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Monday 1 February 1886
Birth   -
HUNT  -  on  29 January   at 4 Belmont Terrace,  wife of Davis Hunt, -  a daughter.
MILNE  -  on  31 January  at Jacksons Road,  Lyttelton,  wife of Alexander, - a son

Death  - 
CHAPMAN   - at his residence,  Dampiers Bay,  Lyttelton,  Henry Thomas Hugh Chapman M.R.C.S. after 2 days illness,  age 42 years

Tuesday 2 February 1886

Birth  -
RICHARDSON   -  on  31 January,   at The Empire Hotel, to wife of R.Richardson,  - a daughter.
WILLES   -  on  9 December 1885   at Brighton, England,  to wife of W.A.Willies, -  a son

Death   -
BALLINGER   -    on 2 February at her sons residence,   Lichfield Street East,   Ann,   widow of the late John Ballinger,  age 72
BLACKMORE    - on  3 December 1885 at Bedminster, Bristol, England,  Elizabeth,   wife of John Blackmore, of St. Albans, Christchurch, age 52
McDONALD  -  on 1 February at his res. Crescent Road, Addington, George  McDonald,  age 52

Wednesday 3 February 1886

Birth  - 
McNAE  -  on 1 February at Lincoln ,  wife of A. McNae, blacksmith, -  a son
PERCIVAL   -   on  29 January at Avonside, wife of Westby Perceval , -  a daughter.

Marriage -
TRUMAN  - WILLIS  - on 26 January at -- George William Truman,   2nd son of Mr. R. Truman, Waikari, North Canterbury,   to   Moira Eleanor,   younger                                                     daughter of late James Willis. Christchurch.
FENNER - TUCKER  -  on 27 January at the res.--- William Fenner   to   Alice,  eld. daughter of James Tucker,  blacksmith,   both of Christchurch.
Deaths  -
BARRY  -  on  2 February at  222 Durham Street North,  Mary Comfort Barry,  beloved wife of Micheal Barry.
LOW -   on  2 February at Styx,    Elizabeth wife of James Low age 61

Thursday 4 February 1886

Marriage  -
CHARTERIS   - CASTLES  -  on  2 February,   at the Waiau Church, by Rev. W.R.Campbell, George Charteris   to   Mary Ann Castles.

Death -  
GARNETT  -   on  2 February at London Street, Woolston,   Archibald Jonathon,  beloved son of Jonathon & Mary Garnett,  age 10mths.

Friday 5 February 1886

Death  - 
THOMPSON   -  on  3 February   at Sydney,   Harry Thompson, eldest & beloved son of George & Phillipa Thompson,  of Typhoid Fever, age 23 

Saturday 6 February 1886

Birth  -  
MAKEIG  -  on 31 January , at Rakaia,  to wife of A. Makeig, -  a daughter.

Death  - 
HOLLOWAY   -  on  5 February,   at 218 Montreal Street,  Albert Daniel (Bertie) 2nd & dearly loved son of William Louisa Holloway, age 7years 3 months

Monday 8 February 1886

Birth  -
MacDONALD  -   on 4 February at Lyttelton,   to wife of late Hugh Macdonald  M.D. -  a daughter.
MILN   -   on 3 Feb. at Te Repu. Lincoln Road,   to Mrs J. Miln,  -  a son

Death  -
LANCASTER  -  on   7 February at Durham Street,  Sydenham,   Alice May,  daughter of Wm & M.A.Lancaster,  age 7 mths.
WOODWARD   -  on  7 February at the res.of  the  parents,  ----   Fanny Kate, beloved & -- daughter of William & Mary Woodward age 25

Tuesday 9 February 1886

Birth  -
KNIGHT  -   on  6 February at Hereford Street, to  wife of E.R.L.Knight,  -  a son
MacKENZIE   -  on  4 February  at the Hotel Tai-Tapu,  to  wife of John Mackenzie, -   a son

Death  -
CRADDOCK  -   on 7 February, New Brighton Road,  Cyril Conrad, infant son of  Wm. & M Craddock,  age5 mths.
KOESTERS   -  on 7 February  at 59 Victoria Street,   Herman,  dearly loved  youngest son of Alexander & Minna Koesters,  age 5 mths and 9 days
LUMMIS  -  on   8 Feb. at 69 Durham Street,  George Lummis.

Wednesday 10 February 1886

Birth  - 
  -  on 4 Feb. to  wife of W. Mc William, -  a son

Marriage -
CLARKE  -  DEACON  - on   2 Feb. at - Auckland,  Arthur Clarke of Auckland    to   Annie Catherine,   daughter. of Frederick Deacon,  late of Preston &                                             Leyland, Lancashire

Death -
HUDDLESTON  -  on  9 February  at the Matai, Nelson,   Frederick Huddleston,   age 77
FISHER -  on 5 February at Phoebe, Waiau,  beloved wife of William Fisher , age 54

Funeral Notice -   COOPER
Court Star of Canterbury funeral of Brother John  Cooper, Shakespeare Road, Sydenham,   for Heathcote Cemetery.

Thursday 11 February 1886

Death  - 
COOPER  - on   9 February  at Hollywell Cottage,  Opawa Road, Sydenham.  John Cooper,  age 48

Friday 12 February 1886

Birth  - 
DONNITHORNE  - at the res. of Mr. Thompson, Sewell Street, Christchurch.  to wife of J.Donnithorne  -  a daughter.

Marriage - 
DOBSON  -  THORNTON  -  on 8 February at---  Collett Dobson   to   Ida Lilian,  youngest daughter. of George  Thornton C.E.
PARK  -  FERGUSON  -  on 8th February at  -- George Park   to   Mary Campbell, 2nd daughter of the late Robert Ferguson,  of Southbridge.

Saturday 13 February 1886

Birth  - 
LEVOI   - on  11 Feb. at 259 Hereford Street, to wife of Ralph Levoi, -   a daughter.
DRAKE  -  on 9 Februar . at Rosemant, Avonside, to wife of Alfred Drake, -   a son.   Melbourne papers copy please.

Marriage  -
DAWSON  -  TWEEDIE   -  on  11 Feb. at St. Pauls Church Christchurch,   Edward K. Dawson, of Dunedin   to   Maggie Tweedie,  of Christchurch.

Monday 15 February 1886

Birth  -
GLEN  -  on 9 February,  at Linwood, to wife of Rbt. Glen,  -  a daughter.
HOPKINS  - on 13 February. at Andover Street, Merivale, to wife of Henry , -  a daughter.
WATKINS  -  on 8 February. at Reefton

Death -
BOIELLE  -  on 14 Feb. at 163 Durham Street, Christchurch,  George Charles Boielle,  age 26
SMITH   - on 13 February at Cashel Street, Christchurch,  Gordon Stanley,  infant son of E.&M.Smith,   age 6mths
WILCOX  - 12 February  at Colombo Street North,   Edward Beresford Dennitis,  son of Dennitis& Charlotte Wilcox,  age 8mths

Tuesday 16 February 1886

Birth  - 
BAGGS  -  on  6 February at Avonside, to  wife of A.H.Baggs,   -  a son
BOYCE   - 15 February at Sefton, to wife of Alexander Boyce,  -  a daughter.
BURNS  - 12 February at Hereford Street, wife of D.H.Burns, -  a daughter.

Death  -
THOMPSON  -  on 3 February at Sydney, of Typhoid Fever, Henry eldest son of George &Phillippa Thompson, late of Christchurch,  & brother of Mrs James                                  O.Taylor of Phillip Street, Linwood. age 23 years,    Timaru & N.I. papers  please copy.

Wednesday 17 February 1886

Birth  -   
  - on 9 February at Grove Farm, Halswell, to wife of Henry Meyerhoff, -   a son

Marriage - 
HULSTON  -  WARREN  -   on 18 January at the res. of R.Black, Esq. by Rev. R. Erwin,   Alfred Hulston   to   Lucy E. Warren,  both of Christchurch.

Thursday 18 February 1886

Birth  -
O'CONNOR   -   on 17 February at Shantilla House,  East Belt,  Christchurch, wife of E. O'Connor, -   a daughter.

Death  -
BADLAM  -   on  27 Nov.1885  at Springville, Blackrock,  at the res. of his son-in-law,  the Rev. Thomas Leopold Badham, late of Oakbrook, Derbyshire
BONNINGTON  - on 29 December 1885,  at San Fransisco, Susanna, relict of the late Charles Bonnington,  age 45.
GILLISPIE   - 16 February  at Pigeon Bay,   James Gillespie,  age 84
SHARP - on 16 February at Nelson, suddenly --  Emma,  wife of John Sharp,  Fellworth, Nelson,  & sister of George Bonnington, of this  city

Friday 19 February 1886

Funeral Notice. - 
George,  friend of  Mr. James Fries,  leave his late res. 335 St. Asaph Street, Christchurch West for Addington Cemetery

Saturday 20 February 1886

Birth   -
MOORHEAD  - at Mrs. D Moorhead's,  Wandsworth, Leeston, to wife of  George Moorhead, -  a daughter. Australian & home papers please copy.

Marriage  -
SMART  - FULTON   -   on 16 February at --- James,  2nd son of James Smart,  late of Auckland   to   ElizabethRame, 2nd daughter, of  R.M.Fulton,

Death  -
ALSTON - 20 February  at Lyttelton, Norman,  infant son of J.T. & A Alston.

Funeral Notice  -  WARD -
Thomas Ward at Templeton Cemetery, Mon. Feb. 22 at 3pm.

Monday 22 February 1886

Birth - 
COWARD   - on 17 February  at Harper Street, Sydenham,  to wife of Reginald Blanchard Coward, -  a son

Marriage  -
HACKSHAW   -  HENDERSON  -  on 17 February  at -- William Hackshaw,  formerly of Oxford, England,   to   Annie Henderson,  3rd daughter of Thomas                                                         Henderson, County Tyrone, Ireland

Death -
BRANSON   -  on 20 February at -- Gerald Dyson Branson,  Barrister at Law, son of the late William James Branston Q.C. Madras Presidency, India,  age 38
CALVERT  - on 19 February  at Springfield Road, St. Albans, Albert Francis Calvert, (Wee Wee) 3rd son of William & Pamela Calvert,  age 6yrs 9mths.
COTTRELL  - on 20 Feruary. at her residence,  Papanui. Mrs. Fanny Cottrell (widow of late Anthony Cottrell of Tasmania) in her 72nd year.
M*LUCAS   - on 19 February  at Christchurch, Duncan M*Lucas,  late of Terawera Saw Mill,  Little River, age 43
WARD  - on 19 February  at Sydenham,  at the  residence  of son in law,  T.Ward,  age 76,   Home papers please copy.

Tuesday 23 February 1886

Birth -
LEWIS  - on 17 February  at Bromley, Chistchurch, to  Mrs A.J.Lewis, -  a son

Death  -
CAMPBELL   - on 19 February, ---  William Walter Campbell,   age 40,  native to Boston, Lincolnshire, England. Home & Adelaide papers please copy.
GRAVELEY  - on 21 February  at Latimer Square, Christchurch,  William Henry Graveley,  late of London, age 65

Wednesday 24 February 1886

Birth  - 
WILSON  - on  6 February  at Kaiapoi, Canterbury,  Isabella Jane Kerr,  wife of Thomas Wilson, -  a daughter.
WACHSMANN -  on 23 Feb.ruary. at Papanui, Christchurch, to  wife of Ashton Wachsmann, -  a daughter.

BENNETTS  -  on  23 February at Normans Road, Christchurch, Wilfred John,  only child of John & Emma Bennetts,  age 11 mths.
GUNN  -  on 23 February  at Racecourse Hill, Canterbury, Margaret Sutherland, beloved wife of John Gunn late of Strathmore, Caithness, Scotland. age 70.
KEMP  -  on 19 February at the Hospital, William Walter Kemp,  age 40,  native of Boston, Lincolnshire, England,  Home & Adelaide papers please copy.
KERR   -  At Kaiapoi, Henry oldest son of Henry Kerr late of Selkirk, Scotland,  age 12 years.  Drowned in the river Waimakiriri
MILL  -   on 7 February  at Grafton Road, Auckland, Alexander Mill,  late of Papanui, Christchurch,  age 47,   Melbourne papers please copy.

Thursday 25 February 1886

BUCHANAN   - CAWSEY -   on 9 February  at -Ashburton. Joseph Buchanan,  2nd son of James Buchanan of Tyrone,  Ireland,  to  Edith Mary,  3rd daughter                                                                 of  Mr. Lewis Cawsey of Ashburton
LARDNER  - TIBBS -  At. Lincoln Baptist Chapel by -- G.H.Lardner, of Akaroa,  to   Emma Tibbs,  of Christchurch. 4th daughter of the late Mr. Tibbs.

Friday 26 February 1886

LEWIS  -   on  25 February  at Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage, Christchurch,   to  wife of Rev. J.J.Lewis,  -  a  daughter.
WOOD  -  on 25 February to  wife of William Wood, -   a son

Funeral Notice  -  
- The f riends  of W. Mr. Speck  are invited to attend the funeral  of his late wife which will leave his res. Worcester Street East for Avonside Cemetery.

Saturday 27 February 1886

Birth  - 
SMYTH  -  on  25 February  at the residence of Mr. A.A.Adams, Sydenham Pottery, wife of John M'C Smyth, -  a son

RICHARDS  - HARRISON -   at the res.the bride's brother,  Rakaia, Edward Richards  to Elizabeth Harrison,  both late of Govey, County Wexford, Ireland.
GUY  -  GUY  -   on 9 December 1885, at --Dromore, Frederick Andrew Guy, formerly of Ulster Bank Ltd., eldest son of W.Guy,  Esq. Belfast,  to  Maggie                                     Sproule Guy,  eldest daughter  of Matthew Guy Esq., Drumlish House, Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland. & grandaughter of the late Dr. Sproule,                                         Drumquin.

FOOT  -  on  26 February  at Lyttelton,  Ellen,   beloved wife of Albert Foot & only  sister of Mrs. Nappey, Christchurch,  age 35
McCANDLISH   -   on 26 February  at Oxford,  Gilbert McCandlish,  age 63

Funeral  Notice - 
  The funeral of the late Mr. Edward T.Butterworth will leave his residence,  Montreal Street South,  for Addington Cemetery
FOOT-   Friends of Mr. Albert Foot are invited to the funeral of his late wife Edith Helen,  St.David Street,  Lyttelton,  for the Church of England Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
11 August  2003

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