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Monday 1 May 1882

Marriage  -
HASYARD  -  ELMER  -  on April 20 at   -----   Woolston,  Sidney F.Hasyard  to  C.F.Winifred Elmer,  both of Greymouth.

Tuesday 2 May  1882 
Birth -
POWELL  -  on May 1st at the Sydenham Dispensary,  Colombo road South, to wife of P.W.Powell, jnr, a son.

Death  -
WRIGHT  - on May 1st at Windermere.  Myra Isabel,  infant daughter of Edward George and Harriet Myra Wright.  aged 6 mths.

Wednesday 3 May 1882
Birth  -
HORNE  -  on April 30th at Ashburton.  to wife of W.Horne,  a daughter.

Marriage  - 
McKELLOW  -  WILKES  - on April 18th at ---  William Henry McKellow  of Christchurch,  to   Caroline,  oldest daughter of William Wilkes of Prebbleton.

Thursday 4 May 1882
Birth  -
RUTHERFORD  -  on May 2,  at Dalethorpe,  Mrs George Rutherford  -  a daughter.
LEETE  -  on May 4,  at Hamilton street,  Addington,  to wife of J.W. Leete -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
De BONIS  -  POZZI  -  on April 19, at Christchurch,  Silvio, son of the late Captain De Bonis, --  Italy,  to   Ersiglia,  eldest daughter of Mr L.Pozzi,  of                                             Christchurch,  Westland papers please copy.

Death  -
DYER  -  on May 1st at the residence of his mother,  Waltham road,  Sydenham,  John Edward Dyer,  oldest son of rhe late John Dyer of
                    Governer's bay,  aged 20 and quarter years.
MERCER   -   on May 3 at his res.  Aldwins road,  off Ferry road,  Zaccheus Mercer,  aged 43 years.

Friday  5 May  1882
Birth  -
GUNN  -  on May 2 at Stetchford House St. Asaph st. east, to wife of William Gunn  - a son.
GUNDRY - on May 2 at The Terrace, Ashburton,  to wife of W.H.Gundry  -  a son.
LEETE  -  on May 4 at Hamilton street,  Addington,  to wife of J.W. Leete -  a daughter.

Marriage  -
JONES  -  WATSON  - on May 3 at Riccarton,  by Rev H.Glasson,  David Henry Jones  to  Maria,  2nd daughter of William Watson,  Upper Riccarton.
MATHIAS  -  VIGERS  - on April 29 at --Southbridge, -- Edith Caroline,  daughter of C.K.Vigers (late of Governer's Bay) to  Lewis Mathias,  of  Southbridge.

Death -
LOWTHER  -  on February 18 at the house of her brother, 9 St.Mary street, Cardigan,  Wales,  Harriet Ellen Lowther,  late of Cathedral Square, Chch, NZ.
MINNETT  -  on March 7 at Moorlands,  Halifax, Yorkshire,  Gertrude Eleanor,  2nd daughter of Captain I.C.Minnett,  aged 22 years.

Saturday  6 May 1882
Birth  - 
BURT  -  on May 2 at Rangiora, to wife of Mr John Burt, - a son.
HAMILTON  -  on May 4 at Ross,  Westland, to wife of Rev. T.A.Hamilton,   - a son,  stillborn.

Funeral Notices   - 
HENDERSON  -  Henry son of  Mr William Henderson  will leave his res.  Spreydon,  on Sunday May 7 at 2pm for the Addington Cemetery.
SUCH -   The friends of the late Mr Lawrence Such-- funeral of his late son, which  will leave Dublin street, Lyttelton,  at 3pm -- for the Roman Catholic Cemetery.

Monday  8 May 1882
Birth -
PYNE  -  on May 4th at Lincoln to wife of C.F.Pyne - a daughter.
O'BOYLE -  on  May 5th at Marshlands,  near Leeston, to wife of Patrick O'Boyle  - a daughter.

Marriage  -
ASHBY  -  HADDRELL  - on 29 April -- David Alexander, son of the late A.D Ashby,  of Croydon,  Surrey, England,   to   Mary Jane, dau of  Henry Haddrell,                                          Christchurch,  Croydon and Devon papers please copy.

Death  -
PEEK  -  on March 7 at London, of consumption,  Robert Peek  jnr  aged 25 years.
STEVENS  -  on May 7 at Madras street, south, Sydenham,  Henry John Manning,  the beloved son of James and Maria Stevens,  aged 5 weeks.

Funeral  Notice  -  page 3
MILLER  -   Hugh-   father of George Miller,  to leave his residence Queen street, Sydenham  at 3pm on Tuesday for the Addington Cemetery.

Tuesday  9 May 1882
Birth  -
ANDERSON  -  on 7 May at Christchurch  to wife of J.Anderson - a son,  stillborn.

Marriage  -
PUGH  -  FLINT  -  on May 4 -- Harry, son of Arthur Pugh, ----  Sydenham,  to   Hannah,  3rd daughter of James Flint,  Pleasant Villa St Albans, Christchurch.
WINTER  -  WEBB - on May 4 at Madras st North,    William Winter,  to  Eliza Ann,  youngest daughter of Mrs Webb,  both of Christchurch.

Death  -
HARPER   -   on May 7 at Durham street, South,  Robert Harper,  jnr  aged 29 years.

Funeral Notice  - 
  Robert,  ---are informed that his funeral --his late residence Durham street, south, tomorrow, Wednesday  at 2-15pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Wednesday  10 May 1882
Birth -
SCOTT  -  on April 24th at Fernleigh Cottage,  Norwood, South Australia,  to wife of H.J.Scott, Esq.  a son.

Death  -
MILLER -   on May 7, at Queen street, Sydenham, Mr Hugh Miller,  late of Patrick,  near Glasgow,  aged 56 years.  Glasgow papers please copy.
DOWNES  -  on May 9th, at her residence, Armagh street,  Christchurch,  Mrs Eleanor Downes,  age 82, relict of the late William Downes,  Kent, England.

Thursday 11 May 1882
  -  on May 10th at Avonside, infant son of D.S.Melville,  aged 5 mths.
SHARPE  -  on May 10th at Huntsbury,  Opawa,  George Henry, dearly beloved son of Richard John and Matilda Sharpe, aged 14mths.

Friday 12 May 1882
Marriage - 
BIRCH  - FARGIE  -  on May 10 at Rangiora,  Cornelius John,  eldest son of W. Birch,  to   Francis Jane  2nd daughter of A. Fargie,  both late of Auckland.
DYER  -   FIELD  - on April 24 at ---  Thomas,  2nd son of the late William Dyer of Lyttelton,  to   Louisa Jane,  eldest daughter of George Field,  of Port Levy.
ALDRED  -  HILL  -   on May 10 at St Michael's Church,  by Rev W.Harper,  William James Aldred,  to   Christina Hill,  both of Christchurch.

Death  -
McHUGH  -  on May 11th at Tuam street, east,  Catherine McHugh,  aged 87 or 37. couldn't read it.

Funeral Notice  - 
  Catherine,  wife of Daniel are  respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late wife,  Catherine,  to leave Southbridge by mid-day  train on                                         Saturday,  May 13, for Springston railway station, at one o'clock for the Lincoln Cemetery.,

Saturday 13 May  1882
Marriage  -
on May 10  at --  Tai-Tapu,  James,  eldest son of Mr Charles Brake,  to   Mary,  eldest daughter   of Mr Edward Yarr,  both of Tai-Tapu.
BOWLEY  -  DENBY  - on May 8 at Otaio, South Canterbury, -  Edward J.Bowley,  son of John Bowley,  of Avonside,  to  Alice, dauof C.A.Denby,  of Otaio.

Death  -
GRIFFITHS  -  on May 11 at Kaiapoi,  Eleanor, the wife of John Griffiths,  aged 70
WYCHERLEY  -  on May 12 at Rangiora,  Thomas Bernard Wycherley,  aged 66? years.

Monday 15 May 1882
Birth  -
PAGET  -  on May 8 at Oxford, to wife of William Paget of Commercial Hotel,  a daughter.
GRESSON  - on May 12 to wife of J.B.Gresson,  a son.
VAUGHAN  -  on May 13 at Sefton,  to wife of William Vaughan, a son.

Marriage  -
LAWRENCE  -  KANE  -  on May 10 at St Luke's Church, by Rev E.A.Lingard,  Basil K.S.Lawrence,  to  Margaret Kane.
OLIVER  -  PENFOLD  -   on May 13 at the registry office, Christchurch,  Edgar James Oliver  to  Louisa Frances Penfold.
RUSSELL  -  BOWDEN  -   on May 13 at --- George Joseph,  4th son of G.J.Russell,  late of New Cross, London,   to  Selina,  only daughter of William                                     Bowden,  both of Christchurch,  London and Sydney papers please copy.

Death  -
HILLS  -  on February 19 at 41 Wellesley terrace, New Wanstead,  Essex, England,  Jane Hills,  widow of the late Henry Hills  Stoke-by-Nayland,  Suffolk.
SMITH  -  on May 14 at Knightstown,  Alice,  the beloved wife of Samuel Webster Smith,  sister of C.S.HOWARD.

Tuesday  16 May 1882
Birth  -
HADFIELD  -  on May 14 at Compton Villa, Stanmore,  to wife of Joseph Hadfield.  a son.

Wednesday   17 May 1882
Birth  -
PROCTOR  -  on May 7 to wife of John R. Proctor,  a son.

Thursday 18 May  1882
Birth -
GREIG  -  on May 16 at Salisbury street, to wife of James Grieg.

Death  -
SIMPSON  -  on May 13 at Trevorton,  Ashburton,  Christine Ethelka,  infant daughter  of William and Charlotte Simpson.  aged 10 weeks.

Saturday  20 May 1882
Birth  -
FELDWICK  -  on May 18 at Kaiapoi, to  the wife of Edwin Feldwick,  a daughter.
LIESKA  -  on May 11 to wife of Mr Otto Lieska,  a daughter.

Marriage -
BOAG - GARLAND -   on April 28  at -- Port Lyttelton,  William, son of William Boag, Esq. Burnside,  Fendaltown,  to   Eliza,  eldest daughter of the late                                             Alexander Garland, Esq, Bank Hend,  Cust.

Death  -
MELTON  -on May 19 at Church street, Timaru,  Margaret Amelia,  beloved wife of John Melton,  aged 25 years.

Monday 22 May 1882
BAILEY  - JENNINGS -  on May 21st at --- Christchurch,  Charles Bailey,  of London, (late Dunedin)  to   Laura Jennings also of London  (late of Dunedin)
HENRY  -  CHARLES  -    on May 19th at Oxford,  by the Rev. N.McCallum

Death  - 
BOUSFIELD  -  on May 19 at Gisborne,  Octavius L.W.Bousfield,  Esq.  aged 50 years. Killed by a fall from his horse.

Tuesday  23 May 1882
Marriage  -
BURROW  -  WOODHAM  -  on May 7 at --- Arthur Thomas,  son of Mr Thomas Burrow,  Bingsland,   to   Susan, dau  of Mr Charles Woodham,  Ashbourne,  Ferry road.

Death  -
INGRAM  -  on May 20th at Oxford,  John Edward,  2nd eldest son of John Ingram,  aged 2 years.

Wednesday  24 May 1882
Marriage  -
CLEMANCE  -  HAGGETT - on May 20  at   -- Timaru,  Phillip Henry Clemance,  to  Emma,  daughter of Mr D. Haggett,  Russell Square.

Death  -
YOUNG  - on May 1st at Christchurch, Theresa Ann,  relict of the late Clement David Young,  Wellington, Auckland and Melbourne papers please copy.

Funeral  Notice  - 
Clara  dau. of Mr Oppenheim --- to leave his residence, St Asaph street east,  tomorrow, Thursday,
at 2pm for the Church of England Cemetery.

Thursday 25 May 1882
Death  -
WILCOCK  -  on May 23 at Fendaltown,  the Venerable W.W.Wilcock,  Archdeacon of Akaroa,  aged 67.
TOPPING  -  on May 24th at Sefton,  Annie,  youngest daughter of Thomas and Sarah Topping  aged 15 years.

Friday 26 May 1882
Birth  -
WATKINS  -   on May 19 at Akaroa,  to wife of Alfred Frank Watkins,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
ANDREWES  -  COOPER  - on May 25 at ---  Lancelot Frederick,  3rd son of the late Charles Andrewes,  of Clapton, London,  to   Jessie Mary,  only
                                daughter of the late James Cooper of Glenleuse?, Scotland.
HUTCHINSON - FREEMAN  - on May 25 at -- Wellington,  James,  eldest son of Mr John Hutcheson,  Blenheim, to Millie, of late   Mr Walter Freeman,
PARKER  -  WELLAND  -  on May 18 at --  John Julius Parker, son of the late James Parker,  late of Seven Oaks, Kent, England,  to  Mary Welland,  2nd                                         daughter of John Matthews, Esq, Brick and Drainpipe manufacturer,  Stevenage,  Hertfordshire,  England,  -----

Death  -
DANIEL  - on May 24, at Papanui,  Agnes Harriet,  4th daughter of the late Joseph Daniel,  aged 16 years.
LOE  -  on May 22nd,  at Sutton Farm,  near Timaru,  Charles Johnson,  only son of A.D.Loe,  aged 1 year 11 mths.
OLDHAM  -  on May 24 at Tuam street, east, Henry,  son of H.W.Oldham.
REVANS -  on May 24, drowned in the River Heathcote,  Melville Claude,  son of Claude and Eliza Revans of Opawa,  aged 5 and half years.
TOPPING  -  on May 24 at Sefton,  Annie,  youngest daughter of Thomas and Sarah Topping,  aged 15 years.

Funeral Notice  - 
  The friends of Mr Henry Nevin are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late wife will leave his residence,  Addington,  Lincoln road, 
                        on Sunday 28th May at 2 o'clock,  for the Addington Cemetery.

Saturday 27 May 1882
Birth  - 
WOOD  -  on May 21 at Upper Riccarton, to wife of J.Wood, a son.

Marriage  - 
AMES  -  ROBERTS -   on April 13 at --- Papanui,  by Rev W.G.Brittan,  Joseph Ames,  of Wellington,  to   Sarah Hurford Roberts,  of Christchurch.
PERRY  -  FISHER  - on May 19 at ---  the Rev. Edward Ovenden Perry, of Napier,   to   Catherine Ann  (Kate)  daughter of the Rev Thomas Richard Fisher,                              of Cotswold House,  Lincoln road.

Funeral Notices  -
  -  Robert Mein Swanston ---to attend his funeral,  which will leave his late residence,  Bath street, on Sunday May 28 at 2-30pm.
NEVIN    - as above

Monday 29 May 1882  -
Birth  -
CROWE  -  on May 26 at Eastern Bakery,  to wife of Walter Crowe,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
McEWAN  -  EVANS  - on May 24 ---  Thomas McEwan,  to  Francess Alford,  4th daughter of Mr George Evans,  builder, of Addington.

Death  -
FENDALL  -  on May 27 at the residence of B. Woolcombe, Esq.  Ashbury,  near Timaru,  Rev Henry Fendall,  aged 87 years.

Tuesday 30 May  1882
Birth  -
CHILMAN  -  on May 28 at Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton,  to wife of Edward Chilman,  H.M.Customs, a daughter.

Marriage  - 
BLACK  -  OLSON  -  on May 29 at  Andrew,  7th son of the late Thomas Black,  Tayport, Fifeshire, Scotland,  to   Christina,  2nd daughter of Donald Olson,                              Castletown,  Caithnesshire,  Scotland,  both of Waikari.

Death  -
RIGBY  -  on May 27 at Melford,  Rangiora,  James Rigby,  late of Liverpool, England,  aged 36.
COWLING  -on May 29  Alice,  only daughter of William and Annie Cowling,  aged 5 years.
ALLEN  -  At Shirley road,  St Albans,  Charles Thomas,  beloved son of Thomas and Mary Allen, aged 6 years.
ROBERTSON  -  on May 27 at the Schoolhouse,  Irwell,  Lena? Elizabeth Annie,  only daughter of Malcolm and Maggie Robertson,  of Sefton, 
                        aged 12 and half months.  Glasgow and Inverness papers please copy.
KENNARD  -  on May 29  Barbour street,  Ferry road,  at Mrs McWilliams,  Leonard John Kennard,  aged 5 years 9 mths.

Wednesday 31 May  1882
Birth  -
ARNOLD  -  on May 30 at Sumner road,  Lyttelton, to wife of Henry Francis Arnold, a daughter.
FOWKE  - on May 28 at Tenly Cottage, Christchurch, to wife of T.M.Fowke, a daughter.
SPEIGHT  -  on May 25 at Hornby, to wife of J.J.Speight, a son.

Death  - 
HODGSON  -   on May 30 at Tucker's road, Papanui,  Mrs Grace Hodgson,  late of Governor's Bay,  aged 86.
DALWOOD  -  on May 30  Mary Ann, the beloved wife of John Dalwood,  aged 52 years.  Sydney and Home papers please copy.

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