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Tuesday 1 March  1881
Inquest - Dunedin - Henry MAYO    page 3
The Coroners inquest concerning the death of Henry Mayo was concluded yesterday.  The evidence was somewhat conflicting.  The jury returned a verdict
of accidental death,  but added a rider expressing the strongest disapprobation of the carelessness of the Railways Dept. in not providing  a signalman at
Kensington Crossing at the times when the trains are running.

Wednesday 2 March 1881
Obituary - Thomas BLACK    page 2
We regret having to record that Mr Thomas Black, who for a period of 15 years occupied the postion of Ag. Manager for Mr  John GRIGG,  of Longbeach, 
died at Tinwald on Friday morning,  after a short illness, ---- the funeral took place on Sunday at the Ashburton Cemetery, when more than 100 relatives
and friends testified by their presence of the esteem in which the deceased was held by all who knew him.

Found dead  -    William  JOHNSTON   page 3
William Johnston of Purakanui, a settler was found dead near Purakanui,  the supposed cause of death is heart disease.

Inquest -  Timaru -   Found dead in railway carriage -  ROBERTSON
A child named Violet Robertson, died in a railway carriage last evening between Ashburton & Timaru.  The parents are tradespeople, who were coming
to Timaru.  An inquest was held this morning and a verdict of death by natural causes was returned.

Thursday 3 March 1881
Inquest -  Death in a railway carriage  -  ROBERTSON -    page 2
As the last train from Ashburton - Timaru on Tuesday night reached the Rangitata, a great commotion was caused in one of the carriages by a child dying
in its mother's arms.  The child was 10mths old and was the daughter of Mr Robertson who was travelling with his wife on a journey from Napier - Dunedin. 
The child had been suffering from an attack of dysentry but was not considered dangerously ill.  Its sudden and unexpected death distressed its parents
beyond description and great sympathy was felt for the by the other passengers in the train.  An inquest was held yesterday and a verdict  of death from
natural causes was returned.

Death of Sir Cracroft Wilson -   page 2
At a late hour this morning, the news reached us of the death of Sir Cracroft Wilson, of Cashmere, Christchurch. The veteran Knight was in his 74th year
and his death must be considered sudden as he was able to  appear in public as late as Monday.

Auckland -  March 2    accidental death -  John RIORDEN     page 3
John Riorden, a teacher at Lucas Creek Public School,  died today,   through injuries received from falling off his horse.

Friday 4 March 1881
obituary -    Sir Cracroft Wilson
a very long one  of one and half columns,  email for a copy. for anyone who would like it.

Tuesday 8  March  1881
Wellington -  Benjamin  LING  -      page 3
Benjamin Ling, who formerly carried on an extensive butchery business here,  died suddenly last night.  The cause of death is believed to be  apoplexy.

Wednesday 9 March  1881
Wellington -  Found dead  -  Henry BAKER
Henry Baker an old and respected Settler was found dead on the road at Horokiwi Valley today.  An inquest will be held.

Thursday 10 March 1881
Auckland   March 9   -   Refuge in Grave -  BARNETT       page 3
Emily Barnett, a lodger with Mrs Alexander,  Wynyard St. --------  She  only arrived in the Colony by the ship   "Adamant"   about a year ago.

Friday  11 March 1881
Wellington -  Mr Robert PORT   -      page 3
Mr Robert Port, a well known merchant,  died last night.

Auckland -  dropped dead  -  TILLER
An old Settler named Tiller, dropped down dead on Beach Road at Devonport of heart disease.

Saturday 12 March 1881
Dunedin -  LOVELL        page 3
A man named Henry Lewis Lovell, working at Shag Valley yesterday, had his foot crushed in a threshing machine.  The leg was amputated by Dr Browne
of Palmeston and the man sent by express to Dunedin, but died on the way.

Wellington -  drowning  - McINTYRE
A man named Samuel McIntyre, was accidently drowned whilst crossing the  Upper Matakitaki on Thursday.

Monday 14 March 1881
Drowned at Sumner -  George INNIS       page 2
A young man  aged 18 named George Innis, son of mr G. Innes,  builder,  of Cashel St. East, went to Sumner on Saturday by the morning coach.  -------- 
The deceased was in the employment of Messers Ballantyne & Co.   but was having a holiday. --------

Auckland -  FREEMAN  -    page 3
William Watson Freeman, who was severely injured by the machinery on  board the Hawea, on wednesday last, has died.

Tuesday 15 March 1881
Wellington -    HOSKING  -       page 3
Hosking - a boot maker, an old resident of Wellington was found dead in his bed at Carterton  this morning.

Inquest  -  Auckland -  WATSON
The inquest today on the remains of the fireman,   William Watson,  who died from injuries received on board the Hawea,  was postponed until the return
of the steamer from the South,  to get the evidence of the  engineers as to the accident.

Invercargill  - March 14 - Timothy HOLLAND
This morning while Timothy Holland
, a farm servant,  was attending some horses, he received a kick from one of them which resulted in his death shortly after.

Wednesday 16 March 1881
Balclutha  - March 15th   -   MAHER        page 3
A man named John Maher lost his life today while working at the Balclutha Bridge.  he was in the air lock and had just finished the 4 hours shift, when on
coming out he said "I am done again" and expired.  About ten days ago he suffered considerably and had partial paralysis of  the lower limbs to his body.
 ------- more.

Blenheim  -  sudden death -  WELFORD
Mr W. Welford, a merchant of Picton,  died suddenly last night.  he went to a friends house with Captain kennedy at 7 o'clock and on arrival he appeared
to faint. ----- The cause is said to be heart disease.

Friday 18 March 1881
Auckland  -  SOUGHEY      page 3
A gum digger named Tom Soughey was killed at Great Barrier by an old burnt kauri tree falling across the tent.  His mate who was lying behind him narrowly escaped.

Monday 21 March 1881
Oamaru -  fatal accident  -  James CAMPBELL      page 3
Last night as a hotelkeeper named James Campbell was riding in from the racecourse,  he lost control over his horse and was thrown off.  he fell on his head,
causing a fracture of the skull, and died today.

Tuesday 22 March 1881   
Inquest  -  Oamaru -  William SPAIN      page 3
A commission agent named William Spain committed suicide ----------  an inquest was held today when the jury  returned the verdict" that the deceased
committed suicide while suffering from tempory insanity"

Saturday 26 March  1881
Auckland  - fatal accident  -  ZAMBRA   page 3
A man named Zambra, a photographer, early this morning fell over in Queen St. wharf on to the deck of the ketch Fanny Thornton, head foremost.  One
of the crew coming on the deck found him bathed in blood, with his skull fractured.  The case is hopeless.  Zambra is related to Mr Zambra of the London
firm Messers Nelgetti & Zambra.

Monday 28 March 1881
Dunedin -  drowned - Sydney STOCK   page 3
Drowned - Sydney Stock fell from the steamer Mountaineer into Lake Wakitipu early this morning.  The body was not  recovered until hours afterwards.

Inquest -  Lyttelton -  Moku PORANGA
an inquest was held at the Gaol, Lyttelton on Saturday afternoon, by J.D.Frankish, esq. Coroner, concerning the death of one of the Maori prisioners. 
The deceased was Moku Poranga and he was  transferred to the Gaol from Ripa Island.  He was about 70 years of age, though said to be 90 from the
Maori's  -------  more  The jury returned the verdict  of death  from old age and natural causes.

Tuesday 29 March 1881
Taupo - found dead  -  Thomas COOK
Thomas Cook, a settler at Taupo was found dead  on the road today.

Oamaru - March 28th  -  PEATTIE
John Peattie, who was injured by a threshing machine a few days ago is dead.

Invercargill -   David McKENZIE
During the cruise on the "Alert", which returned to Bluff  yesterday, a man named David McKenzie was  washed overboard and drowned.

Wednesday 30 March  1881
Auckland - March 29 -  DEVIN   page 3
Mrs J. Devin formerly of the Commercial Hotel, Auckland, died at Te Awamutu today, from the effects of fright sustained in connection with the outbreak
of fire at Lewis Hotel.

Thursday 31 March 1881
Inquest -  sudden death at Sherwood,   Rakaia  -  EXON
On Tuesday morning a man named Alfred Exon  a shepherd in the employment of Mr F.B.Passmore, Sherwood, Rakaia  died somewhat suddenly.  An
inquest was held yesterday on the remains at the Ashburton Hospital,  by Dr Trevor,  Coroner,  ---- the deceased was about 60 yrs of age,  
married and leaves a wife and grown up family.

Auckland  - March 30  -  MATSON   page 3
At the adjourned inquest  held today on the body of the stoker, named Matson,  who died from injuries received on board the Hawea.  A verdict
was returned of accidental death.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
26 June  2005

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