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Wednesday  1 December  1880

Births  -
WHITTINGTON  -  at St Asaph Street,  to wife of Mr Thomas Whittington,  a daughter
BAYFIELD  -   November 8th  to widow of the late Walter Bayfield,  a daughter.

Marriage  -
November 30   at St John's Church,  Christchurch,    by Rev E.A. Lingard,  Francis Arenas,  of  Temuka,  to    Amy Fletcher,  Northampton,  England.

Deaths  -
LANGESEN  -  November 27 at East Oxford,  beloved wife of Louis Langesen,  leaving a loving husband and 7 children, ------
BRANDT  -   November 30 at Kaiapoi,  Emma,  relict of the late John FELDWICK,  wife of John Brandt,   aged 57 years.

Thursday 2 December  1880

Marriage  -
November 29 at the residence of Captain BURCH,  Lyttelton,  by Rev W.H. Beck,  Edmund Watts Houghton,  only son of late Pilot Houghton, 
of Gravesend, London,   to   Ellen Graham,  of Dampier's Bay,  Lyttelton,  Home and Tasmanian papers please copy.

Death  - 
GREENAWAY  -  November 30,   John Greenaway,  of Victoria street,  Christchurch,  aged 49 years.

Saturday  4 December  1880
Births  -
ANTHONY  -  December 3 to wife of   J. O. H. Anthony,   a daughter
O'CALLAGHAN  -   December 3   to wife of Rev A.P. O'Callaghan,  a daughter

Death  -
STOKES  -  December 4 at her residence,  Knightstown,  Sabina,  beloved wife of Joseph Stokes,  aged 47,  (24 years in Christchurch)

Monday  6 December  1880

Births  -
COBB  -  November 25  at St Kilda,  Melbourne,  to wife of W.W.Cobb,  a son.
WALLACE  -  December 2  to wife of R. Wallace,  a son.

Deaths  -
BARNETT  -   December 4 at Merivale,  Nora Evelyn,  infant daughter of Frank W. Barnett.
DANN  -  on December 5th  1880   at Rangiora,  Mr James Dann,  aged 79.

Tuesday  7 December  1880

Birth  -
ANDERSON  -  December  4,  at Prebbleton,  to wife of J.W.Anderson.  a son.

Wednesday  8  December 1880

Death  -
THOMPSON  -   December 6 at Amesbury,   Saltwater Creek,    Louisa,  beloved wife of Walter Thompson,  aged 44 years

Friday  10 December  1880
Death  -
DUNCAN  -  December 10   at his residence,  Ferry Road,  Andrew Duncan,  aged 46
LEGG  -  on December 9,    Ida Dora,  infant daughter of Henry and Blanch Legg,  aged 10 weeks.

Saturday  11 December  1880

Deaths -
DUNCAN  -   December 10   at his residence,  Ferry Road,  Andrew Duncan,  aged 46
THOMPSON  -  December 10   at  Road Board Office,  Ashley,  James Thompson,    in his 43rd year.

Monday  13 December  1880

Birth  -
ROBERTS  -  December 12   at Lyttelton,  to wife of John Roberts,  a son.

Marriage  -
December 11 at St Michael's Christchurch,  by Rev E.G. Penny,  assisted by the Rev F.G.Brittan,   John Berkeley,  younger son of W.H. Harrison, Esq, Barrister-at-law, London     to     Edith Mary,  youngest daughter of John Marshman, Esq, Christchurch.

Tuesday 14 December  1880

RICHARDSON  -  December 11   at St Albans Parsonage,  Mrs Richardson,  a daughter
WINTER  -  December 11   at Armagh Street East,  to wife of A.W.Winter,  a daughter

Wednesday  15 December  1880

Births  -
TAYLER  -  December 12 at    5 Archendines,  Worcester street,   east,  to wife of Thomas Tayler,   a daughter
MINTROM  -  December 10   at Stone House.  Opawa,  to wife of George W. Mintrom, a son.  Home papers please copy

Friday 17 December  1880
Deaths  -
HAMPTON  -  December 15 at Southbridge,    Mary Jane,  beloved wife of   Christopher Hampton,  aged 44 years.   Belfast papers please copy.
MEIN  -  December 16 at Hereford street west,  Nelly May Mein,    aged 3 and half years.

Monday  20 December  1880
Marriage  -
December 13 at Lyttelton,  David Chisholm     to     Esther Agnes,  daughter of James Stephenson,  Tullyvallen,  County Armagh,  Ireland.

Death  -
BUTCHER  -  December 20 at Armagh street,  Claud Wilfred, infant son of John S. and Mary Butcher,  aged 15 weeks.
PULLAN  - December 19  at his residence Madras street north,  William James Pullan,  beloved son of John and Mary Pullan,  aged 6 and half years.

Tuesday 21 December  1880
ALLEN  -  December 4 at the Golden Age Hotel,  to wife of Henry Allen,  a son.

Death  -
STEWART  -  December 20 at Hatton House,  Brookside,  John Stewart,  aged 67 years, 
PEPPERELL  -  December 20 at St Asaph street east,  Cecil Evans, dearly beloved son of Thomas and Jessie pepperell,  aged 6 years

Wednesday 22 December 1880
Deaths  -
PILBROW  -  on December 20th  Frederic,  aged 11 months,  son of James Pilbrow,  Whitton House,  Addington.
ROBERTS  -  on December 21st at his residence,  North Moeraki Downs,  John Roberts,  aged 46.

Thursday  23 December  1880
Births  -
BASSETT  -  December 15 at Christchurch,  to Mrs S K. Bassett,  a son.
STEELE  -  December 22 at Worcester Street, West,  to wife of Richard Steele,  a daughter.

Friday  24 December  1880
Marriage  -
On 16th December at St John's Church,  Christchurch,  by Rev C. Pym,  Robert W. youngest son of Thomas Grantham,  Cashel street east, 
 to   Rhoda Rosina,   3rd daughter of Uriah Hurrell,  Addington, Christchurch,  NZ and Home papers please copy.

Monday 27 December  1880
Death  -
MEADOWS  -  December 25 at St Albans,  William,  2nd son of Wm Meadows,  Broadway,  England.

Tuesday  28 December 1880
Birth  -
  -  December 25 at Woolston,  to wife of Mr Richard Brown,  a son.

Marriage  -
December 21 at the residence of the bridegroom,  near Timaru,  William Briggs,  late of Leithfield and Sheffield,   to   Selina Hobden,  of Sheffield.

Death  -
EASTERBROOK  - December 24 at Amberley,  Edith Gertrude,  adopted daughter of John and Ellen Easterbrook,  aged 4 years.

Wednesday   29  December  1880
Births  -
ARCHER  -  December 26 at Oxford Flou--------   lls,  Oxford,  to wife of N.B.Archer,  a son.
THOMPSON  -  December 28 at the Springs,  near Rangiora,  to wife of late James Thompson,  a son.
TURNER  -  December 26 at Woodend,  to wife of R.S. Turner.  a son.

Death  -
WAKELIN  -  December 28 at his residence,  Brenchley Farm,  Lyttelton,  John Wakelin,  aged 69,  Hokitika papers please copy.

Thursday  30 December  1880
Marriage  -
December 22 at Summerfield,  Amberley,  by Rev R. Tout,  F. Stanton,  to   Annie Freeman.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
3 June 2007

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