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Thursday  1 April  1886
Dunedin  -  Fire  -  WRIGHT  -
A   5 roomed house at Linden,  owned and occupied by W.J. Wright,  has been burnt down. ---

Queenstown     - Death    -  BARLOW   -
Mr John Barlow,  agent for the Bank of New Zealand,  died at Queenstown this morning.  His wife died at the end of last week.

Friday  2 April  1886

Lake Wanaka      -   Drowned   -    WHITE  -
Alexander White,  an old resident at Lake Wanaka was drowned while bathing.  It was supposed he had an apoplectic fit to which he was subject.

Saturday  3 April  1886

Dunedin  -  Fire  -   BROWN  -
A  3 roomed house at Maori Hill,  occupied by T.C. Brown,  has been burned down.  ----

Auckland  -   Archill  Tragedy  -   KEELING  -  FULLER  -  
At Archill this evening, a young lady  named Emily Mary Keeling,  aged 17  while returning from work was met by a young man  Edward Fuller, 
aged 26.  ------  only daughter of George Keeling,  bricklayer and his wife Emily Keeling.    an inquest will be held today   a long  story   -    email for a copy.

Monday  5 April  1886

Ashburton  -   Found dead  -  BLAND  -
William Bland,  farmer,  of Ashburton Forks,  was found dead this morning -----  A brother of Mr Bland met his death 5 years ago by a gun accident  -----

Christchurch  -  inquest   -   HAWTIN  -  
---  in the case of James Hawtin,  ----------

Tuesday  6 April  1886 
Springfield  -  Fire  -  SCOBLE  -
A fire occurred last evening about midnight destroying a cottage and furniture belonging to Mr W. Scoble,  employed at the Springfield pottery Works. 
The property is insured.

Christchurch  -  Sudden death  -   MURRAY  -
this morning an elderly man named Charles John Murray,  residing at 81 Peterborough street,  was found dead in his bed.---------  an inquest will be held today.

Wednesday  7 April  1886

Kaiapoi  -    A terrible experience  -   FENWICK  -
A man named henry Fenwick was brought to the Christchurch Hospital today  ------  experience of the most terrible description.  
driving a spring cart loaded with pigs and fowls,  along the road from kaiapoi to the Maori Pah,  he was capsized into a deep ditch.  ------   

Thursday  8  April  1886

Rangiora  -   Fire  -   BISHOP  -
---  a 4 roomed house in Church street,  Rangiora,  owned and occupied by Joseph Bishop,  the town lamplighter,  was destroyed by fire, 
together with almost all of the contents.  --------    lots more.

Lyttelton  -  McCLATCHIE  -
Mt T. McClatchie and Miss McClatchie,  of Lyttelton,  were passengers northwards  by the steamer Hawea yesterday,  to join the R.M.S. Aorangi, 
by which steamer they have booked passages to England.  Mr McClatchie goes for the purpose of seeking health for his daughter,  and carries
the best wishes of all of Lyttelton.

Saturday  10  April  1886

In Divorce   -

Christchurch  -   Fire  -  KENNEDY  -
----  2 cottages in Purdie street,  off Stewart street,  close to Lincoln road,  had caught fire,  -------  one of them was inhabited by Mr Kennedy
(the owner of both)  and his family.  -------  lots more.

Temuka  -   accident  -  GALLIE  -
injuries  received  by the unfortunate man  John Gallie at the Temuka railway station are reported as being more serious then at was first believed. 
---- This morning  (Friday)   it was understood he would be unlikely to live through the day.    ------

Monday  12 April  1886

Nelson  -  LUCAS  -  
the remains of a man were found in the bush yesterday.  They are supposed to be those of Joseph Lucas who left the copper mine for Nelson
on 6 January and has nor been heard of.

Darfield  -  inquest   -  O'MALLEY  -
an inquest was held at Darfield on Saturday ----  touching the death of Delia O'Malley,  who was supposed to have been accidentally drowned. 
George Gunn  licensee of the Darfield Hotel,  said that the deceased was in his employ as general servant for some 4 months.   ------   found
drowned by a man named  Morrison  --   lots more

Tuesday  13 April  1886

Auckland  -   MUNN  -
A lad named Munn,  on the barque Caberfeidh,  now loading at Helensville,  was killed yesterday by falling between the vessel and the wharf, 
a barrel of water rolling on top of him.  he was the son of Captain Munn,  who was drowned in the Agnes bell  2 years ago.

Dunedin  -  BORLAND  -
Beatrice Scott Borland,  wife of John Borland,  -------    she  was 28 years of age.

Kekerangu  -   
another body has been found south of Flaxbourne,  making 9 bodies recovered.  The following have been identified  -
Robert MONKMAN  -  First officer
James POWELL  -  Second Officer
Alexander MARTIN  -  passenger
An inquest will be held.  The position of the wreck is unaltered.  

Auckland  -  HENNESSY  -
John Hennessy,  cellarman at Hancock's brewery,  dropped dead.

Wellington  -  ALLEN  -
A man named Thomas Allen,  employed on Ruddiford's station,  has been found drowned at Te Awaito.

Wellington  -  FRANCIS  -
A man named Anthony Francis died suddenly today.  He was seen sitting on a stack of timber,  when he suddenly expired.

Mr PIPER,  who en route for Melbourne,  was on board the Taiaroa between nelson and Wellington,  and arrived here per the Te Anau this
morning,  informs us that   the body spoken of in one of our issues yesterday as being dressed in a brown suit is that of a man named MURRAY 
He was formerly a schoolmaster in Otago,  and has been residing in Nelson  about 1 year.  He was on his way to join his brother in Akaroa. 
This brother had lately arrived from England,  and went northward per the Wanaka last night.

Dunedin  -  GOURINGS  -
It is feared that one of the Co;Colonial Bank staff named Gourings  has got lost in the country between Lake Manapouri  and Lake Wakitipu. 
He left on a walking tour on March 23 and has now been absent a week beyond his time.

North Canterbury  -  HOUGHDOWN  -
The infant child of Mr C.S. Houghdown, of Ashley,  was discovered dead this morning.  -----------

Christchurch  -  accident  -   OSBORNE  -
Last evening an accident happened to Mr Charles Osborne,  cabinet-maker.    He slipped on the steps of "The Retreat"  at the Central Hotel
and falling broke his leg.  ------

Wednesday  14 April  1886

Letter  to the Editor   -      Mr John HARPER  -
Mr John Harper,  one of the passengers of the Taiaroa,  was not a brick maker as stated in yesterday's issue of the Star.  He is well known in
Christchurch,  having been proprietor of the line of Ferry road coaches prior to the tram,  he is also a very old Colonist,  having arrived in
Canterbury in one of the First four ships,  the Randolph.

Kekerangu  -    VALLANCE  -
The Union Steamship Company have received word from their agent at Kekerangu  that the body of Mr R.H. Vallance has been found at Flaxbourne, 
and his brother has taken charge of it.

Thursday  15  April  1886

Kekerangu  -  inquest   -  additional evidence  -  
a  very long column  about the wreck of the  "TAIAROA"   -- email for a copy

Christchurch  -   Death   -   BAKER  -
--- Mrs Selina Baker,  a widow,  -----   Mr Walter COTTERILL,  deceased's brother  ----      Mrs Baker's husband died about 3 years ago ----
about 36 years of age  and leaves 3 children.  ------

Friday  16 April  1886

Wellington  -  wreck of the Taiaroa  -  identification of bodies  -
Robert Irvine  fireman,  about 45 years of age  belonging to Newry,  Ireland.  had been with the Taiaroa  14 mths and single.
MONKMAN    -  1st Officer  and Morrison,  fireman.

Auckland  -  Death  -  BINNING  -
-- Johanna Binning ---

Greymouth  - Killed  -   McCARTHY  -  
yesterday  Henry McCarthy,  of Notown,  while driving a spring cart,  got upset,  and was killed instantaneously.

Christchurch    -  DICKENSON  -
Reginald Dickenson a boy about 13 years of age,  -------------

Christchurch  - accident  -   PARDOE  -
About 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon Mr Pardoe,  who keeps a store opposite the Royal George Hotel,  was coming out of the Junction Hotel, 
when he slipped and fell, breaking one of his legs.

Christchurch  -  inquest  -  BAKER  -
--of the body of Mrs Selina Baker  -----  Cashel street, Linwood,  -------  more

Monday  19 April  1886

Blenheim  -  LANE  -  
A millhand  named Whittington Lane,  residing at Kaituna,  was accidentally shot in the groin yesterday morning  --------  at Havelock  to go duck shooting.    A companion named Harry  Dorreen  ------     but died 7 miles on the road,  an inquest will be held.  Deceased was 30 years of age and leaves a wife and 2 young children.

In Divorce  -  

SIMPSON    v   SIMPSON  -  a longish column  -  
Alfred Simpson  was married  on December 231884  at St John's Church,  Alfred  50 years of age  Mrs Simpson  19.

EBELING   v  EBELING  -   a very long column  -
Elizabeth S.L.Ebeling  wife of Heinrick Ebeling  married 29 August  1883  at Lincoln NZ.   He was 61  she was 26  at date of marriage.

Tuesday  20  April  1886

Ashburton  -  inquest  -  SHEARER  -
an inquest was held at Mr Andrews' house, Ashburton yesterday on the body of Barbara Anne Shearer,  6 and half years old,  daughter of John Shearer,  farmer,  Wheatstone,  ---------  more

Wellington  -   YOUNG  -
The body of a man named Joseph Young was found ----

Wellington    - death   -  COLVEY  -
---  a man named John Colvey,  in the employ of Mr J. Orr of Rangitara,  met with an accident that has since proved fatal.   left Ormond
 for the Rangitara station  -------  more

Christchurch  -  LAKE  -
Ernest Percy Lake,  an infant 7mths old,    --- mother Rose Lake,    more.

Thursday  22 April  1886

Coalgate,  Canterbury  -  MANSON  -
Mr David Manson, of Coalgate,   --------

Christchurch  -   SMITH  -
John Smith  the man who  ----  at Papanui is doing well.

Otago  -  Blue Spur  -  McCORMICK  -
John McCormick,  a miner,  working in the Otago claim at Blue Spur,  was knocked off a ledge,  20 feet high,  by a fall of earth and sustained severe internal injuries.

Monday  26 April  1886

Christchurch  -   HAYWARD  -
Mr Hayward  who was badly injured in the accident on the Sumner road, is doing remarkably well.    He is of course much missed on the road,  but his sons and others in Mr Hayward's employ  appear to be doing their utmost for the conveniences of the public.

Christchurch   -  inquest  -  STEWART  -
an inquest on the body of William Stewart who was found drowned in the Heathcote River yesterday afternoon,  ---------   Henry Bell  a boy 16 years of age residing at Woolston,  he saw the deceased,  ----   lots more

Tuesday  27 April  1886

Wellington  -  AITKEN  -  
The body of a  woman named Jane Aitken,  wife of an old settler,  was found  -----    

Kaiapoi   -  Funeral write up  -  WOODFORD  -
the funeral of the late Mr Richard Woodford,  -------  more

HAYWARD  -  BURNS  -   The Late Sumner Road Accident --   a letter to the paper by a witness.  -

Rakaia  -   TURNER  -
----  for the purpose of wishing Mr C.W. Turner,  agent for the NZ Loan and Mercantile Agency Company,  a pleasant voyage Home, 
 ----- on a 6mths leave of absence.     email for a copy -------

Wednesday  28 April  1886

Dunedin  -  In Divorce  -  WAKEFIELD  -

Christchurch  -  McNAE  -
--  a man  named Robert McNae,  employed at the reserve near the small-pox hospital,  -----  The deceased was between  50 and 60 years of age ------

Christchurch  -  accident  -  MILSON  -
 --occurred to one of Mr G.P. Milson's sons,  --not quite 2 years old ---

Christchurch  -   death  -  RYAN  -
Mary Ryan,  aged about 30 years was found dead in bed in the house of of a bootmaker named James CLARK  situated in Peterborough street
  --  She called at the house  about half past 12 in the day and asked to be allowed to lie down. ---  an inquest will be held.Thursday  29 April  1886

Thursday  29 April  1886

Christchurch  -  divorce
MEHRTENS  ---------

Christchurch  -  HURT  -
 an invitation from Mr Hurt,  of the A1 Hotel  to take a glass of wine with him prior to his departure on a visit to the Old Country  in the Rimutaka.    -------

Christchurch  -  McNAMARA  -
yesterday evening about 40 friends of Mr J. McNamara,  the popular licensee of the Queen's Hotel,  who is about to pay a visit to
his native Country,  Ireland.  ----     a very long column  -----

Thames  -  fatal mining accident  -  CASELY,   HILL  -
 a terrible fatality occurred here ----  2 miners named Thomas Casely  and Hugh Hill,  employed at the Caledonian Company's mine,  lost their lives.   -----
an inquest will be held today.

Napier  -  Inquest  -  COTTRILL  -
the inquest on the body of T.A. Cottrill was concluded last night.  --------

Friday  30  April  1886

Auckland  -  Fire  -  McLEAN  -
an 11 roomed house on the Cranstan?  estate  formerly the residence of Mr McLean,  was burned down. --------

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Christchurch  NZ
11 August  2007

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