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Tuesday  1 June 1886

Birth   -
DONN  -  May 21 at Catrine Store,  Addington,  to wife of John Donn,  -   son.
HARDIE  -  May 30 at St Asaph street, Linwood,  to wife of Robert Hardie, -   a daughter,  stillborn.
LONGNEY  -  May 21 at the Forest Inn,  Wakefield, Nelson,  to wife of Nathaniel Longney,  -  a son.  Gloucestershire papers please copy.

Marriage  -
GUMLEY  -  REAOCH  - at the residence of Mrs Reaoch, Colombo street, Christchurch,  by Rev H.B.Redstone,  Mr James Gumley to Mrs Jane Reaoch.
McRAE  -  DONALDSON  -  May 19 by--  Alexander McRae,  builder,  to  H.A.Donaldson, dau of  James Donaldson,  Gaoler, Addington,  late of Wellington. 

Death  -
BOLEYN  -  May 26 at Stoney Bay,   suddenly,  Elizabeth Gale Lawson,  aged 51,  the wife of James Boleyn.
WEEBER  -  May 31 at Amberley,  Hathrall William,  son of Alfred Henry Weeber,  aged 3 years.

Wednesday 2 June 1886
Marriage  -
YOUNG  -  DONALDSON  - June 1 at -- Alexander, son of James Young,  St Andrews, to Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Donaldson,  Christchurch,   both  late                                                 Wishaw,  Larnarkshire,  Scotland.

Thursday 3 June  1886
Marriage  -
GRAY-  BLATCHFORD  -  on May 11th at   ---   by --  William alexander,  2nd son of W. Gray,  of Governor's Bay, to Agnes Joan,  2nd daughter of W.                                                 Blatchford,  of Head of Bay,  Lyttelton.
LANE  - CULLIFORD  -  June 2nd at St Michael's Church  by -- Henry Burgess Lane,  to  Sarah,  4th dau. of Phillip Dowling Culliford,  of Wiltshire,  England.

Death  -
GILCHRIST  -   May 30 at Auckland,  late of Fence Houses,  County Durham,  and of Colonial Bank of NZ Christchurch,  in his 28th year.

Friday  4 June  1886
Birth  -
GREENWOOD  -  June 1 at Springbank,  the wife of G.D. Greenwood,  -  a son.
SAVAGE  -  May 30 at Mrs John Brown's,  Ticehurst road,  Lyttelton,  to wife of Rowland savage,  Pigeon Bay,  -  a daughter.
TOOMEY  -  June 2 at Oxford street,  Lyttelton,  to wife of G.B.Toomey,  a son.

Marriage  -
CHAMPION  - STRINGER  -    June 1st at Christchurch,  C.J.Champion,  of Kaiapoi,  to Florence E. (Chick) Stringer,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
JOWETT  -  on June 4th at Byron street,  Sydenham,  Mr John Jowett,  in his 68th year.

Saturday  5 June  1886
Birth  -
ARTHUR  -     May 22 at Waverley Heights,  Sydney,  to wife of Chas. H.Arthur, -  a son.
MITCHELL  -  June 2 at the Railway Hotel, Christchurch,  to wife of David Mitchell,  -  a son.

Death  -
EALAM  -  June 3 at London street,  Lyttelton,  Peter Ealam,  aged 54 years.
WILLIAMS  -  at Oak Villa Linwood,  on Friday night, (suddenly)  May Isabel,  3rd daughter of L.C.Williams,  aged 8 years.
JOWETT   -  June 4 at Byron street, Sydenham,  Mr John Jowett,  in his 68th year.

Funeral  Notice  -
STEPHENSON  -  Annie,  leave from res.Lord Brougham street,  of  husband Thomas,  Monday 7th at 3 o'clock  for the Addington Cemetery.
JOWETT  -  John,  leave his son's res. Byron st. Sunday at half past 2 o'clock,  for Addington Cemetery
BEATTIE  -   late wife  tomorrow, Sunday, at 3pm for the Addington Cemetery.

Monday 7 June  1886
Marriage  -
MACNAUGHTON -  BELL  -  June 5 at the residence of W. Acton-Adams, Esq. Papanui,  by --   Walter MacNaughton,  of Taradale Station,  Amuri,
                                            to Anne Elizabeth,  (Bessie)  eldest daughter of Thomas Bell, Esq. of Balliasloe,  Forfarshire,  Scotland. 

Death  -
GAPES    -  June 6th at Victoria street,  Christchurch,  Alfred,  youngest son of James and Jane Gapes,  in his 18th year.
McWILLIAM     -  at Hawera,  on Friday June 4th  Joseph,  youngest son of the late John Mc William,  result of an accident,  aged 24.

Tuesday  8  June 1886
Birth  -
FRYE     -  June 7 at carlton Mill road,  to wife of George Frye, -  a daughter
JEKYLL      -  June 6 at Gayhurst, Avonside,  to wife of H.J.Jeykll,  -  a son.
STANLEY     -  May 26  at Carlton terrace,  to wife of J.F. Stanley, -   a daughter,  stillborn.
WRIGHT     -  May 26 at Park View,  Riccarton,  to wife of J.W.Wright, Esq. -  a son.

Marriage  -
STEWART  -  LINNEX     -  June 5 at Halkett,  by Rev H.B.Burnett,  Colin Stewart   to   Nellie Linnex.

Death  -
FLECK     -  June 7 at 80 Madras street south,  Isabel Louise,  youngest child of James and Jessie Fleck.
STEPHENSON     -  June 4 at Lord Brougham street,  Sydenham,  Annie Frances,  late of Shinrone,  King's County,  Ireland,  beloved wife of Mr Thomas                                                     Stephenson,  aged 29 years.     Home papers please copy.

Funeral  Notice  - 
  -  Alfred,  son of   to leave his res.   ---  Victoria street,   on Wednesday,    June 9th at 2 o'clock,    for the New Cemetery.

Wednesday  9  June  1886
Birth  -
JOHNSON     -  June 6 at Richmond Villa,  Avon Glade,  to wife of T.O.Johnson.  -  a son.
FRYE     -  on June 7 at Carlton Mill road, to wife of George Frye,  a-   daughter.
WRIGHT     -  June 4 at Park View, Riccarton,  to wife of J.W.Wright,  -  a son.

Marriage  -
BATCHELOR - GREENSEY  - June 1st at --William Batchelor,  of Balcairn, to Ellen,   daughter of the late George Greensey,  of Stoke-by-Nayland,  Suffolk.

Death  -
COOPER  -    June 8 at the res. of Mr Williams,  Colombo road, north,  Joseph  Alicesion?  infant son of Watson F.Cooper,  aged 6mths.

Thursday  10  June  1886

Marriage  -
CRYSTALL - INGLIS  -  on June 7 at Trinity Congrgational Church, William Chrystall  to Annie Eames,   eld. daughter of the late John Inglis,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
DUNNING   -  June 8th at his res.  Earl of Zetland Hotel,  Swanston street,  Melbourne,  A.T.Dunning,  in his 42nd year.  Home papers please copy.
GOODWIN     -  June 7 at Southbrook,  Eliza Maria,    beloved wife of  Mr Edward Goodwin,  aged 24 years.
TRIM    -  June 7 at Wairoa,  Woodend,  James Trim,  aged 38 years.

Friday  11  June  1886

Birth  -
FRY     -  June 7 at Carlton Mill road,  to wife of George Fry,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
RAE   -  ADMORE  -  June 8th at -- of bride's brother,  -- Dunedin, --Joseph Rae,  to  Roslie? dau of Mr John Ardmore,  of Springfield road Christchurch.
PRATT  -  CRONE  -    at Avonside,  by Rev W.A. Pascoe,   Frederic  Pratt,     to     Ann Charlotte Crone,  both of Christchurch.

Death  -
DUNLOP  -  June 11 at her mother's residence,  Canal Reserve road,   Jeanie Taylor Dunlop,  in her 11th year.

Saturday  12 June  1886

Birth  -
FRY      -  June 7 at Carlton Mill road,    to wife of George Fry,  -  a daughter
STAPLES     -  June 11 at Hill View,  Spreydon,    to wife of  F.J.Staples,  -  a son.
WHEATLEY      -  May 30 at Aldred street,  to wife of J.Wheatley,   jnr,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
PRATT   -   CRONE  -   on June 10 by the Rev W.A.Pascoe,  Frederic Pratt,    to   Annie Charlotte Crone,    both of Christchurch.

Death  -
CARO  -  June 11 at Salisbury street,  Lizzie Harris,  infant daughter of Louis L. and Rose Caro,  aged 9 weeks.

Monday 14 June 1886
Marriage  -
GOURLAY -   BIRKS  -  on May 13   at Sydney,   Robert Young, son of Alexander Gourlay,  of Glasgow,  Scotland,   to   Pollie,  daugof the late John                                                 Birks,  of Philadelphia,  USA.

Death -
VERALL  -  June 12 at his residence,  Papanui road,  William Verall,  aged 54 years.

Tuesday 15 June 1886
Marriage  -
TREVOR  -  JOHN  -   June 10 at Ashburton,   by Rev A.M.Beattie,    James E.Trevor,  surgeon,      to     Mary E.John,    both of  Ashburton.

Death  -
RIDLEY    -  at Avonside.  Cecil Morris Ridley,  in his 15th year
TOD    -  June 14 at his late residence,  Lincoln,    Mr James Tod,  aged 35 years.

Funeral Notice  -  
BURMEISTER  -   C.  his funeral will leave the residence of Mr Oppenheim,  St Asaph street, Linwood,  for the Addington Cemetery at 2-30pm tomorrow.

Wednesday 16 June 1886

JENNINGS  - STAPLEFORTH  -  June 9 at the Presbyterian Church Rangiora,  by Rev J.Mackellar,  Charles Ivory Jennings,    to   Margaret J.Stapleforth,

Death  -
KNIGHT    -  June 3 at her mother's res.  Akaroa,  Mary Knight,  beloved wife of Robert Knight,  of Southbrook,  aged 36.
BUNGE    -  June 15 at 138 Salisbury street, West,   George A. Runge,  aged 62 years.

Thursday 17 June  1886

Birth  -
JUST    -  June 7   at the Hermitage,    Colombo street, Sydenham,  to wife of Emile U. Just,  -   a son.

Death  -
MacFARLANE  -  June 4 at his res. Carlton Melbourne,  Archibald Neilson, C.E.  eldest son of the late Dugald macfarlane,  Lieutenant Rifle Brigade,  aged 64
McDEVITT  -  June 16 at his res.  Gladstone Hotel,  Phillip McDevitt,  after a short illness,  aged 33.

Friday  18 June 1886
MEADOWS     -  June 17 at Clare road,  to wife of George James Meadows,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
BOAG  -  DUNCAN  -  on June 17 at Linwood,  by William Boag,  of Burnside,  Fendalton,  toAgnes,  only daughter of the late George Duncan,  of Christchurch.

Death  -
De La MARE  -  June 17 at his father's residence, St Albans Lane,    Thomas Uriah De La Mare,    aged 32 years.

Funeral  Notices  -
McDEVITT  -  Canterbury Irish Rifles,  are requested to assemble in uniform  at the Gladstone Hotel, on Saturday 19 June   --- late  Sergeant McDevitt.
McDEVITT  -  Christchurch City Guards to attend the funeral of the late Sergeant McDevitt of the Irish Rifles
WEBB  -  Mr William Henry Webb -- leave his late res. Hereford street, Sunday June 20th at 2pm for Christchurch Public Cemetery.

Saturday 19 June  1886
Funeral Notices  -  page 2
HALLETT     -  Mrs Mary Hallett,  leave her res. Montreal st. south,   Monday June 21 at 1-45pm   for the Addington Cemetery
De La MARE    -  late son Thomas Uriah,    Tuesday June 22 at 2-30pm for the Church of England Cemetery

page 3
Birth  -
CROCKER  -  June 17,  at Haast street, Avonville,  to wife of J.T.Crocker. -   a son.

Marriage  -
WATSON  -   HERRICK  - on  June 16 at the Weslyan Church,  Tai-Tapu,  by--  Frederick, son of Mr W. Morgan Watson,  of Willow Creek,  Upper Riccarton.                                  to  Alice Elizabeth,  eldest daughter of Mr J.J.Herrick,  of Meadow Bank,  Tai-Tapu.

Death  -
FERGUSON  -  June 18 at the res. of her parents,  Halswell,   Elsie,  beloved daughter of John and Lily Ferguson,  aged 2 and half months.

Monday 21 June  1886
Marriage  -
CARTER   -   ATACK  -  on June 16 at Christchurch  by Rev P.W.Jones,  James Carter,   to   Kate Maria Atack.
RYDER  -  EWING  - on June 9 at --Christchurch,  Robert, son of Mr St George Ryder,  of Hastings,  Hawke's Bay,  to  Eliza,  dau. of Mr Robert Ewing, of

Death  -
BELL     -  June 19 at the Hospital,  Alexander Maxwell,  son of the late Richard bell, Esq,  Lucyville, Whitehouse,  Belfast, Ireland.
GALLETLY     -  May 30 at his res. Lincoln, David Galletly,  aged 54
HIGGINS  -  June 30  at her late res. Windmill road, Sydenham,  Bessie Miriam,  beloved twin daughter of Charles and Amelia Higgins,  aged 2 yrs 9mths.
WILKIN    -  June 20 at Holmwood,  Robert Wilkin,    aged 68.

Funeral Notice  -
WILKIN     -  Robert Wilkin Esq.  leave his late res Holmwood, Fendalton, on Tuesday June 22nd at 2-30pm for Addington Cemetery.
HIGGINS  -  The friends of Charles and Amelia Higgins, are respectfully informed that the funeral of their late daughter  for the
                        Addington Cemetery at 12-45pm Tuesday June 22nd.

Tuesday 22 June 1886
Birth  -
PIPER  -  June 20 at   Madras street, north,    to wife of W.Piper,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
BAXTER  -  BLAKE  -  on June 16 at Brookside,  by -- William John,  son of Wiulliam Baxter,  Brookside,  formerly of Portglenone, County Antrim,  Ireland. 
                                to Florence Esther, daughter of Mr Edmund Blake,  Templeton.
SINCLAIR  -  CHECKLEY  -  June 8 at Riverton,  by-- George,  son of Andrew Sinclair, Lappan House, Caithness,  Scotland,   to   Mary,  eldest daughter of George Checkley, Esq,    Mount Pleasant,   Akaroa.

Death  -
WILLIAMS  -  June 19 at res. of her dau, Cambridge, Waikato.  Mrs Elizabeth Williams,  bel. mother of George, John, and William Williams,  of Christchurch,  in                             her 73rd year.

Wednesday  23 June 1886     
Birth  -    page 3
DALEY    -  June 17 at   Kaiapoi,  to wife of J.Daley,   - a daughter.

Marriage  -
McCLEARY  -   JACKSON  - on June 21 at the res. -- Edward McCelary, son of late John McCleary of His  Majesty's Royal Artillery, to Nell,   4th daughter of                                     Mr Levi Jackson,    formerly of Ohoka.
WALKER  -  WOODWARD  - on June  12,  -- Sydenham,  George Walker, of Addington, to Charlotte Emma Woodward, dau of John Woodward, Linwood.

Death  -
JEBSON      -  June 10 at Sheffield,    Ann,    beloved wife of   John Jebson,   in her 63rd year.
JOSLING     -  on 23 June at Stratford Grove,  Rangiora,      John Josling,  aged 64.

Funeral Notice  -
JOSLING  -  John. --to leave his late residence,  Stratford Grove, Rangiora,  for the United Methodist  Free Church Cemetery,   on Friday June 25 at 2pm.

Thursday  24 June 1886
Birth  -   page 3
BRIGGS  -  June 20    at 14 Gloucester street, East,     to wife of H.W.Briggs,   - a son.

Marriage  -
WALKER  -  WOODARD  -  June 12 at ---  George Walker,  of Addington,  to Charlotte Emma Woodard, dau.of John Woodard,  of Ferry road,  Linwood.

Death  -
JOSLING  -  June 23 at Stratford Grove,  Rangiora,  aged 64

Friday  25 June 1886

Birth -
GUNN     -  on June 22 at 17 Kilmore street, east,   to wife of R.N.Gunn,  -  a son.

Marriage  -
HORSBRUGH  -  DAVIDSON  - on June 23 at Taraghur,  Glentunnel, Canterbury,  Horace Bethune Horsbrugh,  (late) Lieut. H.M. 87th Royal Irish Fusilers, 
                                    and 2nd Battalion 16th Regiment,  to Esther Isabella, 2nd daughter of Major-General  A.G.Davidson,     retired Indian Army.

Death  -
MINCHENER  -  on June 24 at 33 Park tce,  Charles Walsingham Minchener  (dearly beloved husband of Emmeline Elizabeth Minchener)  formerly of                                                 Walsingham,    Lake Ellesmere,    and Cheltenham,  England,     aged 45 years.

Funeral Notice  - 
JOSLING  -  John, -- his funeral to leave his late residence,  Stratford Grove, Rangiora,  for the United Methodist Church Cemetery on Friday June 25 at 2pm.

Saturday  26 June 1886

Funeral  Notice  - 
HARRIS   - Richard,  son of  Mr  E.? Harris  --will leave his residence,  Strickland street,  Linwood,  for the Avonside Churchyard.  at 3pm tomorrow.

Birth  -     page 3
LYON     -  on June 24 at 217 Armagh street,  West,  Mrs Arthur Lyon,  a daughter.
MOORE     -  June 25,  to wife of Mr Walter J. Moore,  a daughter.
RESTINAUX     -   June 19  at Caledonian road, St Albans,   a son.

Death  -
WAUCHOP  -  at Southbridge,  Vera Eileen,   infant daughter of   Thomas and Rachel Wauchop.

Monday 28 June 1886
Birth  -   page 3
EVERIT     -  June 24 at South Rakaia,    to wife of A.J.Everit,  -  a son.
LYON     -  June 24 at 247 Armagh street, West,     Mrs Arthur Lyon,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
WATKINS -  COTTON  - June 2 by Rev J.Elmslie,   Arthur G.Watkins   to Loveina Adelaide,  3rd daughter of James Ward Cotton,  both of Christchurch.

Death  -
HERRICK  -  June 26 at Tai-Tapu,  George Lewis,  5th son of J.J.Herrick,  aged 16 years.

Tuesday 29 June 1886
Birth   -
BLACK  -  June 26 at Hillside,  Waikari, to wife of Andrew Black.
GREGORY  -  June 27 at St Asaph street,  to wife of William Gregory,  -  a son.

Death  -
ROLLO      -  June 28 at Papanui,    Alexander Rollo,  in his 90th year.
WILSON      -  June 28 at Christchurch,    John H. Wilson,  aged 34.

Wednesday  30 June  1886
Death  -   page 3
GUY      -  June 28 at his res. Yaldhurst,  Matthew Guy,  in his 71st year
HOLLOW     -  June 28 at his residence,  33 Aldred street,  John Hollow,  late of Mount's View,  Cornwall,  in his 67th year.

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