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Friday 1 August  1884
Death  -   Thomas
- an elderly man named Thomas King,  residing in York street,  was found dead in his house this morning. ---------

page 3
Oamaru  - 
  Mr Andrew Aikenhead,  a well-known farmer here,  was found dead in his bedroom this morning.   The cause of death is not known. 
                        an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Saturday 2 August  1884      page 3  -
Fatality   -  
an accident of a distressing nature took place at Oxford on Thursday afternoon.  A horse bolted  ------an inquest will be held today.

Invercargill  -   wedding  -   
- Mr W. S. Moir,  Mayor of the Borough,  was married today to the eldest daughter of Mr N.Johnson, ex mayor. 
                                Mr Moir is the 1st Mayor  of the Borough who has married during his term of office.  

Greymouth  - 
   William Isherwood,  formerly an employee in the Despatch Foundry -------

Monday 4 August  1884
Sudden death  - 
  death occurred at Mr Dale's boarding house Manchester street south,  on Saturday.   An old man over 70 years of age named
                        Jacob Stokes, a lodger in the house, was found dead in his bed this morning.  --- he is supposed to have friends in the North Island.

page 3
Inquest  - 
  an inquest was held today on the body of the boy W.B.Wilson,  who was killed accidentally on Saturday at 10am.
                            -------  a verdict of accidental death was given.

Tuesday 5 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
NOVIS  -  Thomas   the younger,   labourer,  of Addington. 

Auckland  - 
-a recent arrival from England,  named J.Barlow,  was killed by being thrown from a horse on the Onehunga road yesterday.  He had been riding in company
             with the barmaid named Agnes TAYLOR.

Wellington  - 
-Cellia Hogan,  cook at the Wellington hotel,  was found dead in her bedroom this morning.  She was fully dressed.

page 3
Totara Valley,  Pleasant Point    - 
CAMPBELL  -  a boy Campbell,  son of a farmer in Totara Valley,  was found drowned in a waterhole yesterday morning.  The cause of death is supposed to be accidental. 
                         Mr Woollcombe, Deputy Coroner,  will hold an inquest at noon today at Pleasant Point.

Greymouth  -  Fatal bush accident  - 
-  a man named John Hall,  while bush falling near Marsden,  was struck by a falling branch on the head,  and knocked down.
                     at 9-30 on Saturday night in the bush,   he died this morning without having recovered consciousness.

Wednesday 6 August  1884     page 3
Sydenham  -  
- a male infant, 5 mths old,  named George Walter Craig,  was found dead in its bed at the Club Hotel,  Sydenham.  It was apparently in good health,
                 and death is suppossed to have resulted from overlaying.

Thursday 7 August  1884
Wellington  - 
-  Albert Bellmain,  master of the Gladstone School,  was found dead on the Ngahauranga road last night.  he had been thrown from his horse.
                          He was a native of France, and leaves a wife and several children.  He is believed to have property in Canterbury.

page 3
Russells's Flat  - 
BOON -  
a sudden death occurred at Russell's Flat yesterday morning.  An old man,  Mr Charles Boon,  was on his way to his daughter's,  when he was
                     seen by a neighbour to fall.  When picked up he was in a dying state, and soon after expired.  ------ an inquest will be held today.

Waddington  -  Inquest
at Waddington,  -------on the body of John Stuart Cochrane,  aged 8 years 5 mths,  who died suddenly on Monday evening.------- 
                         the jury returned a verdict,  death from natural causes.

Auckland  -  inquest  - 
   at the inquest on Joshua Barrow,  killed while riding on the Onehunga road by coming into collision with a dray,
                    a verdict of accidental death was returned, -----

Auckland  -  
   Benjamin Mittos,  an old identity,  is dead,  aged 76.  He was one of the refugees brought to Auckland in the Victoria gun brig,
                         from Hokianga during Heke's war.  He arrived in Auckland in 1840.

Wellington  - 
    David Kinneburgh,  a very old resident,  died today.

Wellington  -  inquest   - 
  at the inquest on the body of Cecilia Hagan a verdict of death from heart disease was returned.

Friday  8  August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
WELLS -   William  -  farmer of Loburn.
HAWKEN  -   William Henry   - farmer  of Styx, 

page 3
inquest  - 
an inquest on the body of the infant son of Amelia Anne Bashford,  who was found dead in his bed on Wednesday last,
                         -----  the  jury returned  a verdict of  accidental death.

Saturday 9 August  1884
Auckland  - 
  -  a young man named Gibson,  while out rabbit shooting at Te Awamutu, was accidently shot in the leg by his companion. The leg was amputated,
                         but Gibson died shortly after the operation.

Monday 11 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
AUSTIN  -   Henry Selwood,  solicitor,  Christchurch.

page 3
Greytown  - 
  Mr Terry,  saw mill proprietor,  of Papawai,  near Greytown,  died suddenly here today.  Mr Terry came to town to the wedding of one of his relations, 
                    and was in robust health until early this morning,  when he was taken suddenly ill and expired before medical assistance could be obtained.

Tuesday  12  August  1884
Letters  of  Naturalisation  -  
CORDELI  -  August,  mariner  of   Lyttelton
ESSELBORN  -  Valentine,  tailor  of Christchurch

Wednesday 13  August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
SPANJER -  Paul  -  farmer,  of St Albans, 
WOOLLAMS  -  Alfred   -  Christchurch.

Friday  15 August  1884     page 3
Obituary  - 
  Mr Charles Wellington  .Bishop  -----  Mr Bishop a  "Canterbury pilgrim"  -- a man of Kent,  born at Maidstone,  on August 24 in 1815.
                    the year of Waterloo,  his name ----  was a memorial of the "great victory"  in his early years the family removed to the  North of France, 
                    where he was educated  --- returning to England at age 17 --- he was one of the first to set foot on the shores of Lyttelton  being among the
                     passengers of the Charlotte Jane,  He with his Bros, Messrs E.B. and F.A.Bishop ---          a very long column,  email for a copy.

Cust  - 
  By the death of the late Mr Tipping  there has been removed a gentleman who was held in high esteem by the Cust Community,  -----

Cust  - 
  - A somewhat sudden death took place this Thursday  morning,  that of a young man named Cooper,  formerly in connection with the Cust school.  ----

Monday 18 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
BELL  -   Arthur,     auctioneer,  Christchurch.

page 3
In divorce  -   

Letters of Naturalisation --
NEWSTROM  -  August,  seaman,  Lyttelton.
AMBROSE  -  Ralph,  labourer,   Lyttelton.

Christchurch  -  
-   Last night Mr S. Wright,  a farmer,  residing in the neighbourhood of Sunnyside, ----- one of his children,   an infant 15 mths old, 
                        had died somewhat suddenly in the afternoon.  -------------

Auckland  -
KEATLEY  -  a son of John Keatley, storekeeper,  Kawakawa,  aged 4 was drowned in a hole 4ft deep,  dug for a fencing post.

Fielding   - 
  -  an elderly man named Price,  belonging to Fielding,  was found dead near Wanganui racecourse, this morning.  His body was found in a small creek.  ------------

Tuesday 19 August  1884
Wellington  - 
  A fatal accident occurred at the Petone railway workshops.  A  young man named Albert James  -----   He had only recently arrived  from England.
                    ----     email for a copy.

Tauranga  - 
   --- at the town wharf.  A carter named William Kinwin,  fell down the hatchway of the steamer Wellington. -------  and died shortly after.

Auckland  - 
-   the body of Rosina Smith's baby was found by police ----- 

In bancruptcy  -
NANKIVELL  -   John,   butcher,  Christchurch

page 3
Fielding  - inquest  -  
   at the inquest on the man named W.H.Price,   email for a copy

Auckland  - 
-  the man ---   at Mongonui Bluff proved to be William Lawlor, a gum digger, formerly of the 65th regiment.  ------

Waddington  - 
  Mrs Maxwell,  wife of Rev Maxwell of the Malvern Presbyterian district,died  and caused quite a gloom to rest upon the district on Sunday.
                -----    email for a copy

Wednesday 20 August 1884
Dunedin  -  sudden death  - 
- Mr R.R.Jones,  the well-known estate agent at Milton,  was found dead in his bed this morning.

Shipping  -  Tongariro  - 
McILWRAITH   -    one death occurred that of Mrs  McIlwraith,   aged 76 of bronchitis.
                                    arrived today after a passage of 44 days  including stoppages at at Teneriffe, Cape of Good Hope,
                                 and Hobart. She brings 190 passengers of all classes. 

Passengers  for Lyttelton  -
First Saloon  -
Mr and Mrs G.D.Greenwood,   Mr J.M.Heywood,   Major R. Leeson,   Mr G.S.Wood.

Second saloon  -
Miss E.A.Atkinsom,   Mrs and Misses Duffield (2),    Mr and Mrs Gott,   Mr and Mrs A.E.Smith,   Mrs H.Swann,   Miss J.Welch.

Third cabin  -
Mrs M.Buchanan,   Messrs C.J.Champness,  S.Johnson,   S.Lee,   T.H.Lippitt,   D.Ramsay,   W.Red,    H.Rust.

page 3
Lyttelton  - 
LOW  -
  Alexander, died on board the Rotomahana yesterday,  whilst alongside the wharf at Lyttelton, 

Thursday  21 August 1884 
Auckland  -  inquest   -  
- William Madden has died in Mount Eden Gaol  from the effects of excessive drinking.  ---  jury found a verdict of  death from drink, 
                      ---  more ----

Friday  22 August  1884
In Bancruptcy  - 
GARTNER  -  Christian   of Waikari,  labourer.

page 3
Auckland  -  inquest  -
  an inquest was commenced today on the body of the infant Emily Wilson,  alleged to -------   by its mother Rosina Emily Smith  ---  the coroner
                        adjourned the case until tomorrow.

Saturday  23 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
McFADGEN  -   John,   labourer of Fendalton
LAWRENCE   -   Samuel Charles,  photographer of Christchurch and Ashburton.
WARK  -   Rudolph    Grain expert,  of Christchurch.

Monday 25 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
McLEOD  -   Donald   of St Albans.
FRANCIS   -   Frederick Wyatt  -  wine and spirit merchant,  of Christchurch
FLEMING  -   James,   clerk,   of Christchurch

page 3
Death of old Settler  -  
  another old and respected settler has departed this life.  Mr Mark Turner came to Lyttelton in the ship Duke of Bronte in 1851
                       at Little Akaloa,  ---- He made arrangements for a trip to England and had actually taken his passage,  but caught a cold -----
                        - died yesterday    aged 66.  Mr Turner was a native of Farningham,  Kent.

Auckland  - 
   an old identity named Edward Foley,  aged 73,  is dead.  He was brother-in-law to  Sir John O'Shaughnessy.

Invercargill  -  inquest  -  
- Louis Marisco  aged 12 years.  The boy was one of 3 brothers who were larking at home.  He and his brother Frank had been
                        calling the elder Joseph,  nicknames,  --  the father of the boys was an Italian fisherman  in  Seacliffe Asylum for several years past.

Dunedin  - 
Thomas Hudson Wackrill was found dead in his bed at the Coffee Palace last night,  ---------  he had been for 9mths on board
                        the whaler Splendid,  but little else is known about him.  An auctioneer's license,  issued at Chelmsford, England, was found in his pockets.
                            an inquest will be held.

Tuesday 26 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
FOWLER  -   John draper's assistant of Christchurch.

Obituary  -
  Colonel,  60 years of age.  He was Colonel of the 39th regiment, on full pay.  He served through a portion of thr Crimean War,
             being present at the storming of Sebastapol,   He served in Canada and various parts of India  He leaves a wife and grown up children.

page 3
letter of Naturalisation  -   
LIESKE, Otto,    solicitor's clerk,  Christchurch.

Wednesday 27 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
STAPLES   -    Samuel Albert -  coal merchant and commission agent,  Christchurch.

Thursday 28 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
BROWN  -    John  blacksmith,  of Ohoka,

page 3
Dunedin  - 
  Thomas Burns,  residing with his brother at Bishops Court,  Roslyn,  met his death through the explosion of a gun about 11 o'clock.,  this morning.
                     ----------  it is probable an inquest will be held,  the deceased was a labourer,  and was 24 years of age.

Friday 29 August  1884
In bancruptcy  -
BILLENS   -   Henry,   storekeeper,  of Akaroa.

page 3
Inquest  - 
  at the inquest on the man Burns today, --------   returned a verdict  deceased was accidentally shot by his own gun.  ---    email for a copy

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
27 July  2006

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