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Saturday  1 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  001
FIELDER  -  Benjamin, jnr,    builder  of Woolston,  1st  meeting  7 December  1883
TINDALL  -  Esther,  boarding-house  keeper  of Christchurch

Monday  3 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  005
RADCLIFFE -  Daniel  &
JOUGHIN  -  James Teare  both of Christchurch  -   drapers.
DAVIS  -  Joseph,  traveller  of Christchurch ----    adjourned  to 7 December   for his order of discharge
McQUIN  -  Joseph,  of Balcairn,   farmer --  

Invercargill  -  DAWSON  -  007
Mr Dawson,  the Invercargill  town engineer ---  fell down in his office ----    died during the afternoon.

Inquest  -  Kaiapoi  -  010
an inquest was held ----   death of a man unknown  whose body was found in the Cam River on Saturday afternoon ----  a man  28 - 30 years of age  ---  adjourned  to 18 December   -------      deceased had been regonised by Mr Batley  of the Oxford Hotel  as a Mr RHODES  ----   also well known 
to Mr T.I. Joynt's  gardener.

Dunedin  -  NICHOLL  -  008
Samuel Nicholl, a railway labourer,  was found dead  near his tent at Mosgiel  from heart disease.

Dunedin   -  YOUNG  - 009
James Young,  a watchmaker ----  died  at South Dunedin  on Saturday.    arrived in the Colony 4 mths ago  by the ship British King.  on his arrival went to
 live with his uncle,  Mr CUNNINGHAM,  ----- lots more ----

Tuesday  4 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  011
McGINN  -  John,  of Balcairn,  a farmer,  
ORANGE  -  David,  of Woolston,    fellmonger,  
JEBSON,  a miner,  of Sheffield

Accident  -  HOLSTEIN  -  013
an accident occurred on Sunday to a young man  named Holstein,  residing at Dromore.  The horse he was riding frightened -----  reared and fell on him, 
bruising the back of his head-----  and injuring his leg.  ------

Drowning  -  RHODES  -  014
The body found in the river Cam at Kaiapoi,  -------     to be that of Mr Rhodes,  supposed to be connected with a settler in the Poverty Bay district. ----  

Dunedin  -  GLASS     - 015
O?  Glass,  who was hurt by a horse dragging him at Portobello,  died on Saturday  from the injuries he had received.

Mosgiel  -  NICHOLL    - 016
Samuel Nicholl,  a railway labourer,  was found dead near his tent at Mosgiel  from heart disease.

Neglecting to Support  -  SMITH  -  017
John Smith,  charged with neglecting to support his child -----     defendant to have custody of the child.

Wednesday  5 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  018
FARR  -  George -----
CORLEY  -  Ebenezer Fulton  ------    meeting on 12 December

Thursday  6 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  020
POPE  -  John    and
McKENDRICK  - James Forbes  ----  orders of discharge -----

Death  -  HAMILTON  -  021
Mr W.J.W.Hamilton  one of the oldest and most widely known of Canterbury residents --------  came here before the settlement of Canterbury -----
 funeral will leave his house in Latimer Square  at 2pm tomorrow  ------

Death  -  STEELE  - 022
Steele  who was burnt while making steel---  at Mataura on Monday --  died ---  left a widow and 5 children ----   was formerly a printer and paper bag
maker in a small way in Invercargill.

Friday 7 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  025
CLEGG  -  Thomas,  of Woolston,  Bone Dust manufacturer ----
CAYGILL -  James,  of Christchurch,  a compositor ----
WILLIAMS  -  James Hill,  of Leeston
DUNCAN  -  Catherine,  of Christchurch,  milliner, George Duncan  ---------

In Memoriam  -  HAMILTON  -  028  & 029
-----  Mr Hamilton was born at Little Chart Rectory,  in Kent,  where his father was clergyman  in april 1825 ----  age 18 left England ----  for New Zealand
in the same ship as Captain Fitzroy  -----  Secretary  to Fitzroy was offered to Hamilton,  until Governor George Grey was appointed.  --- went Home for a
year ----  was appointed to HM Acheron  and returned to the Colony.  Her Captain was J.L.STOKES,  now Admiral,  her commander,  RICHARDS  -
now Sir George Richards ------   appointed resident Magistrate  for Wanganui ----  in 1855 Sir George Grey  sent him to organise the customs dept at
Lyttelton  --------    2 very long columns  ------

Fatal Accident  -  FANTHAM  -  030
on 5 December  as Mr Joseph Fantham,  of the Sandhills,  Kaiapoi was returning home in his trap -----  he attempted to cross Stewart's Gully -----  trap
capsized Mr Fantham into the river -----  he was drowned ---  on eof his sons  a boy aged about 13  and also a man named John PHELAN  witnessed
the accident ----  leaves a widow  and a young family  ---------

Saturday  8 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  031
MILNE  -  William,  of Christchurch,  labourer ----

Inquest  -  Nelson  -  RICKETTS  - 033
Ambrose Ricketts,  a boat builder,  at nelson,  aged 76  was found dead in bed.  at the inquest the verdict was heart disease.

Fatal Accident  -  FANTHAM  -  034
----   widow and children  are penniless  -------

Doyleston  -  BELL  -  035
Mr J. Bell's home at Doyleston  which was burned down on Thursday morning  ------

Dunedin  -  036
DALLAS  -   a 5 roomed house in Elm Row,  belonging to Mrs Dallas, a widow,  was totally destroyed by fire.  ----   
SMITH  -  Andrew Smith,  a shareholder in the Excelsior dredge,  fell off the dredge yesterday into the Clutha  and was drowned.

Funeral of Mr HAMILTON  -  037
Pall bearers named  ----  a very long column  describing the funeral. ------

Dunedin  -  WILKINSON  -  038
Daniel Wilkinson,  a carpenter,  residing at Mornington,  died suddenly in a tramcar  -------  leaves a wife and 9 children -----   an inquest -- unnecessary.

Monday 10 December  1883
Drowned  -  FANTHAM  -  041
On Saturday afternoon the police succeeded in recovering the body of Mr Joseph Fantham  -----  an inquest will be held this morning ----  family totally unprovided for.

Dunedin  - STREET  -  042
----   fatal accident occurred at Abbotsford --- 4 lads left town  on a rabbit shooting  excursion--  one of them William Street,  aged 15  son of the Mayor
elect  ----- Mr Street who had arranged to meet his son at the mine  ----  one of the lads  named HAWKE  accidentally charged his gun  shooting young
Street,  killing him ---    

Tuesday  11 December  1883
Westport  -  Death  -  STEWART  -  044
a man named Joseph Stewart  was found on Sunday ----  quite dead ---   was well-known as an old West Coast miner.

Wellington  -  HAMLIN  -  045
an elderly woman named Hamlin  died ----      age 70  ------

Longbeach  -  DAWSON  -  046
-- a fatal accident   occurred  at Longbeach on Sunday  when Mr Alfred Dawson,  Manager of the Bank of Austalasia at Fielding,  lost his life by drowning. 
2nd son of Mr Andrew Dawson -- farmer at Waterton -- was down to see his parents ---  26 years old,  an inquest was held yesterday.

Inquest  -  STREET  -  047.
an inquest today on the lad Street,   showed that young Hawkes -----  Mr Hawkes  sen.  manager of the mine ------  Hawke  and Street  were cousins ----

Wednesday  12 December  1883
Dunedin  -  Deaths  -  050
SCOTT  -  George,  a miner,  died suddenly on Kawarau river  ----  an inquest will be held
HEPBURN  -  funeral of Mr hepburn  was largely attended  
STREET  -  funeral  over 150 pupils attended the funeral of their late schoolfellow.

Inquest  -  DAWSON  -  051
Mr Alfred dawson,  drowned on saturday  at Longbeach ----  verdict accidental death --   was to be buried with Masonic rites today  

Kumara  -  McCANN  -  052
Felix McCann  was killed in a sluicing claim at Larrikins  -----  by a fall of stone  -- age 31  and a native of Armagh,  Ireland,  inquest will be held.

Thursday 13 December  1883
Bankruptcy  - 053
NIXON  -  John,  of Sydenham,  occ.  tailor -----
DAVIES -  David Evan,    and
WILLIAMS,  Sydney,  drapers,  
MARKS  -  Daniel,
WILLIAMS  -  James Hill,  of Leeston,  

Death  -  056
FLANAGAN  -  Hugh,   died this morning -----

Funeral  -  DAWSON  -  057
The funeral of Mr Alfred Dawson,  the young man who was drowned last Sunday at the Waterton beach,  took place in Ashburton -----  

Death  -  FLANAGAN  -  058
Last night, ---  Hugh Flanangan,  a patient in the hospital -------  deceased was a native of England,  age 56  and a blacksmith by trade.  an inquest will be held.

Friday  14 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  059
REES  -  Thomas,  a hairdresser ------
GOODGER  -  Harry Munyard,  a stablekeeper, ----
LONG  -  Robert Hislop,  hotel-keeper ----

Kumara  -  060
MURSELL   -    Berkley Mursell,  a Government Insurance Agent -----   
McCANN  - Felix,   inquest,  verdict  accidental death  returned.

Inquest  -  Dunedin  -  SCOTT  -  061
George Scott,  of Lake County,  resulted in ---    Scott died from injuries received ------

Protection Orders  -  062
SHEARMAN  -   protection of her earnings  and   giving her custody of 1 child,  defendant left the Colony -----  
GERARD  -    protction of her property and earnings ----  lots more  ----

Neglected child  -  BEAUMONT  -  062a
Hugh Beaumont,  a boy 5 years of age was brought before the court as a neglected child.  ----  

Accident  -  WILSON  -  063
Mrs Mary Ann Wilson -----     lies in hospital in a precarious condition ----- her husband is a plasterer or bricklayer,  not long from Dunedin -----

Saturday  15 December  1883
Wellington  -  WOVELEY  - 065
an inquest was held  ---   young woman named Florence Woveley,  aged 19  who was found dead in her bed at her employer's res. --------- inquest adjourned.

Springston  -  MUIR  - 066
Mr Peter Muir,  farmer,  Springston,  died rather suddenly  at the res. of Mr H.Chamberlain,  Ellesmere.  about 50 years of age,   an inquest will be held.

Neglected child  -  BEAUMONT  - 067
Hugh Beaumont, a boy of 8 years,  was brought before the court as a neglected child and sent to Burhham Industrial school  till he has attained 15 years.

Wellington  -  BOYLAN  -  069  (BOYLE)
-----   a young girl named Kate Boylan,  aged 19,  engaged as a domestic servant to a gentleman in Wellington, gave birth to a full grown female child ---- 
the body was removed awaiting an inquest   the mother of the child will be taken to hospital this afternoon. ---------

Tuesday  18 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  070
ROBINSON  -  Ward the younger,  of Darfield,  a farmer.
WALKER  -  Frederic Henry Melville,  of Christchurch,  land agent.
HAMPTON  -  William,  of Christchurch,  labourer.

Death  -  LEE  -  071
---  Mr E.J.Lee,  the Member for Selwyn ----   is dead.    ------

Wellington  -  BOYLE - ( BOYLAN)  -  073
inquest  ---  death of newly born infant of daughter of Kate Boyle ----------

Inquest  -  MUIR  -  074
-----  Peter Muir,  who died suddenly at Ellesmere on Friday last ----    death had resulted from heart disease.

Amberley -  THOMSON  -  075
Harry Thomsom,  the very popular jockey,  met with a bad accident at the Amberley races,  ---   collarbone was broken,  besides other injuries  about his
arms and head.

Wednesday 19 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  076
ORANGE  -  David,  of Woolston,  fellmonger. --------
COOKSON -  Edwin,  now of Dunedin,  hotel manager ------

Funeral  -  LEE  -  077
The funeral of the late Mr E.J.Lee, M.H.R  will take place at Southbridge  tomorrow,  will leave Beechcroft (Mr Lee's residence)  at 11am.

Fund Raising  -  FANTHAM  -  079
a meeting was held at Papanui  ---    of raising a fund for the widow and children of the late Mr Fantham,  who recently drowned in the Waimakariri.  the amateur dramatic society offered to give a performance in the Town Hall ---  meeting adjourned.

Fatal Accident  -  GLEN  -  080
---  a boy aged 9 years named James Glen,  the son of Mr J. Glen,  fishmonger,  fell out of the dray   ---    lots more  ------

Presentation  -  JEWELL  -  081
---  employees of Messrs P and D. Duncan  assembled to bid farewell to Mr James Jewell,  who has been employed as an engine driver for the past 7or
8 yearsMr Jewell hailed from Cornwall,  and is going to re-visit his native land -----   a handsome  and massive gold chain with greenstone and gold pendant attached.  ------   

Neglecting to Support  -  082
McMAHON  -  John McMahon was again  charged with neglecting to support for his aged mother and father ----  case adjourned for 2 months.
EDGAR  -  William Edgar,  a boy of 5 years of age who has been deserted by his father --  sent to the Industrial School until 15 years of age. -------

Thursday 20 December  1883
Bankruptcy  - 083
LEONARD  -  Alfred,  of Christchurch,  accountant ---
KENNY  -  Joseph,  of Sydenham,  a labourer ----

Inquest  -  GLEN  -  084
James Glen,  who fell from his father's cart in a fit on Tuesday  last and was picked up dead.  ----   death caused by an epileptic fit ---   fallen from the
dray on his head.

Naturalisation  - 086
WEST  -  Erik,  carpenter,  St Albans.
THOMPSON  -  Albert Joban,  labourer,  Lyttelton

Friday  21 December  1883
Death  -  HOLDER  -  088
Mrs Charles Holder, ----   died very suddenly at ----    she had been for over 40 years a lady evangelist  in the Primitive Methodist connexion --  arrived
with her family from England  about 3 years ago  -------

Funeral  -  LEE  -  089
late E.J.Lee ---  in St James churchyard   ---    recognised as father of the district in which he had resided for over 20 years  ---------

Bankruptcy  -  090
NEWMAN  -  Charles John   of Rangiora,  a carrier.
NIXON  -  John

Saturday 22 December  1883
Bankruptcy  -  092
SHEPPARD  -  Henry George of Christchurch,  clerk.
SANDFORD  -  Ebenezer,  of Christchurch,  a printer.

Dunedin  -  Deaths  -  093
BISSETT  -  Thomas,  a fisherman,  was killed by falling over a prepice at Mansford Town -----
EDWARDS  -  Jane,  a dressmaker,  aged 40 years  died suddenly -------

Monday 24 December  1883
Bankruptcy -  094
WATSON  -  Thomas W -ittet   ----  of Southbridge,  a dealer -----    first meeting  4th January 1884  at 11am
TRASK  -  George -    first meeting  4th January 1884  at 11am
LESTER  -  Thomas,   a driver  -    first meeting  4th January 1884  at 11am
SANDERS  -  Ward James,    architect and surveyor.  -    first meeting  4th January 1884  at 11am
COOPER  -  Thomas,  grocer ---   lots more ----

Death on  ship   -  ANDERSON  -  095
The "Victory"  from Plymouth,  arrived at Port Chalmers ----   one person,  Mrs Margaret Anderson died from rheumatic and brain  fever,  while Charlotte McINTYRE  a single female is suffering from  continued fever ---  there  was 1 birth  Mrs MOSLEY   had a daughter.  The Victory had 338  immigrants.

Death on ship  -  BAKER  -  097
A passenger named Baker  died aboard the British King  on the voyage.  He was for Wellington,  he leaves a wife and 4 children  for whom the passengers
raised 25 pounds.

Wednesday  26 December  1883
Fatal Accident  -  CHRISTISON  -  099 & 100
-- a fatal accident  -----  occurred on the Ferry Road  tramline.  A man named Charles D. Christison,  employed as a  cutter at Messrs Hobday and Son's 
was the victim.    got on the tram at the Radley bridge ---  the guard Henry MAHER  ---    Christison was a married man,  of very sober,  steady and
industrious habits,  he was about 35 years of age.

Thursday  27 December  1883
Wellington  -  Fatal Boating Accident  -  101
a fatal boating accident happened in the harbour late on Christmas  night.  Three young men named Harry LEE,  James WALLARD  and Thomas WILLIAMS,  ---- boat capsized  ---  a Norwegian named TRUEMAN --  went in search.  He rescued Williams,  both the drowned men were unmarried ---

Inquest   -  CHRISTISON  -  103
The inquest on  Charles D. Christison was to be held today ------

FANTHAM  -  104
An adjourned meeting to consider best means of helping the widow and children of the late Mr J.Fantham was held ---   appointed a committe  to receive contributions and arrange for an entertainment for the benefit of the widow  and orphans  -    
Mr Wild appointed Treasurer,  and to interview the conductor of the Kaiapoi Amateur Opera Company   which has lately been performing "Patience" -- 
arrange a performance at the Papanui Town Hall  -----

Dunedin  -  Inquest  -  RUTHERFORD  -  105
-- a fatal accident occurred on a tram,  a lad about 12 years named george Rutherford,   fell from the top of a double decker tram ------
at the inquest  a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Dunedin -   Accident  -  MacPHERSON  -  105
This morning a guard of the southern express  named Macpherson  fell off the train  --- sustained 2 small scalp wounds.

Friday  28 December  1883
Inquest  -  CHRISTISON  -  107
The inquest on the body of Charles D. Christison  ---  report in another column.

Inquest  -  CHRISTISON  -  108
a  very long column  -----   met with an accident on the Ferry road tramway on Christmas Day  ------  Henry MARR   guard on the train ---- 
Lavinia  BURNS,  a passenger on the tram ----  Walter SEAGER  was on the 1st car -----  John BOOTH,  engine driver of the tram ---  

Saturday 29 December  1883
Divorce Court  -  TOWLE  -  111
at the Melbourne divorce court  on 17 December  the case of Towle v. Yowle was heard  -----   marriage took place in Christchurch  in 1879 ----  more ---

Monday 31 December  1883
Shipping  -  112
The "Trevelyan"  brought  320 immigrants  who  landed  all well.  2 adults  and 2 children  died during the voyage.

Deaths  -  113
HAY  - Mr David Hay,  of the Montpellier Nursery,  an old Auckland settler  is dead.
DUNCAN  -  Alexander,  in Government employ at Sulphur Point, Lake Rotorua,  was found drowned in Lake Rotorua.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
29 January 2009