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Monday 1 March 1880 
     page 3
Buried Alive -     BROWN
Alexander Brown -  fall of earth -  leaves a wife and 2 children destitute.

Tuesday 2 March  1880     page 2
CHALLIS -      John Henry  Challis   res. of Sydney, died suddenly

Friday 5 March 1880     page 2
Napier -     STAFFORD
Death from lockjaw, Mary Stafford.

Tuesday 9 March 1880   page 2
Wellington  -   CAMPBELL
An inquest on the body of Robert Campbell, a verdict of death by natural causes.

Wednesday 10 March 1880   .page 3
Death on Shipboard -   DAY 
During the passage of the barque Alaster, from London, a seaman named William Day,  fell from the main topmast onto the deck,  receiving concussion
of the brain, and died 4 hours later.

Thursday 11 March 1880   page 2
The ship  Mataura -
The NZSC (Limited) has received cabled advice from London of the arrival of the Mataura,  all well, after a passage of 79 days from Port Chalmers.

Friday 12 March 1880     page 2
Sudden death - 
HARGREAVES     -   Mr Edward Allen

Tuesday 16 March 1880     page 2
Wellington -  WALLACE -
Death of an old Settler -   named John Wallace,  died this morning in his 93rd year.

Wednesday 17 March 1880      page 2
Accidently Drowned -  WRIGHT -
It was reported to the police last night that a little girl named Mabel Wright,  4 yrs of age, daughter of Mr James Wright, of Addington,  had been drowned
in a creek, about 6 o'clock in the evening,

Friday 19 March 1880   page 2
Fire at Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula
THACKERS Hotel, at Okains Bay, was burnt down on Tuesday night, and nothing was saved.  Mr & Mrs Thacker escaped with difficulty from the
 burning building.  The stock and furniture were insured.  Sergeant Willis has gone to Okains Bay with the insurance agent.

Inquest -  WRIGHT  - 
An inquest was held yesterday in Selwyn St. Addington,  before Dr Coward,  upon the body of Mabel Wright,  aged 2yrs and 8mths.  From the
evidence it appeared the child was left for a few moments,  whilst her mother went indoors to get a pinafore, and that on returning the mother missed
her child. On search being made,  the little one was found floating  face downward in a well situated between two houses.  The well is eight feet deep
and the cover had inadvertently been left open.  The jury returned a verdict of "accidental death" at the same time cautioning the parents against having
such a dangerous place uncovered at any time.

Saturday 20 March  1880          page 2
Dunedin - another Pioneer gone  -  HAGGART
Daniel Haggart,  one of the early settlers of Clutha,  has died suddenly,  age 80

Wanganui - Fatal accident  -  ASTRIDGE
A young man named Astridge fell off the new Post office and landed on his head.  He was picked up unconscious,  and soon after died.

Tuesday 23 March 1880     page 2
Death   -  CLARK   -    the Engineer
By a letter received by the Drainage Board it would appear that Mr Clark, Consulting Engineer to the Board, and who was also consulted by the
City Council on the Water Works scheme,  died on January 22 last, of cancer of the liver.

Dunedin - a tragedy -    page 3
At the City Police Court this morning, Robert BUTLER  alias DONNELLY, alias LEE, alias MIDWAY, was charged with the murder of the DEWAR
family.  Several witnesses were examined and the prisioner was remanded till Monday. he cross examined the witnesses at great length.  Yesterday a scarf
and hat belonging to Butler were found.  It had transpired that on Tuesday and Wednesday previous to the murder that Butler lodged at Ravensbourne in
the same house as the local policeman and that while there he went under the name of Robert LOVE.

Wednesday 24 March 1880      page 2
Inquest - ADDIS
an inquest was held at Baldwin's Hotel yesterday,  before Dr Trevor, Coroner, touching the death of a child aged sixteen months, which was scalded
to death Monday last.  Mr A. Hamin was chosen foreman of the jury.  Mrs Addis, mother of the deceased said that she had poured some boiling water
 into a tub and while her back was turned the little thing fell into the water and was so severley scalded that death soon followed.  A verdict of "accidental
death" was returned.

Thursday 25 March 1880      page 2
Nelson - Bankcruptcies  - 
At the district court, Henry ADAMS, solicitor, who had executed a deed of arrangement, was on the petition of his creditors adjudicated a bankcrupt.  
In the matter of Hugh JONES,  banker,  late of Westport, who was also adjudicated a bankcrupt on the creditors petition.  
the proceedings were transferred to Westport.

Wellington  - Fatal accident - AMOOR
Frank Amoor,  one of the hard labour gang,  was killed this morning by a fall of earth while working at the excavation near the College.
He was sentenced in October to 12 mths for larceny.  He leaves a wife and family.

Auckland   -   Death -  MOLLOY
Honora Molloy, an immigrant,  has died of low fever at the quarantine station.

Monday  29 March 1880   page 2
Death of   -   TEMPLETON -
Templeton, while having his trial yesterday,  fell over a cow and received injuries from which he has since died.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
31 October  2005

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