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Thursday 5 June 1879

Death -  
WARREN   - on 3 June at Lyttelton,   Lars Walfred Llewellyn, infant son of Charles & Winnifred Warren,  age 6mths.

Funeral Notice   - 
  -   The Friends of Mr W.Shierlaw are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late daughter Jessie Youngman,  will leave his res. Montreal St.                                         South,  at 2 o'clock Friday June 6th,   for the Scotch Cemetery.

Friday 6 June 1879 

Marriage -
POWELL -  HASSETT -    on 5 June at Leithfield, by Rev. G.Gould,  J. Worthy Powell,  to Annie Hassett,  both of Amberley.  no cards.

Saturday 7 June 1879

Birth  -
WELDON  - on 5 June at Glynfield, Opawa,  to wife of Robert Yooke Weldon, of a daughter.

Death -
LUXTON  -   on 6 June at Rangiora, the beloved wife of of John Luxton,  age 65.

Funeral Notice -
LUXTON  -    The Friends of Mr John Luxton, snr, are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late wife will leave his res. Rangiora, 
                        for the Church of England Cemetery,  at 2 o'clock,  Sunday 8 June.

Monday 8 June  1879

Marriages  -
ELLIS  -  JAMIESON - on 7 June at the res. of the Brides father,  Hazeldean Road, Christchurch,  by -- John A. Ellis  to  Mary Ann,   dau. of Mr S. Jamieson.
MEREDITH -  LANE - on 27 March  at -- Cheltenham, England,  Richard  Reibey Meredith,  of Whareamu, Wellington,   to  Alice Theodora,  dau. of                                                             W.H.Lane,  late of Christchurch.

Deaths -
BURNIP   -  on 7 June at Kaiapoi,  Elizabeth Maria,  the wife of William,  age 28.
LUXTON   - on 6 June at Rangiora, the beloved wife of of John Luxton,  age 65.
VAGUE   - on 7 June at Rebecca Miller, beloved wife of EDMUND Vague, of Papanui,  age 37

Tuesday 10  June 1879

Marriage -
on 5 June at the res. of the Brides parents,  by Rev. J.Elmslie,  Captain Gilbert Brown,  of Lyttelton, to  Jessie,  eldest daughter of  William Henderson, Esq.
Lincoln Road, Christchurch.

Death -
BATLEY  - on 7 June at Colombo St. North,  infant daughter of Mr & Mrs John Batley,  age 11mths.

Thursday 12 June 1879

Births -
FELTON   -   on 11 June at Harper St. Sydenham,  to Mrs George Felton,   a son
WILSON    - 10 June at Wakanui to wife of M.Wilson,   a daughter.

Marriage  -
on 11 June at St Lukes Church,  Christchurch,  NZ  by Rev. E.A.Lingard,  Frank John,  eldest son of Mr A.R.Preston,  to  Emily,  4th daughter of Mr James Gapes.

Saturday 14  June  1879

Marriage -
on 12 June by Rev. C. Fraser,  Thomas Roger Pierce,  son of late William Pierce,  Colombo St. South,  to  Minnie,  youngest daughter of John Phillips,  Prebbleton.

Monday 16 June 1879

Births -
GRAY   - on 15 June at Worcester St. East, to  Mrs C.M.Gray,  of a son.
ROBINSON   - on 16 June at South Rakaia,  to the wife of  Mr George Robinson, a son,  stillborn.

Death -
BROWN   - on 2 April  at Chromate Lane, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland.  William Brown,  of  Northmarew, in his 84th year.

Wednesday 18 June 1879

Birth -
AUSTIN -  on 14 June at Come, Avonside, to Mrs A.D.Austin,  a son.

Deaths -
MAXWELL  -  at the res. of Mr Robert Haskett,  Riccarton, infant son of  James & Margaret Maxwell,  age 5mths.
TAYLOR   -  on 15 June at Clare Road,  Springfield,  Daisy, beloved   daughter of Alfred & Elizabeth Taylor.  age 4mths.

Thursday 19 June 1879

Birth -
CHAMPION  - on 17 June at Bank of New Zealand, Kaiapoi,  to Mrs Champion,  a son, premature.

Death -
ELLIS  - on 17 June, the Rev. H.Ellis, departed this life,  age 51 years.

Friday 20 June 1879

Births -
RUTHERFORD   -  on 15 June at Mendip Hills,  to Mrs A.W.Rutherford,   a son.
DUNLOP   - on 17 June at Victoria St.  to wife of J.Dunlop,  a son.
COOKE   - on 19 June at Hereford St. East,  to wife of John Cooke,  a son.

Marriage -
FRUHAUF  -  METZ  -   on June 18th by--  Morris Fruhauf,  of  Great South Road, Timaru,  to  Sarah,  dau.of Lion Metz,  late of London and Dunedin.

Saturday 21 June 1879 

Birth -
ANTHONY  -  on 19 June at Madras St. North,  to wife of Mr J.O'H.  Anthony, a daughter.

Deaths -
FORBES  -  on 19 June at Christchurch,  infant son of Robert & Charlotte Forbes of Tai-Tapu,  age 3mths.
HOBBS  - on 19 June at Sumner Road, Lyttelton,  Joseph Edward Hobbs,  age 46?.

Tuesday 24 June 1879

Marriage -
GRIMES  -  WEIR  -   on 17 June at ---  Charles Grimes,  Surgeon,  to  Flora Anna,  youngest daughter of   J.B.Weir, Esq. J.P.  R.C.D.  R.O.W.  of Melbourne.

Deaths  -
HOCKLEY    -  on 23 June at Oxford Tce West,  Kirby,  2nd son of William & Mary.
ANDREW   - on 23 June at Madras St. North,  Clarinda, eldest daughter of  Walter Andrew,  age 14yrs.

Wednesday 25 June 1879

Births -
MORRISON    -  on 20 June at Tayfield,  to wife of James Morrison,  a son.
MORTIMER    - on 24 June at Springfield Road,  to wife of Rev. R.A.Mortimer, a daughter.

Death -
COUSENS -  on 22 June at Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton, Sarah,  wife of J. Cousens,   age 44

Page 3 -  Funeral of Mr Walter HILL

Thursday 26 June 1879

Births -
HILL     -  to wife of Mr Thomas Hill, Vetinary Surgeon, of a son, stillborn
GOSNELL     - on 15 June at St Asaph St. East, to wife of William Gosnell, a daughter.
COCKS    - on 24 June to wife of Rev. H.B.Cocks, a daughter.
WALSH    - At the Plough Hotel, Rangiora, to wife of Mr E. Walsh,  a son.

Marriage -
GRIMES - WERE -   on 17 June at St. Johns Church, Christchurch,  by the Rev. H.C.M.Watson,  Charles Grimes,  Surgeon,  to  Flora Anna,  youngest daughter                                     of J.B.Were, Esq. J.P. K.C.D. K.O.W.  of Melbourne.       spelling is as is  in the paper in both instances.

Friday 27 June 1879

Births -
COUCH    - on 21 June at Lyttelton,  to wife of P. Couch,  a son.
KING    - on 22 June at Harleston, near Leithfield,  to wife of Mr C.G.King, a daughter.
HALE   - on 25 June at the East Belt, to wife of B.J.Hale,  a son.
PRINS   - at The Pines, to Mrs H. Horsford Prins,  a daughter.

Monday 30 June 1879

Birth -
GEDDES   - on 30 June at Gloucester St. to wife of George W. Geddes,   a  daughter.

Deaths -
GILCHRIST  -  Died at Oxford Hotel, Oxford, on 27 June, Jane,  infant  daughter of Joseph M. & Lizzie Gilchrist  age 17 days.
PRATT   - on 28 June at Lyttelton, Harriet Walshaw Pratt, twin daughter of  Samuel & Anne Pratt,  age 3 mths.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
10 July 2005

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