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Tuesday  1 December  1885
Kaiapoi -  Buggy Accident  -  002
CHAMPION -  C. J. and 2 ladies were returning from Ohoka races in a buggy and pair,  the horses bolted,  capsizing the buggy,  throwing all the occupants out.  Miss Stringer's front teeth were broken,  and Miss Mabel Stringer's arm was broken in 2 places.  Mr Champion was severely bruised and  shaken.

Denniston  -  003
KERR  -Martha Kerr,  aged 12 years,  drank tea in which  -------  died.

Wednesday  2 December  1885
Rangiora Accidents  007
BROWN  -  Mr Jonathon Brown,  a farmer living on the Woodend road,  had several ribs on his right side fractured by a kick from a stallion he was trying to catch.
BUSSILL  -  Frederick,   a pupil of the High School,  broke his left arm  by a fall from a swing.

Inquest  - 008
HESTER - Margaret Hester,  an inmate of the Lunatic Assylum,  who had persistently refused food  for 40 days.  A verdict of voluntary starvation was returned.

Dunedin  -  009
HODGE  -  At the inquest on Simon Hodge,  it was proved -----  

Thursday 3 December  1885
Application  for Patents  010
WERNER -  Adam,  Doyleston ,  engineer -------
FEAR  -  Francis James Webber,  Wellington,  engineer ----
GALBRAITH   -  David Rankin Sherriff,  of Auckland,  -----
HORSBRUGH  -  Arthur Weymss,  of Auckland ------  settler,  -----
BROCKLEBANK  -  Clarence Hartree,  of Belmont, Auckland ---------
JOHNSON  -  William Frederick,  of Weston,  near Oamaru,  schoolmaster,   
BALLINGER   -  Thomas,  of Wellington,  plumber -----
COCKERELL  -  Robert  of Invercargill,   
COWIE  -  James,  of Dunedin,  brass-finisher  ------

Accidents  011
ROSS  -  Mr Ross, brother of --  Richmond Station,  Lake Tekapo,  was killed -
CLEGG -  Amos,  aged 18 -----  left leg almost broken off below knee   leg caught in wheel of trap -- lots more ---
SAUNDERS  -  Charles,  a boy age 6  was riding at West Melton ---- fell off a horse  ------

Friday 4 December  1885
Destitute Children  - 015
SAUNDERS  -  Thomas  and Mary,  aged 11  and 9 years  ----  their mother was dead,  and their father left them in charge of Mr and Mrs Strange ---  contributed nothing towards the childrens maintenance ------

Saturday  5 December  1885
Drowning  at Sea 017
The body of the seaman  who was drowned from the R.M.S.S. Rimutaka  has not been yet recovered.

Drowning at Lyttelton 018
McALISTER  ---    a man named McAlister,  one of the deck hands of the s.s. Rimutaka ------    William Burns,  an employee  and another man  pluckily jumped overboard  to rescue the drowning man. ----    

Accident  019
McKAY  -  Alexander,  a shepherd employed at Broomfield Station -----   concussion of the brain ----  more ---

Death  020
MOELLER  - Phillip Moeller,   well-known as the prop. of the Occidental Hotel,  died this morning.
MORAN  -  Agnes,  inquest on the new born infant of Agnes Moran -----

Death  -  Native Chief  TUREI  -  021
The Native Chief,  Peihira Turei ----   wounded in the taking of Te Kooti's pah at Te Porere  in 1869,  died up the Wanganui River  this week.  -----

Monday 7 December  1885
Courts  025
COLLINS - Denis,  an old man whose arm was disabled,  was charged with having no lawful means of support -- been wandering around Woodend recently -------

Tuesday  8 December  1885
Bankruptcy  028
WILSON - Alexander,  carpenter  of Sydenham ------

Timaru 029
JOHNSTON  -  ----  death of Mrs Johnston,  at Peel Forest,  at the residence of Mr Dennistown --   wife of Judge Johnston -----   her son Mr Fletcher Johnston, 
went to visit her on Saturday  -----   funeral will take place on Thursday.

Death  -  030  & 031
WOLEDGE -  Mr Charles Wilson Howard,  found dead in bed -- Avon Cottage,  Cashel street,  Linwood.  ----- age 54 came to Canterbury more then 25 years ago  ----  employed in Customs --  afterwards went into business in Lyttelton,  in partnership with Mr Louisson  as customs and general commission agent. ---  

Inquest  -  Lyttelton  - 032
McALISTER  - an inquest on the body of John McAlister,  who was drowned off the ss Rimutaka -----   Patrick McCormick, Police Constable ----    Henry Baker
said he was on board the steamer ---- William Burns  said he was the keeper of the coal hulk Blackwall,------   Donald McDonald  said he was a
carpenter on board  --------  verdict accidental death ---   quite a long column -----

A man supposed to be murdered  still Alive  - 033
WILSON,    DYER  -  an extraodinary story in which a man named George Dyer  -  who lived in Auckland for 3 and half years  1862  -  1866   --------    about 14 years ago
Andrew Wilson  of Pathheadwho had many years previously had  gone to  the Australian goldfields in search of a fortune,  was reported to have lost his
life by foul play .  His alleged assailant  George Dyer  confessed to the crime of murderin Wilson  and was  sentenced to 8 years   on the roads.  The startling
news ahs just been received from   Wilson's relatives in Australia   that he has just turned up  amongst friends there  having been absent for 28 years  
This par Brought to the Post's office no less a person than the supposed  murdered man's wife,  an old woman of about 60  who tells a strange tale 
( will be published in detail in a subsequent issue)

Drowning  -  035
BOWIS  - Thomas, drowned while crossing the Wilberforce River.  -----  body taken to Coalgate ---   leaves a wife and 8 children who reside in Papanui.

Lyttelton - 036
McALISTER  - The body of the unfortunate man McAlister,  who was drowned ----   was recovered yesterday  by the police on the removal of the hulk Blackwall -------

Wednesday  9 December  1908
Murdered man still alive  -   037 & 038
DYER  -  WILSON  -   The story told by the man's wife
it was James Wilson  not Andrew  as the paper says  -  in 1849  he was serving as an AB  on board the mail packet  Redwing,  she was married to him in
Liverpool ---  and he soon after  sailed in another vessel to Charleston,  where he was for 12mths ---  in 1851 he came home and in March of that year he
sailed from Plymouth in the Marion,  Captain keswick  with convicts  for Port Adelaide, Australia  -----  I have never seen my husband since he left Plymouth
 ---  in her search for news  she saw in 1871,  20 years after ---  an account in the papers reporting he had been  murdered at the gold diggings.
In a confession to the killing  George Dyer, a clerk,  who had given himself up to the Bow street police  made this statement  -   I am 47 years of age  and live
 at 20 Halliford street,  Essex road,  Islington,  I am a clerk at present  -------   I am a man with 3 grown-up children  by my 1st wife,  the youngest is 17. 
I have been married to my present wife  2mths  ----  In 1853  I left England  from London  for Melbourne,  arriving in august ----   stayed there until to
about May 1855,  my wife then died  and I sent the children to England  I went to the gold diggings at Lodden about June --  remained in Lodden about
 6 years ------       this is a huge story,  goes on for columns  ---------

Accident  -  039
ROBINSON  - Margaret,  aged 16,  who was employed by Mr H.Vaile,  of St Helena  ----   picked and ate some green fruit of the tutu , 
they were poisonious  --------  slowly recovering -----

Patents  -  042
BUST  -  William Burnley,  of Dunedin,  engineer,  ----
PRESS  -  John  of Takapuna,  storeman,  -----
BURT -  Thomas Cairns,  of Dunedin,  engineer,  -----
KLINGENSTEIN  -  Christian,  of Christchurch,  hotel-keeper ----
HUDSON  -  Richard,  of Dunedin,  manufacturer ----
KNIGHT  -  Walter  of Gisborne,  bee farmer ----

Thursday  10 December  1908
Funeral - 044
JOHNSTON  - the funeral of the wife of his Honor Mr Justice Johnston  took place  ----     lots of names -------

Fire  -  Ashburton  -  045
STIGLEY  - By a fire at Hamstead,  near Ashburton ---  the cottage of a labourer  named Frank Stigley  was burned to the ground ------

Death  -  046
WILLIAMS  - David Theodore Williams,  solicitor,  of London.  deceased  was son of Mr Theodore Williams,  a passenger by the Randolph, 
one of the first four ships   ----  brother of Mr C. Hood Williams,  the present Secretary to the Lyttelton harbour Board.  His name stands 4th on the list of
Christs' Collge pupils -----

Saturday  12 December  1908
Marriage  -  050
McPHERSON - HUSSEY  - Mr Lachlan A. McPherson,  of Hakateramea,  Canterbury,  was married on 15 November  to Miss Elizabeth Hussey,  daughter of the late Mr P.F.Hussey, 
of Wyrley Grove,  Staffordshire.  The ceremony took place at the parish church,  kensington,  and was a very quiet affair.  Mr and Mrs McPherson  will return shortly to the Colony.

In Memoriam  -  051
WOLEDGE  -  Mr C.W.Woledge,  a very old and respected resident in Canterbury.  Whenever an effort required to be made towards a charitable object 
either in Lyttelton or Christchurch,  he was always  ---  and many are indebted to him for his untiring efforts towards the cause of the poor and needy --------

Monday  14 December  1885
Death  -  052
McLEAN  - An old man known as "Daddy" McLean  was found lying dead on the jetty  this morning.  He was seen fishing at 3-30am.  and was found dead a few hours later.  ----   was nearly 90 years old.

Bankruptcy  - 052a
TRIGGS  -  William,  hotel-keeper,  of Christchurch

Tuesday  15 December  1885
Bankruptcy  - 055
SMYTH  -  John McLune,  of Courtenay,  hotel-keeper.

Presentation  -  057
JUST  - E. N. after the distribution of prizes at Christchurch East School  this morning,  a presentation of a very handsome biscuit jar,  silver mounted,  was made by Master John WILKIN,  dux,  on behalf of the senior boys.  -------

Thursday  17 December  1885
Kaikoura  -  060
WAYLAND  - Mr F.P.Wayland,  the well-known auctioneer of this place,  died suddenly this morning.

Alleged Wife desertion  - 063
HANNAM  - Joseph Hannam was charged -- deserting his wife Rebecca Hannam  and 4 children.  -----  adjourned to Saturday.

Friday 18 December 1885
Bankruptcy   - 064
MULLIGAN  -  James,  of Ferry Road,  Christchurch,  storekeeper ---

Saturday  19 December  1885
Sudden Death  -  - 068
NATHAN  - Mr H.E.Nathan  dropped dead at his residence,  Lichfield street,  east,  shortly after 3 pm   -------

Ashburton  -  Fatal Accident  - 069
CURD  -  A boy named Curd,  only 12 years old,   son of a settler living in Alford Forest road ----  an inquest being held today ----

Fatal Accident - 070
SHEARMAN  - Mr R.W.Shearman  well known as the landlord of of the Somerset Hotel  but retired from business some time ago ----

Wife Desertion  -  071
HANNAM  - Joseph, was charged,  on remand   having deserted his wife and family  -----  more ----

Monday  21 December  1885
Patents  - 071
DAVENPORT  -  Henry,  of Wellington -----
PARKER  -  Julius,  Christchurch,   ------
BOOTH  -  George T.  and
MacDONALD  -  Ronald  both  of Christchurch ----
KIDDEY  -  W.H.  Kiddey  of Christchurch,  -----  and
NOBLE  -  Frank Joseph,  of Timaru ------

Fires  -  072
NEDWILL  -  Dr Nedwill's stables  were destroyed ---  some embers fell on roof of Mr Elmsly's carriage factory
METZEN  -  Peter  res  was burned down in ireland  street,  Ponsonby ---
PENNELL  -  a 2 roomed house burned down at Onehunga

Inquests  -  073
CURD  -  John,  the lad who met his death by falling off a horse,  father Stephen Curd ---  
SHEARMAN  -  Mr R.W.  ---    Hugo Friendlander  known decesed for 11 years ----  Elizabeth Shearman,  wife of deceased ---  Willcox, the gardener

Tuesday  22 December  1885
Port Chalmers -  077
BRAINAB  - Thomas Brainab   ----  died on 17 Dec on voyage ------"TAINUI"  - 

Wednesday  23 December  1885
Lyttelton  -  080
HAYES  -  George Hayes,  holding the position of steward on board the Merope  ------  an inquest will be held

Protection Order  -  081
MAY  -Thomas, was accused  by his wife Ann May  with neglecting to provide  for her and 2 children  ------

Fire  -   082
CRYSELL  - an 8 roomed house  at Cust  belonging to Mr W. Crysell,  narrowly escaped being burnt down  --------  the roof  caught fire  -----

Thursday  24 December  1885
Dunedin  - 085
IRVING  - A skeleton has been discovered    near the mouth of the Taieri river,  supposed to be Irving  drowned in the river 12 mths ago.

Nelson  -  086
DEE  -  An old lady of 65  Mrs Mary Dee,  died this afternoon  from -----  an inquest will be held.

Mount Grey Downs  -  087
REID  -  A young man named Reid,  living at Mount Grey Downs  -----  accidently inflicted a severe wound to his thigh ------

Saturday  26 December  1885
Death  -  088
KINLEY  - Mr James Kinley  was found dead on the premises of Mr McCallum  Sneyd st,  Kaiapoi,  ----

Monday  28 December  1885
Death  -  089
QUEREE  -Ernest Haylock Queree,  about 10mths old,  died suddenly  ---  Branchley Farm,  Lyttelton ----  an inquest will be held.

Bankruptcy   -  090
BROMLEY -  Edwin,  of Christchurch,  furniture dealer. ------

Fires  at Oxford  -  091
----   destruction of a general store,  bootmaker's  shop,  chemists shop,  and 2 dwellings  -----  occupied by Mr Shannon,  --- fire spread rapidly to next
building of Dr Reeves  as a dwelling and chemist shop,  ------ ---  large 2 storeyed building owned by Mr Robert Fisher  as a general store and dwelling.
 from there to a large stable ---   house occupied by Mr W.Hyland,  a railway enginedriver ---  and another 6 roomed dwelling  occupied by Mr William Woodward  ----   lots more ----

Fire  -  Harewood Road  -  092
  close to destroyed 2 houses  and a large quantity  of fencing  came down the Waimakiriri river bed  from Cox  or Clarkson's run  ----  seized upon 2 cottages  belonging to Mr Fraser  and the other owned by Mr Michael Kelly ----  Mr Fraser is absent in England ---  house is occupied by his step-sister Miss Edwards  ----   

Fires at Rakaia  -  093  & 094
---  a cottage occupied by a platelayer --  nthen Mr Stewart's house  sheds,  and implements at his farm at Highbank ---  Heslerton Run  was all on fire   
Mr Washbourne was next to suffer  all the buildings,  including the house,  sheds,  yards etc on his farm  -----  were burned to the ground ---cottage and
buildings of  Mr Kendal's farm ---  threatened Mr Hurst's  large house on Oakleigh Estate ------  ------- half of Mr White's gums were destroyed 
 ---  lots more  -----

Fire at Madras Street  -  095
 a 2 roomed wooden cottage ---  was destroyed by fire ---  the owner Mr Hugh McKeown  ----   many fires around the city   Port Hills were aglow  -
- some tussocks in hagley park were on fire  ----   

Death  -  096
FINNEY  -  Richard William Finney  had been found   ---  a man about 50 years of age,  living apart from his wife and family,  who visited him occasionally
-----  an inquest will be held in due course.

Accident  -  098
FREE  - Mr Thomas,  storekeeper of Richmond.  He was on a visit to his son at New Brighton, having arrived at the gate,  stood up in the back of the trap,  the horse suddenly started forward,  Mr Free was thrown violently to the ground -------  still remains in a precarious position.

Tramway Accident  -  097
MORRISON  - A fearful accident on Sunday evening as the tram from Papanui was nearing Cathedral Square  Miss Louisa Morrison,  a girl of 14 years of age ---   jumped
off at the rear of the car  which was going slowly,  she fell and  slipped under the tram,   wheels passed over her legs -------- she is the daughter of Mr John Morrison and employed as a domestic servant by Mr A.R.Bloxam  of Papanui ---  no hopes entertained of her recovery. ------ long piece ----

Tuesday  29 December  1885
Death  -  West Eyreton  -   098
BAILEY  - Emma,  a case of sudden death  occurred at West Eyreton this morning,  the victim being Emma,  wife of Mr William Bailey,  a farmer  residing near Mr Marmaduke Dixon's.  --- an inquest will be necessary.

Accident  - 101
BOSOMWORTH -daughter of Mr W. Bosomworth,  storekeeper,  North belt.  ----  breaking the upper part of her arm and fracturing the bone in 2 places,  yester was her 8th birthday  and her father broke his leg 2 years ago on the occasion of his wife's birthday.

Oxford Fire  -  102
More buildings destroyed  - 
After destroying the shed and stable belonging to Mr Fisher,  fire spread to outbuildings of George PlaskettSamuel Horsnall  and H. Wilson
-------    more ----

Wednesday  30 December  1885
Inquest  -  -   108
MORRISON  - Louisa Morrison  who met with a tramway accident last Sunday  ----    William Irvine,  a cabman, witnessed the accident -----    James Smith, 
I am a labourer ,  was on the  top of the hind car ---- Mr Fisher -----  John George Armitage,  I am a guard,   ------  David Bellhouse,  clerk,  gave
evidence,  I went with Mr Evans,  the tramway manager,  and assisted to get the ambulance      -----long column -------

Thursday  31 December  1885
Fatal accident  -  Blenheim  -  105
BIRCH  -  Frederick,  son of a Blenheim resident,  was killed  by a fall of 30ft  from the rocks in White's Bay,  whilst at a picnic party.

Patents  -   106 &   107
KOERATZ -   Christian   and
SWANN  -  Joseph,    of Waverley,  Wanganui  ---
REEVES  -  William,  of Waikari,  coachbuilder,  -----
DURAND  -  Henry,  of Timaru,  gunsmith  -----
DAVIDSON  -  Robert Bain,  of Templeton ------

Accident  -  Kaiapoi -  108
TAYLOR - A small boat,  with 2 youths  named Ben Gee  and  Henry Taylor,  capsized in the river.  Gee managed to scramble out on shore   ------  Taylor had fallen
 in the river -- body recovered --- the lads mother,  a widow ---  is at present absent on a visit.

Inquest  -     109
MORRISON - Louisa,  was held yesterday afternoon.  A verdict of accidental deatrh was returned  -----

A meeting of gentlemen,  who have taken the Woledge fund in hand,    was held yesterday  ------- letters  enclosing cheques towards the fund.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
11 February 2009

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