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Friday  2 January  1880
Invercargill   -  Sudden death  -  McRORIE  -
Mr McRorie,  of the well-known firm of auctioneers  -------    died last night -----  

Dunedin  -   Death  -  McLEAN  -  
John McLean,  the well-known auctioneer,  died yesterday.  He was Chairman of the Peninsula County.

Invercargill  -  Death   -   LENAHAM  -
Mary Lenahan,  widow of "Billy the Bellman"  living in a cottage near Puni Creek,   ----------------

Christchurch  -  Presentation  -  LOCKWOOD  -
Last evening Mr W. Lockwood,  letter-carrier at the Christchurch Post Office who is retiring  ----   after 12 years service  was presented
with a purse of sovereigns as a mark of esteem from his fellow officers.

Saturday  3 January  1880

Auckland  -  accident  -  BENNETT  -
Mr Bennett whilst driving down Hobson street,  with his wife and child,  met with an accident.   The wheel of the buggy slipped off
and the occupants were precipitated into the roadway,  but were not seriously hurt.

Monday  5 January  1880

New Plymouth  -    Death  -   SHAUGHNESSY  -
A man named John Shaughnessy was drowned last night in the lagoon at Moturoa.  -----------

Nelson  -  Drowned  -  BRANCHE  -
A Nelson man named Branche,  a fisherman,  was found drowned --------  an inquest will be held  this afternoon.

Wednesday  7  January  1880

Waikato  -     Drowned      -  THOMAS -
The body of Mr Thomas's son,  2 years of age,  has been recovered in the Waikato River. 
He was accidentally drowned on 21 December.

Nelson  -  Accident  -  HAMILTON  -
a boy named Hamilton  was seriously scalded  while sitting on a wharf,  fishing alongside the ss Taiaroa.    -----------------------

Nelson  -   Death  -
a little girl under 3 years of age,  whose parents reside at Toi Toi Valley,    obtained a box of matches,  ------  the child died from
burns this morning.  an inquest will be held tonight.

Thursday  8 January  1880

Dunedin  -   Death  -  KEATING  -
A very sudden death occurred at the Lower Kaikorai Valley yesterday.  James Keating  a labourer,  -------    died before he could
be brought to the hospital.

Friday  9 January  1880

Dunedin    -    Death     -  BIRCH  -
Mrs Birch died early this morning from injuries received at the late fire.

Lost Overboard  -  CROFTON  -
A man named Crofton,  steerage passenger by the steamer Star of the South,   from Lyttelton,  was lost during the passage here.  -----------------

Cromwell    -  Death  -  TAYLOR  -
James Taylor,  a highly respected and old resident of Cromwell ---------

Dunedin  -   Death  -  ESMOND  -
-----    an old pensioner,  57 years of age,  named William Esmond. -------   He received his last remittance only about a week ago. 
--- separated  from his wife. ------

Saturday  10  January  1880

Cheviot  -  Drowning  -    HARRISON  -
----  the gamekeeper at Cheviot Hills, named Harrison,  was drowned whilst bathing in a creek ------        he had been in
Hon.W. Robinson's service at Cheviot about 12 months.

Greymouth  -  Fire  -  CRESSEY -   GILMORE  -   MALONEY
a fire broke out  at Orwell Creek  ------    in a kitchen attached to Mr Gilmore's Hotel.    The hotel and bakery were destroyed 
as well as Mr Cressey's butchers shop  and the dwelling house of Mr Maloney.  None of the property was saved,  none was insured.

Dunedin   -    Drowned  -  SUTHERLAND  -
Joseph Sutherland,  aged 8 years  --------   at Otakia --------    

Monday  12 January  1880

Dunedin  -   Inquest  -  DESMOND  -
at the inquest on William Desmond ------------   

Invercargill  -   Drowned  -   WILLIAMS  -
Thomas Williams,  aged 11 years was drowned while bathing in the Makareware river.

Invercargill    - Death   -    TURNER  -
Edwin Turner,  a stowaway last trip in the Rotorua,  died  in the hospital on Saturday  ----------

Tuesday  13 January  1880

Herbert  -   Death  -  ANDERSON  -
Matthew Anderson,  aged about 50  dropped dead in his garden at Herbert last evening.  ---------

Wellington     -  Death     -  LUDWIG  -  SHAW  -
Mr Ludwig,  a well-known jeweller,  died on Saturday   and Mr Shaw,  also a jeweller  died last night.  -------

New Plymouth  -  Found dead   -   TAWATA  -
an old Native named Tamahere Tawata  was found dead in a paddock.  --------

Wednesday  14 January  1880

Christchurch     -  failing to provide  -   McMILLAN  -
William again appeared  ----  failing to provide for his wife and 4 children.  -------------   lots more

Thursday  15 January  1880

Hamilton    -    WALKER  -
Peter Walker  of Hamilton  -------     he was married but leaves no family.

Friday  16 January  1880

Ashburton  -   Accident  -   COOKSON  -
----  to the eldest son of Mr E. Cookson.  ----------

Dunedin     -   Drowning   -   BODE  -
----   in the harbour yesterday  --- Christian Bode,  --- hairdresser,  in George street, lost his life.   -------   lots more.

Timaru   -   Inquest  -  WILLIS  -  
-----   William Willis, a farm and station labourer arrived in Timaru from Albury last Friday,     ------   lots more.

Saturday  17 January   1880  

Death  onboard    PIAKO -
EVERETT    -   Mrs Edward  T. , -----  one death occurred that of Mrs Edward T. Everett,  a saloon passenger 
aged 35  who died of consumption  on December  13.    the total number of passengers arrived is 172

Ross      -      Fire   -  DEAKIN  -
a 6 roomed house belonging to a miner named Deakin,  who is at present in Canterbury,  has just been burnt to the ground  ------    

Christchurch     -    failing to provide   -   BROWN  -
Thomas Brown  -----------   failing to provide for the support of his wife and 3 children.  ------------ more

Dunedin       -  Fatal accident       -  FORBES  -
Alexander Forbes,  a miner,  was killed last night in his claim  near Naseby ------      

Monday  19 January   1880

Auckland       -  Fatal accident       -  SMITH    -
The steward of the Lalla Rookh  named Thomas Joseph Smith,  fell overboard  ----------   leaves a wife and family at Magere.  -------

Invercargill       -   SMITH  -
George Smith   --------     died this morning.   

Wednesday  21 January  1880

Oxford       -   Sudden death  -   HAND  -
A man named Hand,  who had been employed at the Warren Station,  near Oxford,  fell down dead -----   an inquest was
held yesterday    ------

Christchurch        -    VENNELL   -
The police have not yet given up all hope of finding the remains of the man George Vennell,  believed to have been murdered i
n his house at New Brighton   about 6 August last.   ---------

New Plymouth      -   Drowned  -  TELFAR  -
a little boy named Telfar  was drowned in the Waitara river last night.

Wellington      -    Drowned   -  GORE  -
 A little boy   aged 8 years  son of Mr Gore,  caretaker of the reservoir,  was drowned last night  ------   an inquest will be held.

Christchurch      -     WATKINS  -
Eber Watkins     ----------   maintenance   for child  -----

Thursday  22 January  1880
Christchurch       -   Inquest       -  PADDOCK  -
-------   infant child of Mr Paddock,  which died on Tuesday.    ----------    

Christchurch        -  BROWN  -
Thomas  Brown,  charged with failing to provide  for the support of his wife and 3 children  --------

Wellington      -   TAINE  -
a child belonging to Mrs Taine,  was kicked by a horse yesterday,  and lies in a critical condition.

Friday  23 January  1880

Bannockburn      -   McKEOWN  -
a skeleton has been found at the head of Bannockburn Creek.  From papers found in the clothes, it has been identified
as that of one McKeown,  a miner,  who was missed during a snow storm  some  3 years ago.

Saturday  24 January  1880

Death      -   TURNER  -
William Henry Turner,  aged 84,  formerly of Taranaki  and Nelson,  died yesterday.

Nelson      -  POLLOCK  -
Mr Robert Pollock,  an old settler,  who was a member of the Provincial Council,  and later Provincial  Auditor   and at the time
of his death  Secretary  to the Nelson College,  died last night.

Monday  26 January  1880

Marton       -   TRICE  -
a man named Thomas Trice  has disappeared.    ------  Trice was formerly landlord of the White Hart Hotel  at Marton,  but failed
and has been in depressed spirits ever since.

Tuesday  27 January  1880

Christchurch        -   CASBON  -
----------  Thomas Casbon  ------

Invercargill  -  Death  -   COLYER  -
Mr James Colyer,  formerly of the Prince's Hotel, a very old resident,   was found dead yesterday in a hut on his run,  near River Heads.  ----

Oamaru        -   Sudden death      -  PIRIE  -
Mr W. Pirie,  hotelkeeper,  at Papakaio,  died very suddenly this morning.  an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Thursday  29 January  1880

Port Chalmers      -   Drowned  -  BINTON  -
a fisherman  named James Binton,  was drowned last night off the Maori kaik, -------------  Binton was a single man with no relatives here.

Auckland       -  Drowned       -  BAYLISS  -
an inquest was held at Alexander  on the body of Alexander Bayliss,  who was drowned while bathing -------  in Mahgipiko Creek.

Rangiora       -  Death of old Colonist      -   THORNE  -
-----  old and well respected colonist  Mr Frederick Thorne  of Rangiora.     -----  He started a wool-scouring and fellmongering
business  ------        will be interred in the English Church Cemetery  Rangiora on Friday afternoon.

Friday  30  January  1880

Christchurch         -  Accident       - 
----   a little boy named Ernest Ford,  whose parents reside in Peterborough street,  was knocked down by a buggy  ---------

Oamaru  -   Death     - 
----  named William King  were found in the debris of a fire this morning. --------   was a carpenter  and a steady man.   

Lyttelton  -  Failing to provide   -    
-   John Durham  was summoned by his wife for failing for the  support of herself and children.  ------------

Saturday  31 January  1880  

Bluff      -   Sudden  death   -   COFFEE  -  
Constable Coffee,  late of Port Chalmers,  dropped down dead in the street this afternoon.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
5 October  2007

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