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Wednesday 1 June 1881 -  page 3
Dunedin  - McGUIRE
Peter McGuire is supposed to have been drowned on Saturday night whilst attempting to cross the Molyneux  at Moa Flat.

Auckland - WOODHOUSE
Mr Woodhouse died today  age 65.  he was an old identity and formerly one of the partners of the firm Messrs Woodhouse & Buchanan, and manager
of the Bank of NSW at Auckland,  till he resigned through ill health.

Thursday 2 June  1881      page 3
Inquest     -    NEWTON
An Adelaide telegram gives further particulars respecting the fatal accident of Mrs Margaret Newton on board the Potoi, while en-route  for Auckland
------Mrs Newton was accompanied by 2 children one 4yrs and the other 7yrs, An inquest was held and a verdict returned that death was caused
by the breaking of a derrick,  no blame being attached to anyone.

Friday 3 June 1881
Serious Accident -  TRENEARY
Mary Jane Treneary age 7mths daughter of Mrs Mary Treneary, widow of Jersey St, Sydenham, --------

Infant named Rhoda McQUEEN age 4mths, parents reside at Waltham,

Inquest -  Mary Jane  TRENEARY
An inquest on the body of Mary Jane Treneary was held at 12-30pm today, -------  a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Saturday 4 June  1881
Fatalities  - 
  - Martin,  of  Dunedin -    At the inquest on Martin Brennan,  a verdict of found drowned was returned.
CLARK  -  William Clark  thrown from his horse at Albury -- severley injured internally.  --to Timaru Hospital  he died yesterday.  An inquest will be held today.
McILROY  -  William McIlroy, a roading contractor, was killed by a tree falling on him on the road near Warkworth.

Monday 6 June 1881    page 3
Auckland - George WILSON -
George Wilson one of the few remaining survivors of H.M.S.Orpheus,  which foundered in the Manakau in 1863,  died in the Hospital. He suffered
from heart disease, and had been an inmate of the Hospital for 4 years.  When the Orpheus went down, Wilson,  who was an able seaman,  saved
himself by floating ashore on a piece of timber.

Oamaru -  LONGMAN
Longman, a farmer on the Tables,  was killed by the wheels of a threshing machine passing over his body on Friday night.  He was in the act of jumping
on to the machine when he got entangled in the reins and was jerked off.  he was unmarried.

Timaru -  Inquest -  William CLARKE
An inquest was held today at the Hospital on the body of William Clarke,  who died from injuries received by a fall from a horse at Albury.
A verdict  of accidental death was returned.

Tuesday 7 June 1881
Sudden Death  -   BIRCH
We regret to announce the death of Mr Josiah Birch,  merchant, of Cathedral Square.  he was found dead in his bed -------- Mr Birch was an old colonist
of some four and twenty years standing, having arrived in the Colony in the Wesminster in the summer of 1857or 1858.   a long column,
email me for a  copy

Masonic funeral -  MONK  -
Yesterday afternoon the remains of Mr Benjamin Monk, who died on Friday from a sudden and severe attack of paralysis, were interred in the
Church of England Cemetery, Kaiapoi. --------

page 3
Inquest  - Addington  -   ASHWORTH
An inquest was held this morning at Feathers Hotel, Addington,  ---- on the body of a married woman named Isabella Ashworth,  who died in childbirth.
-----  the jury returned a verdict to the effect that the deceased died in child-bed, and added a rider censuring the nurse for not calling in medical aid sooner.

Wednesday 8 June 1881       page 3
Ashburton -   HAWKINS -
Mr William Hawkins, saddler, Tinwald, a young man who died very suddenly on Sunday last from the bursting of a blood vessel, was yeasterday
afternoon buried in the Ashburton cemetery.  he was a leading member of the Tinwald Lodge of Good Templars ----------

Auckland    - drowned -  GARNETT
A son of Mr Garnett, of Auckland fell from a timber raft into the Wairoa and was drowned.

Inquest -   Ohoka   -  PAWSEY
An elderly man named George Cooper Pawsey, who has resided at Ohoka for some years,  died suddenly on Monday morning.  He had been ailing
for some considerable  time and yesterday an inquest was held on his body, when a verdict of natural causes was returned in accordance with the
 medical evidence.

New Plymouth -  WELLS
Mr Benjamin Wells, the editor of the Taranaki News, died last night.  He was the author of "The History of Taranaki" and at the time of his death
was the Chairman of the Education Board,  and treasurer to the Harbour Board.  His illness was comparatively a short one.

Dunedin -   TURNER  &   CAMPBELL
By some effects at the Dunedin Police Station one of the unregonised bodies,  lately buried,  has now been identified as that of James Turner,  the
second steward of the Tararua.  The body of a boy --------  also been recognised as that of Donald Campbell, a son of Dr Campbell.

Hokianga -   ROBINSON
William Robinson,  late of the 58th regiment, was drowned at Manganuku Creek,  Hokianga,  while trying to recover some logs.

A man named McLENNAN was also drowned at Kawakawa today.

Thursday 9 June 1881     page 3
New Plymouth -   BRACKENSHIRE -
A man named George Brackenshire,  who was accidently run over by the train at Normanby yesterday, and was brought into town last night, 
had his right leg amputated, but he gradually sank,  dying at half past 12 today.

Riverton -  death -  ALLEN
Mr Joseph Allen,  landlord of the Great Western Hotel at Riverton,  slipped in getting on to the platform of a railway carriage at Thornbury
Junction this evening.  Both his legs were broken, and he also received severe internal injuries from which he has since died.

Saturday 11 June  1881   page 3
Southbridge -  loss of 6 lives
The Brig  Pakeha ran ashore on Ninety Mile Beach, near Lake Ellesmere, at nine o'clock this morning.  Several of the fisherman went to the wreck
with boats, to render assistance.  They found the vessel a total wreck,  and that all hands, supposed to be 7 in number. except one man had been
drowned.  The name of the survivor is Christian.  He was found on the beach in an insensible state, and was brought to the hut occupied by the
 fisherman,  and taken care of.  The vessel was laden with timber, bound, it is supposed for Lyttelton.

Dunedin  -  O'KANE
Thomas O'Kane, a miner, was killed by a fall of earth on his claim at Moke Creek.

Invercargill   - FAIRWEATHER -
Charles Fairweather,  one of the oldest settlers in this district,  while driving through the town today,  fell back in his dray and expired almost instantaneously.

Auckland  -  McGARRY
The body of McGarry,  the greengrocer,  who has been missing for the past few days,  was found floating in the harbour to-day.

Monday 13 June 1881   page 3
Sudden death  -   CAMERON
Mr Peter Cameron senior, of Lyttelton, died very suddenly at his res. on Saturday night. The deceased gentleman who was about 78 yrs of age. -----------
Mr Cameron was a very old colonist indeed and one of the oldest res. in Lyttelton.

Dunedin - death  - BIRD
The wife of Charles Bird, of the Dunedin Club,  died very suddenly yesterday.

.Dunedin -  death  -  BASSE -
John Basse, a newspaper runner, died  whilst folding paper in the "Star" Office - from disease of the heart.

Wellington - death -  WOODWARD
Jonas Woodward,  an old and respected Wellington resident,  died suddenly this morning.  He was working in his garden,  when he was seized with a
fit of apoplexy,  which resulted fatally.  Deceased was formerly the Public Trustee.

Carterton -  death of a prophet -
The funeral of Paul,  the Te Oreore prophet,  notorious for his dreams,  and for his flag at the late Maori meeting,  has just passed through Masterton. 
This noted man died yesterday at the Ngature Pa,  Black Bridge.  A tangi is to be held at Te Oreore.

Napier -  death  -  WHITE -
John White, a navvy at Waipawa, was found lying dead in a pool of water on the road yesterday.  A quarter of an hour previously he had been seen
in an hotel apparently in good health.

Leeston -  ship wreck -   PAKEHA  - 
The brig "Pakeha" 170 tons, bound from Kaiapara to Dunedin,  laden with timber,  was wrecked on Saturday morning at 9 o'clock on Taumutu Beach. 
Seven men were lost and only one saved. Christie PETERSEN, who was washed ashore with the deck cargo.   
The names were  :   Captain BREWER,   first mate,  John WALKER,    2nd mate,  Frederick -----    cook,  Christie SMITH, A.B.'s Anderson , 
Charles CARLSON,  and Alfred ----

Auckland -   Inquest -   McGARRY
At the inquest on the body of Edward McGarry,  found floating in the harbour,  an open verdict was returned.

Tuesday 14 June 1881  page 2
Grounding of the "  Hawea" -  Manakau Harbour

page 3
Inquest -  Mary Ann SUMNER
An inquest was held yesterday, at the Asylum, on the body of Mary Ann Sumner,  who had been admitted a few days ago from the Orphange. ------

more on the wreck of the Pakeha,  no bodies found yet.

Adelaide    - death  -  Dr & Mrs MUNRO
Dr and Mrs Munro and child were drowned near Wangaratta today through the upsetting of a buggy.

Wednesday 15 June 1881
Dunedin -  REEVES -
Frederick Reeves, a labourer, died suddenly from heart disease.

Wellington - GORMLEY
A young child was found dead today at Horokiwi under peculiar circumstances.  The mother Josephine Gormley, -----
An inquest will be held.

Thursday 16 June 1881
Death -  TRUMAN  -  page 2 
Ernest Truman, a child of 2 and half years of age, residing at Rangiora,  ------- He died this morning at 8 o'clock

Tauranga - W.H. MATHESON -   page 3
The body of a man,  named W.H.Matheson,  was found drowned in the Harbour today.  He had been missing for some few days.

Friday 17 June 1881   page 3
Dunedin -  killed at work -  KANE
Thomas Kane was killed by a fall of earth in his claim at Moke Creek.

"Lurline"  from London,  97 days on the passage and  brings over 1400 tons of cargo,    email me for story of her journey

Saturday 18 June 1881
Inquest -    TRUMAN
Yesterday afternoon,  Dr Dudley,  coroner of the Kaiapoi district, held an inquest at Mr John Mullins, Red Lion Hotel,  on the body of Ernest
Arthur Truman, who died from the effects of poison,  accidently taken. -------------- The jury bought in a verdict of accidental death.

write up of the wedding of Mr Alan Scott and Miss Lance, of Okeover. Christchurch
email me for a copy

Auckland -  DONELLY -
An old lady named Mrs Donnelly, living alone in her res. in Howick,  was found dead. From appearances she fell dead in the act of taking her tea.

Monday 20 June  1881
Dunedin -   COTTRELL -
Frank Cottrell, who was engaged as barman at the Industrial Exhibition,  ------  The body was found today.

Auckland -   old settler -   SPECKMAN -
Mr Speckman,  one of the oldest settlers in the Colony,  died at Whangaroa today.  He came to Whangaroa with Mr Marsden,  a missionary,
and ploughed the first land ploughed in the Colony.

Wellington -  drowned -  GORRIG
A Blenheim telegram from Havelock reports that Peter Gorrig was drowned in a creek at the foot of Totara Hill,  on his way to Nelson, on Saturday night.  
His body has been recovered.

Inquest - Dunedin -   COTTRELL
At the inquest on Cottrell, a verdict of Temporary insanity was returned.

Tuesday 21 June 1881  page 3
Dunedin -   McEHENNY
John McEhenny was killed by train on the Caversham Road running over him.  Deceased,  who was drunk,  attempted to cross the
line right in front of the car,  which was going only at a mile per hour.

Alexander BOND  aged 80,  died suddenly of heart disease last night at Hillside.

Inquest -  Dunedin  -   Cotterill
At the inquest on Cotterill a verdict of Temporay insanity was returned.

Inquest  -  Auckland -  William ROGERS -
A man named William Rogers  or Bogers died suddenly today at Pollock's settlement ------At the inquest a verdict was returned of Death from
natural causes.

Wednesday 22 June 1881      page 3
Inquest - Dunedin -   McEHENNY -
At the inquest on the body of McEhenny a verdict of accidental death was returned,  no blame was attched to the tram-driver.

A man named Sutherland,  a carrier,  died at the Hospital today, from injuries received by a fall from his horse.

Wangaratta -  MUNRO  -  Eva RUNDLE
Drowning at Wangaratta,  Dr Angus Munro and his sister (a young lady of about two-and -twenty years) and a little girl about 9 years
(daughter of Mr Rundle, dentist of this town) ------  a long piece,  email me for a copy.

Thursday 23 June 1881  page 3
Invercargill - 2 -  
The sea is still at intervals casting ashore bodies of those drowned in the Turarua.  -------  wife of DANZ,  one of the crew of the illfated ship.

Friday 24 June 1881  page 3
The Rev W. KEALL, of the Ashburton Weslyan circuit,  has closed a subscription list --- for the benefit of the widows of the Rev's Armitage
and Richardson, drowned in the Tararua. -----

Inquest  -  Sydney -  BUCKLEY -
At an inquest in Sydney on the body of a person named Buckley, a Gippsland squatter,  -----  lots more.

Death of an old Colonist  -  DOCKER -
In our issue on Wednesday appeared the notice of the death of an old colonist,  Mr Robert Docker,  who came to this colony in the ship "Minerva"
twenty eight years ago.------- lots more,  email me for a copy.

Monday 27 June 1881       page 3
Death   of DE SKAE?
The late Inspector of Lunatic Asylums died at Wellington on Saturday.  The cause of death was erysipelas.

Wellington - The Question Solved - June 25
Dr SKAE,  Inspector of Lunatic Asylums,  who has been dangerously ill for some time past from an attack of erysipelas,  died today.  He leaves a
wife and large family.

Inquest -  Auckland -  GALVAN
At the inquest on the body of Mary Galvan,  who was found drowned in the harbour,  an open verdict was returned.  Her husband was killed at Epsom
some years ago.

Alice McKNTEE?,  a girl 5 years old,  died today from blood poisoning.

Tuesday 28  June 1881    
Wellington  -  BALLINGER -
Joseph Ballinger, a plumber,  died suddenly today.  he was riding in a tram, when he was seized with a fit and expired.  he was 60 years old.

Hokitika  -  FREEMAN
A man named Freeman,  a publican, at Kaniere,  was found dead in bed this morning.

Wednesday 29  June 1881   page 2
Inquest - THOMPSON
At the inquest on the body of Mr Norman Planter Thompson,  at his res. on Tuesday,  the verdict returned by the jury was "That death had resulted
by natural causes."
page 3
Arrival of "Orari" at Home
The NZ Shipping Co. have received a telegram from London announcing the arrival of their ship Orari on 28 June after a passage of 80 days. 
This is the ship in which W.W.CHARTERS went home.

Auckland  -   WALLEN -
George Wallen,  aged 18, was found dead in a drain near where he had been working at Manurewa yesterday.  He was subject to epileptic fits.

Inquest -  THORNELLY -
At the inquest today on the body of Thornelly,  who was killed by a fall of earth in Mt Eden. gravel pits,  a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
19 August  2005

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