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Monday  3 December  1877
AMOS  -  000
Richard Amos,    -----  at Christchurch Hospital,  was  at Leeston  -----   

Tuesday  4 December  1877
Accidents  -  001
CROW  -  Mr Crow,  driving a light dog cart ----  horse bolted ---  carried into shop of Mr Price,  chemist,   --- bruised and shaken.
CORNELIUS  -  Miss ----  of Timaru -- thrown from her horse  near Washdyke ---severely hurt ---  
NEWTON  -    and a lad  were waiting in veichle --- Toomer's brass band came round the corner, -----   horse broke free -----

Gored by a bull  -  PANNETT  -  002
Mr Pannett of Lincoln  ----  feeding the bull ---- rope got of the animals nose ----  gored him in the groin ---  

Wednesday  5 December  1877
Neglected children  -  WATSON  -  004
Charles Watson,  aged 9 years ----   sent to the Industrial School,  Burnham ------

Friday  7 December  1877
Accident  - SCHMIDT  -   006
on Wednesday  ---  a number of men were filling a shingle pit  near the Ashley township,  the side fell in ---  almost covering a young man named John Schmidt.
 ---  found he had a leg broken below the knee  ----  

Saturday   8 December  1877
Subscription  -  ODDINOTT  -  007
the railway employees have subscribed almost 250 pounds  on behalf of the widow and family of the late Henry Oddinott,  who was killed on the railway
a few days ago.

Tuesday   11 December  1877
Accident  -  EADDY  -  008
about 2pm yesterday a man named Thomas Eaddy,  who resides at Fendaltown  was driving a horse and dray  along -----took fright and bolted ----
no damage was done to the dray.

Accident  - Balclutha  -  STEVENSON  -  010
--  William Stephenson,  a saw sharpener,  --  found his wife dead  in the passage,  an inquest will be held tomorrow.

Wednesday  12 December  1877
Dunedin  -  WEBB  -  013
a man named John Webb  employed on Anderson's Bay  railway line  was crushed  to death by a fall of stones  on 5 December.

Friday  14 December  1877
Inquests   - Balclutha     015
STEVENSON  -    at the inquest at Catlin's River  on Mrs Stevenson ----     leaves 6 children.
DUTTON  -  burning of Dutton' house   on 7 December ------  she got her children out and some furniture,  her husband was not at home. ------

Monday  17 December  1877
Presentation  -  BRITTAN  -  022
------  breaking up for the Christmas holidays of the Christchurch west schools,  presented Miss Brittan,  the headmistress  with a very elegant opera glass
as a token of their affection and esteem.

Tuesday  18 December  1877
Inquest  -  FRASER  -  023 & 024
--  a girl named Isabella Fraser, ----  drowned on Saturday night or Sunday morning ----- inquest adjourned till Thursday  -----

Wednesday  19 December  1877
Auckland  -  FRASER  -  025
--- the girl Fraser  found drowned on Sunday at Shelly Beach  has met with foul play   -----   

Kumara  -  GIBBONS  -  026
A miner named Henry Gibbons,  killed in the claim at the Larrikin's,  leaves a wife and 9 children  in very poor circumstances. 
Subscriptions are being raised  for them.

Thursday  20 December  1877
Fatal Accident  -  O'BRIEN  -  027
----  a fishing boat belonging to James Snoswell?,  of Lyttelton,  capsized in Pigeon Bay,  and on occupant named Thomas O'Brien  was drowned -----    
Mr Robinson,  of Pigeon Bay  extremely zealous in trying to restore life ----  deceased was well known in Victoria  some years ago as a jockey.   residing
on the Peninsula some 3-4 years   not thought to have any relatives in this country,  age 40 years   ---------

Friday  21 December  1877
Inquest  -  O'BRIEN  -  028
---  held at Lyttelton  on  Thomas O'Brien  who was drowned at Pigeon Bay  on Wednesday ----  William AGER  stated he was a fisherman and  knew the deceased ----   left Lyttelton in a fishing boat with  deceased  and James Snoswell  and Richard WINGROVE.  ------  long column  ----

Saturday  22 December  1877
Dunedin  -  Fatal accident  -  GOUGH  -  029
a fatal accident occurred at Port Chalmers  last night.  a man named Francis Gough  fell down  the graving dock  ------

Wednesday  26 December  1877
Accident  -  GURDLER  -  033
---  a milk cart belonging to Mr David Gurdler of Tuam street,  was left ---  in charge of Mr Gurdler's 2 lads Walter  and Albert ---  horse took fright and
bolted ----     boys had a few bruises.

Thursday  27 December  1877
Obituary  -  COTTERELL  -  034
The Late Mr George. Cotterell  - the Wellington Post of 17 December  says  ----  death on Saturday last  --- Mr Cotterell  who was a brother of Dr Cotterell, 
of Nelson.  was for some time 2nd master  at Nelson College  -----     a few years ago married Miss Isabella Carandini,   -------

Friday  28 December  1877
Drowning  -  LEE  -  035
a sad accident occurred on boxing day in the Waimakiriri river,  between kowai Pass  and Sheffield  when a young man named John Lee  was drowned 
while attempting   to cross the river in a dray.  ----  an inquest will be held today.

Akaroa  -  BUNNY  -  036
A man named John Bunny,  while assisting  to take a cow  to a slaughter yard  was gored in the stomach  ----  no hope given  for his recovery

Saturday  29 December  1877
Inquest  -  DOIG  -  037
at an inquest  held  ---  George Doig,  a butcher in the employ of Mr Peiper  ----------

Monday  31 December  1877
Case of stabbing  -    METCALF   -  038
---  a woman had been stabbed.  ----  a man named Smith had struck a woman  ----  with some instrument -----  they came out on the ship Hereford  some
3 years ago   as man and wife   his real name being Metcalf ---  working as a wheelwright  and jobbing smith -------

Maintenance  -  MURPHY  -  039
Michael Murphy  was ---    payment for the support of his mother  ------

Assault  -  SMITH  -  040
William Peter Smith  was charged  with having violently assaulted  his reputed wife  ----  remanded until Thursday.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
12 January  2009