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Tuesday  1 September  1885
Birth  -   page 2
BERGH  -  August 29  at her residence,  Ferry road,  Mrs L. Bergh,  a daughter
JACOBS  -  August 31  at the Deanery,  Christchurch,  Mrs Jacobs, a daughter.,

Deaths   -
MABERLY  -  August 30 at the res. of her sister, Gloucester st. Linwood,  Jane Adelaide,  daughter of Dr G.F.Maberly,  Nelson,  aged 27
HEPBURN  -  August 31 at Crescent road, Sydenham,  Agnes Hepburn,  in her 75th year.

Wednesday 2 September  1885

Birth  -

PUGH  -  August 31 at Kilmore street, east, to wife of W. Pugh,  a son.

Thursday  3 September  1885

Marriage  -
September 2,  Frank O'Brien,  3rd son of R.J.Loughnan,  of Christchurch,   to   Christina Miller  2nd daughter of John Lewis,  of Christchurch.

Friday  4 September  1885

Birth  -
WALLACE  - September 3 at the Central Hotel, to wife of James Wallace,  a son.

Death  -
COLLIER  -  on September 8,  Annie Jane,  youngest and beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs G. Collier,  aged 8years 6mths.

Saturday  5 September  1885

Birth  -
BUSSELL  -  August 28 at the Schoolhouse, Sedgemere,  to wife of H. Bussell,  a son.
WOLEDGE  -  August 25 at Linwood,  to wife of Chas.  R. Woledge,  a son.

Death  -
HAMILTON  -  August 2 at the Parsonage,  Temuka,  of bronchitis,  Bernard Thomas -------,  son of the Rev T.A.Hamilton,  age 5 weeks.
NEUBLE  -  August 31 at Rangiora,  William Henry, only son of George and Mary Jane Neuble,  aged 3  or 8 years.  type hard to read.
YARR  -  September 4 at Tai-Tapu,  Rosie,  beloved wife of Edward Yarr,  age 62 years.
HENWOOD  -  September 3,  James Henwood,  age 67.

Monday 7 September  1885

Birth  -
MORTON  -  September 5, at 79 North belt, to wife of C.R.Morton, a daughter.

Death  -
LEAKE  -  September 6, at his res. Barbadoes street, Henry Leake,  late of Camberwell,  London.  in his 70th year.
PEARCE  -  September 6, at Kaiapoi,  Christina, widow of the late Thomas Pearce,  in her 78th year.
TOWNSHEND  -  September 5, at Cameron street,  Ashburton,  Ada,  beloved wife of William Townshend.  aged 26 years.

Funeral Notice - 
-  The friends of the late Mr Henry Leake are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his residence,  Barbadoes street,
on Tuesday the 8th inst. in time to catch  2.40 train for Lyttelton, and will leave Holy Trinity Church at 3.15pm for the Lyttelton Cemetery.

Tuesday 8 September  1885

Birth  -
OWEN  -  September 4, at Bridle Path, Lyttelton,  to wife of William Owen,  a son.

Wednesday  9 September  1885

Marriage  -
HEWETT  -  ROBERTS  - September 1,  by--  Samuel,  only son of William Hewett,  late of Harlington, Middlesex,   to   Annie,  2nd daughter
                            of Charles Roberts,  Waddington, Lincolnshire.

Death  -
CAMPBELL  -  September 9  at his parent's residence  East belt,  David Beard Campbell,  infant son of W.B. and M. Campbell,  aged 4 months.

Funeral Notice  - 
CAMPBELL  -   David,  son of  Mr W.B.Campbell will leave his residence,  ----  on Thursday 10th inst. at 3pm for the Addington Cemetery.

Thursday  10 September  1885

Birth  -
BELL  -  September 4 at Rangiora,  to wife of Thos. Bell.  prematurely
MATHIAS  -  September 8 at Homebrook,  Southbridge,  to wife of Lewis Mathias,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
ELLIS   -   JONES    - July 20  at the Newcastle Registry office,  James Ellis,  late of Kaiapoi,  Canterbury,   to   Sarah Jane Jones,  of Newcastle,  NSW.

Death  -
CAMPBELL  -  September 9,  at his parent's residence, East belt,  David Beard Campbell,  infant son of  W.B. and M. Campbell  aged 4 mths.
GRAY  -  at 199 Lichfield street,  Janet Rae,  the beloved and only daughter of George and Janet Gray,  aged 7 years an 9mths.

Friday  11 September  1885

Birth  -
SMITH  -  September 7 to wife of G.C.Smith,  Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
September 9 at the residence of the bride's parents,  Leith street,  Dunedin,  by Rev Dr Stuart,   Edwin George,  2nd son of Mr John Bollard Wilson, 
of Rangiora,   to   Marion,  eldest daughter of Mr Robert Bennett,  of Dunedin.

Death  -
GLANVILLE  -  September 9 at Sunnyside,  Thomas Uriah Glanville,  in his 42nd year.
LAWLOR  -  Sept. 10 at his brother's residence,  Stephen street,  near Lancaster Park,  Daniel, son of the late Mark Lawlor, Esq. of Queen's County,
                        Ireland.   aged 54 years.

Saturday 12   September  1885

Marriage  -
ROLLITT  -   WOODHOUSE  -  September 9 at--  Amberley,  William Rollitt,  of Hororata,  3rd son of the late W.Rollitt of Thorne,  Yorkshire, England,   to                                            Helena Annie (Ellie)  eldest daughter of John Senior Woodhouse,  of Hursley,  Amberley.

Death  -
PIERCE  -  August 27 at the Orari,  ?da L.W. Pierce,  wife of T.B.Pierce, and dearly loved daughter of Mrs B. Day and the late Charles Vager Day,
                     of South Kensington, England.  age 82 years.

Monday 14 September  1885

Death  -
REECE  -  September 12 at Forres House, Windmill road,  Edward Reece,  aged 51 years.
SMITH  -  September 12 at her residence,  Le Cren street, Timaru,  Mary ,  beloved wife of William Smith,  (formerly of Temuka)  aged 30
PATTERSON  -  September 10 at Kaikoura,  by accident with dray,  James, 2nd son of C.V.M.Patterson, Gray's road, Amberley,  aged 28 years.
MILES  -  September 12 at Northbrook,  Rangiora,  Alfred Thomas James,  youngest son of John Miles,  aged 11 mths.
MATHIAS  -  on September 13 at Racecourse Hill,  Herbert John Mathias,  aged 45 years.

Funeral Notice  -  
HENDERSON  -  The friends of Mr T. Henderson are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late daughter  (Annie ?cott)  will leave his
                                residence Gasworks road, Waltham, on Tuesday September 15 at  2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Tuesday 15 September  1885

Birth  -
HOLMES  -  September 8,  at 173 Armagh street,  to wife of D.Gordon Holmes,  Holmeslee,   South Rakaia,   a son.
NALDER  -  September 12  at  Kaiapoi,  to wife of Marshall Nalder,  a son.

Marriage  -
September 2, at the Wesleyan Church,  Amberley,  by Rev Rapley,  Frank Henry Perrott,  of Waikari,   to   Fanny S. Skevington,  of Waikuku, 
near Kaiapoi.

Death  -
MATHIAS  -  on September 13 at Racecourse Hill,  Herbert John Mathias,  aged 45 years.
REYNOLDS  -  September 14 at her residence, Phillip street, Linwood,  Fanny Nash,  beloved wife of Mr W. Reynolds, and daughter of the late
                            Rev H.Wood,  of Burrowbridge,  Somerset.

Funeral Notice  - 
STEPHENSON  -   the friemds of Mr Henry Stephenson are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late wife (Elizabeth)  will leave his residence,
Andrew street,  Waltham,  on Wednesday 16th inst. at 1pm for the Addington Cemetery.

Wednesday  16 September  1885

Death  -
DALTON  -  September 12 at Timaru,  Hannah Dalton,  aged 34 years.
WARE -   September 14 at Okain's bay,  John Bond, 2nd dearly beloved son of John and Catherine Ware,  aged 3 years 11 months.  of inflammation
                    of the lungs.

Thursday 17 September  1885

Birth  -
LAMBIE  -  September 11th at Kyle, to wife of John Lambie, a son.
MORRIS  -  September 14th at Nursery road, Linwood, the wife of C.D.Morris, a daughter.

Marriage  -
LOCHHARD  -  LOW  -  September 2nd at --Thomas, son of the late James Lochhard,  to   Elizabeth,  daughter of   the late Alexander Low,  both of Dunsandel.
EMPSON  -  ACLAND  -September 15 at ----  Walter Empson,  eldest son of the late Rev Arthur Empson, rector of Eydon, Northamptonshire,   to   Agnes                                 Dykes,  eldest daughter of J.Barton A.Acland,  of Holmcote, Mount Peel.

Death  -
STEPHENSON  -  September 8th at Hospital, Christchurch,  Ben Stephenson,  late of Sheffield, Canterbury,  and Leeds, Yorkshire, England,  aged 58 years.

Friday 18 September  1885

Birth  -
GARD'NER  -  September 17 at Avonside,  to wife of Maitland Gard'ner, a son.
SMITH  -  September 17 at the Cam Mills, Rangiora,  to wife of Thos. Smith, a daughter.

Death  -
HOWELL  -  September 15 at Rangiora,  Thomas Howell, of Fernside, and formerly of Alburton, near Lidney, Gloucestershire,  age 60 years.  (6 hard to read)
MACKIE  -  July 16 at St John's Wood, London,  Charles Morris,  eldest son of the late Rev Charles Mackie,  aged 49 years..

Saturday  19 September  1885

Birth  -  page 3
BROWN  -  September 16 at Dunsandel,  to wife of James Brown,  a son.
INGOLD  -  September 18 to wife of S.R.Ingold,  a son.

Marriage  -
August 30 at Masterton,  by Rev N. Buttle,  Ernest Arthur Minifie,   to   Esther Agnes,  youngest daughter of the late J.A.Dempsey,  of the City.

Death  -
MUNNINGS  -  July 10 at Mendham,  near Harleston, Norfolk, England,  Susanna,  relict of the late W.Green Munnings of Stoke by Nayland,
Suffolk, and mother of J.Munnings, of Canterbury, NZ in her 78th year.

Funeral Notice  -  page 2
WELCH -   Emily, dau. of Charles Welch --  will leave his residence,  Ashbourn, on Sunday September 20 at 1-30pm for the Woolston Cemetery.

Monday 21 September  1885

Birth  -
OVERTON  - September 17 at Prebbleton,  to wife of John W. Overton,  a son.
POWELL  -  September 20 at Sydenham,  to wife of Stephen Powell. a son.

Marriage  -
September 20 at St Mark's Opawa,  by Rev Canon Cholmondely,  James Fawcett,   to   Alice Mary Wilcox,  both of Christchurch.

September 15 at St Peter's  Teddington,  by Rev R.R.Bradley,  Charles Tapley,   to   Louisa Anne Bowley,  both of Governor's Bay.

Funeral Notice  - 
MUNRO  -   the friends of the late Mr William Munro are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his late residence,  North road, Styx, 
on Tuesday Sept. 23 at 3.30pm  for the Papanui Cemetery.

Tuesday 22 September  1885

Birth  -
MARSHALL  -  September 21 at Carlton Place, North belt, Christchurch,  to wife of Alex E. Marshall, a daughter.

Marriage  -
September 12 at St Mary's Merivale,  by Rev T.Flavell,   Charles Robert,  2nd son of John Ashman,  of Christchurch,   to  Emma,  4th daughter
of Frederick Mahake,  of Lincoln.

Death  -
MUNRO  -  September 19 at his residence,  North road,  River Styx,  William Munro,  aged 46 years.
WOODFORD  -  September 21 at Bromley,  Harriet Jane,  beloved wife of W.G.Woodford, ( eldest daughter of of Mr John Sandford, 
                    Heathcote Valley).   aged 28 years.

Wednesday 23 September 1885

Birth  -
SHEARER  - September 21 at  St Asaph street,  Christchurch,  Mrs Rebecca Shearer,  a son.

Death  -
DEAN  -  September 21,  Agnes Sophia,  beloved wife of E.J.Dean, youngest daughter of Mr J.SANFORD,  Heathcote Valley,  aged 19 years.
MERRIN  -  At her daughter's residence, North road,  Kaiapoi,  Adah,  beloved wife of John Merrin,  Kaiapoi Island,  in her 45th year.

Funeral Notice  -
TANNER  -   Charles Alexander M. will leave his late residence 27 Antigua street,  south,  for the Addington Cemetery, tomorrow Thursday September 24 at 2pm.

Thursday 24 September  1885

Birth  -
WOOD  -  September 23 at Cambridge terrace west,  to wife of R.H.Wood, a daughter.
TOOMER  -  September 22 at  Tuam street east,  Linwood,  Mrs A.F.Toomer, a daughter.
De MONTALK  -  September 22 at 288 South belt,  to wife of E. de Montalk,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
BUDDLE  -  LEONARD  -September 23 at St Luke's Church  by Rev E.A. Lingard,   J.W.Buddle,   to   Alice Emilia Leonard,  both of Christchurch.
TOPPING  -  KELMAN  - July 23rd at -- London, ---Mr W.F. Topping,  of the Union Steamship Company, of New Zealand, Limited,   to    Katherine,  eldest                                                 daughter of Mr Charles Kelman,  solicitor, late of Keith, N.B.

Death  -
ADAMS  -  August 3rd at Blackheath, England,  Louisa Jane,  youngest daughter of the late Rev George Adams,  Rector of East Farndon,
                    North Hamptonshire,  aged 33 years
BERRY  -  August 6th at Sandville,  Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland,  Robert Alexander Berry,  late of Christchurch,  aged 34 years.

Friday September  25  1885

Birth  -
REED  -  September 24  at Matheson's road, Linwood,  to wife of J.W.Reed,  a daughter
OLDHAM  -  September 24 at her residence,  Matheson's road, Linwood,  to wife of Harry Oldham, a son.

Saturday 26 September  1885

Marriage  -
RICKARD  -  BARGROVE  -  September 24 at -- Benjamin Rickard,  5th son of Mr Rickard, St Albans,   to   Alice,  5th daughter of Mr J.Bargrove, Bryndwr. 

Monday 28 September  1885

Birth  -
MOORHOUSE  - September 20 at 15 Princess Gate, Hyde Park, London,  Mrs E. Moorhouse, a daughter
LAMBERT  -  September 27 at her residence 31 Armagh street, to wife of T.S.Lambert, a son.
BROWN  -  September 22 at Wairiri Valley, Glentunnel.  to wife of J. Brown jnr. a daughter

Death  -
FISHER  -  September 26 at Papanui road, Rebecca Horswell,  beloved wife of John Fisher,  aged 58 years.
WOOD  -  September 27 at Cambridge tce, West,  Amy,  beloved wife of Robert Haswell Wood,  aged 38,  also on 25th infant daughter of the above.
CHAMBERS  -  September 26 at Harper street, Sydenham,  James Chambers, contractor,  aged 45.

Tuesday 29 September  1885

Birth  -
WAUCHOP  -  September 27 at Southbridge,  Mrs T. Wauchop, a daughter.
DIGNAN  -  September 25 at the Bank of New Zealand, Akaroa,  Mrs F.J.Dignan, a son.

Death  -
CHAMBERS  -  September 26 at Harper street, Sydenham,  James Chambers, contractor,  aged 45.
GOURLAY  -  at Montreal street, Sydenham,  Louisa,  beloved wife of Henry Thompson Gourlay,  aged  39 years,  Hobart papers please copy.
GREGORY  -  September 28 at Colombo street, Sydenham,  John Donald,  infant son of Minnie and William Gregory,  aged 3 months.

Funeral Notice  -
MATHEWS  -  James John Mathews, late gate keeper at Addington Railway Station, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral,
                        to leave his late residence, near Addington Railway Station,  tomorrow, Wednesday at quarter past 2 o'clock,  for the Church of England Cemetery.
                              (this is how it is spelt in the paper)

Wednesday  30  September  1885

Marriage  -
CRAIG  -  GLASSON  -  on September 29 at -- William Bannatyne,  eldest son of Dugald Bannatyne Craig,  of Templeton,   to   Ethelind Nest,  2nd daughter of                                         Rev Henry Glasson, B.A.  R.N.  of Sydney,  late of Christchurch.

Death  -
ACLAND  -  September 29 at Sumner,  Flora Margaret, wife of Thomas Acland.
MATTHEWS  - September 28 at Addington Railway gates,  John James Matthews,  in his 55th year.     (this is how it is spelt in the paper)
OLDHAM  -  on September 30 at his residence Mathieson's road, Linwood,  Annie,  beloved wife of Harry Oldham,  in her 24th year.
TIKAO  -  September 29 at Opukatahi,  Akaroa,  Tamate Tikao,  aged 75 years.  for many years Native Assessor at Little River and Akaroa.

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