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Friday 1 August  1884
Funeral Notice  - 
DAVIES  -   Caroline,  late daughter,  his res. Edgeware road, St. Albans,  on  3rd August  for the Church of England Cemetery.
McNICHOLL  -   George son of Mr Davies   will leave his residence,  Taylor's Lane,   Saturday 2nd August for the  Addington Cemetery.

Saturday 2 August  1884
Death  -  
WILSON  -  July 31, killed accidentally,  William Barrett,  eldest son of Henry Wilson,  East Oxford School,  aged 12 years 8 months.

Funeral Notice  -  
  Frederick William, son of Mr W.P.Tubb   will leave his res,  Exeter street,  Lyttelton, Sunday at 3.45pm for the Church of England Cemetery.

Monday 4 August  1884
Birth  -
HEDGE  -  at Christchurch,  to wife of F.J.Hedge, -   a son,  stillborn.

Death  -
ROWLING  -  August 2nd at Durham street, south,  Madeline Hilda,  aged 3 years.
TIPPING  -  August 3rd  at St Martin's, Opawa,  James Tipping,  late of County Louth, Ireland,  aged 79 years, 10 months.

Funeral Notice  - 
  Betsy,  wife of Mr Peter Coutts,  will leave his res.  Humboldt street,  Sydenham, on Tues. the 5th  for the Addington Cemetery.

Tuesday 5 August  1884
Birth  -
AYERS  -  August 3 at her residence,  Springbank,  Opawa,  to wife of A.Ayers, - a daughter.
CRAMP  -  August 3 at St. Albans,  to wife of Edwin Cramp,  a son.
MACDONALD -  August 3 at Oxford street, Lyttelton,  to wife of Hugh Macdonald,  M.D. - a daughter.

Funeral Notice  - 
-  Daniel, --  will leave his res High street, Knightstown,  on Wed. August 6th at 2.30pm,  for the Church of England Cemetery.

Wednesday 6 August  1884
Birth  -
LEVIEN  -  August 5 at Lyndhurst,  Cashel street,  East,  to wife of C.J.Levien, -   a daughter

Marriage  -
MILSEM - SINCLAIR  - July 30 at res. of bride's father  -----   J.B.Milsem  to Christina, dau. of Captain E.Sinclair,  Hawkhurst road, Lyttelton.
WATSON - THOMAS   -  August 4 at Amberley  by-- Robert Watson, son of Mr George Watson,  of  Southbrook,  
                    to   Sarah Jane Thomas, dau. of Mr James Thomas,  of Amberley.

Death  -
SWANN  -  July 29 at the res. of Mr W.C.Fendall,  Pleasant Point,  Elizabeth Margaret  Swann,  aged 50 years.
BLAYLOCK  -  August 4 at High street,  Knightstown,  Daniel Blaylock,  aged 46 years  

Thursday 7 August  1884
Birth  -
ANDREWS  -  August 5 at Sheffield,  to wife of E.J.Andrews, -  a son.

Friday  8  August  1884
Marriage  -
DAVEY - DOBSON  -   August 6 at---   East Oxford,  by --  Thomas Henry Davey  to   Maude,  only daughter of Mr John Dobson,  surveyor, Oxford.
WIDDOWSON - BEARDELL  -  on July 1st at --  Will Widdowson,  son of William Widdowson, of Christchurch, NZ,  to Mary Elizabeth,  eldest daughter
                                of William T.Beardall,  of Melbourne, Victoria.

Death  -  
WINTER  -   Robert  Percy,  2nd son of Mr R. Winter,  Haselden road, Sydenham,  aged 6 mths.

Saturday 9 August  1884
Birth  -
HILL  -  August 6 at Ashburton,  to wife of F.L.K.Hill,  of the Somerset Hotel, -  a daughter.

Death  -
BARRETT  -  on August 8 at Barrett's Family Hotel,  Christchurch,  Honora,  beloved wife of John Barrett,  aged 42
HATTON  -  August 8 at Colombo street,  John Hatton,  blacksmith,  aged 64 years.

Funeral  Notices  -
PEACOCK  -   Thomas Wilson,   on Sunday the 10th at 2.30pm  for  the  Addington Cemetery.
McQUEEN   -  John,  on  Monday August 11th  at  2 o'clock,  for the Addington Cemetery.  
LITTLE  -  Robert,  for the Wesleyan Cemetery, at 2pm tomorrow.
HATTON  -  John,  on Monday August 11th at 2pm for the Church of England Cemetery.

Tuesday  12  August  1884
Birth  -
TOD  -  August 7 at Springside Farm,  Lincoln,  to wife of John Tod,  - a son.
ADAMS  -  August 10 at Amberley,  to wife of G.Montague Adams, -  a son.

Funeral  Notice  -
Albert Eustace, son of Mrs Dench  will leave her residence,  Vogel street, Richmond,  on Wed. August 13  at 2pm  for the Avonside Cemetery.

Wednesday 13  August  1884
Birth  -
WHITE  -  August 12 at Redcliffs Cottage,  Springfield road,  to wife of B.W.White,  -  a  son.

Thursday 14 August  1884
Birth  -
MERTON  -  August 12  at 75 Armagh street,  to wife of G.H.Merton,  - a son.

Marriage  -
GOTT - STANSFIELD  - on June 16 -- Guiseley,  Yorkshire,  Joseph Gott,  of Christchurch,  NZ  to Catherine, dau. of the late John Stansfield,  of Rawden.

Death  -
HARRIS  -  August 13  at Christchurch Hospital,   Joseph Harris,  late of Leicestershire, England,  in his 75th year.  Home papers please copy.

Friday  15 August  1884
Birth  -
BROCK  -  August 14  at sefton,  to wife of Wm Brock,  schoolmaster,  Loburn,  -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
ROWE - PRING  - August 13 at -- Rangiora,  by --  William George,  son of Mr Michael Rowe,   to   Ellen,  daughter of Mr Thomas Pring,  both of Rangiora.

Death  -
CHILTON  -  August 11, at Wellington,  Henry Maurice Shelton-Suckling Chilton, son of Elizabeth and Maurice Suckling Chilton,  aged 3 mths.
BISHOP  -  August 14, at his residence  189 Cambridge tce, east,   Charles Wellington Bishop,  in is 69th year.
FORBES  -  August 14, at the residence of her son,  Tai-Tapu,  Mary Forbes,  in her 84th year.  Australian papers please copy.
COOPER  -  August 14,  at Cust,  of Pulmonary consumption,  Henry James Cooper,  aged 21,  South Australian papers please copy.

Saturday  16 August  1884
Birth  -
WEBB  -  August 14  at Sockburn,  Upper Riccarton,  to wife of R.T.Webb,  of -  a daughter.
VICTOR  -  August 14 at the Schoolhouse,  Waddington,  Malvern,  to wife of J.Victor, -   a son.

Marriage  -
ROSS - OAKLEY  - August 13 at -- Samuel,  eldest son of Mr Samuel  Ross, -- County Tyrone,  Ireland, 
                     to   Sarah, dau. of Mr Alfred Oakley,  South Rakaia.

Death  -
MAXWELL  -  August 16  at Christchurch,  Emma Jane,  the beloved wife of Rev James Maxwell,  aged 43
BISHOP  -  August 14, at his residence  189 Cambridge tce, east,   Charles Wellington Bishop,  in is 69th year.

Funeral Notice  -  
-   Margaret, mother of  Mr Archibald Spiers, -- res. Byron street, Sydenham, tomorrow,  August 17  at 2-30 for the  Addington  Cemetery.
MAXWELL  -   Emma Jane, wife of Rev James Maxwell ,  will leave Cashel street east, on Monday ,  August 18  at 2pm,  for the  Addington  Cemetery

Monday 18 August  1884
Birth  -
BRISTOW  -  August 6 at Papanui, to wife of William Bristow,  - a daughter
DAVIES  -  August  6  at Wolldown,  Aylesbury,  to wife of Mr William Davies. - a son.

Death  -
MAXWELL  -   August 16  at Christchurch,  Emma Jane,  the beloved wife of Rev James Maxwell,  aged 43
WAGSTAFF  -  August 17 at his mother's residence Harper street,  Sydenham,  Henry Arthur,  son of the late C. Wagstaff,
                             the result of an accident received at Hororata,  aged 24

Tuesday 19 August  1884
Birth  -
OLLIVER  -  August 15 at Gloucester street east,  to wife of W.J. Olliver, - a son.
CALLENDER  -  August 18, at 78 Chester street,  to wife of James Callender,  - a son.

Marriage  -
SLADE - BULLOCK  -  July 28 1884 at Christchurch,  by-- Edward,  4th son of James Slade,   to Celia Rebecca,  
                    dau. of G.F.Bullock,  late of Tasmania.

Death  -
KISSEL  -  August 18 at Hazeldean road, Sydenham,   Phillipa,  beloved wife of Heinrich Kissel,  age 50.
ROBERTSON  -  August 15 at Sefton,  

Wednesday 20 August 1884
Birth  -
GEBBIE  -  August 18 at Newton,  Gebbie's Valley,  to wife of John Gebbie,  -a son.
PITMAN  -  August 18 at 25 Latimer Square,  to wife of H.H.Pitman,  - son.
SHEARER  -  on July 16 at Carlyle street, Sydenham,  to wife of James Shearer, - a son.

Thursday  21 August 1884  
Birth  -
SHEARER  -  July 16 at Carlyle street, Sydenham,  to wife of James shearer,  - a son.

Death  -
EAST  -  August 20  at St Mary's Parsonage,  Addington,  Winifred,  aged 7mths,  youngest daughter of Herbert and Caroline East.
PATTRICK  -  August 20 at her residence,  71 Peterborough street,  Sarah,  beloved wife of David Pattrick,  aged 40 years.

Funeral Notices  -
PATTRICK  -  Sarah,  wife of Captain Dave Pattrick,  for the Salvation Army Theatre, then to Weslyan Cemetery, Barbadoes street, Friday at 2-15pm.
PATTRICK  -  Loyal Benevolent Lodge I.O.O.F.  M.U.  

Friday  22 August  1884
Birth  -
BOND  -  on August 21 at Weslyan Parsonage,  East belt,  to wife of Rev geo. Bond, - a daughter.
CORFE  -  August 21 at Christ's College,  to wife of C.C.Corfe, -  a son.

Saturday  23 August  1884
Death  -
JOLL  -  August 19  at Waltham road,  Sydenham,  Frederick Charles,  aged 4 mths,  youngest son of James and Elizabeth Jane Joll.

Monday 25 August  1884
Marriage  -
  August 23 at Rangiora,  William Jarvis Harker,  of Hawarden,  Hawke's Bay,   to   Gertrude Mary
                    dau. of Isaac Brentnall Sheath,  of Ashley House,  Rangiora, Canterbury.

Death  -
TURNER  -  August 24, at the residence of Mrs Ifwersen,  Mark Turner,  late of Little Akaloa,  aged 66

Tuesday 26 August  1884
Birth  -
WILLIAMS  -  August 22 to wife of T.C.Williams,  - a son.
BROWN  -  August 23 at Adelaide Cottage,  Dampier's Bay,  Lyttelton,  to wife of Christopher Brown,  - son.

Marriage  -
THOMAS - VOGAN  -   on August 12  William Thomas   to   Elizabeth Vogan,  both of Christchurch.

Wednesday 27 August  1884
Birth  -
DENHAM  -  August 26 at Avonside,  to wife of Edward Denham,  - a son.
GILMOUR  -  August 25 at Ashton, County Ashburton,  Mrs George Gilmour, - a daughter.

Marriages  -
HULSTON  -  WHITTEY   on August 14,    by ----   Edwin Herbert Hulston,  of Worcestershire,   to   Sarah Jane Whittey,  of Christchurch.
SCOTT  -  McCONOUGHTY  -  August 20 at West Melton,  by Rev Charles Fraser,   Samuel Scott,  farmer,  Templeton,  to   Ellen McConoughty,  Addington.
WILLIAMS  -  BIRNIE  - In ---  W.M.T.Williams, ironmaster,  3rd son of W.Williams, Esq,  Hayston Hall, Pembrokeshire, South Wales, 
                                     to  Maggie,   eldest dau.late George Smith,  Dons of Pitfour, Banffshire,  Scotland,
                                         and relict of the late Alexander Birnie,  Tuam street, east,  Christchurch.

Thursday 28 August  1884
Birth  -
COTTON  -  August 26 at Lake Coleridge,  to wife of R.M.Cotton, -  twins,  a son and daughter.
HUMPHREYS  -  August 26  at Papanui road,  to wife of G.Humphreys  - a daughter.
HUMPHREYS  -  August 26  at  Kingscote,  Papanui road,  to wife of G.Humphreys  - a daughter.
PARKER  -  August 25  at Riccarton,  to wife of A.S.Parker,  a-  son.

Death  -  
EDWARDS  -   August 13  at Westbury at Ahipara,  Auckland,  Henry Robert,  eldest son of Rev H.J. and Margaret S. Edwards,
                     aged 21 years and 11 months.

Friday 29 August  1884
Birth  -
BROWNE  -  on August 19th at Christchurch  to wife of D.M.Browne, -   a son.
HEESE  -  August 26 at Avonside,  to wife of F.A.Heese,  -  a son.
THOMAS  -  August 13 at Cowra, NSW,  to wife of Frank W.Thomas.  -  a daughter.
WHITCOMBE  -  August 28 at Avonglade,  Avonside,  to wife of G.H.Whitcombe, -   a daughter.

Death  -
PENFOUND  -   August 15 at the residence of his daughter,  Grenfell, NSW,  Mr James Bennicke Penfound,  late of Liskeard,
                         Cornwall,  aged 73,  dearly loved  father of Mrs J.Grossman, of this City.

Saturday  30  August  1884
Birth  -
MacKENZIE  -  August 25 at the Hotel,  Tai-Tapu, to wife of John Mackenzie,  a son.

Death  -
ALLEN  -  August 29th at 12 midnight,  at her residence,  elizabeth,  the beloved wife of Henry Allen,  aged 38
BLUETT  -  July 3rd 1883, at Plymouth,  Peter Frederick Bluett, Esq. late of Holcombe Court and Wembury Manor,   County Devon and of Halton,
                        Cornwall in his 76th year of  his age.

Funeral  Notice  - 
  William Julius, son  of Mr E.J.Martin  will leave his residence, ---  for the Addington Cemetery  at 2pm  tomorrow,  Sunday 31 August.
ALLEN  -  Elizabeth, wife of Henry Allen,   will leave his residence  ----- for the Addington Cemetery  at 12 -45pm  tomorrow,  Sunday 31 August.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
27 July  2006

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