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Tuesday  1 September  1885
Canterbury   -  JONES  -
A sad accident,  which terminated fatally, befel a little girl on Saturday evening last.  The child a daughter of Mr George Jones,  living at Lakeside,
 ------  email for a copy.

Obituary  -  Mark Pringle STODDART -
A,mong the late obituary notices appears that of Mr Mark Pringle Stoddart.   This gentleman was one of the 1st settlers who came to the colony from
Australia.  he arrived from Sydney in March 1851 and almost immediately formed a sheep station on the Rakaia,  now the property of Sir John Hall. 
He afterwards purchased the estate called by him Diamond Harbour,  where he resided for many years.  ------ has resided at Fendalton with his family. 
He died on Friday  after a short illness,  in his 67th year.  --------    email for a copy,  a longish piece.

Friday 4 September  1885
Dunedin  - Fatal accident  -  SUMMERELL  -
The names of the 2 men who occupied the boat,  and one whom is known to have drowned are Walter Summerell  and Frank Weldernott. 
The body came ashore is that of Summerell.  He came from Auckland some time ago.

Saturday  5 September 1885
Timaru  -  CAMERON  -
a sad case of  -- occurred today.  Louisa Cameron, a young lady of 22, formerly a teacher in the public school,  and generally esteemed,  --------
lots more  - email  for a copy.

Monday 7 September  1885
Port Chalmers   -   Fatal boat accident  -  5 children  drowned  -  FERGUSON  and JACKSON  -    page 2
between 9 and 10 yesterday forenoon,  Captain James Ferguson,  local agent of the Union Company, accompanied by his 6 children and Mr and
Mrs Arthur Jackson,  with their 2 children,  took a waterman's boat at Port Chalmers for the purpose of paying a visit to Mrs Jackson sen. 
grandmother of the whole of the children.   ------     Mary, John, James and Alexander Ferguson   and Christina Jackson were drowned.  -    lots more
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page 3
Death  -  DIPHEIM  -  
about noon yesterday a man named Henry Dipheim died suddenly at his house at Papanui.  ----   email for a copy.

House Fire  -  Styx road  -  LANGE  -
----   was destroyed by fire.  It was owned b and occupied by a labourer named Carl LANGE,   ----- accidental,   caused through a defect in the chimney.  -----  email for a copy.

a woman named Mrs O'Donnell,  died rather suddenly ---  at her residence, Queen street,  Sydenham,  on Saturday.  It appears that she was
confined about 8 o'clock in the morning of a still-born child.  -----  an inquest will be held today.

Inquest  -  O'DONNELL  -
an inquest was held this morning at the Club Hotel, Sydenham, on the body of Mary O'Donnell,  who died in childbirth on Saturday.  -------  email for a copy.

Thursday  10 September  1885
Fire  -   SPEIGHT  -
about 7 o'clock on Tuesday evening last, a fire broke out at the residence of Mr J.Speight,  journalist,  near Templeton,  which resulted in total
destruction of the building.  lots more -   email for a copy.

Fatal accident at Port Chalmers -  LEWIS  - 
the bodies of Captain Ferguson's 2 children  James and Alexander, were recovered on Sunday evening by Mr Robert LEWIS,  who in company
with Mr A. PIRANI and others, were sweeping Dowling Bay with their nets  ------        along column  -  email for a copy

Friday  11 September  1885
Napier  -   Fires - 
LANG  -  The residence of A.C. Lang,  of the firm of Murray, Roberts and Co. Hastings,  was totally destroyed by fire at 5am today.  --------  
SWEENEY  -  a house owned and occupied by John Sweeney,  at Pukikua,  was burned on Wednesday night.  -----   email for a copy.

Monday 14 September 1885
Letter of Naturalsation     page 2
LUBLOW  -  Gustav John Friedrich -  tailor,   of Ashburton.

page 3
Racecourse Hill  -  MATHIAS  -
Mr H.J.Mathias,  Chairman of the Selwyn County Council,  died at his residence,  Racecourse Hill,  yesterday after a short illness.

Geraldine  -  TINDAL  -
As Mr Thomas Tindal,  landlord of the Hilton Hotel, was getting into his trap on Saturday afternoon,  he suddenly fell back and expired in a few minutes. 
-----    email for a copy.

Benefit  Concert   -  COOPER  -  
the concert in aid of the widow and family of the late Mr Cooper takes place tonight in the Theatre Royal.  ------   more  ---   email for a copy.

Obituary -   Racecourse Hill, Canterbury  -    MATHIAS  -  
it is with deep regret we announce the death of Mr Herbert John Mathias, Chairman of the Selwyn County Council,  who died at his residence,
Racecourse Hill  aged 44 years  -------  lots more   email for a copy.

Tuesday 15 September  1885
Auckland  -  FERGUSON  -
A lad named Archibald Ferguson, while ploughing yesterday afternoon at East Tamaki,  met with a fatal accident.  The horses bolted, -------  email for a copy.

Wednesday  16 September 1885
Obituary  -  REECE  -
another of the Canterbury pioneers has passed from among us.  Mr Edward Reece died on Saturday last, at his residence, Forres House,  near
Christchurch, at the comparitively young age of 51 years.  Mr Reece was the son of a Shropshire farmer, -------  arrived at Lyttelton in 1854 by
 the ship Caroline Agnes.  ------     a very long column  -  email for a copy.

Thursday 17 September  1885
Dunedin  -  obituary  - MILLAR  -
J.P.Millar, of the Lands Department, died yesterday.  This is the 3rd death in that department during the month.

Rangiora  -  HOWELL  -
an old man named Thomas Howell, a farmer who resided at fernside,  died somewhat suddenly at the Plough Hotel, rangiora,  on Tuesday evening.
---------it will not be necessary to hold an inquest.    email for a copy.

Funeral  -  MATHIAS  -
the funeral of the late president of the Selwyn County Council, Mr H.J.Mathias,  took place yesterday and was attended by between 700 and 800
persons, who formed a funeral cortege extending a mile in length.   -------  there was a large concourse of friends and neighbours from the districts
of Courtenay,  Malvern,  Templeton,  Oxford, etc.  The internment took place in the Kimberley Cemetery.

Ashburton  -  inquest  -  SMITH  -
yesterday an inquest was held in the Royal Hotel, Ashburton ------ the inquest touching the death of Thomas Smith, a labourer, who was found
dead that morning before his own door ---- single man about 36 years of age ---
long column  -----   email for a copy.

Saturday  19 September  1885
Waikato  -  
an elderly man John Lamont -------   at Cambridge yesterday.  ------- brother at Christchurch.  ----  email for a copy.

Wanganui  -   Divorce  - 
-    email for a copy

Friday 25 September  1885

page 2
The Land Board  met yesterday at noon  -  sales were as follows  -
CROW  -   Edward ,    Section 35696 Waimate County  308 acres  to 
GEBBIE  -  John,    Sections 35697-8 Akaroa County,  together 146 acres,  to John  and others;
HARTLE;  J.E.   Sections 35699 and 35700, Akaroa County,  about 6 acres,  155 acres in Block V11.,  

Waitaki Survey District,  to P.BURKE;   223 acres in the same,  to J.RYAN;
GEBBIE -   John,   section 35701, 10 acres, Akaroa County, to John  and others;
KEHNAN -  A,    lot 3, reserve 349,  Geraldine County,  109 acres,
RICHARDS. -  W,   section 35702,  20 acres, Selwyn County, 

Gold mining leases  Nos 15,  17,  18, 19, 20 and 23 were granted and certificate C issued.  The Board determined to make sections 1, 2, 3,
and 4 block V11.,  Wilberforce district township, a site for an accommodation house.

Applications for deferred payment lands were granted as under  -
LOBB   -  C.N.   section 18  block 11.,  V.S.,  South Rakaia,  
RYAN   -    lot 685,  V.S., South Rakaia, 
-  R,   and section 6 ditto, 

Saturday  26 September 1885
Masterton   -  fire  -  WARDELL's  Run  -
A dwelling house on Wardell's run at Te Whiti, Masterton,  was burnt yesterday afternoon.  --- The property is believed to be insured.

Monday 28 September  1885

page 2
Invercargill  -  DUDDY  -
The body of Hugh Duddy,  the cabman who disappeard mysteriously a month ago, was found -----  an inquest will be held.

Prebbleton  -  fire  -  HAYDEN  -   page 3
Mr Joseph Hayden's house,  The Grange,  Prebbleton,  was burned yesterday afternoon between 3 and 4 o'clock,  during the absence of Mr Hayden
and his family. who were out for a drive.

Lyttelton  -  fire  -  WALSH  -
 a fire occurred in Lyttelton in a 4 room cottage in St David street, the property of Mr John Walsh.  -------email for a copy.

Tuesday 29 September  1885
Wellington  -  READER  -
Colonel Reader,  Under-Secretary for Defence, dropped dead at his residence this morning.

Masterton  -  fire  -  BACON's flour mill  -
Bacon's flour mill and timber factory at Masterton was destroyed by fire at 2 o'clock this morning.  ----

Invercargill  -  fire  -  Carriers' Arms Hotel  -
A fire broke out in the stables attached to the Carrier's Arms Hotel,  Dee street,  at 3 o'clock this morning.  The flames rapidly spread to the hotel,
which was an old wooden building,  and was soon destroyed ----------    The hotel was occupied by John Hughes,  The buildings destroyed
belonged to  J.Mitchell now absent in Scotland.  ----     email for a copy

Wednesday  30  September  1885
Dunedin  -  WATTS  -
George Watts, a miner at Hindon,  has been killed by a fall of earth.

Wellington  -  fire  - CORRIE    &  McKELVIE  -
a small cottage in Roxburgh street, occupied by Mr Corrie and owned by Mr McKelvie,  Manawatu,  was destroyed by fire at 10 o'clock this morning.

Pleasant Point  -   Mr J.G.M'KAY  -
The house of Mr J.G.McKay,  at Pleasant Point, was totally destroyed by fire on Monday night.  The fire started in the kitchen  ----    nothing was saved. 
The greatest sympathy is felt in the neighbourhood, as Mr McKay has been an invalid for many months.  ----   email  for a copy.

Leeston  -   DOUGLAS  -
a sad accident happened yesterday,  by which a child of 3 years old,  son of Mr Douglas of Leeston,  lost his life.  ---------
lots more  -     email for a copy

Colonel  READER   -
the announcement of the sudden death of Colonel Reader,  Under-Secretary for Defence,  will no doubt be received with feelings of regret by not a
few old Canterbury settlers,  to whom the deceased officer was known during his residence in Christchurch in years gone by.  ------   lots more
email for a copy.

Colonel Reader  (2)  -
Wellington  -  Lieutanant-Colonel H.E.Reader,  ----  he had been ailing for some time.  Colonel Reader had been many years in the Army -- He was
first appointed from Sandhurst Military College to Her Majesty's 39th  but soon exchanged to the 14th King's Light Dragoons  ---  He arrived in the
Colony in 1863.  In 1879 he was appointed Under secretary.  Reader was in his 60th year and leaves a wife and 3 children. a military funeral on Thursday.
a very long column,  email for a copy.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
27 September  2006

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