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Saturday   2  January 1886
Birth -
ALSTON    - on 30 December  at Lyttelton, to wife of John T. Alston,  Solicitor, -  a son
GREEN     -   on  29 December at Springfield Road,  to wife of  Lester A. Green, -  a  daughter.
RELPH     -   on  27 December  at Sefton to wife of  E.W.Relph, -  a daughter

Marriage -
LEIGHTON - LOGIE -  at the bride's father res. Canal Reserve,  William Leighton,  of Sydney   to   Mary Logie,  dau. of James Logie, of Avonside,  Bromley

Death -
AMYES    -  on 1 Jan. only surviving daughter of Charles & Frances Amyes,  Laura Alice,   age 16.
LANAUZE    -  on  29 December  at Caversham, Dunedin,   Lizzie,  loved wife of George Charles Lanauze
NIXON    -    on 31 December  at Durham Street, Sydenham,   Jessie,  beloved daughter, of John & Margaret Nixon, age 1 year 5 mths
ROBSON   -  on  31 December  1885,  The Springs,  near Rangiora,  Margare,  bel. wife of Thomas Robson, formerly of Milford, Northumberland, England
TAYLOR   -  on 30 December  1885  drowned at Kaiapoi,  Henry William Taylor,  age  12 yrs 6 mths.

Funeral Notice  - 
-   Laura,  daughter of  Mr. Charles Amyes  , they  will leave from the Papanui Hotel for the Papanui Cemetery.

Monday 4  January 1886

HAY    -  on  28 December at Mrs Grantham's, Cashel Street, Linwood.   to  wife of  James Hay, Annadale, Pigeon Bay - a son
WORSLEY  -   on 2 January  at Fendalton, wife of H.T. Worsley,   - a daughter  lived 2hrs.

Marriages -
BUTLER - SHANNON -   on  1 Jan. at ---- Thomas Hoskins,  son of late Henry Butler, County Wexford, Ireland to Elizabeth Jane,dau  of John H. Shannon,                                             Dublin, Ireland
LEIGHTON -  LOGIE  -  on  31 December  at the res. of bride's father, by-- William Leighton   to   Mary, daughter of James Logie Canal Reserve, Bromley.
POPE -  BROWN  -  on  30 December  at -- Broadfield, by  Francis Joseph,  3rd son of Patrick Pope, to Annie Anastatia, dau. of Michael Brown, Broadfield

Death -
ALEXANDER   -  on  2 January  at Starks Road,  Lower Spreydon,  Jane Campbell,  dau. of  Noble & Margaret Jane Alexander, 7 & half mths.
LOUGH  -  on  3 January at her res. Annie Maria,  beloved wife of E.J.Lough of  Christchurch. age 33
RAPLEY   -   on  3 January at her residence,  Briggs Road, Shirley,   Mary Rapley,  in her  78th year.
TURNER   -   on  2 January  killed by fall from horse at Wellington. D.C.Turner,  age 28 years
LUCAS   -   on  3 January  at Caledonian Road, St. Albans,  Frederick William,   infant son of F. & A.M Lucas,   age 12 weeks

Wednesday 6 January 1886
Funeral Notice - 
  -  Sarah,  wife of   Mr Isaac Habgood  to leave his res. Aikman's road,  St Albans,  tomorrow, Friday  at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Birth - 
LEVIEN      -  at Lyndhurst, Cashel Street,  to  wife of C.J.Levien,   -  a  daughter.
THOMPSON     - on  3 January  at  Amesbury, Saltwater Creek. to wife of Walter  Thompson, - a son
THACKWELL      -  on 31 December 1885  at 126 Peterborough St. wife of J. A. Thackwell,  - a daughter.

Marriage -
TURNBULL - LAWSON - on 31 December 1885 at ----  Auckland by  Arthur H. Turnbull, Christchurch, to Caroline,  dau. of J. Lawson  late of Christchurch.

Death -  
THACKWELL    -   on 1 Jan. at 126 Peterborough St. Alice Louisa,   infant  daughter of J. H. & Mary  Thackwell

Thursday 7 January 1886

Death -
GIBBS     -   on  31 December 1885  at Hull Street, Oamaru,   Samuel Gibbs,  age 68, 10 years res. in Christchurch, 30 years a colonist.
LUCAS     -   on 6 January at Caledonian Road,   Daisy Marion, daughter of  F.& A.M. Lucas 1 yr. 4 mths.

Funeral Notice  - 
-   Sarah,  wife of -- to  leave his res. Aikman's road St Albans,  tomorrow Friday  8 January at 2pm for the Addington Cemetery

Friday  8 January 1886

Death  -
GARTY     -  7 Jan. at his fathers res. Queen Street, Sydenham,   Charles beloved son of James & Margaret Garty,  age 20
TAYLER    -   8 Nov. 1885 at Wells, England, Thomas Tayler,  age 37,  late of Christchurch
WESTMACOTT     - 8 January at Fendalton Bridge,  Kate Edith,  eldest daughter  of  H. & A. Westmacott,  age 14 mths.

Saturday  9 January 1886

Birth -  
DAWE      -   on  7 January  at Lyttelton,   wife of James Dawe,  -  a son.

Death -    
LEGG      -  on  6 January  at Springfield Road, St. Albans,   Henry S. Legg.   age 36

Funeral Notices    -   
GARTY -     Sunday 10th Jan at 2pm,   for Catholic portion of  Public Cemetery
CLARK -    Mary Ann, wife of  Mr. Michael Clark,  leave his residence,  Madras St.  Sydenham,on Sunday 10th for Catholic portion of Public Cemetery.
PATTESON     -   funeral of the late infant son John will leave the res. School House Ferry Road, on Monday 11th.

Monday 11 January 1886

Birth -
CATERER      -  on 7 January  at East Belt,   to  wife of F.J.Caterer,  -  a daughter.
O'CONNOR     - 7 January  at Christchurch,  to  wife of Mr. M. O'Connor,  -  a son

Tuesday  12 January 1886

Marriage -
SEALY - MEE - on  29 December,  at St. Albans, Pleasant Point,  by  -- William Nixon,  eldest son of  Thomas Sealy,  Springfield,  to  Mary Ann Armstrong,                                      eldest daughter of Alexander Mee,  of Will Park Estate,  Pleasant Point.

Wednesday 13 January 1886

Marriage -
BOIELLE  -  WOODWARD   -   on 19 December  at Weslyan Church, Wellington,  by  Albert John Boielle, of Jersey,   to   Annie Ream, of Leeston
BOWLEY  -  MANSON -   on 5 January,  at-- Lyttelton  by  ---- C.F. Bowley,   to   Mary,  youngest daughter of Mr. S.Manson,  Head of Bay, Lyttelton.

Thursday 14 January 1886

Birth -
GULLIVER   -  12 Jan. at Rangiora, wife of F.Gulliver  -  a son
ELVINES    - 12 Jan. at Kingsley St. Sydenham, wife of A.C.Elvines  -  a son

Marriages -
BULLOCK  -   BARLOW -   7 Jan. at All Saints,  Prebbleton, --  Samuel Bullock,  of Fendalton   to   Julia Watson Barlow,  of  Christchurch.
SMITH - BUTTERIDGE -   on 7 January  at Ashburton,  by --   Harry  Smith   to   Ada,  eldest daughter of David Butterick farmer, Waikanui

Death  -
MARKS     - on 13 January at Durham Street North,  Christchurch, Netta, inf.dau of  Emmanuel & Lillie Marks, age 6mths
PEARCE    -  on 13 January,  Colombo St. Sydenham,  Kate,  wife of Thomas George William Pearce.

Funeral notice -    
PEARCE -      Thomas George William Pearce,  ----   the funeral will leave for  Addington Cemetery

Friday 15 January 1886

Birth -  
READ   -  on 10 January,   at  Kilmore Street,  to wife of C. Read,  - a daughter.

Saturday 16 January 1886

Birth -
BOWEN      -   on 15 January  at Riccarton Parsonage,  to wife of  Rev. Croasdaile Bowen,  - a daughter.
GULLIVER    - on 12 January  at Rangiora,  to wife of  F. Gulliver,  a son
LAYTON-SMITH      -   on 5 January  at 52 Chester Street East,  to wife of Thomas Layton  Smith,  - a daughter.
MARTIN     - on 14 January  at Fendalton, to wife of G.F.Martin,   - a daughter.
WALLACE     - on 11 January  at Sumner Road, Lyttelton, to wife of Augustus Wallace, -  a son

Monday 18 January 1886

Birth -
GARLAND    -  on 17 January  at Papanui, to wife of Rev. C.H.Garland,  -  a daughter.
RODNEY    -  on 16 January  at the "Grays"  Upper Riccarton, to the Hon. Mrs Rodney,  -  a son.

Death -
ATKINSON     - at Woodank, Hanmer Plains,  infant daughter. of Wm. jnr.
AUSTIN     - 16 Jan. at London Street, lyttelton, Henry Arthur Austin,  infant  son of William & Alice Austin,  age 10 weeks
BING   -  lost overboard about 15 Oct. 1885 during passage of  Norman McLeod  from  London to Adelaide,  Robert Sydney Bing,  2nd son of late
                    Morice Bing & Annie Bing of Riccarton,   age 19 years.
GARLAND    -   on 17 January  at Papanui,  infant daughter of Rev. C.H.Garland
TULLEY   -  on 17 January at Gloucester Street, Linwood,   Kate Louisa,   beloved wife of John Tulley, age 30
WILSON    - on 16 January  at Bloomfield, Upper Riccarton, The Venerable Archdeacon Wilson M.A. in his 73rd year.  

Tuesday 19 January 1886

Birth -  
MURRAY    -  on 14 January  at Avonside,  to wife of Henry Murray,  -  a son
GRAY        - on 16 January  at Wilsons Road, Sydenham,  to wife of James Murray,  -  a son
GODFREY   - on 18 January  at 242 Armagh Street, to Mrs H.C.Godfrey, -  a daughter.

Marriage -
ZANDER - HERMAN  - on 13 Jan. at the bride's parents res. - Henry Zander,  of Ashburton,   to   Rosetta,   eldest daughter  of  I. Herman,  Christchurch
Death -
AUSTIN   - on 16 January at  London Street,  Lyttelton.
BESWICK    - on  17 January at Oamarama, Timaru,   to Emily,   wife of Joseph Sutton  Beswick R.M. age 54
LANE     -  on  18 January at  Newmark Cottage Harper Street, Sydenham, Robert Arthur,  infant son of B.B.& M.A. Lane,  age 10 days
EDMOND    - on 18 January, at  Queen Street, Sydenham,   Elizabeth,  beloved dau. of James & Margaret Edmond, age 6mths.

Wednesday 20 January 1886
Birth -
RIX  -  on 18 January at Mrs Hursts,   Swinford Lodge,  Linwood,     to wife of  Robert G.Rix ,    Meldon, Little Akaloa, -  a son
STANDAGE  - on  13 January  at the Weslyan Parsonage, Leeston, to wife of Rev. C.H.Standage, - a son

Marriage -
CASSEARLEY  - FITZGIBBON  - on 11 January  at --Rangiora,  Thos. Cassearley    to   Hannah Fitzgibbon both of Loburn,    Otago papers please copy.
RHODES  -  HACKWORTH   -   on 16 January  by---  Dunedin,  E.Timaru Rhodes, of  Timaru to Mildred Julia, dau of  J.  Hackworth of North Dunedin.

Death -
GRONWALL    -  on 19 January at Hereford Street, Linwood,  Frank Herman,  infant son of  Herman & Alice Gronwall
MATHESON   -  on 18 January at Calendonian Road, Mary,  beloved daughter. of Alexander & Susan Matheson, age 3 years 3mths.

Friday 22 January 1886

Birth -
GREEN  -  on 20 January  at Sydenham Hotel,  Durham Street,  to wife of  T.J.Green,  -  a daughter . stillborn

Marriage -
HARDIE  - SPROTT  - on  4 January,  at the Manse, Hereford Street, by Rev. J.Emslie,  Charles Dorey Hardie,   to  Constance Isabel Sprott

Death -
MACDONALD   -   on 21 January at Oxford St. Lyttelton,   Hugh Macdonald,  M.D.
PITCAITHLY  -  on 19 January at his residence Rockbound Villa, Pigeon Bay, James  Pitcaithly,  formerly of Coatbridge, Scotland

Saturday 23 January 1886

Birth -
CAIN     - at Jacksons Road, Lyttelton,  to  wife of J.F.Cain,  - a daughter.
CHISHOLM    - on  21 January  at the Schoolhouse, Waikari,  to wife of James, -  a daughter. stillborn
MATHESON     -  on 21 January  at Springfield, to wife of John,  Simons Pass Station,  Mackenzie Country, -   a daughter.

Death    -
DYNES    -  on 27 January  at Andrew Street,  Sydenham, William,  son  of W.J.Dynes,  age 20

Funeral Notice    - 
- Hugh ----that his funeral will leave his late residence Oxford street,  on Sunday Jan. 24 at 3pm  for the Presbyterian Cemetery.
M'DONALD  -  Dr Hugh  -  Brethren of the Unaminity Lodge No 604 to meet at the Lodge Sunday 24th at 2-30pm   funeral our Brother Dr Hugh M'Donald

Monday 25 January 1886
Marriage  -
BANKS  - DAVIDSON -  on 20 Jan,  at --Mr. James Banks,  late Melbourne, Victoria,  to Maggie, dau the late Donald Davidson, Forres, Moragshire, Scotland

Death  -  
BALDWIN     -   youngest child of Fraser & Sarah Baldwin, 2yrs 4 mths.
WILLIAMS      -   on 24 January. at Merivale,   John Colin Campbell Williams,  eldest son of John & Marion Williams,  age 21

Tuesday 26 January 1886
Birth -
BOYLE    -   at  Longlands, Otaio, to  wife of Alex Boyle,   -  a daughter.
TOD   -   on  23 January at Springside, Lincoln, wife of John Tod  -    a daughter.  stillborn

AKERS  - HOOKHAM  -   on 16 January  at--  Henry Taylor Akers,  of Rangetikei, son of Edward Akers of Pevensey, Sussex, England, to Jan, 3rd dau. of                                                                 Henry Hookham, Fendalton, formerly of Old Bond Street, London,  
BALLANTYNE  - HAYNES   -  on 18 January  at -- Dunedin, Josiah Ballantyne,  son of John Ballantyne, Esq. of Timaru   to   Jessie Montgomery Haynes,                                                                         eldest daughter. of Daniel Haynes Esq. of Dunedin
BOWERS  - DALTON    -  on  20 January,   John Pitman Bowers   to   Bridget Dalton
BROOKS  -  ROBINSON - on 15 January  at --  Henry Owen Brooks,  of Penge, Surrey, England   to Sarah Jane,  eldest daughter  of  Mrs C.G. Robinson 
WHITBY -  BUTLER  -    on 23 January at -- Ernest Hendel Whitby,   of Bristol   to   Bertha,  eldest daughter of William Butler  Esq. Spring Grove,  Roundhay,                                                             Leeds, England

Wednesday 27 January 1886
Birth -  
HUMPHRIES    -   on 24 January  at Kingscote, Papanui Road, to   wife of G. Humphries, -   a son

Marriage -
PARROTT - BOWEN  - on 24 January-- Edward Milton,  only son of Edward Parrott, late of Forest Hill, Oxford, England.   to   Emma Elizabeth (Lillie)                                                daughter of the late Frederick  Henry Bowen,  of Winchester, England
SCHUMACHER   - COLEMAN  -  on 20 January  at-- -Frederick, son of P.C.Schumacher,  of Papanui  to Elizabeth,  dau of R. Coleman,  Knightstown,    

Death -
TOSSWILL    -   on 25 January  at Kaituna,   Dorothy,  daughter of Henry & Maud  Tosswill
BECKWITH   -  on  23 January  at Mays Road, Geo. Herbert , beloved & 2nd son of  William & Hannah,   age 11 yrs. 10 mths.

Thursday 28 January 1886
Birth -  
WHITCOMBE    -  on 27 January at Avon Glade, to wife of George Whitcombe, -   a son

Friday 29 January 1886
Marriages -
CARLYLE - DICK  -  on  27 January  at Mrs Graham's "Springbank"  Fendalton, by Rev. W. Dinwiddie, W.H.Carlyle   to   Margaret Dick, 
COXON  -  STACK   -  on  28 January at -- Kaiapoi, Canterbury,   by father of the bride  Canon Stack  ----Frank Coxon   to   Katherine  Ursula Stack

Funeral Notice 
ELLWOOD -   Margaret, wife of  John Ellwood --- will leave his res. King street,  Sydenham on Saturday January 30 at 2-30pm for the Addington Cemetery

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