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Monday 2nd October 1876

MULLIN  -  FLEET   - at -- Christchurch, by--    William Mullin,   farmer of Lincoln Road,  to  Sebina Fleet,  of Halswell Road, Lincoln Road.

NEEVE  -  on 1st October,  at Hereford Street, West,   William Neeve,  in his 46th year.
DIXON  -  on 1st October,   Fanny beloved wife of Edwin Dixon,  late of  Racecourse,  age 28yrs.  funeral to Riccarton Cemetery

Wednesday 3rd October 1876

PARSONS  -  CAMPBELL  - on 27th September at Holy Trinity, Avonside,  bylasson,   Frederick Chas. Parsons   to   Elizabeth Ellen Campbell.
LAMBIE - LUNT -    on 3rd October,  at Lakeside, Leeston,  by the Rev. J.W.Cree,    John Lambie, jnr.  to  Jane Lunt.
FAITHFULL - BLUNDELL - on 3rd October 1876  by -- Horace Lloyd Faithfull  to Eugenie Frances Blundell,  dau.of W. Blundell Esq. Shortland, Auckland.   
WALLACE  -  COTTERELL  - on 4th October 1876 at --   Fendalltown,  by  ---  Edward Lennox Wallace  to  Bessie Robertson Cotterell.

Saturday 7th October 1876

KENT  -  TURNBULL  -  on 5th October at St. Michaels,  by Rev. H.S.Hamilton,  Kenrie Charles Kent   to   Sarah Jane Turnbull.

PHILLIPS     - on  5th October at Ahaura,  William E. Phillips M.R.C.S.E.
HENWOOD     - on 6th inst. at her residence South Town Belt,  wife of James   Henwood, age 62

Monday 9th October 1876

WILLIAMS     -  on 7th October at Dampiers Bay Lyttelton,  wife of   William Williams,  (shipwright) of a son.
EVANS     -  8 October at Matsons Road,  wife of W. Evans,  a son

Funeral -    JENKINS
Margaret Jenkins  of   Coleridge St. Lyttelton

Marriage -
STEAD  -  WILKINSON  - on Wednesday 4 October at --  Dunedin,  --  George Gatonby Stead   to  Lucie, daughter of late T. Wilkinson, Hartlepool, England.

Death -  
JENKINS -   7 October at her res. Coleridge St. Lyttelton,  Margaret,   beloved wife of John ,   age 55 years.

Tuesday 10 October 1876

Birth  - 
MERTON  -  at St. Marys Parsonage, Heathcote,  on 7 October,   to Mrs C.J. Merton, a son.
THEILE -  at Manchester St. on 7 October  to wife of Augustus Theile,  a  daughter
LANCE  -  on  8 October at Lyttelton,  to wife of W.H.Lance,  a daughter.
Marriage - 
ELMSEY - SHIERLAW  -   on Tuesday 2nd October  by Rev. J. Berry,   Thomas Elmsley (coachbuilder)   to   Mary Shierlaw.

Funeral -   HUBBARD -
Miss Emily's  funeral will leave the res. of Mr  M.W.SPARKES  for the Heathcote Cemetery.

Wednesday 11 October 1876

Birth -  
DAWSON  -  9 October at St. Asaph St. West,   to wife of Robert Dawson,   a son

Thursday 12 October 1876

Birth -  
GORTON - 8 October at Greendale, to wife of W.H.Gorton, a son

Marriage - 
PYNE  -  SMITH  - on 28 September,  at St. Lukes, by Rev. E.A.Lingard,   Charles Frank Pyne   to   Caroline Chisholm Smith, of Christchurch.

Friday 13 October 1876

Birth - 
ROSS    -   on 12 October at Bellvue Cottage, Lyttelton, to wife of  John Ross, a son

Marriage    -
TOMPKINS  -  WILLIAMS -  on 12 October at--  Chas. William Tompkins,   son of the late Mr J.H.Tompkins   to  Annie, dau. of  Albert John Williams.

Saturday 14 October 1876

Marriage -
on 3 August 1876 at St. Judes, Southsea,  England,    Lieut. J.G.W.Harrison R.N. son of Capt. J.G.Harrison   R.N.   to   Isabella,  4th daughter of James O'Neil Esq. late Member of the  Legislative Council.  Auckland, NZ  

Death -  
ARMSTRONG  - on 13 October,  Loftus De Renzy, only child of George &  Emily Ann,    age 2 years 10 months.

Tuesday 17 October 1876

Birth -  
HENDERSON  -  on 9 October at Kowai, to Mrs J.J.Henderson,  a son
KENT  -  16 October at Cashel street, to wife of Thomas Kent,  a daughter

Marriage - 
BECK  -  STOKES  - at   --  Sergeant Beck of the Chch Police,   to  Mary,  eldest daughter of Mr J. Stokes, St. Albans.

Wednesday 18 October 1876

Funeral -    
    late wife Sarah will leave his res. Barbadoes  Street.

Friday 20 October 1876

Birth  -
FLEMING  -  on 19 October at Sherborne House, St. Asaph Street West.  to wife of Mr J. Fleming,  a son.
KEETLEY  -  on 18 October at  Kaiapoi, to wife of Mr J. H.H.Keetley, a  daughter

Marraiage - 
DAVIS  -  SIMONSEN -  8th October at ---  David Davis, 3rd son of Hyam Davis Esq.  to   Leonore, dau. of Martin Simonsen Esq. Melbourne, Australia,                                                     formerly Hamburg, Germany.
MacPHERSON  -  REVELL  - on 17 October at Kaiapoi, Henry Drummond, son of Major General MacPherson, Belfast, Ireland.   to Harriet,  4th dau. of late                                                         Thomas Revell of Korotueka, Kaiapoi.

Saturday 21 October 1876

Birth -  
  -  on 19 October at res. of W. Alexander, Mrs  MacFarlane, a son,   stillborn

Monday 23 October 1876

Birth  - 
HAZELHURST    -  at Prebbleton, on Sunday 22nd to wife of Duncan   Hazelhurst, a son

Death: -
MacFARLANE    -  at her res. Gloucester St. West, beloved wife of  David,  age 46
FEARON    -on 21st October at Nelson, Charles Davy, eldest son of late Rev. Wm.Chas. Fearon, M.A.

Funeral Notice - 
MacFARLANE -    David MacFarlane, late wife Helen, will leave his res.  Gloucester St.
JOHNSON  -   Mr. George Berry   funeral will leave Lyttelton Railway Station  immediately on arrival of the 2-30pm train from Christchurch.

Beverley Evans
Christcchurch  NZ
29 August 2004

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