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Tuesday  1 May 1883
The Late Bro. W.  THOMPSON,  of Ashburton,  was buried with Masonic honours on Sunday afternoon.  The deceased brother was also a
member of the Orange Society,  and over 100 members of both bodies attended, notwithstanding the pouring rain.  The Ashburton brass band
headed the cortege playing the "Dead march"  in Saul.

Thursday 3 May 1883
Waverley  -  SCOTT  -
David Scott a schoolmaster,  well known all over the Colony,  expired early at Waverley yesterday morning.  Until lately he was under the
Wanganui Education Board.

Wanganui  -  lost at sea -  BERTRAM  -
J.M.Bertram, a passenger by the s.s.Huis, from Wellington,  fell overbaord last night about 20 minutes to nine,  when off Mana Island.  He was
standing on the bridge,  leaning against the rail,  when he lost his balance and fell overboard.  It was too rough to lower a boat,  but a rope was
immediately thrown out,  with no avail, however.  The unfortunate man was a draper,  of Halcombe,  an enquiry will probably be held today.

Inquest  -  BOWEN  -
Richard Bowen,  -----------------    at  Tai-Tapu,  verdict accidental death

Dunedin  -  MEEK  -
Thomas Meek,  an engine driver, was oiling his engine,  --------  he leaves a wife and 3 children.

Friday 4 May 1883
Inquest  -  MEEK  -
at the inquest on Thomas Meek,  killed at the Dunedin railway station, ----- accidental death,  ---------

Saturday 5 May 1883
In Bancruptcy -
SEATON  -  John George,  livery stable keeper
McGREGOR  -  Hugh,   storekeeper.

Monday 7 May 1883
Auckland  -  WALKER  -
Professor Walker's body was recovered in the Auckland Harbour on Saturday  --------

Dunedin  -  Divorce  -
Annie  McGINN  - William McGINN   married 1869   -  lived in Waimate,   no children -

In Bancruptcy  -
WILSON  -  Alexander,  of Sydenham,  carpenter,

Tuesday  8 May  1883
In Bancruptcy  -
CLARK   -  Frederick,   late  of Brookside
BAILEY  -  James,  of Yaldhurst,  butcher

Wednesday  9 May 1883
Wellington  -  MURPHY -
The S.S.Huia arrived from Wanganui this afternoon.  Her chief officer,  Captain Alexander Murphy,  was lost overboard during the passage.
  --------  leaves a wife and 4 children resident in Wellington.

Lyttelton  -  WEBB  -
Yesterday about 1pm an apprentice of the ship  Cairnbulg,  by the name of Ernest Webb aged about 19  ----------- an inquest will take place today.

Ashburton  -  CHESSON 
an inquest on the body of Sam Chesson,  killed yesterday on the railway at Hinds,  was held today.  --------

Thursday 10 May 1883
In Bancruptcy  -
HADFIELD  -  Fred Marsland,  formerly of Abbortsford Tavern  near Masterton.

Lyttelton  -  Inquest  -  WEBB  -
an inquest was held at Lyttelton yesterday on board the ship Cairnbulg -------  fell Tuesday last--------  the funeral took place at 4pm yesterday,
in the English Cemetery,  Lyttelton.

Ashburton  -  inquest  -  CHESSON  -
an inquest was held yesterday at Quill's Hotel,  Ashburton, yesterday on the body of Samuel Chesson,  the young fireman who met his death ---------

Washdyke  -  BURROUGHS -
a man named William Burroughs was found drowned --------

Christchurch  -   HARRISON  -
a man named Sydney Harrison, a billiard marker at the Garrick Hotel,  died this morning ------------

Friday 11  May 1883
Auckland  -  BIGLEY  -
Cornelius Bigley,  a single man who was crushed by a fall of earth at parnell drainage works,  died at the Auckland Hospital shortly after admission.

Inquest  -  FRANKLIN  -
an inquest was held at Sunnyside Asylum yesterday afternoon ---  Frances Franklin  --- admitted on April 12th from the Ashburton Hospital. 
-- who died on Wednesday last.

Death and Burial at Sea  -  McKAY  -
 a very long column,  email for a copy.

Saturday 12 May 1883
In Bancruptcy  - PRATT  -  Samuel

Inquest  -  HARRISON  -
touching the death of Samuel Harrison,  ----------   death from apoplexy.

Monday  14 May 1883
Ashburton   -  inquest -  MULLIGAN -
an inquest was held on Saturday at the Ashburton Hospital on the body of a man named Joseph Mulligan,   ----------------

Tuesday 15 May 1883
In Bancruptcy -
STEWART  -  James,  of Sefton.

Wanganui  -  CLOUGH  -
a man named Matthew Clough was drowned in the Wanganui river on Sunday

Wellington  -  BURLING  -
a man named Edward Burling was killed at Glencoe on Saturday by a fall of earth.

Wednesday  16 May 1883
In  Bancruptcy  -
HEALEY -  Michael Healey  of Seafield,  farmer

Masterton  -  MATSON  -
A Scandanavian named Matson, has been discovered at Whare Head, Wangawa  ---------

Thursday  17 May 1883
McKAY  -   burial at sea  -
the action of Captain LOGAN  of the ss Manapouri, and burial at sea of John McKay ----------   lots more

Hobart  -  McKAY  -  May 16
A meeting of the marine board was held today to consider the circumstances attending the death of the  steerage passenger McKay on board the
steamer Manapouri,  and the burial of his body at sea when the vessel was within sight of land.  The board in their decision exonerate Captain
Logan of the Manapouri

Friday 18 May 1883
Inquest  -   GURDLER  -
--- held an inquest at 3pm yesterday at the Ricccarton Hotel ----   death of Jospeh Gurdler,  a boy 3 years of age,  son of Mr David Gurdler, 
who died suddenly on Wednesday -------

Auckland  -   Charles BUTT   and Thomas MENAY -
The Westmeath is in charge of Captain Stonehouse,  who visits this port for the first time,  2 deaths occurred on the passage  -  Charles Butt, 
of rheumatic fever,  and Thomas Menay  of consumption.  both were single men,  and taken ill soon after leaving Home  ----------

Dobson,  a labourer has been accidently drowned at Huia Bay.

Saturday 19 May 1883
In Bancruptcy  -
John FOLEY  -  Christchurch
Alfred SELFORD  -  Christchurch,  a plumber

Monday 21 May 1883
In Bancruptcy  -
William Frederick BARNDEN-   of Doyleston

Palmeston North  -  MANSON  -
A man named Charles Manson,  24 years of age  ----------  
email for a copy

Auckland  -  Major WITHERS  -
Major withers,  the officer in charge of the Volunteers,  died on saturday aged 76  of bronchitis.  arrived in Bay of Islands in 1847  with his
regiment,  the 65th -----   forned volunteer Company in Napier, -------------  in 1876 he was appointed inspecting officer of the Colony. 
He leaves a grown up family.

Inquest  -  McCALLUM  -
female child  born yesterday  to an inmate Helen McCallum

Tuesday 22 May 1883
Invercargill  -  TOMLINSON  -
------ a young man named John Tomlinson ----    an inquest will probably be held.

Coromandel  -  THOMPSON -
A man named James Thompson was found dead today in the survey camp at Waiau, Coromandel.  It is believed that the cause of his death
was heart disease.

Auckland  -  HAMILTON  -
In the case of T. Hamilton. who was killed by a fall of earth at the Sugar Company's works, a vrdict of accidental death was returned.  The deceased
had just left working on the Parnell drainage works when BIGLEY was killed by a fall of earth, as he rgarded the work as dangerous.

Wednesday 23 May 1883
In Bancruptcy  -
John KERR  -  saddler of Christchurch
George Henry LAMONT  -   accountant of Christchurch
Charles WADEY  -   contractor of Christchurch.

Auckland  -  WITHERS  -
The funeral of Major Withers took place today,   --------

Waikato  -  WILSON  -
Major Wilson of Waikato,  an old settler,  died from cancer ----   

Thursday 24 May 1883
Inquest  -  RUSSELL  -
an inquest was held at the Mitre Hotel Lyttelton, at 3pm yesterday -----  Thomas Russell,  who died suddenly  on board the British Queen. 
Deceased was a stowaway on board from the Cape

Friday 25 May 1883
Wellington  -  MANSON  -
Charles Manson  of Woodville,    -----------   a long column

In Bancruptcy  -
John HIGGS  -  labourer of Sydenham.
Richard Durant LONG  -  stockdealer of Weka Pass.

Monday 28 May 1883
Naturalisation  -  DITTMOR -
A letter of Naturalisation has been granted to August Frederick Ferdinand Dittmor.  labourer of Lyttelton.

In bancruptcy  -
Thomas BEVAN  - plasterer  of Richmond

Inquest    -  PETERSON -
on Thursday morning a man named Peterson,  employed at Mr Goodwin's farm at Greenpark,  was found dead at the foot of a ladder ------ 
an inquest was held on Friday,  and an open verdict returned.

Thursday  31 May 1883
Lyttelton  -  REID  -
A steerage passenger named James Reid,   was found dead in his bunk on the Wanaka at 8.25am yesterday.  The Akaroa coroner directed
him to be taken to Lyttelton, so the steamer should not be detained.  The inquest will take place  at Lyttelton today.  It is said the unfortunate
man had withe his wife taken a passage in the steerage of the British Queen to London.

Inquest  -  REID -
an inquest held today  ------  death of James Reid,  who was found dead on board the steamer Wanaka at Akaroa.------
Margaret reid,  widow of the deceased -----   his age as far as she knew was 53.  ----   a verdict death from natural causes was returned.

Licensing renewals -
The quarterly meeting of the Licensing Committee for the district of Christchurch  North-west  -------
Renewals  -
Chas. AMYES,    Junction Hotel
John McNAMARA ,  Gladstone Hotel
James PATTERSON,  Golden age Hotel
Alfred STENNING,  Britannia Hotel
T.A.WHITE - PARSONS,  Clarendon Hotel,
Henry ALLEN,  transfer of license of Golden Age Hotel  to  James  PATTERSON.

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18 June  2006

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