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Tuesday 10 June 1879

Rangiora -  Funeral    -  LUXTON -
On Sunday afternoon the remains of Mrs John Luxton,  wife of one of the oldest Settlers in Rangiora, were followed to the grave by a large concourse of people.  The cortege was over a quarter of a mile in length,  and the ceremony was conducted by the Ven. Archdeacon Dudley.

Thursday 12 June 1879

Sudden death of a child -  ASHLEY -
An infant son of Mr H.S.Ashley, residing on the Lincoln Road, Addington,  died suddenly at 1-45am  today.  The child was 5mths old,  had been
delicate since birth and subject to fits. ------  It is thought that it will be necessary to hold an inquest.

Friday  13 June 1879
     page 3
Inquest - Auckland -  WALKER
The boy Walker, who was accidently shot at Mercer,  on Sat. last,  died this morning in the Hospital.  At the inquest this afternoon, the jury returned
a verdict of accidental death.

Tuesday 17 June  1879

Ship -  Red Gauntlet - from London
Red Gauntlet brings 2 saloon, 2 second cabin and 9 steerage passengers.

Wednesday 18 June  1879

Shipping    - Dunedin      - 3 deaths - "Otago"
arrived  Otago - ship - from Glasgow - after a passage of 102 days. ----
Three deaths occured on the passage, 
McKAY  -   R.  died on the Sunday  after the ship left Port,  of acute inflammation of the brain.
KENNEDY  -     A seaman named Donald   fell from the fore-royal -masthead into the sea, and the efforts to save him were without avail.  
WELSH  -   The other death was that of Joseph Welsh    steerage passenger of hemorrhage of the lungs.

Oamaru  -  McINNES  -      page 3
The body of a man named Donald McInnes was found floating in the Lagoon ----    It was much decomposed having been in the wate about a fortnight. 
There is no clue as to the origin of his death,  but at about the time the deceased got into the lagoon, he was known to be drinking.  An inquest will be
held tomorrow.

Thursday 19 June 1879 
      page 2
Wanganui -   SMITH -  
A man anmed John Smith - formerly in a Brewery business in Nelson, was found dead in the street this morning.  It is supposed that his death is the result of excessive drinking

Oamaru - Inquest -  McINNES    page 3
At the inquest on the body of a man named McInnes,  who was drowned in the lagoon on Tuesday,  a verdict of "Found drowned" was returned.

Fatality  -  McGREGOR  -  
The body of a man was found floating at the breakwater at half past eight this morning.  it had apparently been in the water for some time.  The face is
greatly disfigured and unrecognisable.  It has not been identified.  No-one has been reported missing.  A pocket book was found on the body containing
 money, cheques, and a number of receipts which led to the conclusion that the  name of the deceased was John McGregor.  It is that of a man about
5 feet 9 inches high and appears to have been well known at Clyde and Cromwell.

Waimate  -  EADE
Mrs Ann Hester Eade died suddenly at Waimate yesterday afternoon.  Death was caused by the bursting of a blood vessel.

Rangiora  -    The late George FENNELL
The Govt. have sactioned the payment of 6mths wages to the widow of the late George Fennell,  who was killed accidently whilst shunting trucks at Rangiora.  -----
leaves a widow with 5 small children,  have been left penniless.

Friday 20 June 1879 
Christchurch  -  sudden death - BROWN
A prisoner named Charles Brown,  who received  a sentence of 3 mths at the Residents Magistrates Court,  on Monday last for vagrancy,  was found dead
in his bed this morning at the Addington Gaol.  Deceased  had been drinking very hard before being sentenced.  An inquest will be held tomorrow.

Oamaru -    Mrs Ann Hester EADE -    page 3

Fatality  -  McGREGOR  - 
The body of the man found floating in the harbour    ----------
receipts for certain sums of money from John McGregor ---  a large sum of money was on the body, and also some deposit receipts for nearly 550 pounds, 
from Union Bank, Cromwell,    It is supposed he had been a shepherd at Clyde, and was going to the steamer late at night, when he  fell off the wharf. 
A flask of whisky was found in  one pocket. An inquest will be held today.

Saturday 21 June  1879

Inquest  -  Auckland -  David
An inquest has been ordered for tomorrow on the body of the man named David,,  who died suddenly on board the steamer Rowena,  while on his way to
the Waikato, to purchase a farm.  He leaves 5 children in the Coromandel.

Obituary -  Mr Walter HILL -
We regret to have to report the death of Mr Walter Hill.  The deceased gentleman whilst engaged last evening in the performance of H.M.S.Pinafore, 
was suddenly attacked by spasms of the heart.  He was at once conveyed to his residence,  where he was attended by Dr Ellis.  Mr Hill seemed slightly
better this morning but at 11 o'clock another severe attack set in, to which he succumbed. Deep sympathy is felt to his wife and family.

Inquest -  Oamaru -  McGREGOR    page 3
The inquest on the body of John McGregor,  who was found drowned in the harbour yesterday,  resulted in an open verdict.  The body was recognised
by Mr A.McLEAN,  late manager of the Waikakahi Station  ------------  deceased  has intimated his intention of returning to the Old Country and was
probably on his way to go to Dunedin on the night of May 27th, when he stumbled on the wharf and drowned.

Tuesday  24 June 1879     
page 3  
 A long piece about Mr Walter Hill. 
email for copy.

Wednesday  25 June  1879
New Zealand shipping  arrivals in London.   page 2
The NZ.S.Co. (Ltd) has received advice of the arrival at London prior to 21 June of the following vessels.
Hurunui  -  from the Bluff,   Lochfleet -  from Auckland,     Times -  from Lyttelton.

page 3    
Write up of  the Funeral of Mr Walter HILL
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Thursday 26 June 1879        page 2
Wellington -    ASHLEY -
A man named John Ashley, has been found lying dead in the bush,  by his sons at Sand Spit.  -----------  He left home in perfect health, and cause of death is unknown.

Friday 27  June 1879      page 3
Tauranga -  GAIR
Mr George Noble Gair,  manager of the National Bank here, was found shot dead  in the Bank this morning.  The wound was on the  left temple, and it is
believed to have been self inflicted.  No cause for the act is known, as his affairs are believed to be iall correct, but he had been drinking heavily lately.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ

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