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Friday 1 December 1882
Dunedin  - Fatal accident  -  SALMON  -
----  occurred at the Maori Kaik,  Dunedin,  yesterday, one of the passengers of the steamer Plucky,  which had gone there on an excursion
trip was killed.  His name was Salmon and he was the manager  of a brushware factory in Cumberland street.  He was 23 years old and unmarried.

Balclutha  -  SMITH page 3
Edith Ann Smith,  a servant, at Mr H.Russell's,  stationmaster at Stirling,  fell from a carriage when the train was nearing Stirling last night.  ---- 
but died at 2 o'clock this morning.  an inquest will be held today.

Vital statistics  -    for November
Oamaru  -  Births - 29,  deaths - 9,  marriages - 8
Christchurch  -  Births 187,  deaths - 44,   marriages - 29
Timaru  -  Births  - 40,    deaths - 8,    marriages  - 12
Invercargill  -  Births  - 56,   deaths -14,  marriages - 8.
Napier  -  Births -28,    marriages - 5,    deaths -14.
Wanganui  -  Births - 27,   marriages  - 5,   deaths - 14.

Tuesday 5 December  1882

In bancruptcy  -
Frank Bradley,  of Christchurch
William Harding
Jessie Pollock  -  boardinghouse keeper,  Christchurch
John Franks  -   Yaldhurst  hotelkeeper
George MacKay - Lyttelton  storekeeper

Inquest  -  HAZELHURST  -  page 3
Mrs Hazelhurst ,  whose accident ---------  died in the hospital on Sunday night from the effects of lock-jaw.  At the inquest yesterday the
evidence showed  -------       death from natural causes.

Wednesday 6 December  1882     page 3
Auckland  -  Inquest  -   CROWLEY  -
The inquest on the body of Mrs Crowley took place yesterday at Whiteford Park Farm,  ---------
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Sudden death  -   BERRY  -
This morning a young woman named Mary Berry aged 24 years,  daughter of Mr Thomas Berry of Gordon street, Phillipstown,  near the East Belt,
 was found dead in bed  at her father's house.  --------

Friday  8  December  1882
In bancruptcy  -
James SHERIFF  -  stonemason,  Christchurch.
Joseph FOWLER  -  storekeeper,  Chertsey.

Saturday  9 December 1882  
   page 3
Inquest  -  NOBLE -
an inquest on the body of the man who was found dead in the Leeston Hotel on Thursday ---------  Roderick Noble,   ---------

Timaru  -  MENDELSON  -
Julius Mendelson, a well known and highly respected merchant of Temuka,  dropped dead behind the counter of his shop while writing a telegram
at 9.15 this morning. Deceased was an extensive proprietor, a member of the County Council,  and an influential resident.  The cause of death has
 not yet transpired.

Wellington  -  CARTER  -
Avery sudden death occurred at midnight.  A man named Raymond Carter,  on going home,  knocked at the door for admittance,  and while it was
being opened he fell to the ground.  When picked up life was extinct.  Deceased who had not long been in Wellington,  was in his usual spirits a
quarter of an hour before his death.  The cause is supposed to be brain erysipelas.  an inquest will be held.

Monday 11  December  1882
In bancruptcy  -
CRESSWELL  -  butcher,  Christchurch.

Arrowtown  -  INNES  - 
Mr Alexander Innes,  of Arrowtown,  who represented the Lakes district, in the Provincial Council,  died of heart disease.

Napier  -  BECK  -
A young man named Ebenezer Beck was drowned yesterday while bathing.

Timaru  -  J. M. SHEPHERD  -
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Tuesday 12 December  1882
In bancruptcy  -
Thomas BATES  -  cabinet maker,  Christchurch
William Augustus JUNCKER  -  teacher of music,   Christchurch,
John HENLEY,  tailor,  High street, St Albans.
Robert SKIFFINS -    fishmonger, Colombo street,   Christchurch.

Auckland  -   Inquest  -    MORRIN  -
at the inquest on the lad Morrin, at Auckland,  an open verdict of found drowned was returned.

Wellington  -  Inquest  -   CARTER  -
at the inquest on the body of the young man Carter,  who died suddenly at Wellington on Friday night,  the medical testimony proved that deceased
 had an aneurism of the aorta, quite close to the heart,  and this had burst causing death,  The verdict was death from natural causes.

Invercargill  -  STEPHENSON  -
a young married man named John Stephenson was killed yesterday in the bush, at One Tree Point.  He was a trolleyman, and was found on the
tramway,  where he had been run over.  He could give no account of the accident and died shortly after.

Wednesday  13 December  1882
In bancruptcy  -
Thomas BROUGH  -  of Akaroa,  labourer.
John DONNELL  -  of Addington,  painter.

Wellington  -  RIDYARD  -
Two children  named george and william Ridyard,  were drowned in the Upper Hutt river yesterday while bathing.  The younger boy got beyond his
depth,  and his brother tried to save him,  but being unable to swim both were drowned.  The bodies were recovered.

Timaru   -  Inquest  -  SHEPHERD  -
at the inquest on the body of J.M.Shepherd,  held yesterday at Stone's Hotel,  Timaru, ------
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Kaiapoi  -  Inquest  -  RAMSEY  -
about midday yesterday whilst some boys from the Borough School were bathing in the north branch of the river  at the end of Fuller street,  one
of them  David Ramsey,  a son of Mr Ramsey,  farmer,  Beach road,  got out of his depth, and sank in a deep hole.  --------  the deceased was 
10 years3 months  old.

Thursday  14 December  1882    page 3
This morning an infant, about 2 mths old,  son of Mr Edward Griffin,  was found dead in its bed. -------   an inquest will be held.

Auckland  -  HARDY  -
at the inquest which was held on the body of Robert Hardy,  a verdict was returned of died from excessive drinking.  The evidence showed he
came here 3months ago from Waipukurau, Napier and ------ he had been sporting about for the past fortnight with a woman named Riley, 
the divorced wife of a man named Standish at new Plymouth. ---  He was 40 years of age and said to be single,  but others state his wife is
in Melbourne, from whom he had been separated 12 years.  He has a brother at Waipukurau, and a cousin at Taranaki.

Friday 15 December  1882       page 3
Waimate  -  DUFFIELD  -
a man named Thomas Duffield died at Waimate on Wednesday last. at the inquest which was held yesterday afternoon.---------

In bancruptcy  -
Jacob Shepherd WAGNER  -  hotelkeeper,  Christchurch.
Abraham Solomon LEVY  - tobacconist,  Christchurch

Monday  December 18  1882     page 3
Auckland  -  HARDY  -
Hardy,  who died from exessive drinking last week, was a short time previously left 2000 pounds.  The curator of intestates ------

Auckland  -  COOMBE  -
William Coombe,  a well known builder,  died suddenly yesterday.

Greymouth  -  WALLACE  -
John Wallace,  storeman for Mr Felix Campbell  ----------------

Auckland  -  HOOTON -
Thomas Hooton,  the chemist  ------   an inquest will be held.
Later  -  at the inquest on the body Thomas Hooton, the jury returned a verdict that death resulted from serious sanguineous apoplexy.  ----

Tuesday 19 December  1882
In bancruptcy  -
Reginald Heath VINCENT  -  school teacher,  Christchurch.
James LYNN,  carpenter,  Sydenham.

page 3
Inquest  -  COOMBE  -
at the inquest on William Coombe,  builder,  who died on Sunday at Auckland, a verdict  was returned of death from serious effusion on the brain.

Wellington   -   Found drowned  -   SAUNDERS  -
The body of Mr Joseph Saunders,  aged 80,  the father of Mr Joe Saunders, the well known contractor,  was found this morning in about 2 feet
of water close to the railings of the Te Aro Bath -----------

Special to the STAR
Mr Saunders who was found drowned this morning was 78 years of age.  he arrived here in the ship LONDON,  in May 1842,  and has resided
in this district since.  it is supposed that he was blown off the breastwork during the night.  He used to sleep during the day, and wander about at night.

Sumner  -  drowning   -   TAYLOR  -
William Taylor,  a butcher, of Christchurch,  met his death while bathing  at Sumner yesterday afternoon.  --------  lots more.
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Wednesday 20 December  1882
In bancruptcy  -
James WYVILL  -  Christchurch
Alfred SIMPSON  -   tailor, Christchurch.

Thursday  21 December  1882
Death  -   LAING  -
A man named Laing died in the hospital at 10 o'clock last night.  -------  It is not thought necessary to hold an inquest.

Blenheim  -  McIVOY   -
A man named John MvIvoy was found dead yesterday in a water closet at the back of the South Star Hotel,  Blenheim.  an inquest will be held.

Wellington  -  SAUNDERS  -
at the inquest at Wellington yesterday on the body of Joseph Saunders senior,  who was found dead in the harbour on Tuesday last  ---------  
that death resulted in in drowning,  whilst suffering from an apoplectic fit.

Friday 22 December  1882

In bancruptcy  -
Ambrose Isiah HULME  -
Harriett HART  -  boardinghouse keeper.
William George WOODFORD   -  storeman,  Woolston.

Saturday 23 December  1882
In bancruptcy  -
Francis Johnstone BANKS  -  compositor,  Christchurch.
Thomas  Phillip COULL  -  contractor,  Christchurch.
John  DONNELL -   painter,  Christchurch.
Jessie POLLOCK  -  boardinghouse keeper.

Wednesday 27 December  1882
Drowning  -  SNEATH  -
a shepherd named Thomas D. Sneath, was drowned whiule bathing in a waterhole in the Pareora river on Sunday evening.  He was unmarried,
and is believed to have no relatives in the Colony.

Auckland  -  drowned  -  LAVERS   &  WALLIS  -
On Sunday last mr Wallis JP  was taking a number of people home in a boat from the Weslyan service at Raglan,  when the craft capsized. 
Minnie Lavers  daughter of an Auckland builder,  and Edith Wallis  were drowned.

Nelson  -  divorce  -  McKAY  -
in the divorce case McKay  v   McKay and CAMPBELL,  co-respondent, a verdict was given  ----------

Thursday 28 December  1882    page 3
Invercargill  -  MILKA -
a bushman named Milka was killed by a falling tree at Mrgroes Bush.  He leaves a wife and 10 children unprovided for.

Friday 29 December  1882
Inquest  -  MASSAR   -
at the inquest held on the body of the man Massar, ------------------

Inquest  -  MASSAR
an inquest held yesterday afternoon at the Clarendon Hotel  --- touching the death of Samuel Massar.
a long column  email for a copy.

Saturday  30 December  1882     page 3
Wairangaka  -   McEWAN  -
Hugh McEwan,  a shepherd and drover,  well known in Napier and Wairoa,  was found dead in a chair last night at the Sir George Hotel Wairangaka. 
He must have been dead some time when discovered.  He had been drinking heavily.

Vital statistics  for the year   1882   -
Births  -  939    -  last year  -  804
Deaths -   87    -  last year 95
Marriages  -  82  -   last year  72

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