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Tuesday 1 March 1881  -      all BMD's  on  page 2
Birth -
GARLICK - on 27 February at Weslyan Parsonage,  Woodend, to wife of Rev. S.J.Garlick, a daughter

Death -
McDOWELL - on 28 February at Montreal St. South,  Robert McDowell,  age 43.

Wednesday 2 March 1881
Birth -
HAYTER -  on 27 February at Highfield, Waiau, to wife of Commander F.Hayter, R.N. a son.

Marriage -
on 24 February at St. Johns, Church, Woolston,  by Rev. C.J.Merton,   Charles, 2nd son of the late Joseph Bailey  of Christchurch,  to  Cecily, 
only daughter of the late Daniel Scott "The Homestead", Woolston,  formerly of Liverpool, England.

Thursday 3 March 1881
Death -
WILSON   -  on 2 March at Cashmere,  John Cracroft Wilson, K.C.S.I.,  C.B. late of H.M.Bengal Civil Service,  age 73

Friday 4 March 1881
Death -
GARFORTH   - on 2 March at Spreydon,  infant son of S. & E.A. Garforth, age 1 month.
YOUNG   - on 15 January at Bangalore, India,  Harold, infant son of Mr & Mrs George Young, late of Christchurch, NZ

Saturday 5 March 1881
Birth -
WAUCHOP   - on 1 March at Southbridge, to wife of T. Wauchop, a daughter.
WILSON   - on 4 March at Springfield Road, to Mrs Robert Wilson, a daughter.
LINDSEY   - at Tuam St. East, to wife of Samuel Lindsey, a daughter, Victorian papers p.copy.

Marriage -
FOX - SHARP -   on 1 March at --Christchurch, ----  Charles,   son of Edward Fox,   of Auckland   to   Clara,   daughter of Mathias Sharp, Christchurch.
JENNINGS  - JAMES - on 3 March at --  Edward Ivory Jennings,  son of W.C.Jennings,  Rangiora,  to  Hannah Elizabeth,  dau of Mr J.James,  Rangiora.

Funeral Notice -  KING
Friends of the late Mr Timothy King are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his late res. Second Street, Sydenham,
tomorrow Sunday afternoon at 3pm for the Catholic Cemetery.

Funeral Notice  -  LUNDY -
The friends of the late Robert  Lundy are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his late res. Sandridge St.
on Monday March 7th at 2pm for Addington Cemetery.

Loyal City of Christchurch Lodge-    LUNDY
Members are requested to meet on Monday March 7th at Third St. Sandridge, Sydenham,  to follow the remains of the late Bro. Lundy. 
The funeral will leave at 2 o'clock for the Scotch Cemetery.

Monday 7 March 1881
Death -
FREE -   on 5 March at Loburn,  Annie,  2nd daughter of William & Marion Free, age 14mths.
HILL   - at his res. George St. Chch,  Charles Hill, of Falmouth, Cornwall, Eng. age 37, Wellington papers p.c.
WILLIE   - on 5 March,  Margaret ann,  3rd daughter of Mr John Wyllie, Saltwater Creek, in her 14th year.

Tuesday 8 March 1881
HAY   - on 7 March at Charteris Bay,  Catherine,  wife of James Hay.
MESSENGER   - on 7 March, Ethel Ruth, inf. daughter of Mr W.H. Messenger, age 9mths.

Wednesday 9 March 1881
Birth -
SALTER   - on 7 March to Mrs C.E.Salter,  a daughter.

Marriage -
McGEE - DOWDALL -   on 8 March at ----  by ----  Mr James Armstrong McGee  to  Miss Mary Alice Dowdall.  Home papers please copy.

Thursday 10 March 1881
Birth -
DAVIS   - on 9 March at Woolston, to wife of J.W.Davis, a son
SMITH   - on 9 March at her res. Cam Mills, Rangiora, to wife of Mr Thomas Smith, a daughter.
NICHOLL   - on 7 March at Halswell, to wife of James Nicholl, a son.
WIGGINS   - on 9 March at Sumner College to wife of C.L.Wiggins, a son.

Death -
CUMMING - on 8 March at Temuka,  Marion,  beloved wife of S.McD. Cumming, age 39
MANSFIELD - on 9 March at Llanamallard,  Timaru,  Mrs W. Mansfield, age 51, 5th daughter of the late   James Wilson Ramsey, Esq.
                           Abbey St. Dublin, Ireland.

Friday 11 March 1881
Birth -
RUSSELL - on 10 March at Amberley, to wife of John Russell, a son, stillborn.
MARSHALL - on 9 March at Leeston, to wife of Charles Marshall, a daughter.

Funeral Notice  -  FLETCHER
Friends of Mr Patrick Fletcher of Sampiers Bay, Lyttelton, are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late daughter Emily,  
will leave his res, at 2-30pm tomorrow, saturday for the Presbyterian Cemetery.

Saturday 12 March 1881
Birth -
BOWDEN -on 9 March at Colombo street, Christchurch, to wife of N.K.Bowden,  a daughter.

Death -
FOWLER - on 12 March,  Margaret Mary Agnes, the beloved wife of J.Fowler, age 26
FLETCHER-  on 10 March at Lyttelton, of dysentry, Emily 2nd daughter of Patrick & Elizabeth Fletcher,  age 3yrs 5mths.  
                                    Australian & Home papers please copy.
HAY - on 7 March at Charteris Bay,  Catherine,  wife of James Hay.
STACE - on 12 March at Olliviers Road, Ellen Elizabeth,  eldest daughter of late Mr Leonard Stace,  age 18

Monday 14 March 1881  
Birth -
PREBBLE   - on 11 March at Woodland Farm, Ashburton,  to wife of William Prebble jnr. a daughter.
WAY   - on 12 March at Merivale, to mrs George Way,  a son.

Death -
FOWLER   - on 12 March,  Margaret Mary Agnes, the beloved wife of J.Fowler, age 26.
SINCLAIR   - on 12 March at Latimer Sq. Gloucester St. Leslie Allan Sinclair, infant son of S.&C. Sinclair,     age 1 yr 9mths.
CARPENTER   - on 7 March at his res. Lincoln,  of imflamation of the lungs,  Frederick William Carpenter,      age 35
BILLINS   - on 12 March at 3rd St. Gasworks Road,  Frederick George Billins,  infant son of Frederick R. &     Emma Billins,  age 9mths.

Tuesday  15 March 1881
Birth -
CUNNINGHAM - on 14 March,  to  the wife of Charles Avery Cunningham  a son.

Death -
GRAINGER - on 14 March at the res.of Charles Sutcliffe,  ----,  George Withers Grainger, age 57,  Uncle to the late Mrs William Henry Sutcliffe.

Wednesday 16 March 1881
Birth -
CAMPBELL   -on 15?  March to the wife of Mr E. Campbell,   of twins, son & daughter
BENN   - on 15 March at Amberley, to wife of W.A.Benn,  a daughter.
ELLIOTT   - on 12 March at Amberley, to wife of Richard Elliott, a daughter.

Marriage -
on 14 March at St. Luke, the Evangelist, Christchurch, by Rev. E.A.Lingard, assisted by Rev. J.Sheldon,  Thomas Gordon  to  Catherine Margaret Laurie.

Death -
BAUGH - on 15 March at his res. oxford Tce, Christchurch, William Thomas Baugh, age 44

Funeral Notice -  BAUGH
The friends of the late Mr W.T.Baugh are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave the premises, oxford Tce, at half past 2 o'clock,
tomorrow Thursday 17 March.

Thursday  17 March  1881   
Birth -
COCKS - on 15 March at Barfield, to wife of Rev. H.B. Cocks, a daughter.

Death -
FOSTER - on 16 March at the Willows, Halswell,  Percy John, infant son of Walter G. & Catherine Foster
RUSSELL - on 15 March at Otipus, near Timaru, P.H.Russell.

Friday 18 March 1881 
Birth -
PARKER - on 17 March at Gloucester St. West, to wife of J.Edward Parker, a son.

Saturday 19 March 1881  page 2
Birth -
NATHAN on 27 March to wife of C.E.Nathan esq. a daughter   (it did have 27  in the paper)  

Death -
PERRY - on 17 March at the res. of the Rev. E.O.Perry, Durham St. South.  Thomas Perry, Organist of Merivale Church, formerly of Bristol, England.

Monday 21 March  1881   page 2
Birth -
FRERE?   -  on 17 March at Kirwee,  wife of Hugh Corrie? Frere a daughter.
CARPENTER   - on 19 March at Gloucester St. East to wife of J.Carpenter, a son.

Death -
COLE  -  on 19 March at South Town Belt,  Algernon Arthur, the eldest &  beloved son of G.H.  &  J.Cole. age 8yrs.
ANSLEY - on 20 March at Cambridge Tce, East.  Martha beloved daughter of  Richard & Ann Ansley,    age 20 yrs.

Tuesday 22 March 1881
Birth -
CRAIG   - on 20 March  to Mrs D. Craig, a son, stillborn.
WILSON   - on 27 February at Walker St. Chch, to wife of William Wilson, a daughter.
FLECK   - on 20 March at Madras St. South, to wife of James Fleck, a daughter.

Death -
PEGG - on 18 March at View Hill, Oxford,  Emma, beloved wife of William Pegg,  age 34?   Home papers please copy.
HAMILL - on 22 March at Hanmer At. Avonville,  Sarah Jane, beloved wife of George Hamill,  age 24

Wednesday 23 March 1881
Birth -
MIRCHOFF - at the Grove Farm, Halswell, to Mrs M. Mirchoff,    twins, son & daughter.
DOUGLAS - on 6 March at Ward St. Addington,   to wife of T.Douglas, a daughter.
WILLS - on 20 March at Prebbleton,   to wife of John Wills,  Greendale, a son.

Marriage -
at the Presbyterian Church,  Leithfield, North Canterbury, by Rev. R.Trout,  George, eldest son of Mr Samuel Prestney,  of Fernside,   to  Rosina, 
2nd daughter of Mr John Mills, Forest Hill, Kent, England.

Death -
CAVE -  on 21 March at Manchester St. Christchurch,  Arthur Henry,   only son of Alfred George & Matilda Cave.  age 12 yrs.

Thursday  24 March 1881
Death -
BOYLE - at his res. in the Springs District, Canterbury, NZ,  Alexander Boyle, in his 76th year. formerly a native of County Down, Ireland.  
                    Home papers please copy.
MARTIN - at his home Tuam St. Christchurch,  Lizzie Thompson Martin,  beloved daughter of James,  blacksmith,  age 4 and half months.

Friday 25 March 1881
Marriage -
GOLDSMITH - WILLIAMS -  on 24 March at -- Irwell,  --  Phillip Wharton,  son of Phillip Goldsmith,  of Pulham, St. Mary Magdalene,  Norfolk, England.   to                      Catherine,  eldest daughter of John Rhys Williams,  late of Gradfa, Farm,   near Cardiff, Glamorganshire, South Wales.

Death -
GLEN - on 23 March at Lyttelton,  James Glen,  steward of the ship Marlborough.   Glasgow papers please copy.

Saturday 26 March 1881
LUXTON - on 20 March at Rangiora, to wife of Mr G. Luxton, a son.
MARTIN - on 24 March at Afton House, Cambridge Tce, East, to wife of T.F.Martin, a daughter.

Death -
PORTER - on 24 March at Kaiapoi,  Mary,  wife of Joshua Charles Porter,  age 59 ? 89

Monday 28 March 1881
Marriage - 
   on 25 March at --- St. Albans, Chch,  by-- Edwin Clark  of Rakaia,  to  Annie,  eldest daughter of the late Staff Sergeant-Major Kerr R.A.

Death -
SCOTT - at Lyttelton on 28 march,  James Scott,  age 63.
COX - at his Father's res.Madras St. Sydenham, on Saturday 26 March,  Alfred George,  2nd son of Alfred & Catherine Cox,  age 1 year 4 mths.
KNOX -  at Latimer Square, Gloucester St.  Ida Mary, only child of James & Charlotte Knox  age 11 mths,   Hokitika papers please copy.

Tuesday 29 March 1881   
Birth -
DOUGLAS   - 0n 27 March at Newland, Amberley,  to the wife of Thomas Douglas, a son.
KISSEL   - on 27 March at Templeton,  to wife of George P. Kissel, a son.
DORN   - on 28 March    to wife of Thomas Dorn, a daughter.

Marriage -
BENNINGTON - PENTECOST -  at St Andrews House, Tuam St, Christchurch,  by Rev. T.R.Caires,  John,  eldest son of Mr J. Bennington, Lyttelton,  to                                          Sarah,  4th daughter of the late W.T.Pentecost,  Rangiora.

Death -
GREIG -  on 17 January 1881 at Ogden City, U.S.America,  Margaret Meldrum,  wife of A.F.Greig and beloved daughter of Mrs Kirk,
                        Manchester St. South, Christchurch.
KNOX     - at Latimer Square, Gloucester St.  Ida Mary, only child of James & Charlotte Knox  age 11 mths   Hokitika papers please copy.
REVELL -  on 27 March at Rangiora,  Margaret Elizabeth,  youngest daughter of Henry & Christina Revell,     age 1 yr, 6mths.

Wednesday 30 March 1881
Birth -
BRITTAN - on 28 March at Kelsie, to wife of F.H. Brittan, a son.

Marriage -
on 30 March by Rev. Mr Elmslie,  John Orr,  2nd son of Rev. John Orr,  Kilbirnie, Ayreshire, Scotland,   to  Agnes Ann Smith, Christchurch.

Death -
FITZGERALD - on 24 March at Oriental Bay, Wellington,  Ella, wife of William,  age 28

Thursday 31 March 1881
Marriage -
  on 17 March at the res. of the Bride's father,  by--  William,   3rd son of the late Mr Peter Chamberlain,  Thougsleigh Barton,   Cheriton-Fitzpaine,  Devon, England.  to  Hannah,  eldest daughter of Mr Charles Withell, Raywell,  Brookside, Canterbury.NZ

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