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Friday 1 November  1878
Napier -  Inquest  -  001
    William Hunter,  late cook of the Result a verdict of found drowned was returned.  The seaman PERRY   --------

Invercargill -  Land Sale - 002  
TAPPER    - R.  Eastbourne Estate of 615 acres
NZ Insurance Co -  section Esk st.
MILLS -  J.R.   section 61,  block 6, Jacob's River  30 acres  of Oban Bush
HORAN -   (3) quarter  acre sections    at South Riverton
MILLS -  (3) 1 acre sections
WILSON - (9) 1 acre sections

Saturday 2 November 1878
Admitted to the Bar -  003  
McCONNEL -  Robert,  was admitted a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court
PERCIVAL -  W.B.  an old student of Christ's College -----

Tuesday 5 November 1878
Death  -  004
All lawyers' offices in Christchurch were closed yesterday as a mark of respect to the late Mr P Hanmer.

Accident  -  005
HURSE  -  
Mr James Hurse,  when leaving his house in Kaiapoi,   his horse  which was harnessed in his light gig  ---  smashed  the trap to pieces ----
                        Mr Hurse was thrown on the road ---     no bones were broken  ------

Deserters  -  005   
FUSE  -  T.   and
WOOD   -   G.W.     apprentice ---  of the brig Clematis  with deserting
RICHARDSON   -  C.  and
NORMAN  -  H.,  seamen from the ship Crusader  ------

Desertion  -  007   page 3
DONKIN  -  Henry -----   wife desertion,  his wife and 9 children had been left unprovided for  ------   

Inquest  -  008  
GOLDSMITH  -  Mr.  Mining Inspector  --------   

Wednesday  6 November  1878
Accident  -  009
The cab which belonged to and was driven by Mr Pentecost ------   an axle broke  ----   passenger was able to alight without any injury
                                 --------  more ---

Death  -  010
  -   Mr John McLean,  manager of the Morven Hill station,  died suddenly  ----  an inquest will be held.

Friday  8 November  1878
Accidents  011 
EXALL  - little girl,   daughter  of Mr Exall  of Montreal st----      of narrow escape from drowning.  -----  Mr Baseley  a neighbour resuscitated  her. ----
ROSS  -  Mr  of Peacock st,  was driving his wife and son in a waggonette ---   blinkers slipped of horse --  occupants thrown on road ---  

Saturday  9 November  1878
Supreme Court  -   012 
MAXWELL  -  Charles Francis ---    letters of administration    ---  Thomasine J.Maxwell  executor of will.
NECK  -   William Alfred,  admitted as a solicitor and barrister.

Monday  11 November  1878
Deaths   -  HAYDASPES  -  ship  from London  -  013  
Three  deaths occurred  during the passage  one a Mrs GOOD, ----   her prematurely child also died when 4 days old,  another infant  died  ---  
2 births occurred and one infant died  before the ship left Plymouth.  -------   a very long column  ------   106  single women,   30 families,   
106  fine strapping single men ---  testimonials were presented to Dr Dunkley  and Captain Babot,  never before has a ship come into Lyttelton 
in such splendid order ----  

Protection of Earnings  -  015  -
PHILLIPS  -   wife of George,  of Dunedin ---applied for protection of her property and earnings -----   order granted
SMITH  -  Harriett,  applied for protection of her property and earnings and support and custody of her child,  --against William Henry Smith -- case adjourned

Stowaways  -  016  
WILSON  -  Carl  and
PITEIL  -  J.A.  were charged with stowing away on board the barque Mary Miller at Newcastle.  -------   were discharged.

Tuesday  12 November  1878
Drowning  -  Akaroa  -  BRADFORD  -  017  page 2
The ketch Margaret,  of Little Akaloa,  timber laden,  ----    one of the hands,  James Henry Bradford,  was knocked overboard  by the boom  and drowned. 
Deceased arrived in Lyttelton from London  per Hereford  last February.

Presentation  -   018
DOHERTY  -   ----   a silver cup was presented to one of the immigrants on the ship Hydaspes  by Dr Dunkley  to Charles Doherty    for the best rifle shot on board, 
                                presentation made by Mr J.E. March,  the Immigration Officer -------

Wednesday  13 November  1878
Girls' High School   Scholarship  Examinations  -  020  page 2
Highest grade  -  Miriam ROBERTS,  Janette G.GROSSMAN,    Harriette HUNT
Middle Grade  -  Caroline WOODLEY,  Cecilia ROSS,  Annie HALLAMORE,   Catherine ALEXANDER,  Ada PIKE,  Margaret MENZIES.
Lowest grade  -  Mahala MILLS

Thursday 14 November  1878
Drowning in the Estuary   -    022 &  023  -
-- a party of young men,  consisting of Thomas Delamare,  Frank Triggs,  Herbert Luff  in the employment of Messrs Beath & Co.  with a Mr Malcolm, 
started out ----opposite Ward's Brewery    for a day's  fishing  in the estuary ----   arrived at Cave Rock -----   a north west breeze sprung up  heavy sea
swamped the boat, --- all men been thrown out into the water  ---  Delamare  -- safely reached land  Triggs and Malcolm  managed to hang onto the boat,  
Luff attempted to follow Delamare,  but becoming exhausted returned to the baoat   --------   Luff's body ghad not been recovered  ----  
he was 20 years of age,  ---------

Friday  15  November  1878
Public House Licenses  025 
The following applications will be heard  on 3 December  -  
ASHFORD -  Frederick,  hotel,  Hereford st  and Stanmore road.
ASHFORD  -  F.   wine and beer,  Hereford st  and Stanmore road
BLAKE  -  James,  hotel,  Colombo and Cashel st,   
FULLBROOK -  W.W.  hotel,  Lincoln
HUGHES  -  John,  hotel,  East Town belt,  Salisbury and Victoria streets.
LAWRENCE -  S.  hotel, Colombo st,  Sydenham,
MILNER  -  Geo. E.  hotel,  Cambridge tce  and Gloucester st,
MAGER  -  James,  hotel,  Springston.
RAV  -  R. Hotel,  Springston.
SOMERS  -  John,  hotel,  Colombo and New streets,
SEABRIGHT -  William,  hotel,  Templeton.
TOOVEY  -  John, hotel,  Barbadoes st and Oxford tce.
WEARING  -  G.W.  hotel,  Colombo st  and Cathedral Sq.

Confirmation of Temporary Transfers  025 
BARTLETT   to  JAMES,  Caledonian rd
COOKSON  to  BENNETT,  Garrick hotel
MAPLES  to FREEMAN,  Southern Hotel
MUTCH  to  MEADE,  Suffolk restaurant.
RADCLIFFE  to  COOKSON,  Commercial Hotel,
RANGER  to  WILLIAMS,  Rolleston Hotel.
WEARING  to  RICHMOND,  Terminus Hotel.
SIMMONS - George  application to transfer license of the George and Dragon,  Templeton  to  new premises.

Fatality  -  026
The body of the unfortunate young man  Luff has not been found yet. -------

Saturday  16 November  1878
Body  Found  in Bush  -  027   page 2
-- finding of a dead body  of a man  on the banks of the Clarence River,  Molesworth station -- about 55 years of age,  5ft 10in  long black hair,  ----
a constable was dispatched from Blenheim  a distance of 85 miles  to bring in the body  -------

Accident at Lyttelton  -  028
  -   John Hemsen,  a seaman on board ---  Orari  met with a very severe accident ---  nearly lost his life.  -----  left arm and 1 rib broken  -----   

Monday  18 November  1878
Inquest  -  Timaru  -  029
  -  Mrs Drew  and her child  who were killed during the violent gale last Friday.  ---   roof of house not fastened -----

Sudden death  -  030
NEWELL  - ---  at Addington,  Mr William Newell,  contractor at Timaru,  ---  came up to Christchurch  by  midday train  on Saturday to obtain medical advice ----
                         ----  died at the table  of his friend McNichol  -----   leaves a wife and family  at Timaru.

Death  -   Rangitikei   from London  -  031 
arrived from London yesterday  ---  passage of 105 days -----  17 passengers in saloon,  and 42 in 2nd cabin  Rev. Wm M.CRAIGIE  died on
4 November ---- and on 8 November a seaman R.S.CORNISH  was washed overboard and drowned.  ----  a very long column ------

Tuesday  19 November  1878
Sumner  -  Fatal accident -  032
  - The police renewed their search yesterday  without success  for the body of the late Herbert Lough  who was drowned in the estuary  -------

Wednesday  20 November  1878
Inquest  -  033
-    Else Maude Cuddon,  aged 1 year and 9mths  whose death by drowning  -----was found  by her father Mr Cuddon  and a  man in
                        his employ named George Hagin -------

Addington     -  034   
-     Henry Dunn,  a storekeeper at Waimate,  met with a serious accident,  nearly lost his life,  standing on the platform of a carriage on the express train
                        ---  a jerk threw him off  and he fell heavily to the ground ----  left leg broken ----  

Absent without leave  -  035 
TAYLOR  -  Richard, a seaman   with US brigitine Star charged with this offence ---
NORTHCROFT -  Thomas,  absent from the barque  Mary Millar ------
FERRIS  -  E.  refusal of duty  on ship Hydaspes  -------

Thursday 21  November  1878
Inquest  -  036
-  Charles Morgan ---  died in his cottage,  hereford st on Wednesday morning.  witnesses  were Christian Klingenstein,  Prop. of the Provincial Larder -----
                    Thos. Aldridge,  stableman,  living in Cashel st,  -------  George Wheeler, one of the props. of Collin's Hotel -----   Thomas Grey,  gardener, 
                        living in Gloucester st,  --------  a very long column  -----

Friday  22 November  1878
Funeral  -  037
Councillor CALVERT 
-  The funeral of the late Councillor Calvert  took place this afternoon ----   

Drowning  -  Waiau  -  038
  James Mutton,  drowned in the Waiau river opposite leslie Hills station    while attempting to cross it.  ------

Saturday  23 November  1878
Property for sale  -  039
  -  a quarter acre section  in Gloucester st  near Latimer Square   res  of Mr F. Hobbs  esq.   plus cottage of 4 rooms,  owner is leaving for England

Monday 25 November  1878
Wainui  -  040
-  Mrs Hay of Pigeon Bay  has been seriously injured while driving to Wainui on Saturday.  When near Mr Knight's  house one of the springs of the
                    buggy which was going downhill at the time  snapped.  ----   occupants thrown out ---   ------

Body recovered  -  041
  - Richard Harper and ----  Bardon,  2 fishermen  -----   proved to be the body of the late Mr Herbert Lough  drowned on 13 November
                        -----  more ---

Funeral  -  042
  - The remains of the late Mr Teschemaker,  member for Gladstone,  were conveyed from wellington  to Lyttelton
                    -----  funeral will take place at 4pm tomorrow at Timaru  -----    

Fatal boat accident  -  043
  -  Mr Charles Henry Hancock,  the keeper of the quarantine station on Quail Island  ------      leaves a wife and 3 young children
                     --- long column ----

Maintenance  -  044  
DALE  -  Thomas ---   not paid for the support of his child at the Industrial school  -------
BLACKLER  -  Edwin,  similarly  charged ----

Disobeying an order  -  045
-  James Mitchell was charged with disobeying an order of the Court  ---  towards his wife's support ----

Tuesday  26 November  1878
Fishermen at the Estuary 047 
With a view of recognising the action of the fishermen residing at the estuary for their efforts to recover the body of the late Mr H. Lough,
a subscription    list was started this morning  --------   more ----

Wednesday  27 November  1878

Transfer of License  048 
The license of the Riccarton Hotel was transferred from Henry Qualmer  to Charles Lewin.

Refusal of Duty at Sea  -  049
- Alfred Opie  and Henry Somers,  seamen aboard the barque Akbar,  were charged by Captain Watt  ----  lots more  -----

Friday 29 November  1878
Accident  - 050
  -  a serious accident occurred yesterday at the railway sheds  2 young lads named George Merson  and George Buchanan  were seriously injured. 
                        Merson who is the son of Mr Merson,  plumber,  Salisbury st,  and Buchanan who is apprenticed to the railway carpenter  were standing on some
                        scaffolding -----  Buchanan  suffered a fractured skull   ----Merson's chin is badly cut ----  more ----

Lyttelton  - 052
- The police were dragging for the body of Mr Hancock  who was drowned on Saturday  -----  unsuccessful in their search.

Saturday  30 November  1878
Divorce  -  053  -  
RYLEY  v Ryley,  both parties had left New Zealand ----    granted a decree nisi  for a dissolution of the marriage.

Inquest    - Lyttelton    - 054
    -      Charles Allen,  who was found in the breakwater on Thursday  --- 
                    witnesses;  William Webb, I was working on the Gladstone pier  ------ 
                      Vincent Belgrave , I am the hotel keeper in Lyttelton  and knew the deceased  ----- deposed  -----   
                    Daniel Sullivan,  I am a ballastman  working onboard the Streamlet  -----   a mate of mine at work ----
                    William Rule said I am a seaman on board the ketch Janette  ----     more  ------

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