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Friday  9  August  1878
Death  -  012a
HART  -  August 9 at Freshford Housem,   Michael Brennan  Hart,  aged 64 years.

Saturday 10 August  1878

Funeral Notice  -  013
RANKIN ?  -   the friends of Mr Robert Rankin ?  --  funeral of his late wife-- South town belt,  --  on Monday at 2 o'clock,  for the Addington Cemetery.

Monday  12  August  1878

Death  - 016
HESTER  -  August 10 at Oxford street,  Lyttelton,  Thomas Hester,  aged 48

Funeral Notice  - HESTER  -    017
Court Queen of the Isles,  No 2703,  A.O.F.
the Brethren of the above court are requested to meet at the Forrester's hall St David street, Lyttelton tomorrow, August 13thy at 2-30pm
to attend the funeral of the late Bro. Hester
George AYERS  C.R.
John S. WILLER,  Secretary

I.O.G.T.    HESTER  -  017
The members of the Rainbow and Sea Shell Lodges are requested to attend at the Weslyan schoolroom at 2-30pm on Tuesday  August 13
to attend the funeral of our late brother T. Hester.
W.P.TUBB    W.S.   
Rainbow Lodge  No 84

Tuesday  13 August  1878

Death  - 018
PRESTON  -  on August 13 at Merivale,  Ellen Jane,  eldest and dearly beloved daughter of Alfred Russell and Mary Jane Preston,  aged 24 years..

Monday  19 August  1878

Birth  -  026
DOULL  -  on August 18 at Barbadoes street,  to wife of D.F.Doull  -   a son.

Thursday  22 August  1878

Death  - 033
KENT  -  August 21 at Christchurch,  Sarah Lydia Frost Kent, daughter of William Kent, South Town Belt,  aged 20 years 11 months.

Saturday  24 August  1878

Death  - 034
FROST  -  August 21 at Strathallan,  Echuca, Victoria,  Emily Frost,  aged 18  late of Colombo road,  Sydenham and Auckland.

Funeral Notices  -  034a  
Sister KENT   - I.0.G.T.  Liberate Lodge  No 1 -   all members of the  I.G.O.T. are kindly requested to attend the funeral  of the late Sister Kent. 
                               ----  at quarter to 2 on  Sunday  with crepe badges.
KENT  -   The friends of Mr William Kent,  are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late daughter,  Sarah Lydia,  will leave his residence, 
                            South Town Belt,  Sunday at half past 2pm.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
22 October 2006

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