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Monday 1 December 1879  
Birth -     page 2
HARPER    - on 29 November to wife of Leonard Harper - a daughter.

Death -   
WHYTE   - on 20 November at Cust,  Margaret, wife of Mr George Whyte -   Home papers please copy.

Tuesday 2 December  1879  
Birth -
MERCER     - on 1 December to wife of J.H.Mercer - of Dunsandel -  a son.
DOBSON     - on 25 November at Napier -  to wife of Rober Dobson - a son.
KLINGENSTEIN   - at Cashel Street, on 1 December  - to wife of C. Klingenstein - a son.
CRAZE    - on 30 November at West Melton -  to wife of William Craze -a son.
WOLEDGE   - on 30 November at East Town Belt -  to wife of Herbert Eyreton Woledge - a son.

Death -  
BROWN    - on 1 December at Lyttelton,  Dora Eliza,  beloved wife of E.C.Brown,

Wednesday 3 December  1879
Birth -  
SHALDERS - on 2 December at Cashel St. East, to widow of late Mr T.W.Shalders - a daughter.  Nelson papers please copy.

Marriage -
BAKER  -  SHEARSBY -  on 1 December at ---  John, 4th son of  Mr James Baker,  to  Harriett Emma,  eldest daughter of   Mr J. Shearsby, both of Kaiapoi.

Funeral Notice -
BROWN  -  wife  of  R.C.Brown -- that the funeral of his late wife will leave his residence Coleridge St, Lyttelton,  on Thursday at 2pm.

Thursday  4 December  1879
Birth -   
MULHOLLAND    -  on 3 December to wife of Frank Mulholland,  cab prop.- a son.

Death -  
WATSON   -  on 2 December at his res.  Merivale,  Robert,  age 63 years.

Friday 5 December  1879     
Birth -  
HADFIELD  - on 3 December at Stanmore House, Bingsland - to wife of Joseph - a daughter.

Marriage -
GARWOOD -  WALKDEN - on 2 December -- James Daniel Garwood,  of Akaroa,   to  Mary Alice,  eld. daughter of C. Walkden,  Christchurch,  Esq.

Saturday 6 December  1879     
Birth -    
DINGLE  - on 2 December at Bingsland - to wife of J.T.Dingle - a daughter.

Death -
DE LORREA? - on 4 December at Oxford,  Sarah Jane,   second daughter of D. De Lorrea? age 22  a native of Ballarat.

Monday 8 December  1879    
Birth - .
FURZE - on 6 December  -  to wife of Frederick Furze - a daughter.
McDONALD - on 6 December,  at  Woolston - to wife of J.McDonald, Aberdeen papers  please copy.
BATES - on 7 December, at Claremont Tce, Salisbury St. - to wife of Thomas H.Bates, Evangelist - a daughter

Funeral Notice -
TOD  -   late Mr William Tod,  -- "Springside" Lincoln, on Wednesday 10th December at 11 o'clock, - Addington Cemetery at half past 2 o'clock.

Tuesday 9 December 1879 
Birth -  
YARRALL -   Mrs  on  6 December - a daughter

Ship  "Lady Jocelyn"  from London  births on board, a long write up of the voyage.    email me for a copy.
Mrs BLANK - 16 September - a son,
Mrs GRAMMAR - 4 November - a son,
Mrs O'BRIEN - 6 December  - a daughter

.Birth -
FRIEDLANDER - on 7 December at Tancred St, Ashburton, to wife of R.Friedlander - a son.

Marriage -
LIESKE -  FITZSIMMONS -  on 4 December at  ---  Otto Lieske, of Christchurch,  to  Harriett Fitzsimmons,  late of Hokitika.

Death -
PACKER  - on 7 December at Sommerfield, Chch,  Hannah, widow, of the late Richard Packer, age 85

Wednesday 10  December 1879
Birth -
ROBINSON  - on 24 November at her res. Tuam St. East to wife of James Robinson -  twin daughters.
HALLIDAY    - on 7 December at Kowai Pass, to wife of John Halliday - a son.
McILRAITH    - on 9 December at "The Grays" Upper Riccarton, to wife of Hugh McIlraith - a son.

Death -
BROWN - on 9 December,  Miss Ann Mullay Brown, Dampier Bay, Lyttelton, in her 43rd year

Funeral Notice -
  -  ---- Captain G.Brown are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late sister, will leave his res. Dampier Bay
Lyttelton, on Thursday at 3 o'clock.

Thursday 11 December 1879     
Birth -
GRAHAM - on 10 December at Dunville Cottage,  Ferry Road, to wife of Thomas Graham, British Hotel, Lyttelton, - a son.
SIMMONS - on 6 December at Springston, to wife of mr Simmons - a son.

Death -
SNEDDON - on 10 December  B.Francis Sneddon, of Scotts Road, Willowbank,  Sydney,  in his 31st year.
TOD - on 8 December at Lincoln, William Tod,  farmer,  age 62.

Friday 12 December 1879   
Birth -  
YOUNG - on 11 december to wife of G.E. Young. - a son.

Saturday 13 December 1879      p
Birth - 
GAMMACK -  on 11 december at newlands, to Mrs John A.Gammack -  a daughter

Marriage -
TAYLOR  -  NELSON -  on 11 December at ----  James Taylor of Christchurch,  to  Mary Nelson,  late of Momesley, South Rakaia.

Tuesday 16 December 1879    
Birth -  
DUNCAN - on 15 December at Hereford St,  Christchurch, to wife of Peter Duncan - a son.

Marriages -
RADCLIFFE -  ICK -    on 13 December at St John's Church, Christchurch, by Rev H.C.M.Watson,  Daniel Radcliffe  to  Kate Ick.
HART - BROWNELL -   on 13 Dec. at the res. Bride's parents, by --- Lavington Hart, of Melbourne,  to  Fanny Jane,  dau. of Captain Brownell,  Lyttelton.

Wednesday 17 December 1879   
Birth -
MORROW -  16 December at Cambridge Tce,  Christchurch, to wife of  D.Morrow - a son.
JENKINS - on 12 December at "Springfield", Southbridge, to wife of Thomas Jenkins Esq - a son.
THOMPSON - on 16 December at East oxford, to wife of Chas. Abel Thompson - a son.
WEST - on 15 December at the Selwyn Hotel, Selwyn, to wife of J.West - a daughter

Marriage -
WEBB  -  JOHNSON -  on 16 December ---  Samuel Webb, late of Melbourne, Victoria,   to  Charlotte Emma Johnson,  Christchurch. ------

Deaths -
DINGWALL - on 16 December at Colombo St,  Jane,  the beloved daughter of James and Margaret Dingwall,  aged 3 months.
FRANCIS - on 14 December at Kirwee,  Herbert John,  only child of A.J. Amelia Francis,  age 2 years, 6mths.

Thursday 18 December  1879   
Births -
WAUCHOP - on 15 December at Southbridge, to wife of T. Wauchop - a son.
HUGHES - on 27 November at Sydney, to wife of Professor Hughes, Manchester St. - a son.
JENKINS - on 12 December at "Springfield", Southbridge, to wife of Thomas Jenkins Esq - a son.
HALE - on 16 December to wife of William hale, of South Rakaia School - a daughter.

Marriages -
on 2 October at Junee, near Wagga, by the Ven. Archdeacon Pownall,  Charles,  2nd son of the late Captain T.H.Zouch,  42nd Madras, 
N.I.   H.E.I.C.S.  and formerly of Quebec.  to  Amie Mary,  eldest daughter of Edward Mitchell,  Esq.  and granddaughter of the late
Captain Furlong,  80th regiment.

LIDDLE  -  FEILDWICK  -   on 17 December Captain T.Liddle  to Eliza Fieldwick,   3rd daughter of Wm. Fieldwick,  of Maro St. Hackney,  London.

Death -
DINGWALL   - on 16 December at Colombo St,  Jane,  the beloved daughter of James and Margaret Dingwall,  aged 3 months
SHALDERS   - on 14 december at Cashel St,  Mabel Shalders,  aged 13 days.

Funeral    - 
   - Mr Slater took place at Holy Trinity Church,  Avonside,  at half past 4 o'clock  There was a large attendance  of members of the legal profession and leading citizens. -------------

Friday 19 December  1879  
Death -
BROWN - on 16 December at Woolston,  Ethel Maude,  infant daughter of R. and M.E. Brown,  age 4 months and 2 weeks.

Saturday 20 December 1879  
Death -
PATTERSON - on 18 December at Fernside,  John,  only son of Mr J. Patterson,  age 16 yrs. Stirling journal please copy.
WILLEY - on 19 December at St Albans,  of croup,  William Willey, youngest son of J.A.Willey, aged 3 and half years. Exeter papers please copy.

Tuesday 23 December 1879   
Birth -
DEVERY - at Sneyds' Arms, Kaiapoi,  to the wife of T.G. Devery - a son.
ABBOTT - on 20 December at Clifton,  Southbridge, to the wife of William Abbott - a son.

Marriage -
on 17 December at Timaru,  Robert Frederic Barber,  of Birmingham, Warwickshire,  Architect,   to  Rhoda Jeanetta,  youngest daughter of
Thomas C.David Esq,  of Brigend,  (formerly of of Laleston) Glamorganshire.

Death -
TAYLOR -  At Bank Street,  Falkirk,  Stirlingshire, Scotland,  Mrs George Taylor,  the beloved sister of Mr James STARK,  Christchurch,
                        Canterbury, NZ age 66yrs,  Australian papers please copy.

Funeral Notice  -  KNUDSEN
The friends of Mr Ananias Knudsen are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late departed  wife Julie  to leave his residence  Smarts Road,
Sydenham, tomorrow Wednesday at a quarter past 2 o'clock. for the English Cemetery.

Friday 26 December  1879    
Birth -
BULL -  on 20 December at Enfield Lodge, Dunedin,  to wife of Walter Bull - a daughter.
RAVEN - on 23 December at Manchester St North,  to wife of W.J.Raven -  a  daughter.

Death - 
McLEOD - on 14 December at Stock Grove,  near Amberley, wife of the late John McLeod, age 60.

Funeral Notice - 
  -   Mr Adam Menzies are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late daughter, Saturday at half past one o'clock,  for the Addington Cemetery.
McCONNGHY   -  Ellen Ann , dau.of Mrs McConnghy,  -- South Town Belt, Saturday at 3o'clock. for Addington Cemetery.

Saturday 27 December 1879    page 2
Death -
LOW - on 26 December at Lyttelton,  Elizabeth Phoebe,  beloved wife of Henry G. Low    - age 22       Tasmanian and Victoria papers please copy.
McDONALD - on 26 December at Parnell,  Auckland,  Henry Murray,  son of A.V. McDonald,  age 10 mths.
WAITT - on 26 December at Timaru,  R.M.Waitt.

Funeral Notice  -  
  - Richard,  son of   Charles & Louisa Lake,  South Rakaia,  ----- at 3-30pm tomorrow Sunday 28 December  for South Rakaia Cemetery.
BISHOP  -  The remains of the late John Frederick Bishop,    will leave the res. of Mrs Charles Bishop tomorrow afternoon.

Monday 28 December 1879   
Birth -  
OVENDEN - on 23 December at kaiapoi, to wife of W.H.Ovenden - a daughter.

Marriage -
on 24 December at St Saviour's,  Sydenham, by Rev. H.B.Cocks,  John Milne  second son of William H. Wakefield,  late of Kelso, Scotland,  to 
Jemima Spence,  eldest daughter of Captain William Groundwatz,  late of Perth, Scotland.     Home papers please copy.

Deaths -
BISHOP -  on 24 December John Frederick,  infant son of Charles Bishop,  Tuam St East,  aged 5 months.
STIRLING - on 26 December at Brookside, in his 63rd year.  Andrew Stirling,  late of Riskend Farm,  Stirlingshire, Scotland. Home papers please copy.

Tuesday 30 December  1879
Birth -
STAINS - on 5 December at Hobson St. Wellington,  to Mrs Robert Stains - a son.

Death -
FIRMAN - on 28 December at East Oxford,  Robert Wilkins,  eldest son of Thomas Firman,  age 14

Wednesday 31 December  1879
Birth -
NORTON  -  TAYLOR - on 20 December at Madras St. North,  to Mrs Norton-Taylor - a son.
BAKEWELL - on 30 December at Ross,  Westland, to the wife of R.H.Bakewell, M.D. - a son.

Marriage -
REEVE - PHILLIPS - on 23 December at Kaiapoi, -- William Jesse, 5th son of Thomas Reeve, Esq. Gebbies Valley,  to  Bertha Violet, dau of Captain Phillips. 

Deaths -
FLESHER - on 30 December at Avebury,  William Alexander,  son of William and Dorothy Flesher,  aged 9 years and eight months.
JUDGE - on 30 December at Worcester St. West,  Helen,  daughter of W.G.Judge,  aged 3 months.

The   "Hereford"     from London  3 deaths on voyage. 1 birth
Birth -    Mrs Charles  BURRELL - a son
Annie CROSS  age 4 years. 
Henry SMITH,  age 4 months,  
Beatrice JENKINS age 22 months, 

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
13 August  2005

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