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Wednesday  1 December   1880   page 2
Pleasant Point  -  inquest  -   BELL  -
Alexander Murray Bell,  aged 7 years, was held at Pleasant Point on Monday afternoon.  The body of the unfortunate boy was found about a mile further
down the Opihi River,  than the spot where his grandfather  Mr RADDON,  was killed.  ------  accidentally drowned  -----  the deceased was the
only son of Mr A.C.Bell,  for many years resident of Kaiapoi  and Christchurch.

West Oxford  -  fire  -  BUNN  -
a cottage at West Oxford,  owned by Mr Alfred Bunn,  was completely destroyed by fire on Saturday night ------  

Inquest  -  Thomas  FULLER  -
a very long piece  -  email for a copy

Christchurch  -  GREENAWAY  -
we most sincerely regret having to record the shocking death of Mr J. Greenaway,  nurseryman and seedsman,  which took place about half-past
5 o'clock last evening,  on the Papanui Road.  -------  for the past 16 years, Mr Greenaway  has been identified with the progress of floriculture
in this city,  and with the fortunes of the Christchurch Horticulture Society,  of which body he was the honorary secretary.  ----------  a long column,  
email for a copy

Christchurch  - fearful accident  -   SOUTH  -
a boy named South,  aged 12   ------------ he was removed to the hospital,  where his father is also lying ill.

Wellington  -   fire  -  TURNER  -
an unoccupied cottage of 5 rooms in Sussex Square,  owned by Turner,  the night watchman,  was destroyed by fire this morning.  ---------

Thursday  2 December  1880
Inquest  -  GREENAWAY  -
at 2 o'clock an inquest was held upon the body of John Greenaway who met with his death on the Papanui  line of tramway on the previous evening
. ---------  a very long column  ----   email for a copy

Friday 3 December  1880
Auckland  -  RODGERS  -
a boy named Rodgers,  at Ohaupo,  was accidentally shot in the groin today by his little brother.

Auckland  -  inquest  -  fire -  WOODWARD  -
at the inquest on the fire at Woodward's house,  Mount Eden road,  the jury returned an open verdict.

Saturday  4 December  1880
Auckland  -  WILKINSON  -
an old man named W. Wilkinson was found dead in his dwelling today in Grey street.  He was very feeble and decrepit,  and in receipt of
Government rations.

Lost children  -  SMITH  -  
yesterday evening a little girl named Florence Smith,  aged 4 years was found wandering on the Papanui road,  some distance north of the
Carlton Hotel.  She was taken to the Police Station  where she was claimed by her parents,  who are living at the Sandridge,  so that she had
 wandered a distance of over 3 miles when she was found.

Monday  6 December  1880
Inquest  -  HURRELL  -
an inquest on the body of the late Mr Charles Cavendish Hurrell was held  -----    resigned his position as clerk to the Residents Magistrate's
Court at Ashburton.  ------    about a month ago his wife and family left Auckland,  as he said he could not afford to keep them in proper
comfort on account of the reduction. -----   a long column  ----  email for a copy

Kumara  -  Fire  -   MORRIS  -  
a disastrous fire occurred here  at 3 o'clock this morning.  It commenced in Mr Morris'' Ross Hotel,  Seddon street,  which was burned down. 
also  DAVIS  a tailor,  HOLMES  a tentmaker,  BABOR  a fruiter's  premises and small shop.  ------   more

Auckland  -  SINGLETON  -
Mr Singleton,  a settler at Otahuhu,  while riding along the South road,  ----------   more

Tuesday  7 December  1880
Kumara  -  SINGLETON  -
at the inquest held on the body of Singleton, a verdict of accidental death  was returned.  He was well connected,  and a son of Mr Singleton, 
Resident Magistrate in County Monaghan,  Ireland.

Auckland  -  BUCKLAND  -
this morning the daughter of Mr Alfred Buckland was being driven from his house when the horse bolted,  the carriage was overturned,  and Miss
Buckland received a kick on the face from the horse.  She is seriously injured.  Her father  left Auckland this morning by steamer for Kaipara.

Wednesday  8  December  1880
Christchurch  -  Fire  -  GOULD,    MILLETT  -
--- a 4 roomed cottage in Hereford Street,  the property of Mr G. Gould,  and occupied by Mr E. W. Millett,  was completely destroyed. 
The occupants of the house were out at the time,  having gone to the circus. --------   and Mrs GREENWOOD  and Mr Thomas SMITH,
 engineer,  who were amongst the first to discover the flames. ---------   lots more,   email for a copy

Havelock  -   Sudden death  -  HOWARD  -
Mr Charles Howard,  the expressman,  has died suddenly at Havelock.  He had been earning a precarious livelihood there.

Hamilton  -  McNEILL  -
a sudden death occurred at Hamilton today.  McNeill,  a gentleman advanced in years,  and who has been staying at JUDD's boarding-house, 
was found dead in bed.  He had been ill in health for some time.  His wife and family are expected out from England shortly.

Christchurch  -  fire  -  SHEARER's ARMS   -  
-----  fire broke out in a building on the Windmill road  formerly known as the Shearer's Arms,  but now used as a general store.    ---  and a
wooden cottage cottage adjoining caught.   -------------   The owner  Mr CARMICHAEL,  a contractor,   ---  the store was occupied by
Mr CARSON ----   a longish column,  email for a copy.

Thursday  9  December  1880

Greymouth - inquest    -  McILRAY  -
a fatal accident occurred this morning to Mr Robert McIlray, a well-known storekeeper belonging to Seventeen Mile Beach.   Deceased was driving
some cattle on the beach near the Cobden punt  --------   an inquest was held on the body -----  a verdict of accidental death was returned. 
Deceased was a native of Ireland,  and leaves a widow and 6 children.

Amberley,  North Canterbury   -   THOMPSON  -
William Thompson arrived at Lyttelton from Melbourne about the end of November,  ----------    he came across some men working for
Messrs TOBIN and KENNEDY,  road making about 4 miles beyond Mrs GIBBS farm on the Cabbage Tree Flat. ---------

Templeton  -  Accident  -  CHAPLIN  -
a little boy named Chaplin,  aged about 7 years  whose parents reside at Templeton,  met with a nasty accident at the railway station
of that place yesterday  --------

Friday  10  December  1880

Christchurch  -  DUNCAN  -        The Late Mr Andrew Duncan.
It is with feelings of deep regret that we have to announce the death of one of our best known and most respected citizens.  -------    Mr Andrew 
Duncan was a native of the West of Scotland,  and came to Canterbury with his parents about 22 years ago. -------   as a gardener,  he
established his nursery gardens down Ferry road.   Mr Duncan married -------    he was a member of the City Council for some years and
at one time occupied the the position of Mayor of Christchurch. ----------  lots more,   email for a copy

Christchurch  -  PARKER   -
a man named James Parker,  aged 32,  who arrived here by the ship Waimate in March  last,  was arrested  ---  in High street,  on the charge
of being drunk and incapable. ---------------------------------  Deceased was stopping up to last Sunday with a shipmate of his named
Frederick  NORSEMAN,  ------   he was a single man  a native of Waltham,  near Liverpool,  England,  and had no relations in the Colony. 
He was a wood carver by trade,  and was in the employ of Mr SMITH  of Tuam street.  an inquest will be held at the Claredon Hotel at 2pm today.

Pleasant Point  -  POWELL  -
a sad occurrence took place on Wednesday at Pleasant Point.  It appears that Mrs Thomas Powell went out for a short time in the forenoon, 
----------   little fellow of 4 years -----  lots  more  --   email for a copy

Saturday  11 December  1880
Death in the Watchouse  -  PARKER  -
--- inquest  published in another column,  it will be seen that --- James Parker who was found dead in  --- the watchouse --- died of natural causes.    

Sudden death at Kaiapoi  -  BROADLEY  -
yesterday morning it was reported to the police that Mr Broadley  sen.  had died suddenly at the Kaiapoi Woollen Mills,  and has only been a short
time in the Colony.  an inquest was held  ----  a full report of which appears elsewhere.

Lyttelton  -  Ripa Island  -   JERRED  -
a serious accident happened to Henry Jerred,  one of the armed constabulary on Ripa Island,  this morning.  --------

Wellington  -    DREOXLER  -
a German named L. Dreoxler,  a matchmaker,  died  --------    an inquest will be held.

Inquest  -  PARKER   -
 a very long column,  email for a copy

Kaiapoi  -  inquest  -  BROADLEY  -
an inquest was held yesterday ----  George Broadley  ----  from the evidence of Amy BOWEN,  who last saw him alive  ----  he went to work
 in the Kaiapoi factory as usual yesterday, --   G.A. Broadley,  son of the deceased,   ---   death from natural causes,  deceased was 49 years of age.

Ashburton  -  inquest  -  MAGUIRE  -
 -- Patrick Maguire,  who died from the result of an accident at Barr Hill.  ----

Pleasant Point  -  inquest  -  POWELL  -
an inquest on the body of William Powell,  son of Mrs Powell,    -------

Monday 13 December  1880
Accident  -  HADFIELD  -
a sad accident happened to a lad named Richard Hadfield,  who was working at Mr R.W. Walters cabinet-maker's shop,  -----------

Christchurch  -  John  WILSON  -
 ---- an old man named John Wilson,  67 years of age,  residing at Papanui ------   the inquest will be held --- at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

Templeton,  Canterbury   -  CHAPLIN  -
a little boy names Chaplin,  aged about 7years  whose parents reside at Templeton, met with a nasty accident at the railway station.
  -  he is now progressing satisfactorily

Tuesday  14 December  1880
Funeral  -   DUNCAN  -
the remains of the late Mr Andrew Duncan were interred in the Addington Cemetery yesterday afternoon  ------  the flags of the boat sheds
floated half mast as the deceased gentleman was Vice-President of the Union Rowing Club.

Accident  -    WARREN  -
this morning a man named John Warren,  a sailor onboard the J.P.Parker, received a fracture of the right jaw ------

Wednesday  15 December  1880
a disastrous fire occurred here at 3 o'clock this morning.  It commenced in Mr Morris' Ross Hotel,  Seddon Street,  which was burned down, 
also DAVIS'  a tailor,  HOLMES, a tentmaker,  and BABOR, a fruiterer's premises and small shop.  -------

Friday  17 December  1880
Waimate  -   HILLARY  -
a little child,  the daughter of Mr Hillary, the County Engineer,  met with a painful accident today.  She with some other children was playing
with a fly wheel -----------    several of her toes will have to be amputated.

Saturday  18  December  1880
Auckland  -  LEITH  -
the police boat has returned from Tiritiri with the body of young Leith,  which was found at the base of a cliff  --------

Westport  -  WADDELL   and  JENKINS
a boat accident occurred on Monday.  A prospecting party of 3 going up the Mackley's creek in a canoe,  were upset and
Samuel JENKINS  and Alexander WADDELL  were  drowned.

Monday  20 December  1880
Tiritiri  -  inquest  -  LEITH  -
at the inquest on the body of Alfred Leith,  the victim of the Tiritiri accident,  the jury returned the verdict of accidental death. 
Much sympathy is felt for captain and Mrs Leith.

Dunedin  -  LUKE  -
a man named Luke was killed at Mosgiel by a blast on Friday.

Dunedin  -  EDWARDS-
a prisoner named Edwards  who gallantly rescued a girl from drowning at Port Chalmers a few days ago,  has been pardoned.

Westport  -  DILLON  -
Captain Dillon,  of the steamer Kennedy.  died on board, in the Buller roadstead,  today.

Lyttelton School  -   list of class prizes  -
email for a copy.

Rangiora  School  -  list of class prizes  -
email for a copy.

Tuesday  21 December  1880
Christchurch  -  drowning  -  ANDERSON  -
a woman named Ellen Anderson fell into the river opposite St.Michael's church,  last night.  and was drowned.  -----------

Found dead  -   DAY  -
a man named Day, who gained his living by collecting bottles ec.  was found dead in Lichfield street yesterday. at about half past 7
in the evening. ------ awaits an inquest.

WARE   -  a girl named Ware yesterday afternoon was seen to fall suddenly in Montreal street.  --------------

Ocean Beach  -  drowning  -  WILSON  -
A  Miss Wilson was drowned at the Ocean Beach this afternoon.  Mr Kingston, the prop. of the baths who went in after her and
unsuccessfully tried to rescue her, was brought out insensible.

Inquest  -  Shearer's Arms -
an inquest on the fire at the old Shearer's Arms on Dec 8th was held yesterday afternoon,  when a large amount of evidence was given. ----- 

Wednesday  22 December  1880
Dunedin  -  drowning  -   RANDALL  -
a young woman named Elizabeth Randall was drowned at Ocean beach today  ------------  email for a copy.

Inquest  -  DAY  -
an inquest on the body of Jonas Day  ---      Grace Day,  wife of the deceased,  stated he had been unwell lately ------   

Inquest  -  ANDERSON  -
 on the body of Ellen Anderson,  who was taken out of the Avon on Monday night.

Thursday  23 December  1880

Dunedin  -   RANDALL  -  
a fatal accident occurred yesterday morning  ---   at the Ocean beach surf baths,  bu which a young woman named Elizabeth Randall lost her life, 
her body being carried out to sea.   She and a companion named Louisa MARTIN  (both being employed at the Rainbow Hotel) 
had gone out to have a bath at the Beach.  --------  a long column ----  email for a copy

Friday  24 December  1880
Auckland  -  WILLIAMSON  -
Miss Ann Williamson,  daughter of the late Superintendent of the province of Auckland  died of a fever.

Auckland  -  O'CONNOR  -
a gum digger named O'Connor was burned to death in his whare at Kaihu Creek.  -----------

Dunedin  -  McNEILL  -
Mr John McNeill,  for many years with Briscoe and Co.  died rather suddenly today.

Blenheim  -  PEZANT  -
Father Pezant,  an old Catholic Priest,  died today.

Monday  27 December  1880
Inquest  -  TRENTROWAN  -
an inquest was held -----  on the body of Richard Trentrowan,  who met with an accident at the wool scouring works on Dec. 23rd .  

Woolston  -  fire  -  DAVIS -  
a 2 storeyed cottage at Woolston, a very old building, was burned down ---   on Christmas morning.  It was occupied by Mr Selwyn DAVIS
with his wife and daughter,  who were aroused by some of the neighbours. ------------

on Christmas Day a man named John Cochran,  a sailor on board the ketch Emerald,  

Auckland  -  HILTON  -
Frank Hilton,  mate of the Darcy Pratt,  was killed yesterday at Helensville.  While loading baulk timber the tackle slipped and  the log crushed
him against the side of the vessel.  --------  an inquest was held and a verdict returned of accidental death.

Wanganui  -  FARNIE   and  WILKINSON  -
a fatal boat accident occurred yesterday.  4 young men were sailing on the river when a sudden gust of wind upset the boat.  2 of the occupants, 
named Farnie  and Wilkinson  were drowned,  the others were saved,  one swimming ashore and the other picked up by a boat.

a lad named Walter Joseph Creswell,  whose parents live at Papanui, was out pig hunting with another youth in ----- Mount Thomas  ---

a loaded  waggon belonging to Mr J. Hempleman,  carrier,  broke down  ----   no harm was done to the driver or the horses.

Tuesday  28 December  1880
Gisborne  -  McKENNEY  -
the eldest daughter of the Rev R. McKenney,  Waiharangi,  was thrown from her horse while riding and her collar bone broken,  besides other
injuries.  She was for some time unconscious,  but recovered.

Auckland  -  fatal accident  -
a fatal accident occurred in the harbour on Christmas Eve.  A boat containing 4 men working at the Lochnagar,  put off about 11 o'clock for
the above shore,  when on nearing the river bar the boat's plug got knocked out,  and the boat while filling capsized.  The occupants held
onto the boat until daylight,  when one of them becoming exhausted fell off and was drowned.

Napier  -  TAREHA  -
 the funeral of the old chief Tareha will be a grand affair,  and hundreds of Natives are arriving from all parts.   At Government expense a
mausoleum  to be faced with marble is to be erected,  and the tangi is to be the greatest affair than has been held for 80 years. 
It is calculated to cost about  2000 pounds.

Napier  -   DENNETT's  Albion Hotel  -
a fatal fire occurred at Dennett's Albion Hotel early this morning.  ---------   more

Wednesday  29 December  1880

Auckland  -  NOLAN  -
the jockey Nolan  who was killed yesterday is well known  in the Australian Colonies.  He was at a very early age brought by his parents to
Melbourne,  and may almost be recognized a s a native of that city.  He leaves sisters and relations in Melbourne and a young wife and
2 children to mourn  the result of the Auckland Cup of 1880.  Nolan was 28 years of age.  He was well known as a jockey on the
Australian turf -------  a long column------  email for a copy

Friday  30 December  1880

Christchurch  -  VIGERSEN  -
at about 20 minutes to 6 o'clock last evening a man named Theodore Vigersen,  a cabinet maker,  was returning home from work carrying a
basket of tools,  ------  was knocked down and rendered insensible by a flash of lightening.     -------  he recovered sufficiently  to walk home.

St Leonard's  -   BALLANTYNE  -
a 6 roomed house at St Leonard's owned and occupied by Mr John Ballantyne was totally destroyed by fire this morning.  -------

Auckland  -  Thomas EAVES  -
email for a copy.

Christchurch  -  fire  -  Shearer's Arms  -
a long column   -----  email for a copy

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