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Thursday  1  August  1878

Inquest  -  JACKSON  - 001
an inquest took place yesterday on the body of the infant Sarah Jackson, ---------  the jury recorded a verdict of accidently smothered.
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Auckland  -  MARSHALL   - 002
The body of Mr Marshall,  J.P. has been found on the beach.

Shipping  -   MEROPE  -   from London  - 003
Merope  ship,  1125 tons,  Sutherland, from London.  Edwards, Bennetts and Co. agents.

Passengers  -
Saloon  -  Mr and Mrs Hill,   Mr Fred Hill,   Mr C. Campbell,    Mr A. DOLMAN,    Mr C.H.Rhodes,   Miss Quinney,  Mr Styles Rich,   Mr T.T.Roscoe,  
                    Mr E.H.Ball,  and Mr A. Taylor.
Second cabin  -  Messrs  P.E.Hubbard,  R.Felton,  MrsElizabeth Baker,   Miss E. Baker,  and Miss F.Baker.

Friday 2 August  1878

Lyttelton  -  refusal of duty  -  004
John Murray, a seaman on board the barque Vindex,  was charged by Captain Rose with this offence, and sentenced to 4 days hard labour.
McLEAN  -   Alexander Mclean, arrested --  was charged with deserting from the ship Otago,  at Port Chalmers.  remamded  until Tuesday.  email for a copy.

Saturday 3 August  1878

Sudden death  -  BROWN  - 005
this morning a lad named Alexander Brown,  one of the apprentices on board the barque Southern Cross lying in harbour,  was found dead i
n his bunk.  -------    deceaed was a coloured lad aged about 13 years and a native of Hobart Town,    longish column  -  email for a copy.

Monday 5 August  1878

Inquest  -  Alexander  BROWN  - 006
an inquest was held  ----  Lyttelton,  -----on the body of Alexander Brown, an apprentice aboard the Southern Cross,  who died suddenly. 
 --------  death from natural causes.    a very long column  -  email for a copy.

Thursday  8 August  1878
Mt Grey Downs  - BACHELOR  - 007
yesterday about 1pm a farmer named Henry Batchelor,  of Mt Grey Downs,  left his house -----------  it was found life was extinct.  an inquest
will be held today at 2pm    -----  email for a copy.

Maori Wedding  -  KARATITI  - POHATA  - 008
A marriage took place at the Raupaki pah,  Governor's Bay,  on Tuesday  between George Pataina Karatiti   and   Harirota Pohata,  ans was the
occasion of great rejoicing.  Karatiti is a son of Solomon,  who is chief ranatira of the Waimate Maoris,  but live at Raupaki,  the bride belongs
to Raupaki  ---------------   a sister of the bride is to be married at Raupaki on Good Friday,  and all present were invited to come again on
that occasion.    ------   a long column  -  email for a copy.

Oamaru  -  BLACK  - 009
a man named Matthew Black was working this morning at the quarry near Breakwater, when a large stone,  weighing about 2cwt,  rolled down
and struck him,  ----  death was almost instantaneous.  He leaves a wife and family.
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Grahamstown  -  THRUPP,  BENNY  - 010
a fatal accident happened here today, a fishing boat manned by 2 men named Thrupp and Benny,  chartered by Mr De Thierry,  native interpreter. 
to go to the other side of the Gulf.  -------
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Shipping -   OLIVE -   from London  -  011
Commanded by Captain McCracken,  has 3 saloon, 6, second cabin  and 13 steerage passengers.
one death  -  on 31 July  Mr George Cotton, a second cabin passenger died of consumption
Left london on 21 April

Friday  9 August  1878  

Hokitika  -  fire  -  Eldorado Hotel  -    012
a fir occurred this morning at 2 o'clock at Barton's Eldorado Hotel,  on the east side of North revell street.  The hotel was completely destroyed, 
and also the 2 small shops and a cottage at the rear.  The cottage  -------  The Barton family had a narrow escape by a ladder from the upper
floor window.  Mr John SUAHER,  contractor, was severely injured by a horse running against him during the fire. 
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Saturday  10  August  1878

Sudden death  -  RICHARDS  -    014
a man named Charles Richards, a labourer,  of the seadown estate,  was found dead in his bed this morning,  an inquest was held yesterday  ----
a verdict of died from natural causes and heart disease was returned.

The Late Michael Brannan HART  -  015
the news of the death of Mr M.B.Hart,  ---will be read by many with deep regret.   arrived here on the first 4 ships and landed at Lyttelton in
December 1850. ----  upon which the White Hart Hotel is now  erected.  -----  returned to England,  came back to Christchurch  in 1869
---- in 1873 was elected Mayor of Christchurch.
a long column  -  email for a copy.

Wednesday  14 August  1878

Desertion  -  KYBIRD  -    019-1
Henry Kybird,  cook and steward on board the barque Clifton, was charged by Captain Shaw, master of the  vessel.the bench sentenced accused
to 7 days hard labour.

Neglecting to provide  -  McVICAR  -   019-2
John Mc Vicar was charged with neglecting to provide for the support of his son John McVicar ---------- wants his children put in the Industrial School --- adjourned to 11 September.

Thursday  15 August  1878

Wanganui  -  Fatality  -  020
MARTEN -  A young man named Frank Marten was killed at the railway station at noon -----while shunting carriages  ---

Lyttelton  - absent without leave  -  MATTS  - 021
a seaman named Jock Matts, belonging to the barque  Elizabeth was for the above offence sentenced to 4 days imprisonment.

Friday  16 August  1878

Death at Lyttelton Gaol  -   FLEMING  - 022
yesterday afternoon John william Fleming,  a prisoner confined to gaol,  died from heart disease.  Deceased would have been discharged from
custody on Saturday next had he lived.

Land Sale  -  Lyttelton  -  023
Section No. 21, Lyttelton  was offered for sale by Mr J. Fletcher --- ----- sold to Mr S.C.Phillips  ----   been purchased as a site for the Temperance Hall dining rooms  ----
vious afternoon  ---

Saturday 17 August  1878
Inquest  -  Lyttelton  -  FLEMING  -  024  and 024a
an inquest held -----on John William Fleming, who died the previous day  ---  received into gaol on 13 July 1877  and since that time has been 34 days unwell
----  lots more  -----

Land Sale  -  Invercargill -  025
Mr Lawson's farm at of 300 acres at Wallaceville was sold ---  to Mr D.Carmichael  and Mr carswell's property at Wymark Forks,  Tois Tois,  1400 acres sold   to Mr D.Carmichael  for ----

Monday 19  August  1878
Not Supporting s Wife  -  CHAPMAN - 027
William Chapman was charged  with failing to provide for his wife Margaret Chapman -----     stand over for a fortnight.

Neglecting to support  -  O'NEILL  - 028
Henry O'Neill was charged with having neglected to  the support of his 4 children at the Industrial School at Burnham ------

Breach of BMD Act -  029
SMITH  -  Francis James Smith  was charged with neglecting to register the birth of a child  ----  a fine of 20s. was imposed.

Wednesday   21 August  1878
Man and Child missing  -  CROSS  - 031a
at 10 o'clock monday morning  a man named Henry Cross,  left his home in First street,  Sydenham,  carrying a child,  his daughter,  and was
seen going in the direction of the city. Nothing has been heard of him by the police by last evening  -----   he is English,  34 years of age,
 about 5ft, 6ins high,  dark and sallow complexion,  black hair,  beard and moustache.   --------
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Australia  -  Death -  032
HENTY  -  Mr, the oldest colonist in Victoria is dead.  he had resided in the colony 46 years.

Saturday  24  August  1878
Found dead  -   BROOKS  - 035
a man named Thomas Brooks was found dead yesterday in some gorse bush near the residence of Mr A. PERRY,  Timaru,  The deceased was a
labourer,  who had resided at Timaru for some years.  ----  an inquest will be held today.
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Dunedin  -  GOWAN  - 036
Mrs Gowan  ------    died in the Hospital last evening.  ------  an inquesy was deemed not necessary.

Monday  26 August  1878

Dunedin  -  GLEESON  - 037
a man named John Gleeson was drowned at the Dunedin jetty yesterday,  -------
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Neglected and Criminal Children Act   -  038
GROVES - George,  of Timaru, cahrged with neglecting to support  his son. 
JOHNSTON -  James,  of Timaru  neglected to obey an order ---   warrant for arrest ----

Funeral  -  KENT  - 038a
the funeral of the late Sister Kent took place yesterday afternoon at the Weslyan Cemetery.  ---------
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Last Railway line   -  039
The laying of the last rail of the Dunedin and Christchurch line took olace today between Waikouaiti  and Palmeston  in the presence of 200 people -----

Wednesday  28  August  1878
Accident at Railway Station  -  040
BLACKMORE -  William, employed by Messrs Heywood and Co.  got his leg broken at the railway station ---  taken to hospital -----

Dunedin  -  SOMERVILLE  - 041a
 a shepherd named Somerville left Shennan's station,  Naseby, on July 31 for the Ida Valley, and has not been heard of,  though his dogs have returned. 
A constable has gone in search of him.

Port Chalmers  -  CHRISTIAN  -    041  page 3
the cutter Mermaid has just arrived from Purakanui.  The master,  Captain FARGIE, reports that at 0.30pm today the vessel jibed and the boom
striking a man named Christian a Norwegian,  aged between 36 and 40 carried him overboard.  He sank rapidly and nothing afterwards was
seen of him, Captain Fergie lowered the boat and went in search of the unfortunate man, but with out avail.

Thursday  29 August  1878
Death  by fire  -  EDWARDS  - 042
a shocking accident occurred on Tuesday at Rainscliff  about 20 miles west of Pleasant Point.  A man named Edwards, a farmer, with his wife, 
aged 19 years were engaged in burning some tussocks  ------------  he and hos wife were not long married. They are reported to have left
Christchurch about 2 months ago to settle at Rainscliff,  and Edwards is the son of Mr Edwards,  malster,  Windmill road.
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Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
22 October  2006
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