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Tuesday 3 February 1880      page 2
Nelson - Death of an Old Settler - COLLINS.
W. Collins, an old settler, and who was a member of the 1st Provincial Council, is dead.

Westport - LEBREE
Charles Lebree, alias Yankee Charlie, well known in connection with the Costello murder case, died in
the hospital last night after a long illness.

Grahamstown - accidental death -
An inquest takes place today on the body of a child, 4yrs old, killed yesterday afternoon by a loaded dray
passing over it.

Auckland - February 2nd - MacFARLANE
Mr John Sangster MacFarlane, the late Member for Waitemata, died tonight.

Wellington - Drowned - COCHRANE
A fatal boat accident occured in the harbour this evening. Two men named POPE and COCHRANE were sailing about in a
small boat off Kaiwarra, -------- Pope managed to reach shore safely but Cochrane drowned. He was employed at Star
Hotel and was a married man. The body has not yet been discovered.

Oamaru - 2 February - W. KING
An inquiry was held today concerning the identity of the human remains found in the ruins of the Queens Hotel after
the fire. Dr Delautour gave evidence to the effect that the bones were those of a human body and although it was
not absolutely proved that the remains were those of W. King, yet they can be no doubt it was he who met his death
in the fire.

Wednesday 4 February 1880 page 2
Canterbury - STEWART
Yesterday the police stationed at Lincoln were informed that a suicide had been committed at Tai-Tapu. It was found
that a single man named John Stewart, employed as a teamster by Mr COUP, timber merchant,
Little River, Banks Peninsula, --------- an inquest will be held at 4 o'clock this afternoon at the Ellesmere Arms.

Page 3
A verdict of accidental death has been returned at the inquest on the child run over by a dray on Monday.

Dunedin - sudden death - BUTTERWORTH
Mrs Butterworth, wife of Mr J.L.Butterworth, well known as a wholesale
draper and formerly a member of the Waste Lands Board, died suddenly

Inquest - Ashburton - Elizabeth BUCHANAN
An inquest was held at Quills Hotel yesterday, touching the death of Elizabeth Buchanan. Mr Frank Guiness, R.M.
conducted the inquiry & Mr Donald Williamson ----- After a long retirement, the jury returned a verdict of death
from natural causes. a very long column.

Dunedin - sudden death - Samuel WELLS
Samuel Wells came by his death very suddenly at the Rose, Thistle & Shamrock Hotel, Great King St. last evening.
He had a glass of wine at the bar and went upstairs to his bedroom, where sometimes afterwards he was found lying
on the floor lifeless. The cause of death is not yet known.

Thursday 5 February 1880      page 3
Auckland - Found dead - William FERGUSON
At the inquest on the body of William Ferguson, found dead last night. ----------

Auckland - MacFARLANE
The funeral of the late Mr J.S.MacFarlane took place today at St. Andrews Church. There were 50 carriages and a
large number on horseback in the procession. The church was crowded and the service was conducted
by the Ven. Archdeacon Strong. The chief mourners were the Hon. F. Whittaker, Hon. James Williamson, Dr Pollen,
Mr John Sheehan, Mr W.Swanson, A great many old colonists were also present.

Friday 6 February 1880 page 3
Auckland - Quarantine Station - KIRKHAM
An infant 9mths named Bertha Kirkham, died at the Quarantine Station, of bronchitis.

Gisborne - MILNER
Milner, a tinsmith, dropped dead this morning in Gisborne, opposite the Royal Hotel. The deceased was driving out
in a buggy.

Nelson - an Old Settler - BUSCH
An old settler named Mrs Busch, in Aniseed Valley, fell down dead last night. She had of late been drinking,
her age was 76.

Saturday 7 February 1880 page 3
Auckland - SHOPKE
Paymaster Shopke, of the German war ship "Nautilus" who was left behind sick, died yesterday, and was buried today.
The German, French, Italian & American consulates had flags flying half mast. The seamen of the H.M. gunboat "Alacrity"
furnished firing party, and the members of the German Society followed the remains to the grave.

Dunedin -
Nicholas, the prisioner, who died in the hospital, from injuries while bathing, was serving a sentence of 6mths for
robbery from a drunken man in the bar of an hotel.

Grahamstown - False declaration - RATCLIFFE
Walter Ratcliffe was committed for trial for making a false declaration as to the age of the girl he married a
few days ago. The mother of the girl prosecuted.

Monday 9 February 1880 page 2
Christchurch - sudden death - ROSS
A woman named Mrs Ross died very suddenly at Ashley, on Saturday morning. She had long been in a very feeble state
of health and had been struggling to maintain a family of 3 aged 8yrs, 5yrs, and 15mths, while her husband was laid
up with a broken leg. ------

Inquest - STEWART
At the inquest held on the body of John Stewart, who recently hanged himself at Tai-Tapu, a verdict of tempory
insanity was returned. The evidence showed that the deceased had been drinking hard since xmas.

page 3
Nelson - found dead - ROSS
A man named Alexander Ross, a miner, was found dead in his hut at Collingwood on Wednesday morning.
An inquest will be held.

Wellington - Found - COCHRANE
The body of Charles Cochrane, who was drowned in the harbour last week, was found on the beach at Kaiwarra,this morning.

Tuesday 10 February 1880 page 2
Auckland - Drowned Feb. 9
Three gum diggers went to bathe in the Waikato River at Ngaruawhia, none of whom could swim. John Singleton got
out of his depth and his mate sprang in to his assistance. After a desperate struggle in which they all nearly shared
the same fate, two of them got out, but Singleton drowned.

Wellington - inquest - COCHRANE -
At the inquest on the body of Mr Cochrane, who was drowned on Monday, a verdict of accidently drowned was returned.

page 3
Dunedin - tragedy HAYES
A coroners inquest was held today on the bodies of Attiwell & Amelia Emma Hayes, ----- a long story, The jury found
that the deceased had killed his wife, and the committed suicide, while in a fit of tempory insanity.

A native named Kurukaura, who was on Mr Climie's survey party, was drowned in the Patea River yesterday. he was swimming
in company with a European named Thomas WHATIE ----

Wednesday 11 February 1880 page 2
Auckland - death of a veteran - WYLEY
Major Henry Wyley died at the Falle, Mauku, on 6 February, age 70 yrs. Major Wyley had experienced much service in
British America and the West Indies, he was commander of the 50th Foot & Staff Officer of Pensions for South Wales District.

page 3
Wellington - death of old colonist - Sydney SMITH
Sydney Smith better known as "Old Smith" an old colonist, died last night at the age of 80

Friday 13 February 1880 page 3
Dunedin - Found Drowned - Walter RICE
The body of the man found floating in the water near Grants Brae's yesterday afternoon, has been identified as that of
Walter Rice. He is believed to be a recent arrival from Tasmania.

Nelson - Annie SCAFOR
A girl 16 years of age named Annie Scafor, who came out as an immigrant, on board the "Edwin Fox" attempted to
commit suicide by jumping off the Government wharf last night. Her screams attracted the attention of Mr PERCY,
who succeeded in rescuring her . She was brought before the Police Court and remanded for a week.

Saturday 14 February 1880 page3
Auckland - REED
A gum digger named Robert Reed died suddenly.

Monday 16 February 1880 page 2
Dunedin - suspicious death - James ROBERTSON
James Robertson, a young man, met with a sudden death, at the Dumbarton Rock Hotel, 4 miles from Roxburgh,
yesterday. -------------

Further inquiry - HAYES
The police have deemed it necessary to make further enquiries into circunstances attending the death of Mr & Mrs Hayes.

New Plymouth - Accident - Patrick FOLEY
Patrick Foley, the young man who was dragged, with a rope around his neck for 500 yards, by a horse he was untethering,
died yesterday morning.

Tuesday 17 February 1880 page 2
Timaru - Funeral - Reverend Mother Susannah BOUDREAU
The funeral of the late Rev. Mother Susannah Boudreau, took place at Timaru on Sunday last. --------- lots more.

Nelson - MARSHALL - page 3
A man named Marshall, 30 years of age and who leaves a mother, widow, and 4 children, was drowned at Collingwood whilst
attempting to cross a river in a canoe. Deceased arrived in the Colony only about 3 months ago and came with some others
to work at the Wallsend coal mine at Westport. He took a wrong ford and was capsized.

Hamilton - sudden death - James PURNIS?
A man named James Purnis died suddenly in Hamilton. At the inquest the jury returned a verdict of death
from natural causes.

Wednesday 18 February 1880
Fatal accident - McBEATH page 2
On Monday evening about 6pm a lad named Roderick McBeath,15 yrs of age, was killed by a reaping machine, near Kimberley,

Napier - February 17 - VAUTIER page 3
The eldest son of Mr Vautier was drowned while bathing off the Spit today ----- The body has not yet been recovered.

A skeleton has been found in Raukapakau Bush. It is supposed to be the remains of a man named Butler, who was last
seen there 20 years ago. A pair of boots, moss grown, with a piece of gold lace attached, were found near the skeleton.

Friday 20 February 1880
Wellington - RICHARDSON - page 3
A boy named George Denis Richardson, was drowned in the harbour at the back of the Railway Station this evening. He was
walking out with his father and while playing about fell off the reclamation works.

Saturday 21 February 1880
Dunedin - death from sunstroke - BRINN page 2
Thomas Brinn, engaged on the Government survey staff, Tuapeka District, died from sunstroke, received at Waipori.
He was aged 21 and unmarried.

Oamaru - man drowned - GILCHRIST
A man named Gilchrist, it is supposed was drowned on the trip of the Beautiful Star, from Dunedin - Oamaru. He was
seen rolling on the forecastle and afterwards to roll to the side and overboard. The steamer remained near the place
for about 3 hours, boats were lowered, but the search was unavailing.

Napier - Funeral page 3
The funeral of the Mayor's son who was drowned last week, was attended by an immense concourse of citizens --------
The jury at the inquest passed a resolution expressing their admiration of the bravery of young VAUTIER' companions,
in their efforts to save him.

Nelson - Feb. 20th - SCALFIE
The girl Annie Scalfie, charged on remand with attempted suicide, was dismissed with a caution.

Tuesday 24 February 1880
Inquest - Fatal accident - MUNRO page 2
A man named George James Munro, met with a severe accident near Raincliff, on Friday last. He was employed by
Mr Sugrue, a roading contractor, ------- At the inquest a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Friday 27 February 1880
Dunedin - Fatal accident - IRVING page 2
Robert Irving was killed and Hugh McCan seriously injured at Blue Spur. They were larking as the trucks came up the
incline, they got caught by the rope and were dragged around by the winding gear, with the result stated.

Dunedin - WILKIE page 3
A lad named D. Wilkie, was drowned off Rattray wharf today.

Shipping "Star" Christchurch Papers Past. February 1880
Wednesday 4 February 1880 page 2
"Crusader" ship 1084 tons, Llewellyn Davis, for London, Dalgety & Co. agents.
Passengers -
Saloon -- Mr & Mrs CHARTERIS, Mr POPE.
2nd cabin - Miss StTARK
steerage - Mr & Mrs Dawber & child, Mr & Mrs W.R.Prouse, Misses Fluke, Faville, Gould, Mr P. Escott.

Thursday 5 February 1880 page 3
London - 2 February.
arrived - ships Loch Lomond from Melbourne, Moravian, from Sydney,
Collingrove, from Adelaide, Pareora, from Wellington, sailed 29 October Chaudiere, from Wellington, sailed 14 October.

Auckland - an Immigrant ship
On board the British Empire there have been during the voyage 36 cases of measles and 8 cases of scarlet fever.
There were 3 deaths from the latter, two children, one adult, a man named VETCH. One case broke out today.
When the vessel is reported clean she will load for Lyttelton.

Saturday 7 February 1880
sailed "Waitara" ship 801 tons, Cowell, for London, NZ shipping Co Agents.
Passengers -
Mr & Mrs Howarth, & Mr T.H.Toppin.

Friday 13 February 1880
Bluff -
The NZSCo ship Red Gauntlet cleared today for London with a cargo of 4245 bales of wool, 236 bales of rabbit skins,
5 bales hair, 54 casks of shells, 35 bags horns, 2711 sacks oats, 1 bale of flax.

Saturday 21 February 1880 page 2
The "Westland"
This ship which left Plymouth on November 27th 1879 with immigrants for this Port, was sighted by the S.S.Wanaka
off Le Bons Bay this morning. Captain McGillivray ran alongside her, when she reported that two deaths had taken
place amongst the children from scarletina, and that there were several cases of measles and scarletina still under
treatment. The vessel will make the Port this evening, the PS Lyttelton having gone out to her.

Monday 23 February 1880
The "Westland" from Plymouth in quarantine. -------
From the medical report it appears that during the passage there were 47 cases of scarletina and 5 from measles,
under medical treatment. There have been 4 deaths amongst the children.viz. a male infant named NEILL, a female
infant named FURLING, Louisa SMITH, age 2 & James FURLING 1yr. scarletina first appeared on November 30th, measles
broke out on December 23rd, and from it 40 children and 1 adult have suffered. There have been 2 deaths from this cause.
No withstanding the large no. of children & infants on board (110) --- lots more.

Tuesday 24 February 1880 page 2
Westland - passage of from London
Left Plymouth on 27th November 1879, 50 married couples, 55 single men, 71 single women, 96 children, 9 infants,
total 331 souls. ----- lots more 5 births on voyage.

Thursday 26 February 1880
Adelaide, Australia -
arrived the Orient steamship John Elder from Plymouth.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
9 June 2005

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