Lyttelton Times  -    April 1886      from film at Christchurch City Library

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Thursday 1 April 1886
Birth   - 
ROUNTREE -  on 31 March at Chillingworth, Papanui, to Mrs John Rountree -  a son

Marriage .  -
CROSSE  - PARKER -   on   30 March at ----  Thomas Crosse of - Porangahan, to Susan, dau. of  David Parker of Pahau,   Amuri,  North  Canterbury

Friday  2 April 1886

Marriage   -
KAY  -  FOX -   on 1 April at ----  George Robert Kay,  of Brookshaw, Pigeon Bay   to   Katherine Pridorny, 2nd dau. of John Fox M.  Int.C.E.  Christchurch

Saturday  3 April  1886

Birth -
ARDLEY    - on 31 March at 98 Tuam Street, to the wife of G. Ardley, -  a son,    Wellington papers  please copy
LEWIN   -    2 April  Park Road, Addington, to the wife of Montagn Lewin,  -  a  daughter.
OLLIVER   -  on 26 March  at Blayney, NSW   to the wife of Thomas Morton  Ollive,. -    a son
PARSONS  -  on  31 March at the residence of Mrs Hobbs, Bryndwr,  to the wife  of Alfred  Parsons  - a daughter  stillborn

Death -
CARR   -   on  2 March  Eliza Jane Carr, youngest daughter of Mr James Carr,  Spreydon
PEARCY   -  on  2 April  at Cartlton Place,  son of Henry & Catherine Pearcy,   age 15 mths

Monday  5  April 1886

Birth -
EAST -  on  4 April  at St. Mary's Parsonage, Addington, to Mrs Herbert   East,  a son
JOHNSON  - 3 April at Wooton Villa, Avonville, to wife of S.C.Johnson,    a daughter

Tuesday  6 April 1886

Death - 
RICHARDS  - on  5 April   at Bryndwr after a long & painful illness,  Elizabeth,   beloved wife of Joseph Richards,   age 48
ROBERTSON -  on 5 April  at the residence of her son at Timaru,  Janet Robertson,   late of  Madras Street,  North in her 73rd year
STEGGALL  -  on  2 April at her residence, Waimate,  Mary Stewart, beloved wife of Alexander  Stewart,   age 23

Wednesday 7 April 1886

Birth -
ROTHERS -  on  5 April at Rangiora, to the wife of W.J.Crowthers,    a son
HANMER  -    to the wife of George Hanmer,  a son

Marriage -
BASSETT  - GILCHRIST -  on  24 March at --  William John Bassett, Stormount, View Hill,   to  Caroline, 3rd daughter  of the late Hugh Gilchrist,  
                    Grange Cottage, View Hill, West Oxford.

Death  -
MITCHELL -  on  6 April at 202 Oxford Terrace Chch, after a long and painful  illness,  age 61
TRISCHLER -  on  23 January  at Richmond, Surrey,   Elenora, relict of the late John Trischler,  age 54

Thursday 8 April 1886

Birth -
ARNOLD  -   on 4 April at Sumner Road Lyttelton,   to the wife of H.F.Arnold  -  a son,  stillborn

Death  -
LOADER  -  on 5 April  at  after a long and painful illness, Caroline Charlotte Loader, wife  of Joseph   Loader  age 63.
PULLAN  -  on  4 April at Tuam Street, T.W.J.youngest son of James & Sarah  Pullan,   age 10mths.

Friday 9 April 1886

Birth -
CORO - on  8 April  at the res.of M. Harris Esq.North Town Belt,   to Mrs L.L. Coro, -   a daughter
HISLOP -  on 8 February   at 111 Holland Road, Kensington, London, to the wife of  Robert Hislop -   a daughter

Marriage -
CANDY  - PREBBLE  -  on 10 March at Leithfield --   Ernest, 3rd son of Mr. Candy of Halswell  to Jane,  2nd daughter of Mr. William  Prebble of Leithfield

Death -
GEBBIE  -  on 7 April at Charteris Bay, Emma Caroline Agnes beloved wife  of  William  Deans Gebbie,   age 32
PRICHARD - on  8 April at Oxford, Arthur infant son of Albert & Emily Prichard,   age 1month
SHERRAT   -  on  8 April at Kaiapoi,   Jane,   wife of  Edward Sherrat,  age 65
YARDLEY  - on 17 February at Southsea, England.   Florence May,  darling child  of William &  Marie,   age    7yrs

Saturday 10 April 1886

Birth   -   
FARRELL -  on  9 April   at the Crown Hotel,  Geraldine, to the wife of Thomas  Farrell -   a daughter

Marriage   -
PUSCHEL -  CLIFF  -  on  6 April at -- Carl,   2nd son of Johan Carl Christian Puschel,  formerly of Denmark   to Tryphena,  eldest daughter of  James Cliff,
                            formerly of Pendarves, Canborne,  Cornwall

Death   -  
WHITCOMBE  -   at Church Street, Timaru,   Ellen,   beloved wife of  W.E.Whitcombe  age 28

Monday 12 April 1886

DUNN -   on  6 April at Lincoln  to the wife of D.Dunn jnr. -  a son
POTTS  -  on 7 April  at Oropi, Ashburton,  to the wife of Donald H.Potts,  -  a son
RUDD  -   on 11 April, at Lord Brougham Street, Sydenham,  to the wife  of W.J. Rudd,  - a son

Death -
HARDING  -  on  11 April at Mt. Vernon, Wapuburau,  Emma beloved wife of John  Harding,   age 66
THOMSON  -   on  10 April at Maryfield, Upper Riccarton,   Jane,  beloved wife of  John Thomson,  age 58

Tuesday 13 April 1886

FERGUSON  -  on  3 April at Melrose, Halswell, to the wife of  J.Ferguson,  -  a daughter
ADDINELL  -  on  11 April  at West Eyreton, to Mrs John Addinell,  -   a daughter

Marriage  -
GOOD -  HANCOCK  -    on  25 March  at --  Wellington,  Frank Walton,  2nd son of Dr. Good , Dorchester,  Dorset, England, 
                     to   Rebecca,   2nd  daughter of   Daniel Hancock, Geelong,  Victoria

Death  -   
MILEY  -   on  21 February  at New York, USA, Florence Emily Fosbery, late of  Curraghbridge  House,   Adare, County Limerick, Ireland,   age 34

Wednesday 14 April 1886

Birth    -
GIFKINS  -  on  13 April at Christchurch, to the wife of Wm. Gifkins,  -  a daughter

Marriage  -
LAVERY  -  MILLS  -  on  8 April at --- William, son of  the late John Lavery,  Avonside    to   Margaret (Maggie) 4th dau. of the late 
                    Charles Mills of Sandhurst, Victoria.

Death  -  
SAY  -   on   9 April  at Rangiora,   Alfred Say,   age 6 years

Thursday 15 April 1886

Birth   -
DOBSON -   on  14 April   at Cranmer Square to the wife of  E.H.Dobson,   Lowcliffe,  a son
FRASER  -  on   9 April   at 45 Queens Street, Christchurch,  to the wife  of A. Fraser,   a son

Death   -
BENTLEY -  on 14 April  at his residence,   Colombo Road, Sydenham,  after a long and painful illness,  James Bentley,  in his 60th year. 
CORRELL  -   at Ashburne, Ferry Road, Chch,  George,    beloved son of  William & Rebecca Corrall,   age 7 years

Friday 16 April 1886

Funeral notice -  
HOBBS -   Annie Hobbs,  daughter of Mr. W. B. Hobbs, the funeral  will leave his residence St. Albans Lane on Sunday 18th April

Birth -
KENNAWAY  -  on  14 April at the Barton, Hillsborough,   to the wife of William  Kennaway - a son

Marriage - 
GUINESS  -  PLAISTED  - on 14 April  at --  Edwin Roland,   2nd son of Guiness Esq. J.P. of Christchurch,   to   Florence Annie,  
                                    eldest daughter of John Plaisted Esq. Merchant of Christchurch. Melbourne & home papers please copy.

Death -
GOLDTHORP  -   on 14 April at Ohoka, James Dudley, eldest son of Joseph & Harriet Goldthorp,   age 7 years 10 months
MACKAY  - on  9 April at the residence of W.O. Duthie, Esq. Highcliffe,  Otago.James Campbell  MacKay,     age 28
PREBBLE  -   on 14 April at Christchurch,  Herbert James,   infant son of James &  Christina Prebble.  age16   months.

Monday 19 April 1886

Birth   -
FRICKHOFFER  -  on 17 April   at the residence off Salisbury Street West, to the wife of C.  Frickhoffer, -   a daughter
McDONALD  -   on 18 April  to the  wife of James McDonald,  of Manchester Street, -  a son

Marriage  -
BERRY  -  DAVIS  -  on  April 12   at---  Benjamin  Augustus, son of Thomas William Berry  of Nelson, to Kate Eleanor Davis,  dau. of  George Davis, St. Albans.   
COOKE  -   JOYNT  -   on  13 April  at ---- Alex W. Cooke    to   Sarah Edith,  younger daughter of T.I.Joynt
DAVIS  -  BROWN  -  on  12 April  at  Henry George Samuel,  eldest son of George Davis, St. Albans &  grandson of   Charles  Brown, Addington. 

Death -
DANCE  -  on 18 April  at The Railway Hotel, Amberley, George Benjamin Dance,  age 35,   Home &  Wellington papers please copy
VETTE -  on 16 April at Ohoka,  Elizabeth,   beloved wife of Henry Vette,   age 44

Tuesday 20 April 1886

Birth -
HARRIS -   on  18 April at her res. Mascotte, North Belt, to the wife of  Henry Harris, -   a daughter
WATERSON -  on 19 April at BNZ House, Rangiora to the wife of William Waterson,  -   a son

Wednesday 21 April 188
Birth -  
BARETT - on 14 April at 198 Oxford Terrace to the wife of Mr. H. Barett,  builder, -  a son

Marriage   -
OLDHAM  -  HOBSON  -  Hern Oldham,   Linwood , Christchurch   to   Tilly Hobson, 2nd daughter of George  Hobson,  Springfield

Thursday 22 April 1886

Birth  -
PERRY -    on  21 April at Battersea St., Sydenham,   to the wife of  J.D.Perry  a son,   home papers please  copy

Death  - 
WOODFORD  -   at his residence Sewell Street, Kaiapoi,  Mr Richard  Woodford,   age 78

Funeral Notice  - 
WOODFORD -    Members of Court Woodford, Kaiapoi attend the late Bro.Woodford.

Monday 26 April 1886

Birth -
MATHIAS     -  at Timaru,  to wife of G.S.Mathias, -    a son,  stillborn
REECE     -   on 16 April   at Forres House, Windmill Road, to wife of William Reese -    a son         
VIRTUE   -   on  25 April at Maple Villa,  Tuam Street,  Linwood,  to wife of Arthur J. Virtue,  -  a son

Death  -
DUNCAN   -  on  23 April at Ward street, Addington, Frederick Cecil,  infant son of George &  Christine  Duncan,  age 4 months
GODFREY -  on 19 December,  at Glasgow, Martha Godfrey,   relict of the late  William Godfrey,  of  Lyttelton,  age 73
SIMPSON  -  on  25 April at Hewitts Road, Merivale,  Christina,  beloved wife  of John  Simpson,   age 52
TYSON  -   at his residence Winters Road, Papanui,   Mr. James Tyson,   age  52

Tuesday 27 April 1886

Birth -  
  -   on 14 April  at Ohinemuri,  near Hinds,  to wife of W. Chisnall,  - a son.

Marriage  -
McGINLEY -  HEATH -  on 16 April at --  Francis Henry,  son of John McGinley, of Auckland  to Caroline Alice Maria Heath, dau.of  William Pearce,  Sydney

Death  - 
McCAUSLAND   -   on  25 April at Sheffield,  after a long and painful illness,  William McCausland

Wednesday 28 April 1886

Birth  -
FRENCH  -  on   24 April at North Belt,  to wife of J. Russell French,  -  a son.

Marriage -
EDWARDS  -  READ  -  on  26 April at -- John  Hezekiah Edwards,   to   Elizabeth Maria daughter of Mr Frederick Read,  Parish Street,  Phillipstown.
WHITE  -  PAINTER  -   on  22 April at St. Lukes by Ven. Archdeacon Lingard,  George Henry White   to   Marion (Minnie) Painter,
WATKINS  - ROGERS  -  on  26 April at Holy Trinity, Avonside, Ivan Alphonse Watkins   to   Sarah Ann (Annie) 2nd daughter of Mr.S.Rogers, Avonside

Death  -
HASTINGS  -  on 12 March at her residence, Imperial Villa, Great Malvern, England.   Joanna,   eldest and last survivig child of the Rev. James Henry Hastings
                                Rector of  Martley, Worcestershire, the  deceased was born in 1782 & would have  reached the age of 104 on March 14.

Thursday 29 April 1886

Birth  -
NELSON  -   on 27 April at Avonside,  to wife of H.Nelson,  - a son.

Marriage  -
BOND  -  FERGUSON  -   at -- on 20  April,  William Edward  Bond,   Longbeach, Ashburton,  late of Dartmouth,  Devonshire, England   to   Margaret,  
                                2nd dau. of   Joshua Ferguson,   farmer, Styx
HAUPTFREISCH  -   KRULL  -  on  26 April at the  res the bride's parents,  Brook Street, Dunedin,    Hormann  Hauptfleisch,   to   Frances Antonie Krull
THATCHER  -  SAVILLE  -  on  27 April (Easter Tuesday) at --  John Thatcher,  of Woodbury   to Julia Elizabeth,  dau of   Mr. R. Saville,  of Upper Riccarton

Friday 30 April 1886

Marriage  -
DODDS  -  BEATON  -  on  28 April  at St. Pauls Church, Christchurch. by Rev. J. Elmslie,   Thomas Dodds,   of Cass  Hotel,   to  Marion Beaton
HARRISON  -  SHARP   -  on   29 April at the residence of bride's father,  South  Rakaia  by   William Harrison   to   Elizabeth Mary,  dau of J.N.Sharp.

Death  -
McCLINTON  -  on  28 April at Carleton,  in his 72nd year,  Robert Carleton,    formerly of County  Down,  Ireland

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