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Tuesday 3 February 1880    page 2
Birth -
PARTRIDGE -  on 2 February  at South Rakaia,  to Mrs W.H.Partridge, a daughter.

Death -
WESTENRA - on 2 February  at Camla,  Richard,  late Captain H.M. 7th Regiment of     Fusilers,  in his 85th year.
PRATT - on 2 February at Sumner Road, Lyttelton,  Eunice Id, Lourne,  beloved twin daughter of Samuel & Annie,  age 11mths.

Wednesday 4 February  1880    page 2
Birth -
HASSAL - on 2 February at the Oaks, Opawa, to wife of late T.M.Hassal, a daughter.
IZARD - on 3 February at Gloucester St.  to wife of William Izard esq. a daughter, stillborn.

Marriage -
on 26 January at Ashburton, NZ,  J.M. Hosking of Victoria,  to  Ellen Albury of Kent, England.

Death -
BRETT - on 3 February at Christchurch,  William Albert, 3rd son of Mark Brett, late     of Liverpool, England,  age 33 years.
BRETT - on 17 January at Melbourne,  Henry James,  eldest son of Mark brett,  late     of Liverpool, England.
DUDLEY - on 3 February at kaiapoi,  Winifred mary, infant daughter of  Charles     Edward & Edith Ursula Dudley,  age 7mths.

Thursday 5 February  1880    page 2
Marriage  -
on 29 January at the res. of T.T.Ritchie,  High St. Dunedin, --  William Tindal Scrimgeour of Dudhope, Canterbury,  to  May  dau. of John MacGregor,  Chief Postmaster,  Perth, Scotland.

Death -
BENNETT -  on 14 January at Burwood, Sydney, N.S.W.  mrs Samuel Bennett, sister     to Mrs Frederick Fisher of this city.
CARPENTER - on 13 December 1879 at Ealing, Middlesex,  Ann,  widow  Mr William Carpenter and mother of John Carpenter,  age  67 years.
FISHER - on 4 February at Madras Street, North,  beatrice May maud,  2nd daughter     of W.J. & Stella Fisher,  age 20mths.
FISHER - on 25 January at his res. Cameron Street, Launceston,  in his 62nd year of  his age. George Fisher esq. an old and respected resident of Tasmania,                              brother to Mr Frederick Fisher, of this city.
WICKCLIFFE - on 3 February at Southbridge,  Jane,  beloved wife of Samuel     Wickliffe of heart disease.  age 32 yrs.

Friday 6 February  1880   page 2
Death -
DALE - on 4 February at Ferrymead,  after a short illness, George Douglas,  2nd son of W.& S.L.Dale,  age 16 yrs.
RUMFORD - on 31 January at Dunedin,  Elizabeth age 57 yrs, wife of Charles Sutton     Rumford,  of Kilburn,  London,  home papers please copy.
REED - on 5 February at Malvern House, Christchurch,  Charles Reed, Esq,  of Westerfield, Ashburton.   age 56 yrs.
SPEIGHT - on 4 February  at Tai-Tapu,  Ernest,  son of James Speight,   schoolmaster,  age 4yrs.

Saturday  7 February  1880   page 2
Birth -
ACKERMAN - on 6 February at Kilmore St, to wife of John,  Railway Hotel,  Pleasant Point, South Canterbury. a daughter.

Marriage -
on 5 February at St. Johns,  Leeston,  Arthur Evelyn,  2nd son of the Rev. H.Glasson,  late of Cornwall,  England  to  Matilda Louisa,  2nd daughter of Mr Henry Smith of Doyleston,  late of  Rathmore,  Tasmania,  Auckland and Tasmania papers please copy.

on 4 February at the res. of brides sister, Mrs Burns,  Lady Principal of the Girls'  High School,  Dunedin,  by Rev. D.M.Stuart, D.D.  Robert Burrows M.D.  Staff Surgeon R.N.  to  Elizabeth MacKenzie,  3rd daughter  of the late Alexander Huie.  of Edinburgh.

Monday 9 February  1880      page 2
Birth  -  
JOHNSON - on 6 February at the East Town Belt to wife of S.C.Johnson,  a son.

Tuesday 10 February  1880   page 2
Birth  -
FENERTY  - on 8 February at Fairwood, North East Belt, to wife of James L. Fenerty,         a son.
CROCKETT -on 8 February  at Manchester St.  to wife of G. Crockett,  Otaio, a son.
MATHIAS - on 7 February at Racecourse Hill, to wife of H.J.Mathias, a daughter,         stillborn.

Death -
McQUAIG - on 8 February at Hereford St. East,  Jessie,  age 9yrs,  only daughter of J.McQuaig,  Edinburgh papers please copy.

Wednesday 11 February 1880    page 2
Birth -
ARMSTRONG - on 9 February at Peterborough St. to wife of Thomas Armstrong, a daughter.

Death -
BUCK  - on 10 February at Aikmans Road,  Annie Beatrice, infant daughter of G.A.     Buck,  age 6mths.
GRAHAM - on 9 February at the British Hotel, Lyttelton,  Mary, daughter of Thomas     & Ellen Graham, age 13mths.
GEE -  on 11 February  at Gloucester St. East,  Mrs Alfred Gee,  a son.

Friday 13 February  1880    page 2
Birth -
WILSON - on 12 February at Cashmere, to wife of Cracroft Wilson,  a son.

Death -   
BROWN - on 11 February at her residence St. Albans, Christchurch,  Theresa Australia,  the beloved wife of J.Evans Brown,  age 42 years

Saturday  14 February  1880   page 2
Death -   
DAY - on 13 February at Sumner,  George Day, sen, at the residence of his daughter  Mrs Rule,  age 85 years

Monday 16 February  1880    page 2
Birth -  
KIRKE - on 11 February at Kaiapoi, to wife of Arthur Kirke, formerly of     Lincolnshire, England,  a daughter.
MARDON - on 12 February,  at Oxford,  to wife of W. Mardon.  a daughter.

Marriage -
on 12 February at Christchurch,  James Freeman  to  Eliza Withers,  Melbourne papers please copy.

on 18 December 1879  at St Georges,  Camden Hill,  by Rev. A. Scott,  Robert Ernest,  4th son of the late Thomas Stephens,  Esq.  of North Villa, 
Regents Park,   to   Alice Maud,  eldest daughter of George Bennett, of Hollands Park, West,  and late of Nelson,  New Zealand.

on 24 January at St. Matthews,  by Rev. E. A.Lingard,  Carl Adolphus Schmidt,  to Eosetta,  eldest daughter of George Clark. and grandaughter
of the late William Godfrey,  of Lyttelton.

Death -
HATTON - on 15 February at her res. Peterborough St.  in her 38th year of age.  Annie Jane Hatton,  2nd daughter of Thomas Reynolds Esq. of Tasmania.
KIRKE - on 13 February at Kaiapoi,  Ida Gertrude, eldest daughter of Arthur & Edith     Annie Kirke,  age  1year,  three and half months.

Tuesday  17 February  1880      page 2
Death -
DIXON - on 16 February, at Christchurch,  Thomas James Bigland Dixon,  age 11 years, 11 mths,
ROBINSON - on 15 February  at Going's Road, Sydenham,  William,  son of Eliza &     Hugh Robinson, after a short and painful illness,  age 2 yrs, 9mths.
BARRELL -  on 5 December 1879,  at Bristol,  William Brewer Barrell,  2nd son of Mr Henry Barrell, of Weston-Super-Mare,  Somersetshire,  England, 
                        in his  28th year.
SHAGER -  on 16 February,  at Bingsland,  Georgiana,  wife of Herbert,  age 51 yrs.

Wednesday 18 February  1880    page 2
Birth -  
AYERS - on 10 February at Clontatf House, Christchurch, to wife of Mr A.Ayers,  a     son.
HARRIS - on 16? February, at her res. Salisbury St. West, to wife of Charles T.     Harris, a son.
REID - on 14 February at Clyfton Farm, Halkett, to wife of Mr A.W.Reid, a daughter.
WATSON - on 15 February, at Hendon Cottage, Montreal St. Sydenham, to Mrs     George Watson,  a son, premature

Death -
CREAMER - on 17 February at Chester St. East, Percival John, infant son of John &         Mary, age 6mths.
DIXON - at Christcchurch,  Thomas James Bigland Dixon, youngest son of     Marmaduke,  of Eyrewell,  age 11 years, 11 mths.
PATRICK - on 12 February at her res. Oxford Tce,  Mary Elizabeth,  wife of S.A.Patrick, Surgeon. & daughter of James & Mary Elliott, Cranmer Square.
SEAGER - on 16 February at Bingsland, Georgina, wife of Mr R. Seager.
WATSON - on 15 February at Hendon Cottage, Montreal St. infant son of George &     Sarah Watson.

Funeral Notice - 
  - Robert Seager are invited to attend the funeral of his late wife,  to leave his res,  North Town Belt, Bingsland, on Thursday 18 February at 2/40pm
CREAMER -  Mr John Creamer,  the funeral of his infant son,  Percival John,  will leave his res. Chester St. East, tomorrow 19 February at 4pm.

Thursday 19 February 1880   page 2
Birth -
HARPER - on 15 February at Schoolhouse,  Gebbies Valley, to wife of James D.     Harper,  a daughter,  stillborn.

Death -
GIBB - on 17 February at Merkland? Villa, Barbadoes St.  Gabriel Bennie Menzies,      son of John & Marion Gibb,  age 8yrs, 3 mths.
McLEOD - on 16 February at St. Johns, Sydenham,  Jane Ann, only surviving daughter of William & Agnes McLeod,  age 5mths.  Home papers please copy.

Friday 20 February 1880    page 2
Birth -
SUTTON - on 19 February at Lansdown,  to wife of T. Sutton,  a son.
ADAMS - on 19 February at Gloucester St. East. to wife of F.T.Andrews, a son.

Marriage -
DERBIDGE  - WISHART -   on 19 February at Rangiora,  by ----  Alfred,  only son of Mr C.Derbidge, Rangiora,  to  Margaret Elizabeth,   eldest daughter of Mr John Wishart,  of  Lyttelton.

Funeral Notice - 
-  Friends of Mr Newsome are respecfully informed that the funeral of his late son William will leave the Hospital at 3pm Sunday 22 February.

Saturday 21 February  1880   page 2
Birth -
BURT - on 20 February at Rangiora,  to wife of W.A. Burt,  a daughter

Death -
IRVING - on 20 February at Nottingham Lodge,  Manchester St. James Hayland Irving,  age 14 weeks,  son of James & Jessie Mary Irving.

Monday  23 February  1880    page 2
Marriage -
BEER  -  McCULLAGH - on 14 February at Dunedin,  by Rev. Dr. Stuart,   Oliver,  son of Robert Beer Esq.  De Mercier's Villa,  Wood Green, London,   to   Helen Vincent,  5th surviving daughter of Matthew McCullagh, Esq. Villa Bank,  Dublin.

on 21 February at the res.of the Bride's father,  by Rev. W.H.Beck,  James Sinclair  to Sarah, youngest daughter of  Mr Joseph Loader of Lyttelton.

Death -
DAVIES -  on 22 February at Christchurch,  Mr F.J.Davies, of Palmeston, Otago.  Dunedin & Melbourne papers please copy.
GUARANICH - on 22 February at Lyttelton, Kate, wife of Paul,  age 3yrs.   5mths after the death of her 2 children.

Tuesday 24 February  1880   page 2
Birth -
AGAR - on 23 February at Trevor House, Lyttleton,  wife of George, a daughter.

Death -
FEARON  - on 9 November 1879 at Hampstead,  Eliza,  daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Fearon of Ore Reearty,  age 66 yrs.

Wednesday 25 February  1880   page 2
Birth -
DALZIEL -  on 21 February at Bramdean, near Amberley,  to wife of   Matthew Dalziel jnr.  a son.
DRAIN    - on 23 February at Horatio St. Windmill Road, to wife of A.E.Drain, a son.
HAYTER -  on 22 February at Highfield, Waiau,  to wife of Commander F. Hayter,         R.N. a daughter.

Thursday 26 February  1880    page 2
Birth -
THORNE - on 25 February at Woolston, to wife of W.H.Thorne,  a son.
WRIGHT  - on 19 February  to Mrs F.E.Wright,  a daughter.

Death -
BRAY -    on 24 February at Merivale,  Benjamin Bray,  late of Waikouaiti,  age 6 yrs.
LINDAUER - on 24 February,  Emilie Lindauer,  age 26,  beloved wife of Henry.
VIGERS - on 25 February at the res. of his brother-in-law, Kilmore St. East,  William, eldest son of Charles Kenneth Vigers,  of Governers Bay,  age 36.
WATERS - on 25 February at Sandridge,  Henry, nephew of H.J.Waters, age 34.

Friday 27 February  1880   page 2
Birth -    
DUNKLEY - on 26 February, at the Parsonage, Lincoln.  to wife of Rev. Walter         Dunkley, a son.

Death -
McWHEW - on 24 February at Saltwater Creek,  Matthew McWhew,  age 41.
SMITH -  on 26 February at Queens Hotel, Cashel St. East,  Wm Randolph Smith.  age 42.   London & Bristol papers please copy.

Saturday 28 February  1880   page 2
Death  -
BURTON - on 17 February at Cambridge Boarding house,  John Burton,  of  consumption,  age 34? yrs. late of Bradford, Yorkshire. Home papers please copy.
COLLIER - on 27 February at Christchurch,  Lillian Constance,  youngest daughter of  Richard & Elizabeth Collier,  age 10mths.

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