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Monday 1 December  1884
Bankruptcy  -  003
OLLIVER -  Thomas  of Sydenham -----  brickmaker.

Coalgate -  HORRELL -  005
Information received ------  on Saturday a young man named James Horrell,  employed as a ploughman on Mr J.P.Jameson's farm  was kicked by a horse
 -----   dying this morning.

Auckland  - 006
HUMPHREYS     - Mr J. Humphreys,  Secretary to the Northern Shipping Co.  died on Saturday  from blood poisoning ----  
BAKER    -  William Baker had an arm fractured by a cricket ball in the domain on Saturday.
O'BRIEN   -    A fire this morning destroyed a double shop at Parnell,   occupied by Messrs O'Brien,  baker,  and George,  grocer.

Dunedin   -   ALLAN  -  007
The youngest son of Mr James Allan,  of Hope Hill,  Taieri,  when returning from rabbit shooting,  attempted to fire off his remaining cartridge --------
he received the charge in his left cheek,  the bone being broken,  and the ear carried away.

Sheffield  -  PATTLE - 008
The friends of Mr Thomas Pattle met on Friday evening at Green's Hotel  to wish him success on the eve of his deoarture for the North Isalnd ----- 
Mr Pattle occupied the position of stationmaster at Sheffield  for some time ------

Tuesday  2 December  1884
Blenheim  -  010
A boy,  5 years old,  son of the master of the schooner  Onward,  loading at Kaituna,  near Havelock  was drowned yesterday.  he was last seen fishing
off a punt.  The body has not yet been recovered.

Balclutha -  MORTON   - 011
Frank Morton,  a carpenter from Dunedin,  who has been working here for some months,  disappeared ---   suspicion  he has been he drowned in the river.

Letters of Naturalisation  -  all of Ashburton -  012
ZANDER  -  David,  clerk.
HAMBURGER -  Rudolph,  clerk
HAMBURGER  -  Ludwig,  clerk

Bankruptcy -  013
RYAN -  Josephina Julia Ryan  of Christchurch,  Music Teacher ------

Wednesday  3 December  1884
In Bankruptcy  -  014
BEAUCHAMP    -  Arthur  ------
BROWN    - John Thompson,   ----- discharged
BILLENS   - Henry ---  discharged ---
CHAPMAN   -  Diedrich,  discharge  ----
PARKINSON   - Arthur J.  ----
McKENZIE    - Donald,  discharge ----
HULME    -  Ambrose Isiah  ----   discharged ----
RAE    -  Charles Joseph  ----
COOPER    -  Thomas  ----  stood  over until 17 December ----

Invercargill -  MILLER  -  015
John Miller,  engineman at Tapper's sawmill,  Longbush,  was killed among the machinery  there today.  ----- Miller leaves a wife and 1 child ----

Bankruptcy  -  016
WHITE -  Thomas Loynes,  of Chester street, east,,  builder. ------

Divorces  -  106a
MONCKTON  v Monckton
 --- dissolution of marriage by  Emma,  wife of Charles Henry Monckton,  photographer,  married in Auckland,  23 Nov. 1881,  when I was 12 years and
2 mths old.  Mrs LYNCH  lived with us after the marriage,  I had been previously  living  with Mrs Lynch and Monckton had been  cohabitating with her. 
Mrs Lynch  (sister)  also persuaded me to marry him. I was forced  into marriage by threats and persuasion  ------ My sister passed for my mother at the
marriage  and my age was stated to be 15 years.  My mother was dead at the time and my father imbecile.  ------  lots more  ----

GREY v. Grey   -  106a
Petitioner,   Jane Mary Stanislaus O'Kearne,    marriage took place at Wellington in December  1881.    petitioner was 26  and the respondent was
James Gratton Grey,   age 34

MORRIS  v  Morris  ------  

Thursday 4 December  1884
Death at Sea  -   WARREN -  O'KEEFE  -    018
The barque "Loch Fergus"  which arrived at Auckland -- from London  after a passage of 121 days  lost 2 apprentices during the voyage.
 One Henry Percy Warren,  sustained fatal injuries,     the other Patrick O'Keefe  was lost overboard.

Sefton -  ASHWORTH -  019
As Mr James Ashworth,  of Sefton,  was taking home a horse-rake and a grassmower  -------  the horses alarmed by a thunderstorm,  became unmanageable. 
They kicked the machine into a complete wreck.  --  Mr Ashworth escaped so well ----  

Friday  5 December  1884
Probates  -  020
CLEARY -  Willaim Stevens Cleary,  deceased  ---- to Agnes Isabella Ulavaria Cleary  -----
GRIMWOOD -  Robert ---  to Ann Grimwood --
WATSON -  George ---  letters of administration ----
BISHOP -  George -----  register a copy of the will  ----
STRANGMAN  -  John ---   register a copy of the will  ----
BIDMEAD  -  Charles  and Mary Ann Bidmead,  -------
FORGAN  -  Isabella Stuart  ----   to James Forgan ---
FARQUHAR -  Robert ---  letters of administration with will annexed  to Jane Farquahar
FARQUAHAR  -  William ---    letters of administration to Jane  widow of the deceased ---
BUTCHER  -  James ---  to Mira Butcher  and Thomas Ebenezer Dearsley --
DALZIEL - James ---  to Jane Dalziel --
POLE  -  William,   deceased's  will ---
OLDFIELD  -  William,  to caroline Anne Oldfield  and Thomas M. marr  ----
GREENAWAY  -  John --- a probate  copy of deceased's will
HIATT  -  Charles ---  widow of deceased ----

Death  -  TREVOR  - 021
Residents of Canterbury  regret  --the death of Mrs Trevor,  wife of Dr Trevor,  of Ashburton ----  was an old and much loved resident ----   she was very kind --

Saturday  6 December  1884
Bankruptcy  -  023
SMITH    -  Joseph,  of Little River,  labourer. ------
LECKIE    -  John,  -----
SMITH    -  William Edmund Rose Smith,  of Christchurch,  machinist  and
WHITMORE    -  Tamerlane Vitruvios,  of Richmond,  Christchurch,   carpenter and machinist -----   firm  Rose and Whitmore.

Monday  8  December  1884
Death  -  HEMPTON  -  025
On Saturday  aft. Herman Hempton,  ---  was last year convicted ----  sentenced to 4 years ---   removed from Lyttelton gaol on 25 Nov.  suffering
from incessant vomiting.  -  an inquest will be held this afternoon.

Accident  -  WELSH - 026
Mr H. Welsh,  a farmer of Opaki,  met with a serious accident at Featherston on Sat. night. -----   fell off the train --- very little hope of his recovery.

Inquest  -  HEMPTON  -  027
an inquest on the body of prisioner Herman Hempton,  died in Christchurch Hospital on Saturday  ------  committed to Lyttelton Gaol on 17 Jan. 1883 ---- 
on 25 Nov. sent to Christchurch Hospital  ---  died on 6 Dec. ---  death from heart disease ----

Accidents  -   028
SCANDRETT,  NEILSON  -   A girl named Scandrett,  aged 7 years,  narrowly escaped drowning at the Montreal street bridge ----   her rescue was due to the                                 pluck and coolness of a lad named Neilson,  14 years old,  -------
SMITH  -  a lad named F. Smith, -- laying wires of an electric bell in the shop of Mr Bull  at Waddington,  ladder on which he was standing  slipped ------

Bankruptcy  -  029
William Edward Smith   and  Tamerlane Vitruvios Whitmore -----

Tuesday  9 December  1884
Bankruptcy  -  034
REID  -  Andrew  of St Martins, Opawa,   labourer -----

Presentation  -  WRIGHT -  035
--- Mr and Mrs Wright,  teachers at the Templeton School,  who are about to leave the district,  were presented with a large handsome clock, 
in black marble.  -------

Death  -  BUTTON  -  036
A melancholy case of sudden death occurred at the East Christchurch main school ----   a number of boys were bathing in the swimming baths  one of them
Sydney Button  a lad aged 9 years,  son of Mr Button,  painter,  was taken with a fit,  just after he came out of the water ----  was dead when the doctor
 arrived  ------  more ----

HEMPTON -  037
As reported in our 2nd edition of yesterday,  the inquest on the body of -- Herman Hempton,  who died ----  resulted in a verdict of  death from heart disease.

Wednesday  10  December  1884
Bankruptcy  -  038
TAYLOR  -  John  of Christchurch,  dyer,  -------

Justices of Peace  -  041
A new commission of Justices of the Peace added 77  names   -  the following are those from Canterbury -
Messrs Baynes, Christchurch;          T.W.Bruce, Selwyn;            E.Curry,  Selwyn;            H.Friedlander,  Ashburton;       
J.Ivess,  Ashburton;           A. Parsons,  Kaiapoi;          A.C.Pearce,  Mount Somers;          A.C.Preston,  Lincoln;         
W.T.Scrimgeour,  Aketerawa, Waimate;        J.H.Towend, Christchurch;         Donald Williamson, Ashburton;           J.B.Wilson, Fairlie Creek,  Geraldine.

Application  for Patents  -  043
QUEENIN  - William of Parnell,  settler,  for  transforming night soip into a manure.
LEES - Edward Samuel,  of Oamaru,  farmer,    for a fencing brace or suspender.
SIMPSON  -  George,  of Greymouth,  draper,  an improved hand hoe.
BODLEY  -  George,  of Dunedin,  mechanic,  for the Bodley rotary  reversible steam engine.
BUST  -  William  Burnley,  of Dunedin,  for automatic rotary door hinges.

Benefit  -  DUFFIELD  -  044
Tomorrow evening an entertainment will be given at the Sunnyside Lunatic Asylum  for the benefit of the family of the lateJohn Duffield, 
the patient who ---  drowned some 3 months ago.  ----

Death  -  PLASKETT  -  046
A fatal accident occurred  near Coalgate yesterday afternoon,  a man named Thomas Plaskett lost his life.  ---  was employed by Mr Oliver,  of Hororata, 
was sent yesterday morning with his employers son to fetch 2 drayloads of coal from Coalgate.  ----  fell off the dray, 
and the wheel passed over his body  ----  more  -----

Accident  -   Milton  -  DEWAR -  047
--  accident occurred to David Dewar,  of Milton,  proprietor of a traction engine and threshing mill.  He was camping for the night on Round Hill,
 -------- being on an incline it started off with the mill behind it,  and soon got up great speed.   A man named Kelly,  also on board,  jumped off, 
but Dewar stuck to it until it ran over an embankment  and capsized.  He was severley crushed  -------

Thursday  11 December 1884
Port Chalmers  -  shipping  -  Death  -  SHIRLAND  -  048
arrived,  s.s. Kaikoura  from Plymouth  ----  there was one death,  a child of 3 years  named Shirland ------

Bankruptcy  -  049
NORRIS  -  Joseph Foxley,  Law Stationer,  
ANDERSON  -  Alexander,  of Southbridge,  farmer.

Inquest  -  OLIVER  -  051
---  Herbert Oliver,  son of William Oliver,  of Hororata,    employed by his father,  who is a carrier. ---     fetch some coals from Glentunnel station ----- 
George Plaskett,  farmer  at View Hill,  deceased  was my brother,  aged 40 years  he was a widower ----    accidental death.

Neglected Child -  HALL  -  052
--   little girl named Mary Jane Hall,  aged between  7-8 years,  might be committed to the Industrial School at Burnham.   ------  more ---

Friday  12 December  1884
Bankruptcy  -  053
MONKMAN   -  John,  of Addington,  labourer ------

Neglected Child  -  GASKIN  -  056
Jane Nelson Gaskin -----  neglected child and dwelling with an habitual drunkard.  -----     however the child's  mother came forward and undertook
to take charge of her and case was dismissed.

Saturday  13 December  1884
Bankruptcy  -  059
CLARKE  -  George Taylor,  of Lyttelton,  -----

Monday  15 December  1884
Gisborne  -  Death  -  SINCLAIR  - 062
A man named Sinclair,  in charge of Hannah's  boot warehouse,  was drowned in the river Waimata  ----  deceased leaves a wife and 4 children.

Wednesday  17  December  1884
Bankruptcy  -  063
MITCHELL  -  David,  of Southbridge,    hotelkeeper -----

Fatal Accident  Rangiora  -  066  & 067
A shocking accident occurred at Rangiora yesterday morning,  2 persons lost their lives  and 10 others were injured.  the party consisted of
Mr and Mrs Donald McKAY,    Misses H. & M. STAPLEFORTH,    A. and M. MORRALL,    J.McCRACKEN,   J. KEIR,    Messrs D.N.KEIR,     C.I.JENNINGS,  Thomas KEIR,  all young people  were on their way to Waikuku beach in a covered van driven by  John HUGHEY.  ------     hit a train
on the railway line.    Mr D.M.Keir  and Miss Margaret Morrall ---  died soon after,   -----  Thomas Keir,  who was riding on the step  had a broken arm 
and a cut on the head,    John Hughey,  severe wounds to the head,  ---    Mr and Mrs McKay each had broken ribs,   Miss Jane Keir,  a bad cut on the
head, ----    the rest bruised and shaken     ------     a  very long  column  ------

Inquest  -  Rangiora Accident  -  068  & 069
--  touching the death of David Niven KEIR  and Margaret MORRALL -----   
-----  2   long columns  --------

Fatal Accident  -  Masterton  -  OSBORNE  -  071
Charles Osborne was killed  --   at Mungapakeha.  He fell off a shaft of a loaded dray,  and a wheel passed over his body.  He leaves a wife and 3 children.

Friday  19 December  1884
Wellington  -  Accidents  -  072
LOVELACE  -  Wm.  broke both his legs while a case of corrugated iron was being lowered into the hold of the Hawea    -- is not expected to recover.
HOBBS  -  Thomas,  fell down the hatchway of the ship Trevelyan  -- sever injuries to the spine ----  

Ashley  -  Accident  -  ROBERTS  -  072a
---   accident occurred to Mrs Roberts,  of North Downs,  Ashley.  fell from a dray loaded with hay,  sustained a fracture of the thigh  ------

Rangiora Accident  -  072b
---  the most badly hurt of the survivors  of the Rangiora accident  are now in a fair way towards recovery.  This morning a decided improvement
 in McKay's  condition and Hughey  was continuing to progress favourably.  ------  more.----

Funerals   -  KEIR  & MORRALL  -  073
The funerals of the victims of the accident at Rangiora  took place yesterday afternoon  and never before has such a sorrowful scene been witnessed
in the place.  All business premises  were closed  during the afternoon -----  more  -----

Obituary  -  Dr John Thomas ROUSE  M.R.C.S.E.    -  074
---  result from a fall from his horse ----  arrived in the Colony in charge of the passengers on the ship Roman Emperor in 1860.  Settling in Lyttelton 
and marrying there ----  he succeeded to the practice of the late Dr Donald  on his retirement ------  in June last year, he went to England, returning as
medical officer on the s.s Ionic ---  w  occupied the civic chair during 1875-7 -----  residing in London street at the time of the great fire in 1870, 
his house was burned to the ground,  -----  was twice married,  leaves a widow and family  -----

Saturday  20 December  1884
Death  -  ROUSE  -  077
On account of the death of Dr Rouse,  Lodge Surgeon,  the Juvenile Oddfellows  Brass Band  did not perform the program  as announced  for last
Thursday evening,  but will do son on Christmas eve.

Rangiora  Accident  -  078
The more minute details of the Rangiora accident,  so terribly fatal in its results ----    lots more  ------

Death  - Ellesmere  -   MARSHALL  -  079
Mr Robert Marshall,  an old and respected resident----  was buried  at Leeston, yesterday.  Mr Marshall has been in the district for over 20 years  --
 lived at Lakeside,  ------

Death  -  GRIGG  -  080
-----   Mrs John Grigg,  of Longbeach.  Mrs Grigg had been ill for some days  and died yesterday ----  Much sympathy is felt for the respected
member for Wakanui in his bereavement.

Monday  22 December  1884
In Memoriam  -  Rangiora  Accident  -
At the John Knox  Presbyterian Church   Rangiora  ---------     a  very  long  column  --------  

Death  -  DUNCAN  -  083
---  the death of Mr T.S.Duncan,  of Duncan, Cotterill and Martin,  who for many years held the office of Crown Prosecutor  in Christchurch.  --- 
was about 60 years of age,  one of the earliest settlers in Canterbury -----

Inquest   -  LOVELACE  -  084
Lovelace,  who was injured on the steamer Hawea,  died last night.    ---------  more ----

Patents  -  085
REED  -  George,  of Auckland,  cabinetmaker,  -- renovating billiard cushions ---
HICKSON  -  Theodore William,  of Auckland,  surveyor,  for  an automatic multiplex registering machine ------
ATKINSON  -  Edward,  of Auckland,  for patent  slating
OSBORNE  -  Job,  of Doyleston,  the duplex gorse-cutter
MALFROY  -  Jean Michel Camille,  of Ross,  the railway  rail patent ripple
DANKS  -  Samuel  and John  of Wellington,  securing the efficient working of water meters on all descriptions of hydraulic motors.

Bankruptcy  -  086
COOPER  -  Thomas ---
BEAUCHAMP  -  Arhur ----  applied for discharge ----  postponed for 4mths ---
RIDLEY  -  Thomas,  jnr.    left New Zealand,  now in NSW.
NANKIVELL  -  John ---  applied for discharge ----  postponed  for 6mths
PATTERSON  -  James  ---
COWDERY  -  John James ---  
BLAKE  -    Andrew Hope   --
ELLIOTT  -  Margaret --
BENNETTS  -  Charlotte
TURTON  -  Agnes ---
HANCOCK  -  Edward Barnett
PARKINSON  -  Arthur John ----
MAHER  -  Daniel ---  

Discharged  -  086
Edward John HAWKEN,       John Robert COUZINS,      David GRANGE,      
Robert SHARPE,                  James ARMSTRONG,        Henry PIPER,  

Public Examinations  -  086
Frederick William PARKER,                   James FROST,                         John Thomas COWDERY,               Agenore DUPUIS,            
Frederick Airton WEBSTER,                  John Audley WEBSTER,          Henry GLASSON,                           Margaret ELLIOTT,                   
 Agnes TURTON,                                   John DALZIELS,                     Thomas FIRMAN,                           Stephen SIMPSON,        
 John YOUNG,                                        Charles HILL,                          Archibald McMILLAN,                   Edward George JONES,                 
John RICKERBY,                                 Samuel THOMPSON,               Edward PREBBLE, jnr.                   Thomas HART
James KENNEDY,                                Richard Thomas WEBB,             Alfred HODGKINSON,                   Thomas OLIVER,             
Josephina Julia RYAN,                           Edward PERKINS,                   Thomas Loftus WHITE,                     John LECKIE,                     
William Edward Rose SMITH,              John TAYLOR,                          John Johnson LOE,                            Arthur John DAVEY  
Tamerlane Vitruvius WHITMORE

Adjournments  -  086
WANSEY  -  Oliver  ------ postponed --  annulment  apllied for.
PUSCHEL  -  John  and  Carl,  ----   postponed
O'CONNEL  -  John ---  postponed ----
SMITH  -  Joseph ---  postponment ---
REID  -  Andrew ---  adjourned ---

Death  -  Dunedin  -  STEWART  -  087
Isabella Stewart,  who was burned at the Lower Harbour on Thursday  evening,  died ealry this morning.

Funeral  -  Dr ROUSE  -  088
---  took place at Lyttelton  yesterday,  Church of England Cemetery.  ------   fully 400 persons  took part in the burial ceremony.

Tuesday  23 December  1884
Accident  -  Waikari  -  McNAUGHT  -  089
A serious accident happened this morning at Waikari  to  Mr W. McNaught,  son of Mr T. McNaught,  of Amberley, --  was riding a horse ---- 
animal commenced to rear ---  horse fell on him,  breaking one of his legs below the knee  -----  he is progressing favourably.

Bankruptcy  -  090
GIBSON  -  James,  of Sydenham,  -------

Bravery  -  WANSEY  -  092
A lad of 15 -  Acland Wansey -  son of Mr O.Wansey,  of New Brighton,  bravely saved a little boy from drowning ---   little boy of 7  had slipped
into the river ----  Wamsey who was on the New Brighton coach  crossing the bridge at the time,  caught sight of him drowning.  He sprang from the
coach  and was soon in the river  ---  reached in time -----

Obituary  -  DUNCAN  -  092a  &  092b
Thomas Smith Duncan ------  passenger on   Randolph ------ born 1821 at Perth,  North Britain,  where his father was Prosecutor-Fiscal  ------  had
a rural section at Decanter Bay,  Banks Peninsula ------  about 1856  he returned to Lyttelton,  and resumed the practice of his profession ---   in 1857 or 8
he settled down in  the house on Papanui road  built for late Sir Thomas Tancred -----  in 1858  took his seat as representative of Akaroa  -----     took
active part in tunnel construction  (Lyttelton)   and railway works ----  leaves a widow  nee Hunter who came out with him  and 6 sons  to deplore his loss, 
his eldest son Clement C. Duncan,  was the 1st British Colonist born here.  An only daughter  died when very young.

Wednesday  24 December  1890
Birth  on  'Arawa"  -  WATT  -  093
The  s.s. Arawa  arrived Port Chalmers  24 December ---   no deaths   Mrs Watt,  an immigrant,  was confined of a daughter. 
The passage from Plymouth was 45 days  --------

Bankruptcy  -  094
YOUNG  -  John,  of Christchurch,  cabinet-maker ---
FISHER  -  John Charles   and
WALLIS  -  Duncan Beaumont,  both of Christchurch,  Turkish Baths,  proprietors  -------  "Fisher & Wallis"  

Death  -  BULLER  -  097
----  widow of Rev James Buller ( who died on 6 Nov.)  -----   more  ----- had they both lived,  next July would have celebrated their Golden Wedding.

Death  -  MORICE  -   097a
The Rev George Morice,  Presbyterian minister  of Balclutha,  was drowned   on the Ocean Beach,  at Port Molyneaux,  where he was staying for the holidays.
---------  Mrs Morice was bathing  ---  Mr Morice went to her assistance  but lost his own life -----  5 children.

Death  -  MORTON  -  097a
The body of  Frank Morton,  carpenter,  ---  drowned himself at Balclutha  2 weeks ago  was found today on the beach  at  Port Molyneaux.

Death  -  KIDMAN  -  097-1
---  a man named  William B. Kidman -----  deceased was about 30 years of age ----      an inquest will be held ----

Friday  26 December  1884
Accidents  -  102
PASCOE  -  Augustus,  riding from Pigeon Bay to Christchurch --  his horse got its foot in a hole at Port Levy --- fracture of the thigh.  Mr Le Fleming ------
SHIRLEY  -  Edward,  a lad of 13,  riding his father's horse at Hornby,  was kicked by another horse,  his leg was broken ------

The Late Mr T.S.DUNCAN  -  103
The funeral of the late Mr T.S.Duncan,  Crown prosecutor,  took place on Wednesday  -----  Mr C.C.C.Duncan and his brothers  Messrs T.R. 
and H.Duncan,  followed the hearse as chief mourners ---  was one of the pilgrims ------   more  ------

Drowning    -  MORICE  -  104
-----   sad accident to the Rev Mr Morice  ----- Mr and Mrs Morice  went to bathe at the beach immediately  south of Kaka Point    -----  lots more  -----

Monday  29 December  1884
Death  -  PEARCY  -  108
A female child,  daughter of Mr W. Pearcy,  bricklayer,  Hill's road,  Bingsland,  died ---- suddenly  it had been born prematurely on the previous evening.  -----

Tuesday  30  December  1884
Presentation  -  SKELTON  -  110
Last night  at the Cafe de Paris, a number of employees of the firm of Lightband,  Allan & Co  ---  say farewell to Mr Thomas Skelton  bon voyage
to England  and a happy return. ------  presented with a gold pencil case  ------  gold locket ----  lots more  ------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
5 March  2009

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