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November  1880

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Monday 1 November 1880 page 3
Inquest - Christchurch - MILLAR
An inquest was held on Friday last at Irwell, ----------- on the body of the infant son of Mr James Millar,
-----jury returned the verdict, death by natural causes.

Oamaru - LINTON
The body of a man was found near the Otekaike Station on Saturday. The body was in a state of decay, having probably
lain exposed for 2 -3 months. It is supposed to be that of Edward Linton, who has been missing for some time,
and who was last seen wandering about in search of rabbits.

Tuesday 2 November 1880
page 2
Funeral Notice - The late Mr J. S.WILLCOX
The late Mr J.S.Willcox's funeral took place yesterday afternoon, his remains being followed to their last resting
place by a large number of Masons, Forristers, and private friends.

Invercargill - MANSFORD
The first brief given to the late Dr. Kenealy, was given by the late Mr Mansford R.M., who died
the other day at Invercargill.

Page 3
At the inquest on the body of Arthur BACKIN? who was killed by a roller at the College last week,
a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Thursday 4 November 1880
page 2
Timaru - sudden death - LOUIS
A man named Oscar Louis, who lately arrived at Geraldine from Timaru, was found dead in his bed yesterday at the
Woodbury Hotel, where he has been staying. It is supposed that the deceased died from heart disease.
An inquest will be held today.

Page 3
Greytown - Inquest - CARPENTER
The body of a man named William Carpenter, who was drowned off the "Alma" while lying at the wharf on October 21st,
who was picked up today on the South Beach. An inquest was held and a verdict of accidental death was returned.

The verdict of the jury in the case of Mrs Rickards --------

Friday 5 November 1880
page 3
William Herbert, a bootmaker, of Melbourne, shot his paramour, Jane Messenger, at Fursbury Park,
---------- a verdict of murder has been returned.

Saturday 6 November 1880 page 2
Funeral Notice - BRIGHT
The friends of the late Mrs Bright are informed that the funeral will leave her late res. Southbridge on
Sunday 7 November at 5pm.

Monday 8 November 1880
page 2
Fatal accident - North Canterbury - BUNKER
A man named Bunker was accidently drowned yesterday afternoon in the Waiau River. He was crossing over the ordinary
ford at the township, with the ferryman, when his horse fell and he was carried downstream,
which though not in flood, was deep and rapid. A large search party went out at once and the body was found
nearly 3 miles below the scene of the accident

Page 3
Dunedin - drowning - BUTLER
Frank Butler has been drowned in an attempt to swim across the Kawaru Falls.

Agnes Weir - wife of John Weir of Williamsborough, Mornington -------
she was taken to hospital where she died this afternoon Nov 7th.

Tuesday 9 November 1880
page 3
Timaru - Found dead - McPHERSON
A man named Andrew McPherson was found dead on the roadside near Winchester today. No further particulars are yet at hand.

Dunedin - sudden death - LARNACH
Mrs W.J.M.Larnach died suddenly this afternoon, shortly after lunch. Mr Larnach is in Melbourne.

Thursday 11 November 1880
page 2
Fatal Accident - BINNIE
A farmer named John Binnie, residing at Sefton, North Canterbury, met with a fatal accident on Saturday night.
------- He was one of the oldest settlers of the Sefton district, greatly respected and acknowledged to be one
of the most skilful farmers in the neighbourhood. He leaves a widow and a large family.

Page 3
Inquest - McPHERSON
At the inquest today on the body of Andrew McPherson, who was found dead on Monday last, a verdict of
accidental death was returned.

Friday 12 November 1880
page 3
Dunedin - DRYSDALE
Mr William Drysdale, dry salter, dropped down dead in George St. yesterday, from heart disease.

Monday 15 November 1880
page 3
Accident - Wellington - CRAIG
A fatal accident occured at Karori, yestrday afternoon. A lad named Craig was out rabbit shooting, when his gun exploded,
and the charge entered his right side and struck a vital part. The body was brought to town, and an inquest will be held.

Inquest - Wellington - CRAIG
At the inquest held this morning on the body of the lad Craig, who was shot on Saturday,
a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Tuesday 16 November 1880
page 2
Death - KENNY
An inquest will be held at the Hospital at 3pm tomorrow, on the body of a man named Michael Kenny 61 years of age,
supposed to be a shepherd. He was admitted on 6 November with a bruise on the head supposed to have been caused
by his being knocked down by a cab in Tuam St. ------------------ he sunk under his injuries and died.

Doyleston - Death of an Old Settler - BLACKLER
Mr James Blackler, senior died somewhat unexecpectedly on Sunday evening at his son's res. at Doyleston,
where he had been living for the past few months. he was one of the oldest settlers in Canterbury, arriving
a few months after the first four ships thirty years ago. ---------- His sister was buried just a week before.
The funeral is announced to take place tomorrow afternoon.

Page 3
Ashburton - drowning - CAMPBELL
A farmer named John Campbell living near the racecourse, Ashburton, met with an accident, which terminated fatally
about noon yesterday. ----------------------- An inquest will be held today at Butlers Hotel

Inquest - Ashburton - HURLEY
An inquest was held yesterday at the Royal Hotel, Ashburton --------- touching on the death of a young man named
John Hurley ---------- He was a native of Killarney, County Kerry and was the son of a resprctable farmer of that place.
A verdict of accidently drowned was returned.

Doyleston - death - SHAW
Mrs Shaw, wife of William Shaw, of Doyleston, died rather suddenly on Sunday morning. ------
An inquest will be held.

Wednesday 17 November 1880
death - FLYNN -
A little girl named Eliza Ann Flynn was burned to death here yesterday morning. It appears that the chils was
left in the house by herself, and it is supposed she went close to the fireplace, for she was discovered by some
children, with her clothes in flames. Dr. Stackpole was at once sent for but arrived too late.

Friday 19 November 1880
page 2
News by the mail, reports the sudden death at Edinburgh of Mr George Montgomery, B.A. who went to finish his education.

Saturday 20 November 1880
page 3
Oamaru - Drowned - SWALLOW
A boy named Swallow was drowned in the Otepopo River yesterday.

Monday 22 November 1880
page 2
Funeral Notice - GILMOUR
The Friends of Mr Gilmour, Heathcote Valley, are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late son Michael John,
will leave his residence at 2-30pm Nov. 23rd and Lyttelton Railway Station at 3-05pm.

Page 3
Wellington - Death of a Colonist - CRAWFORD
Mr George Crawford. merchant, died last night from a stroke of paralysis. He was aged 70 and had been ailing
for nearly 12mths.

Inquest - Nelson - FEARON
At the inquest of the body of Edward Fearon, a verdict was returned, death from natural causes.

Dunedin - KENDALL - November 20
Joseph Kendall, a gold miner, at the Blue Spur, was killed this morning while proceeding from Lawrence to Blue Spur.
It is supposed that death resulted through a fall from his horse. Deceased was a widower, but without a family.

Dunedin - drowned - HISCOCKS
Henry Hiscocks 12 years of age was drowned in the Clutha River at Roxburgh yesterday eveing while bathing.
The police and others dragged the river in the vicinity without success.

Dunedin - DAVIS -
Thomas Davis, a seaman, died suddenly this morning at Port Chalmers, of heart disease.

Referring to the the sudden death of Mr Andrew Richmond, M.H.R. for Nelson suburbs, The NZ Times says the deceased
gentleman was the only son of the Hon. Major Richmond, C.B. M.L.C. who is still living and is the oldest member of
the Assembly. ---------- He will be remembered by old settlers as a boy and young man in the very early days when his
father (who was then known as Major Brassbuttons) was stationed here. -------- a very long column.

Wellington - divorces.
The divorce court opened this morning and decree absolute were granted in the following cases.
Ferguson v Ferguson, Dunedin
Hincock v Hincock, Dunedin
Denby v Denby, & Gilbert, Auckland
Munro v Munro and another, Christchurch

Decree nisi were granted in the cases of
Gillfellin v Gellfellin & Scott, Dunedin
McGhee v McGhee, Dunedin

Tuesday 23 November 1880
page 3
Melbourne - death - Sir Redmond BARRY
The death is announced today of Sir Redmond Barry, one of the puisne judges at Victoria, age 62 years. --------------

Obituaries -
Field Marshal Sir Charles YORKE
Constable of the Tower, The Right Hon. Sir Alexander COCKBURN, Lord Chief Justice of England.

Thursday 24 November 1880
Wellington - CRAWFORD
The Funeral of the late Mr George Crawford took place today, and was attended by a large number of the principal citizens.

The Steward of the ship "Wairoa" which arrived this morning from London, died during the passage,
from a stroke of paralysis.

Friday 26 November 1880
page 2
Inquest - Michael KENNY
The inquest on Michael Kenny was concluded yesterday afternoon. The jury returned an open verdict.

Opehi River drowning - RADDON
A dairy farmer named Raddon went out for a drive yesterday, but did not return home.` His body was found on the banks
of the Opehi River this morning. Death was supposed to be the result of an accident.

Dunedin - drowned - Captain ROBERTSON
Capt. Robertson, signal master at Port Chalmers, was drowned last
night. -------- deceased was 60 years of age. --------

New Plymouth - Miss DOBIE
Information has just been received from Opunake that Miss Dorie sister -in-law to Captain Goring, has been found murdered, about 2 miles
south of the Opunake camp.

Inquest - KENNY
The adjourned inquest on the body of Michael Kenny, resumed at the Hospital at 3pm.Evidence was taken ------- a long column.

Saturday 27 November 1880
page 3
Auckland - murder of Miss DOBIE
The murder of Miss Dobie has caused a great sensation in Auckland, where she was well known, having resided in Parnell,
where her married brother is at present living. - The following particulars concerning her will be of interest.
Her father was MAJOR Herbert Mayne DOBIE, of the 30th Native Infantry, Madras Army. He died in India on active service. There were
6 children, three sons and 3 daughters. of whom she was the 3rd and youngest.The eldest daughter is in England and married.
The younger brother is Herbert Dobie, an Officer in the Auckland Railway Dept.
The eldest brother is an Officer in the Horse Artillery.The 2nd son an Army surgeon. ----------
Miss Dobie's mother is sister of Mr Frederick LOCKER, editor and Prop. of the "Graphic"
------ lots more ----- inquest tomorrow.

Monday 29 November 1880
page 2
Auckland - BROWN
The police have ascertained that Mr Brown, a shipping clerk, who died suddenly on Saturday from supposed excessive
drinking, purchased poison from Mr King, a chemist.

Fatal accident - Mr Louis Robert RADDON
In connection with the late fatal accident in the Opihi River bed, through which Mr Louis Robert Raddon met his death,
we learn that a private telegram was received in Christchurch yesterday, stating that the body of the deceased's grandson, age 7 years, was found floating
in the river near Mr Gould's house, yesterday afternoon.

Page 3
Inquest - Miss Dobie - a very long column.

Tuesday 30 November 1880 page3
Death by drowning - Thomas FULLER
Last night one of the patients in the Hospital, named Thomas Fuller, was drowned in the River Avon -------
age about 25, chemists assistant by occupation. ------ long column.

Wellington - sudden death - William CARR
William Carr, a restaurant prop. died suddenly yesterday. He leaves a wife and 5 children.

Nelson - A prominent man gone - STAFFORD
Mr Hugh Stafford, of Stoke, a brother of Sir E.W.Stafford died yesterday. He was well known in turf circles
and contested the seat for Nelson suburbs at the last General Election.

More on inquest of Miss Dobie.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
19 November 2005