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Thursday 1 July 1880
Bigamy  -  002
LITCHER -  Edward Lawler,  of Wakefield st, ----  one of his wives has just come over from Australia.  He was remanded.

Hokitika  -  Drowning  -  003
COWLISHAW - Mr of the firm Cowlishaw & plaisted, a passenger from Melbourne per Albion, was drowned   --------   more ----

Friday 2 July 1880
Sudden Death  -  004
SWINDELL -  Mr Joseph, while standing at his back door in Colombi st yesterday sudenly dropped dead  aged 64   ---  suffering heart disease for some time.

Sudden Death  -  005
JONES -  Mrs Mary, a widow residing in Avon st,  died suddenly ---   recently arrived on the ship Waimate  -- an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Invercargill  -  006
ASHER -  boy Asher, who was run over by the bush tramway locomotive on Wednesday,  died last night.  ----

Lyttelton  - Maintenance  -   007
DURHAM - John,  brought before court by his wife,  payment of maintenance for herself and children ---  case to stand over for a week ------

Saturday 3 July 1880
Late Sudden Death  -  009
JONES -  it has been decided not to hold an inquest  on the late Mrs Jones  ---  death from natural causes.

Grahamstown -  Death  - 010
SHINE -  Francis James Shine  died last evening in hospital from injuries received while prospecting in Hope Creek,  an inquest will be held.

Tuesday 6 July 1880
Destitute person's Act -  014
WALKER -  William, charged with failing to provide his wife Ann Walker with adequate means of support  ---  case held over ----

Wednesday 7 July 1880
Not Supporting Child -  016
NEWTON - John Isaac Newton was charged with neglecting to contribute to the support of his child in the Industrial School ----    adjourned for a month.

Dunedin  -  Drowned  -  017
MARKS -  James, the shipkeeper on the Star of the South, fell out of the boat alongside of Rattray st wharf last night and was drowned.

Thursday 8 July 1880
Ashburton  -   Sudden Death  -  019
WALSH -  a woman named Walsh was found dead in her bed ----  A man Michael Murphy, who lives with them gave information --- inquest will be held today

Friday 9 July 1880
Property Sale -  022
SHEATH -  Whitecliffs Marble Lime Quarry and Kiln    to Mr Joseph Sheath  for the sum of 1300 pounds.

Fatalities  -  023
BALDWIN - Frederick George, son of Mr Thomas Baldwin, Third st, Sydenham,  inquest,  death from natural causes.
WILKINSON - Mrs,  wife of John Wilkinson, a farmer living at Chertsey  --- an inquest will be held today.

Saturday 10 July 1880
Fatal Ac FAHEY   -  026cident  -
A young man named J.Fahey  and his nephew James Dunn, while felling timber at South Ariirima ----   tree fell in wrong direction killing Fahey,  his father and mother  were killed at Maketu  at the opening of the Waikato campaign in 1863.

Burial  -  027
McLEOD - Sergeant Major, of the Victoria Company, buried today with military honours,  aged 23  was a printer at the Herald office  --------

Tuesday 13 July 1880
Kumara  -  030
WHELAN - Denis,   and John   both bodies found ----  Cummins, one of the injured men is now in hospital --   inquest tomorrow. --- lots more ---

Fatalities  -  031
FAHEY -  2 men named Fahey were killed by the fall of a rata tree which struck them between the head and shoulders, causing instant death.
MILL -  James,  inquest---   who was drowned in the Waipa river,  resulted in an open verdict.

Fatal Mining Accident  Kumara  -  033
CUMMINS   - Philip,  one of the men injured,  died last night, an inquest this morning on Denis Whelan ---  adjourned

Thursday 15 July 1880
Fatality  -  035
LEATHWICK -  Jane Eliza,  died yesterday aft.  at her house in Poulsen st, Addington,    aged 56  and a widow  ------

Inquest  -  036
LEATHWICK - Jane Eliza,    will be held tomorrow at 11am.

Kumara  -  038
PHELAN - John,  the body was recovered  this morning and buried with Denis,  his brother and Philip Cummins.  1000 persons attended ------

Maintenance  -  039
STRANGE -  William Henry,  was ordered  to pay  ----  towards the maintenance of his family.

Found Dead  -  JAMES -  037
Mr William James, residing at Windmill rd, Sydenham ---   his infant son, Alexander Gibb James  had been found dead in bed -----  an inquest will be held.

Friday 16 July 1880
Inquest  -  LEATHWICK -  041
Mrs Eliza Jane Leathwick  --- deceased lived with her son George Edward Leathwick, a lad about aged 17  -------- another son came to see his mother on
Monday ----  Mrs Wadsworth, a neighbour -----      death from natural causes -----

Drowning  -  PATERSON -  042
Captain J.S.Paterson,  of the barque Hudson,  died last night  -----  Captain Mackay  of the Larnarkshire,  noticed that Captain Mackay didn't look well ----   aged 32  ----  an inquest will be held.  ---  lots more  ----

Drowned  -  044
GILCHRIST -  Ernest,  a child aged 19mths  accidentally drowned  at Otaki yesterday.

Absent without Leave  -  045
MARSHALL -  Gavan, steward on the barque Annabella,  was charged  ----   more ----

Inquest  -  046
LEATHWICK  -  Jane Eliza,  cause of death --------

Saturday 17 July 1880
Inquest  -  050
JAMES -  child of Mr William James,  was  held yesterday aft.    --- accidental death ---

Inquest  -  Kumara mining accident  -  051
PHELAN - John,  suffocated by falling earth  in the sludge channel --------

Tuesday 20 July 1880
Auckland - sudden death  -   056
GRANT - Mr,  auctioneer,  was discovered at Mrs Skeat's house in Vincent st,  this morning by a carpenter coming to repair a sewing machine  ------   

Dunedin  -  Dead  -  057
WALCOTT -  Mr,  an ex-member of the Harbour Board,  died today.

Wednesday 21 July 1880
Accident -  Rangiora  -  059
PENTECOST -  Mrs Edward,  of Rangiora, who is an octogenarian,  received some serious injuries from a cow  -------     shoulder dislocated.

Hokitika  -  060
COWLISHAW -  the body of Mr Cowlishaw, who was drowned crossing from the wharf to the steamer,  has not yet been recovered.

Friday 23 July 1880
Waipuku  -  064
RAGUTEKIE  -    a Pole,  was felling timber with others, when a tree fell on him  -----   a serious accident  causing injuries to his back and head.

Dunedin  -  065
McCUTCHEON - a girl aged 5 and half years  whilst going to school,  was run over by a tramcar at South Kensington.

Saturday 24 July 1880
Dunedin  -  Fatalities  -  068
WATSON -  an inquest was held at the gaol  ----  one of the Maori prisioners  ---  died of natural causes.  
WILLIAMSON -  Alexander, a youth employed on Pritchard's reclamation  -- was killed this morning  by a truck passing over him.

Monday 26 July 1880
Waimate  -  Sudden Death  -  071
GIBSON -  a child aged 12mths,  daughter of Mr Alexander Gibson,  of the Hook,  near Waimate,  died suddenly  ---  an inquest will be held.

Tuesday 27 July 1880
Admitted to the Bar  -  TURNBULL -  072
Mr J.J.  of Wadham College, Oxford,  and Middle Temple Barrister-at-Law,   was admitted today as a barrister and solicitor  of the Supreme Court of NZ. ----   has commenced practice in the chambers occupied by the late Mr Neck, in Gloucester st.

Dunedin  -  072a
MARSHALL -  John, an ex-constable was charged  with forging consent to his marriage with a minor  ------
WILLIAMSON -  an inquest  -- verdict accidental death  --------

Wednesday 28 July 1880
Frightened to Death  -  SMITH  -  074
a sudden death in Wellington this morning  ----  a youth named Henry J.G.Smith,  aged 18 was concerned in an affair on Saturday night  -------  a lot more  ----
email for a copy ----

Invercargill  -  075
McKAY  -  Captain,  during the passage of the Annir Hill  from Greymouth  to Bluff,  he was washed overboard and drowned.

Auckland  -  076
CONNELL -  a child, 2 years of age, the son of Mr Connell,  was found dead this morning  -----   

The Late General BALLARD  -  077
In the Edinburgh Courant of 22 April there is an obituary notice for General Ballard, who some years ago was a resident in Christchurch. -- General Archibald Ballard, C.B. died at Livadia, in Greece on 2 April  was a genuine soldier of rare abilities and great scientific attainments --- he was born in 1830, son of an East Indian merchant.  His mother's maiden name was TOD and was connected with the house of Drygrange.  This lady was left an early widow, took up res. in Edinburgh for the education of her children.  -----    General Ballard completed his education at Addiscombe College and at Chatham.  in 1848 he entered Bombay Engineers as 2nd Lieutenant  and in 1854  while on his way home  from India on sick leave  was attracted by events in Turkey. -----   long story on his military -----   for his services in Turkey he was made an honorary C.B. -- the decoration of the Bath was afterwards formally conferred on him by the Sovereign of the summer of 1860  -------   in 1861 was appointed Master of the Bombay Mint  a post he held until his retirement in 1879 -----  in 1861 General Ballard was married toa daughter of the late Mr Scott MONCRIEF who has survived him with a family of 2 sons and 3 daughters.
-----  a very long column   ------   email for a copy -----

Thursday 29 July 1880
Neglecting to Provide -  079
LESLIE -  James,  failed to provide for an illegitimate child of Letitia STEEL -----has no means of support and has to go into the refuge.

Friday 30 July 1880
Accident  - 081
MOORHEAD -  Archibald, brought to hosp. from tai-Tapu, fractured his left leg, driving a dray loaded with grain for his employer Mr Hamblin -----

Saturday 31 July 1880
Property sale  -  083
CHAPMAN -  10 acres of land at Halswell was sold on account of the trustee  of Samuel Chapman,  Mr EAST of Prebbleton, bought the property.

Missing Man  -  084
GORDON -  the man Gordon, who has been missing for some time was found yesterday at Mt Thomas, an inquest will be held today at Rangiora at 3pm

Lost Overboard  -   LAIRD - 085
While the schooner Lizzie Guy on her voyage from Hokitika to Oamaru, the mate Cornelius Laird was lost overboard,  he was well-known in Lyttelton and was much respected by his brother seamen.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
21 May 2010

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