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Tuesday  1 May 1883

Marriage  -
BROWNE  -  BRANNIGAN  - on April 25 at -- Dunedin,   W.G.Browne,  of the Union Bank of Australia Ltd,  to  Amy  dau. of the late St John Brannigan.

Death   -
GOODWIN  -  on April 27th at the res. of Mrs Carr,  North belt,  Mrs Mary Goodwin,  formerly of Macclesfield, Cheshire,  aged 67
CREDGINGTON  -  April 28th at the res. of her uncle, James Johnston, --- Mornington,  Dunedin,  Mary Jane,  bel. wife of Herbert Credginton,  aged 23
CAMPBELL  -  April 30 at 118 Tuam street, Mary Ann,  beloved wife of J.L.Campbell,  aged 35

Wednesday 2 May 1883
Birth  -
PAPPS  -  April 26 at 159 High street, to wife of T.H.Papps, -   a son

Deaths  -
BOWEN  -  April 30 at Christchurch Hospital through injuries received at a threshing machine at Tai-Tapu on April 24  Richard Bowen of Kaiapoi,  aged 52
HICHENS -  April 30 at Penavon,  Avonside,  Elizabeth Millett, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Hichens, of Avonside.
McLENNAN  - May 1 at Caversham Hotel,  Mary,  the beloved wife of W McLennan in her 34th year.

Thursday 3 May 1883
Births  -
DAWE  -  May 1 at Lyttelton,  to wife of mr James Dawe, -    a son.
EPPS  -  April 30 at Southbridge,  the widow of the late Mr John Epps  -    a daughter,    Hawkes Bay papers please copy.
PARKER  -  April 29 at Lichfield street, east,  to wife of Herbert Parker -    a daughter.

Friday 4 May 1883
Marriages  -
KNOWLES  - HOLMES  - April 30 at -- Wellington,  --Rev Walter  Frank Knowles,  late of Balclutha,  to  Lizzie,  2nd dauof R.T.Holmes, -- Wellington.
McDONALD  -  HEGERTY  - May 3rd at -- Rangiora, --   A.F.McDonald,  son of T.A.McDonald,  County Cavan, Ireland, to Kate Hegerty,  dau of J.Hegerty                                  County Derry, Ireland
BROWN  -  DELAMAIN  -  at ----- by Rev R.A.Mortimer,  James Robert Brown,  of Hatton, ? Otaio,  to   Phoebe Aimee,  eldest daughter of F.W.Delamain.

Death  -
WACHSMANN  -  April 14th at Sydney  NSW,  Wailliam Albert Wachsmann  aged 29.

Monday 7 May 1883
Birth  -
ABBOT  -  May 4 at Lyttelton,  to wife of Captain ? Abbot,  (Ocean Ranger)   -  a son.

Marriage  - 
JAMESON  -  THOMSON  April 12 at St Andrew's Church, Brighton,  Victoria,  by Rev Samuel Taylor, Incumbent,   James Samuel Jameson,  eldest son of James Purvis Jameson, J.P.  of Christchurch,  NZ    to   Mary Duncan,  eldest daughter of James Thomson,  Brighton,  Victoria,  and granddaughter of the
late William Thomson,  Abbortsford Place, Glasgow,  formerly Provost of Irvine,  Ayreshire, Scotland.

Death  -
MILNER  -    May 1st at Amberley,  Eliza Alverins?  the beloved daughter of W.J. and M. Milner  aged 7 years.
MACPHERSON  -  March 4 at St Orams,  Belfast, Ireland,  Mary Isabella,  wife of Major-General Macpherson  and daughter of the late Hon. Roger Rollo.

Funeral Notice  -
ELSTOB  -  Samuel,  will leave Mr Merriman's residence,  Sydenham,  tomorrow  at 2-30pm for the Addington Cemetery 

Tuesday  8 May  1883
Birth  -
ARENAS  -  May 7th  to wife of Francis Arenas,  a daughter.

Marriages  -
GARTERY  -   HUTHENON  -  May 8 at St James' Church,  Cust,  by Rev A. Wyatt,   Walter Garetery  to  Elizabeth Alice Huthenon
GUTHRIE  -  NEILSON  -  April 25th at Hilderthorpe,  Oamaru,  by Rev. John Steven,  Robert Guthrie,   to   Georgina Clark Neilson.
SHARELL  -  WOOD  -  May 1st at St John's, Latimer Square,  by Rev H.C.M.Watson,   Thomas  Searell,  architect,  to  Emily Wood.

Wednesday  9 May 1883
Birth  - 
ASHLEY  -  May 8, at Surrey Cottage, Sydenham,  to wife of James Ashley,  -  a daughter.

Death  -
MOYLE  -  at Papanui, on May 9th  Thomas Alexander,  the beloved son of William H. and Rosina Moyle,  aged 9mths.
LANE  -  March 2nd  at the Manor, Little Dorsington,  Harriett, the beloved wife of John Lane,  late of Broom Court, Warwickshire,  aged 53 years.

Funeral Notice  -   
MOYLE  -   
William Henry and Rosina Moyle are respectfully requested to attend the funeral of their late son,  Thomas Alexander,  leaving their
                            residence at 2 o'clock,  tomorrow afternoon,  for Papanui Cemetery.

Thursday 10 May 1883

Death  - 
OWEN  -  May 8 at 108 South Belt,  Emily, the beloved daughter of Oscar and Annie Owen,  aged 6mths.

Friday 11  May 1883
Birth  -
O'HALLORAN  -  May 1st at Glentui,  to wife of John O'Halloran,  -   a daughter
McKAY  -   May 8 at Brookdale Station,  near Springfield, to wife of William McKay,-   a son.
SORENSEN  -  May 9,  at Stanmore, to wife of H.B.Sorensen, -   a daughter.
WERE  -  May 8 at Oxford Tce, Christchurch,  to wife of Charles Were, -  a son.

Marriage  -
HAMMOND  -  KIBBLEWHITE  -  May 8th at St. Mary's Church, Merivale,  by Rev T.Flavell,  J.H.Hammond,  of Pentney? Norfolk,   to   Fanny,  3rd                                 daughter of the late William Kibblewhite, of Henley-on-Thames.

Saturday 12 May 1883
Birth  -
PAGE  -  April 26 at Ripon street, Lyttelton,  to wife of Edward Grant Page,  -  a daughter,  home papers please copy.

Marriage  -
TONEYCLIFFE  -  PILLOW  - May 9 at the ---  Thomas Edward Toneycliffe   to   Elsie Compton Pillow,   both of Christchurch.
HAWLEY  -  SEAGER  -  May 8, at St Michael's Church by  ------  Frederic Charles Hawley  to  Fanny Maud Miriam Seager

Monday  14 May 1883
Birth  - 
MAUDE  -  May 12 at Upper Ricarton, Mrs T.W.Maude,    -   a daughter

Marriage  -   
KRULL  -  SCHICK  - April 30 - at the res. of the bride's father,  Bernard, son of Mr Francis Krull  of Dunedin,  to Minnie Bertha,  dau of Mr Christian Schick,                              of Christchurch.

Death  -
FRANKLIN  -  May 9 at the Asylum, Christchurch,  Fanny Maria Franklin,  aged 44,  2nd daughter of the late William Cleft?,  Cheltenham,  England.
WRIGHT  -  February 18 at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England,  passed away in a calm sleep,  Elizabeth,  relict of G.W.Wright, 
                        of Westminster, London, and dearly loved mother of A.W. Wright, of this city,  in her 82nd year.

Tuesday 15 May 1883
Birth  -
WYATT  -  on May 14,  at Cust,  to wife of Rev E.H.Wyatt,  -   a son.

Marriage  -
LYONS  -  CRUDLEY  -  May 1st at St Paul's Church,  Dunedin,  by---  Clinton C.Lyons   to  Ada Grace,  daughter of Mr Robert Chudley,  of this city.

Wednesday  16 May 1883
Birth  -
LONG  -  May 15 at no 8 Walker street,  to wife of Walter Long, -   a son.

Marriage  -
TOOMEY  -  HILL  -  on May 9 at -- Lyttelton,  by Rev F.Knowles,  George Balfour Toomey   to   Elizabeth Ann Hill,  both of Lyttelton. 

Thursday  17 May 1883
Birth  -
CROWE  -  May 15 at Eastern Bakery, Strickland street,  Mrs Walter Crowe, -    a daughter

Deaths  -
MARTIN  -  May 15 at his res. Durham street, south,  Charles Martin,  aged 68, arrived in Canterbury March 1st 1851 per ship Isabella Hercus.
RUTHERFORD  -  May 16 at his residence Summerhill,  Kaitangatu,  James Ritherford, Esq. M.H.R. aged 58
BIRT  - May 15 at his residence, High st, Knightstown,  Elijah Birt,  late of Stroud, Gloucestershire,  aged 85

Friday 18 May 1883
Birth  -
JONES  -    May 14 at Russley,  Upper Riccarton,  to wife of D.H.Jones, -   a daughter
STEVENSON  -  May 16 to wife of H.W.Stevenson,  stillborn

Death  -
MAY  -  May 14 at Kaiapoi,  Elizabeth Ada,  the beloved wife of William R. May,  aged   -0? maybe 30

Saturday 19 May 1883
Funeral Notice  - 
POPE  -  The friends of  the late Mrs John Pope are ----  leave the Catholic Church,  Lyttelton  tomorrow Sunday at 3-15pm.

Monday 21 May 1883
Birth  -
CORDY  -  May 18 at Hororata, towife of James Cordy, -   a daughter
HAWKINS  -  May 20 at Lyttelton,  Mrs H.Hawkins    - a son
DOYLE  -  May 17  at Oxford tce, west, to wife of P.Doyle, M.D. -   a daughter.

Marriage  -
WACHSMANN  - GREENSTREET  -  May 17 at St Luke's Church,   John Frederick Wachemann   to   Annie,  dau of the late   Charles Hawkins Greenstreet.

Death  - 
COOKSON  -  May 21 at the res. of her daughter (Mrs Fawcett)  ---  Sarah,  wife of the late Joseph Cookson  of Wootton,  Staffordshire,  England  aged 85

Funeral Notice  -
COOKSON -   The friends of Mrs Fawcett ---  late mother Sarah Cookson  will leave her res.  Tuesday May 22 at 2-30pm for the English Cemetery.

Tuesday 22 May 1883
Birth  -
BENNETTO  - May 19  to wife of T.bennetto,  -  a daughter  stillborn
CARO  -  May 20  at her res.  toMrs D.Caro, -  a son
COURAGE  -  May 20 at Seadown, Amberley,  to wife of Frank Courage,  -  a son
FOWLER  -  May 20 at Kaiapoi,  to wife of P.J.Fowler,  -  a daughter
D'EMDEN  -  May 20 at Timaru  to wife of J.S.D'Emden  - a son
BELL  -  May 21 at Ashburton to wife of J.C.Bell   - a daughter

Death -
Le FLEMING  -  at his residence  at Rangiora,    Sir Michael le Fleming,   aged 55 years

Funeral Notice  -   Lodge of Unanimity  No 604,  Lyttelton
RIACH   ---  are requested to assemble at the residence of our late Bro. W.Riach,  Canterbury street, at 3-15pm Thursday May 24 ------

Wednesday 23 May 1883
Birth  -
WRIGHT  -  May 21 at Richmond, Avonside,  to wife of George Henry Wright,   a daughter -  stillborn
ISITT  -  May 11 at Papanui road,  Merivale,   Mrs F. Whitmore Isitt,  -  a daughter
SMART  -  May 20 at Invercargill  to wife of Walter Smart,  -    a daughter.

Marriage -
STOREY  -  CHIVERTON  -  on May 22nd at -- Charles Rolleston,  eldest son of Mr Alderman Samuel Storey,  Bradford, Yorkshire,   to   Annie,  youngest                         daughter of Mr Isaac Chiverton,  East Dulwich, Surrey.

Death  -
HALES  -  May 22 at her daughter's residence, Peterborough street,  Margaret Bowen Hales,  wife of the late Stephen Bowen Hales.
KITE  -  May 23 at the res. of Mrs K,England, St Asaph street,  Henry Kite, (late of Oamaru)  aged 45 years.

Thursday 24 May 1883
Birth  - 
OLIVER  -   May 21 at Williams street, to wife of James H.L.Oliver, -   a daughter

Friday 25 May 1883
Birth  -
McTAGGART  -  May 24 at Ashburton,  to wife of Archibald McTaggart, -  a daughter
FOSTER  -  May 20 at South Belt, to wife of T.S.Foster, -   a son.

Death  -
MASON  -  May 23 at Yaldhurst,  Sydney John,  the beloved infsnt son of Richard John and Sarah Jane Mason, Wellington papers please copy.

Saturday  26 May 1883
Birth  - 
FOSTER  -   May 24 at Bush Farm, Rangiora,  to wife of J.W.Foster, -   a son.
LEATHAM  -  May 24 at * Kilmore street, East belt,  to wife of C.H.Leatham  -   a daughter.

Marriage  -
SCOTT  - JAMIESON  -  May 23 at --- Charles Guillum Scott,  Sydenham,  Kent,  to   Mary Elizabeth,  dau of William Jackson late of Mank of New Zealand

Death  - 
STEVENSON  -   May 24 at Montreal street,  Laura (nee Meredith)  the wife of H.W.Stevenson,  aged 25 years.

Monday 28 May 1883

Birth - 
COLTHART  -  May 25 at Broomfield farm,  Sheffield, Mrs R.Colthart,  -   a daughter

Marriage  -
ANGUS  -  LEMONT  - May 17 at res. of John Gair,-----  William Charles Angus,  3rd son of Robert Angus,  of Donaghadee,  County Down, Ireland   to  
                            Mary Ann Lemont,  only daughter of Robert Lemont,  Culnady,  County Derry,  I.reland

Death  -
BRIGGS  -  May 26 at the res. of her son C.E.briggs,  Longwood,  Papanui,  Margaret,  relict of the late Phillip Briggs,  of Oxford,  age 72
SEAL  -  May 27 at her res. Durham street,  Sydenham,  Harriett,  the beloved wife of William Richard Seal,  late of Leicester, England,  aged 26.

uesday 29 May 1883

Death  -
STEPHENSON - April 24 ----  Brisbane, Queensland,  Sarah --- of John Stephenson, and sister of  --- Fraser, Springfield,.   ripped newspaper.

Wednesday 30 May 1883

Birth  -
CAMPBELL  -  May 29 at Avonside, to wife of M.S.Campbell, -   a daughter
TOWNEND   -   May 26 at Agra House, Lichfield street,  East,  to wife of Dr J.H.Townend,  -   a son.

Marriage  - 
WILLIAMS  -  THOMPSON  -  May 24 at St Jame's, Cust,  by -- William Williams,  to  Eliza,  4th dau of  W.Thompson,  Wattle Vale, (late of Greenfield)  Cust.

Death  -
BURGESS  -  May 25,  at Hinds,  James  son of the late John Burgess,  Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland,  aged 44 years.  Home papers please copy.
FORD  -  May 28 at Papanui,  Francis Hooper,  the youngest son of Mr W.Ford, of brain fever, aged 18,   Home papers please copy.

Thursday  31 May 1883
Birth  -
WASHER  -  May 25 at Durham street South,  to wife of A.T.Washer. -   a son.

Marriage  -
BUTTERWORTH  -  LILLY  -  May 23 at--  Rangiora,  by-- Will Hamer,  only son of James Butterworth,  Esq,  Fair View, Rochdale, Lancashire, England,  to                               Frances Margaret,  eldest daughter of John Lilly Esq, of Rose Al-a?, Rangiora,  Canterbury, NZ, 

SMITH  -  HAWKER  -   May 24 at New Brighton  by Rev R.A.Mortimer,  D.E.Smith  to  K.E. Hawker,  both of Christchurch

Death  -
DINGWALL  -  April 13 at his aunt's res.  Henderson Square,  Roselyn street, Kirkcaldy,  Scotland,    Watson,  eldest son of James Dingwall, 
                                    Christchurch,  aged 18 years.

Beverley Evans

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18 June  2006

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