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Wednesday 3 December  1879
Inquest - TORRY -
An inquest on the body of Anne,  wife of Henry, of West Oxford, who died in childbirth on Sunday night,  was held yesterday, at Mr Torry's house. 
A verdict of  died from natural causes was returned. ------------     Dr Dudley of Kaiapoi was the coroner.

Friday 5 December 1879
Inquest - Hawera -  Mr MOORE -  
The result of the post mortem examination and inquest, is that Mr Moore,  the chemist, died of heart disease.

Blenheim - JONCS  & THOMPSON  -
Two men were killed yesterday by a fall of earth at the Wakamarua mine,  near Havelock.  Their names are Joncs and Thompson.

Monday 8 December 1879
Wanganui - DEVERILL  -
On Saturday morning a man named John Deverill was drowned in the Wanganui River.  He took his horse to the river and fell over the bank into deep water.

Tuesday 9 December  1879
Accident in Port -  HINEMAN 
The man named David Hineman,  who was found on Friday night at the site of the Dock works with his skull fractured,  died yesterday afternoon.

Fatal accident in Port -    McGREGOR  - 
Last night about 9pm the storekeeper of the ship  "Hurunui"   Leopold Hoffman McGregor,  fell off the gangway of the ship while going on board.
-------- an inquest will be held this afternoon.

Thursday 11 December 1879
Inquest -    McGREGOR
At the inquest held on the body of L.H.McGregor,  who died from the effects of falling from the gangway of the "Hurunui" on Monday night,  the 3rd Officier
of the ship,  Mr MICHAEL was complimented upon the prompt manner in which at considerable risk to himself,  he went to the assistance of the deceased.

Saturday 13 December  1879
New Plymouth    -   BEALE
Mr Joseph Beale, the Officier in charge of the telegraph station here since it first opened,  died this morning.  He was universally respected and a most
obliging officer.  He leaves a widow and 2 small children.  Mr Beale comes from Waikouniti? where members of his family are now living.

Dunedin  -   Rev McNICOL  -
The Rev McNicol expired very suddenly at Waihola on Wednesday evening.  The deceased went out into a field for the purpose of mowing some grass
and some time elapsing without his returning,  Mrs McNicol went in search of him.

Oamaru - Lamentable accident -  GORDON  -
A sad accident at Maheno today at 10am.  Miss Gordon,  assistant teacher at Maheno School and about 18 years of age. ---------- in company with a lad
named FLAMMOCK  and Mr DAVIS who was driving -------  while trying to ford the stream at Davis Crossing -------  Miss Gordon and the lad
Flammock were drowned.    No inquest will take place.

Tuesday 16 December  1879      page 3
Sudden death  - GILKINSON  -
A painful sudden death occured this morning.  Mr Gilkinson,  who arrived from Glasgow a couple of months ago, --------- The deceased who was
about 60 years of age,  leaves a large family. ----------

Wednesday 17 December 1879          page 3
Drowning  -   MURRAY  -
A boatman named Murray,  was drowned alongside the brigantine Nightingale.  The man was not sober at the time.  When he fell out of the boat one
of the boatmen caught hold of his legs and held on for nearly a minute, but was forced to let go, and the unfortunate man was never seen again. 
He was unmarried.

Friday 19 December  1879
A fatal mistake -   ALLEN  -
Mr Matthew Allen,  of Victoria St, the well known builder, died yesterday evening at half past seven,  ---- an inquest was to be held at the house of the
deceased at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Saturday 20 December 1879   
Inquest -  ALLEN  -
an inquest was held yesterday afternoon on the body of Matthew Allen, who died on Thursday evening from the effects of drinking liquid ammonia in
mistake for medicine.  -------  a verdict of accidental death was returned.

The Bishop's  Golden Wedding -  HARPER 
Hearty congratulations to the Bishop & Mrs Harper on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of your marriage day,  from the under signed Ministers
of the Presbyterian Church.  --------

 Greytown -       HASTWELL  - 
Mr Hastwell, propieter of a line of coaches between Wellington and Palmeston North, was found dead at Greytown today.  No cause was given of his death, 
but it is believed that he was subject to heart disease.

Tuesday 23 December  1879    
A Chieftainess named Caroline TAIROA,  the eldest sister of the Hon, Wi Tako,  Ngatata,  died at the Te Aro Pa last evening.

Friday 26 December  1879        
Found drowned -    McDONALD  -
A woman named Henrietta Esther McDonald,  was found dead in the Hautoki ? River yesterday morning.  It is supposed that the woman walked
 into the river and was too intoxicated to get out again.

Saturday 27 December  1879
Blenheim -   Inquest  -  Thomas GARDNER  - 
A horrible death by burning occured at  --------  during wednesday night.  Thomas Gardner, one of Hornby's mill hands,  lived in a cottage by himself,
and was seen going home the worse for liquor.  Yesterday morning it was found that his house was burnt down and inspection discovered the charred
remains of Gardner.  At the inquest a verdict of accidental death was returned.

New Plymouth - Chief POMARIKI 
The Chief Pomariki,  who was taken to the Hospital on Monday dangerously ill,  succumbed to the malady on Tuesday morning.  he was suffering from
fever similar  to that prevalent in Parihaka?  but caught it from the natives who visited the Prophet.

Mr E.L.Jeffcott a settler of 30yrs standing was found at Saddle Hill on Christmas Eve,  with his brains blown out.  Deceased was subject to fits, and its
not known whether his death was accidental  ----------

Mr Henry TEWSLEY  -
late Chairman of the Harbour Board,  died after a lingering illness yesterday afternoon.

Monday 29 December  1879
Wellington -  CHEESMAN 
Mr R.S.Cheesman,  the well known Solicitor,  died yesterday,  age 77

New Plymouth - WAREHAM
A young man named D. Wareham,  was killed while felling bush yesterday.

Dunedin -  Inquest -        JEFFCOTT 
Mr F.L.Jeffcott,  of Winchenden,  Saddle Hill, and very much respected,  met his death under very painful circumstances, on 24th December  ----
Dr Hocken,  the district coroner, held an inquest yesterday, and the jury foundthe verdict,  "that the evidence was insufficient to enable them to
say whether death was the result of accident or design.

Tuesday 30 December  1879
Wellington  -   Found dead -  James SMITH  - 
James Smith,  formerly of the 65th Foot, was found dead at Carterton this morning.  The cause of death is not known.

Dunedin -  Funeral-  TEWSLEY
The remains of the late Mr Henry Tewsley,  of the firm of Messrs Sargood, Son & Ewen,  and ex chairman of the Otago harbour Board,  were borne
to their last resting place,  in the Northern Cemetery, this afternoon.  The cortege was a long one.

Wednesday 31 December  1879
Fatal accident - ROBINSON 
A son of William Robinson,  the Herald reporter,  four years of age,  fell off the parapet of the garden wall,  and died in a few hours from suffusion
of the brain.

Supposed Drowning -  TOVEY  - 
The Rev Abraham Tovey,  the Mahurangi missionary,  is believed to have drowned.  The boat and his hat have been found.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
13 August  2005

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