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Saturday  2 January  1886
Dunedin  -  drowned  -  CLARKE  -
James Clarke,  one of the crew of the Mountaineer,  was drowned on Lake Wakatipu  yesterday.

Greymouth  -  FURNESS  -
Edward Furness,  the young jockey thrown and rolled over by Harkaway at Thursday's races,  died this morning in the  Hospital.  He was scarcely conscious
at any time since the accident.

Woodville  -  GOWER  -
Mr Gower's child,  who was injured by a cow,  died on Thursday afternoon.

Monday  4 January  1886
Wellington  -  inquest   -  TURNER
at the inquest on the body of Daniel Turner,  this morning, ----------    returned a verdict of accidental death. -----

Wellington  -  TODD  -
a young jockey named Todd,  about 15 years old,  was killed at Otaki on  New Year's Eve.  --------  

Wanganui  -  HAZEL  -
a farm labourer  named Henry Hazel  died suddenly at Kaiiwi  last night.  An inquest is to be held today.

Waipawa    -  Fire  -    Empire Hotel  -
--  the fire commenced in a small cottage near the river  ------     more  --

Dunedin  -  HORSBURGH  -
the fire at Horsburgh's was confined to  2 rooms.  -----------  in Horsburgh's fire the premises are owned by K. Taylor -----

Wednesday  6 January  1886
Auckland  -  DEAN  -
Richard Dean,  a settler of Waiuku,  who fell from a horse the other day,  died yesterday from concussion of the brain.  An inquest is being held today.

Thursday  7  January  1886
D'Urville  Island  -  RURAKA   -  TURI  -   DANIEL  -
December  24  a fatal accident,  a boat containing 2 Maori men,  named Matthew Ruaka  and Teperei Turi,  and a Maori girl about 14,  named Bella Daniel left
one of the bays on December 21 to secure Nikau palms   ------   when cries of the girl were heard by the wife of Matthew,  who put off in a small dingy and r
escued the girl who had been 18 hours exposed.

Rakaia  -  Fire  -  ALLISON  -   MORROW  -
a serious fire occurred about 12 miles from here yesterday,  -----  in a paddock belonging to Mr Allison,  and close to Mr Morrow's homestead.  -------
a very long column  ---  email for a copy.

Friday  8  January  1886  
Waiau  -  Fatal boat accident  -   FRASER  -
information was received by the police this morning that a youth about 17 years of age,  son of mr Thomas Fraser,  of Waiau, was drowned at Boat harbour yesterday.  -------  went into  the lagoon at the mouth of the Conway river to bathe.  ---------  an inquest will be held at Waiau tomorrow.

Blenheim  -  BULIFF  
James Buliff,  pilot at Wairau for over  17 years,  died today.

Wellington  -  obituary   -   FOX  -
Mr Ebenezer Fox,  who for many years has been Secretary to the Executive Council,  died this morning ----  aged 59.

Saturday  9  January  1886
Havelock  -   Boating accident  -  RUTHERFORD  -
A melancholy boating accident happened here yesterday. -------  6 boys,  aged from 17  to 5 years,  went out fishing.  ----------  2 boys Charles  & Herbert Rutherford,  aged 12 and  11  respectively,  disappeared and were seen no more.  -------  Charles MATTHEWS  aged 13 appears to have saved his little
brother,  aged 5  ---------  assisted by James Rutherford,  a brother of the lads drowned.  

Monday  11 January  1886
Blenheim  -  Fatal explosion  -   EDEN  -  
A fatal explosion of dynamite occurred on the Opawa river on Saturday afternoon.  2 men were engaged in removing a snag. --------- William Eden, 
a married man with 2 children,  was stunned and drowned.  -----   the other man clung to the boat,  and was got out of the water  -------

Christchurch  -   accident  -   TUCKER  -
About 11 o'clock this morning,  an accident of a very serious nature happened at the new buildings in course of erection on Morten's block.  ----  James Walter Tucker,  who fell  ----  He was employed as a plumber by Messrs CULL  and DUNN,  who are subcontractors on the building under Mr D. REESE.
-------- lots more

Christchurch  -  house fire  -  TAPE  -
Mr Tape's house at Spreydon,  which was burned down yesterday morning --------

Christchurch  -  accident  -  MURRAY  -
This morning, a little boy named Alexander Murray,  while playing in his father's yard at Selwyn street, Addington,  fell off a swing,  and broke his right leg.  ----

Timaru    -  accident  -  BRUCE  -
an accident occurred at Timaru on Saturday at about 4-30pm  causing the death of a horse and the breakage of the shafts of a buggy.  Mr James Bruce was driving in the Main South Road  and when he was about opposite Lukey's stables ------  more

Christchurch  -  Selwyn Street  -  TAPE  -
At 2.10 am on Sunday morning a 7 roomed wooden house situate in Selwyn street, Spreydon,  was destroyed by fire.  Mr Henry Tape was the owner and he resided there with his family.  -------  lots more

Tuesday  12 January  1886  -  
Christchurch    -    TUCKER  -
Young Tucker,  who was so severely injured by his terrible fall at Morten's block yesterday,  is still alive,  but cannot be said to be any better.

Christchurch  -  Fire  -  BEAN  -
at 3-40am today a 5 roomed wooden cottage,  situated in Queen street,  off Lichfield street east,  was burned down.  It was occupied by Mrs Bean and her son,
but no-one was within the at the time of the fire.  ------------

Accident in the Tunnel  -   BATCHELOR  -
a man named Batchelor,  a milkman,  residing in the Valley,  fell off the 6pm  train from the Port last evening ------  to walk out to the Lyttelton end of the tunnel 
and then to the Saxon Hotel,  where his injuries were attended to.

In Divorce  -
MOSELY  v.  MOSELY --   more
DUTTON  v  DUTTON  --- more
MOSS v  MOSS   ----  more

Wednesday  13  January  1886
Christchurch  -   GOODMAN  -
Mr F. Goodman  who was injured in the buggy accident on the Stanmore road yesterday  ------

Thursday  14 January  1886
Dunedin  -   COUNSEL  -
in the Police Court this morning James Counsel was charged with wife desertion  ----------

Christchurch  -  wedding write-up    -  ZANDER  -   HERMAN  -
a wedding  ----   took place yesterday  when Miss Rose Herman,  daughter of Mr I. Herman,  was married to  Mr H. Zander, 
of Ashburton.  ------
email for a copy

Inquest of Henry Smith Legg,   died 6 Jan.

Friday  15  January  1886
Pupil Teachers' Examination results of those who passed at the examination of pupil teachers in the North Canterbury district, held on 8 December      (
list has some Christchurch  names as well)   ----  a long column   -    email  for  a copy.

Saturday  16 January  1886
Sumner,  Christchurch   -  supposed  drowning  -    HARPER  -
-- an old fisherman named Richard harper,  well known to the inhabitants of Sumner by his nickname "Dick the Fisherman"   -------  has not been seen since Wednesday  last.   -------  The old man is about 60 years old  -------

Canterbury   -   Springfield  -  LOCKWOOD  -
--- a man named Charles Lockwood,  well known in the Rakaia Gorge district for the last 16 years as a shepherd and station hand -----   brother Frank Lockwood  ------
Rangiora  -   death  -  NOTTINGHAM  -
at 8 o'clock on Thursday evening last an infant  aged 4 days  belonging  to Mr A. Nottingham,  of Rangiora,  died unexpectedly. ----  an inquest will be held

Monday  18 January  1886
Invercargill  -   KIDD  -  GORMAN  -
on Saturday  3 brothers named Kidd  and a young man named Gorman  were bathing at Makarewa  near Forest Hill.  John Kidd  got out of his depth ----   brother Henry and Gorman went to assist ----  Henry Kidd aged 27 years  -----  drowned,  the others were got ashore alright.

Christchurch  -  death  -    Archdeacon WILSON  -
----  death of Archdeacon Wilson,  on Saturday afternoon,  at Broomfield,  Upper Riccarton.  -----    funeral take place at the Riccarton Cemetery  at
3pm Tuesday afternoon.

South Canterbury  -  Death  -    WADSWORTH  -
Mrs Harriet Wadsworth,  wife of Thomas Wadsworth,  a very old settler,  died suddenly at Orari on Thursday.  An inquest was held on Friday-----  Sarah Irvine,  sister of the deceased,  deceased was 55 years of age,  --------   

Tuesday  19 January  1886
Timaru  -  BESWICK  -
----  death of Mrs Beswick,  wife of the respected Resident Magistrate of Timaru.

Christchurch  -  HARPER  -
search was made yesterday for the body of the fisherman Richard Harper,  who is supposed to have  been drowned at Sumner last week.  ----   more

Canterbury  -  Hororata  -    GREY  -
a man known as William Grey,  about 45 years of age,  ---- employed as a cook on Sir John Hall's station,  was found dead on a road crossing the
Hororata river bed. -------   lots more

Wednesday  20 January  1886
Christchurch  -  WARNER  -
-- 6 o'clock this morning as a man named James Warner was riding through Cathedral Square,  his horse slipped and fell on a crossing.  ---- dislocation of the left shoulder and some severe bruises on his face.   --- taken to hospital where his hurts were attended to.

Funeral  of Archdeacon Wilson
a very long write-up of the funeral  ----------  email for a copy

Springfield  -   LOCKWOOD
-- Charles Day Lockwood  -----    an inquest will be unnecessary.

Thursday  21 January  1886
Nelson  -  Fatal gun accident  -   TOMLINSON  -
Mr W. Tomlinson,  master of the Auckland College,  son-in-law of the late Samuel Kingdom,  of this city,  ------  He was accompanied by his little son  aged 12. 
In climbing up the hill on the Wakapuakaroad,  he slipped  -----  an inquest will be held.

Friday  22 January  1886
Lyttelton  -  obituary  -  MACDONALD  -
Hugh Macdonald  MD. of Lyttelton,  died yesterday of apoplexy.   ------- He leaves a widow and a large family of young children.

Christchurch  -  inquest  -  WITHERS  -
an inquest on the body of Agnes Withers,  who died in the Christchurch Hospital on Wednesday morning  -------    a long column.

Nelson  -  inquest  -  TOMLINSON  -
at the inquest on the body of Mr W. Tomlinson,  master of the Auckland College ----  he was on a visit to Nelson  ------   more

Saturday  23 January  1886
Invercargill  -  HARMANN  -
Arthur Harmann  aged 13 years  son of a settler  near Invercargill,  received a sunstroke 3 weeks ago.  He was placed under medical
treatment,  but 5 days ago became unconscious,  and died today.

Wellington  -   SHERWIN  -
 a  man  named William Sherwin fell off a train on the Hutt line last night.  His collar bone and the  left shoulder blade were broken, 
he received a severe scalp wound  and the base of his skull was fractured.

Monday  25 January  1886  -
Pleasant Point  -  NEWTON  -
 Mr W.J.Newton,  of Pleasant Point,  ------  is progressing favourably.

Lyttelton  -  funeral  write-up  -   MACDONALD  -
the funeral of the late Dr Hugh Macdonald took place in Lyttelton yesterday afternoon,  ----

Tuesday  26 January  1886
Christchurch  -  inquest  -   RAVENSCROFT  -
the inquest on the body of Mrs Ravenscroft was held yesterday.  ------  HOPKINS,   ------  Mr HILL  ----

In Bankcruptcy  -  BROWN  -
Robert Brown  of Heathcote Valley near Christchurch,  labourer,  --------

Thursday  28 January  1886
Auckland  -  TAYLOR  -
Mrs Taylor,  whose husband attempted to bolt the other day -------    more.

Christchurch  -  BUSHELL  -
The boy Henry Bushell,  who was run over by Mr Rosewarne's butcher's cart yesterday,  is progressing favourably and may now be considered out of danger.

Canterbury   -   Committed to Burnham  -   STEPHENS  -
Arthur F.N.Stephens  age 5years,  Ernest W. Stephens  @years and 8mths,  and  Robert F. Stephens,  2 years 8mths,  were brought before the court as neglected children.   --- the children's father was dead,  -------

Christchurch  -  BUSHELL  -
-- Harry Bushell was run over by a butcher's cart belonging to Mr ROSEWARNE  and driven by a boy in his employ  ------   
last night he was doing well.

Friday  29  January  1886
Miss WELCHMAN,  the typhoid patient  from the ship Hurunui,  died at the Quarantine station  from  phthisis,  from which she
was suffering when the fever abated.

Wellington  -    PRESS  -
yesterday afternoon Mr Press,  landlord of the Prince of Wales Hotel,   went out for a ride to Island Bay taking his young son with him  --------

Christchurch  -  BUSHELL  -
the boy Henry Bushell,  who was run over by Mr Rosewarne's butcher's cart on Wednesday,  -----  and may now be considered out of danger.

Temuka   -  Wedding write-up  -  TIKO  -  FOWLER  -
on Wednesday last the nuptials of Willy Tiko  and Kate Fowler  were celebrated  ---   at the Maori Pa,  Temuka ---- Mr Pinckney of Temuka  filled the office
of groomsman.  ------   

Islay,  Kilmeny  -  McINTYRE  -
Mary McIntyre died at Kilmeny,  Islay,  on October 18  aged  109.   Deceased was healthy and active till within a month of her death,  when she was bed-ridden. 
In a roadside cottage,  where she spent the latter years of her life,  she sold groceries and smallwares,  and was self-supporting  till the last.  She was never married.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
31 July  2007

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