after a long period of ill-health.

Friday  25 June 1886

page 3
Timaru  -   sudden death -  FULLERTON  -
Mr James Fullerton, a well known storekeeper, was found dead this afternoon in the office attached to his store.  ------  
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Saturday  26 June 1886

page 3
Inquest  -  James FULLERTON -
at an inquest held yesterday at the Clarendon Hotel, Timaru on James Fullerton who was found dead in his office on Thursday afternoon found that death resulted from heart disease. 

Funeral - 
  -   a funeral sermon will be preached by the Rev Mr Jones, at the Primitive Methodist Church,  Cambridge terrace,  tomorrow, evening in reference                         to the late organist,   Mr T.U.De La Mare.

HALL  -   a passenger named M.C.Hall was lost overboard from the San Francisco mail boat Mariposa,  which arrived at Auckland early this morning.  Details will                     be found in our shipping column.

Monday 28 June 1886

Wellington  -  inquest  -  JONES  -
a boy named Jones,  6 years old, was killed at the foot of the Tinakori range by a log rolling over him. Some men on the hill had displaced a log,  which struck Jones, who was playing at the foot of the hill with some other children,  killing him instantaneously.

Wellington  -  inquest  - 
MULLINS  -   at the inquest on Edward Mullins an open verdict was returned, as no new facts were elicited.  -------

Tuesday 29 June 1886

page 3
Wellington  -  BARNICOAT  -    Mr Barnicoat, a teacher at the Wellington College,   -----------------  deceased was a son of Hon.W.J.Barnicoat, M.L.C.
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Invercargill  - 
an old man named Roger Dorrigan was found dead in bed at Stoney Creek Hotel,  near Gore.

Wednesday  30 June  1886

page 4  -
Hokitika  -
TRICE  -  James Trice,  Harbour master and Signalman,  who has held the latter office here for 20 years,  died suddenly today.

Inquest  -   SUGRUE  -
an inquest was held on Monday ------ touching the death of Dennis Segrue,  whose body was found in the Hae Hae, te Moana.  ----------  saw the deceased on Saturday night proceeding towards geraldine with dray.  verdict accidently drowned --------

Wellington  - 
BARNICOAT  -   a painful sensation was caused in town this morning on its being reported that James Tressider Barnicoat,  one of the Masters of Wellington                                 College -------  email for a copy.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ