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Tuesday  2 May  1876
Sudden death  -  NORTON  - 002
A melancholy occurrence took place in Lyttelton on Saturday evening.  A man named John Norton had , it appears sat down with his family
to supper   and was playing with some of his children, when a piece of tripe he was eating stuck in his throat causing almost immediate death. -------
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Lyttelton  -  inquest  -  NORTON  - 003
an inquest was held yesterday afternoon at the Royal Hotel Lyttelton -----   on the body of John Norton.  -----------
a long column  -  email for a copy.

Accident  -  AUBREY  -
an accident of a rather serious nature occurred in Port yesterday afternoon. A sailor named William Aubrey,  while dending down the main
topsail yard of the brig "Derwent"  suddenly fell, the yard at the same time carrying with him  -------
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Dunedin  -   004
Mr John H. Sanders,  solicitor, died this morning after a short illness.
HUGHES   - John Hughes,  storeman at Dalgety, Nichols and Co.'s  died at the store suddenly today. He had been suffering from heart disease.

Wellington  -  SEAGER  - 005
it is with considerable regret (says the Wellington Evening Argus) that we announce the death of Mr Seager,  of the Mount View Asylum. 
Mr Seager was a printer by profession,  and for some time had management of the Canterbury Press  --------   lots more
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Clutha Leader  -  JENKINSON  -  006
accident near Port Molyneux on Sunday April 25 by which a little boy of 11 years of age,  youngest son of Mr J.H.Jenkinson, lost his life.
 -- an inquest was held into the cause of death  --- Balclutha.   a long column   ----     email for a copy.

Death      -  KARENTAI  - 007
-- death of Ellen Karentai, who met her death by burning at the Maori Kaik on 24 April ---------   was despatched from Port Chalmers 
--------- more       email for a copy.

Wednesday  3 May 1876
Marriage  -  LILLE   -   MORTIMER  -
March 2,  1876  at the Church of  S.Francis Xavier,  at Oaklands,  San Francisco,  California,   Arnaud Henry Lille,  2nd son of the late
George Lille, Esq, of Virginie City, Nevada,    to    Elizabeth Mortimer,  formerly of this city,  eldest daughter of Mr Douglas Mortimer, 
of Bathfarnam,  Dublin,  Ireland.

Fire at Rangiora  -  CHINNERY  - 008
the flax-mill occupied by Mr Chinnery at Rangiora, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday morning.  --------  a lot more  --- email for a copy.

Friday 5 May 1876
Inquest  -  DOW  - 009
an inquest was held at the house of a man named Dow,  in Rhode's swamp.  New Brighton,  on the body of his wife Christiana Dow, 
who died somewhat suddenly on Thursday morning. ---------   attributed death due to consumption, and a verdict died from natural causes was
returned.   -----   email for a copy

Cheviot Hills Station  -  Found drowned  -  MATUA -  010
an inquest was held at Cheviot Hills Station,  Amuri  ------  on the body of JohnMatua,  a Kanaka,  who was found dead in the Hurunui River. 
-------   email for a copy.

Waiau  -  McDONALD  - 011
Peter McDonald,  of Hanmer Plains,  was drowned while attempting to cross the Waiau river yesterday.

Saturday  6 May 1876

Waiuku  -  Mr John HEDGE  - 012
many of our readers to whom Mr John Hedge,  of Waiuku, was well-known, will be grieved to learn that on the night of Friday last he was
found dead close to his house at Waitangi Creek.  -------   lots more
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Accident  -  McLEAN  - 013
we regret (says the Timaru herald) to have to report a very nasty accident which occurred to Mr Lachlan McLean on Thursday evening. 
He with a number of others proceeded to the Saltwater Creek to practise their horses in view of the coming meet of the Hunt  club. ------------     
lots more -   email for a copy

Tuesday  9 May  1876
Inquest  -  Irwell  -  HERLIHY  - 014
a coroner's inquest was held on Saturday May 6  ------------ on the body of Patrick Herlihy, who was found in a dying condition on
Wednesday morning in a paddock  belonging to Mr J. Coe of Lake Ellesmere ------------
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Accident  at Waimate  -   KAHN  and  KING  - 015
2 men named Kahn and King,  who were out on the spree in Waimate on Wednesday night,  came to grief in a manner which is likely to
 prove fatal to the former  ---------    email  for a copy.

Accident  at Timaru  -  MALCOLSON  - 016
a boatman named Robert Malcolmson,  --------  got badly hurt on Saturday.  ------  The injuries were found to consist of a bad fracture
of one leg and severe bruises on the other. -------  email for a copy.

Timaru  -  STEWART  - 017
------- James Stewart ,  overseer to the Levels Roads Board   ------------   he is the son of Mr James Stewart of Orari      email for a copy

Wife Desertion  -  -  TEMBY  - 018
the adjourned case against Peter Temby  ------- deserted his wife  Rosa Temby  ---    email for a copy

Wednesday 10 May 1876

Fire in Queen Street,  Auckland  - 019
a large fire occurred in Queen street at 2 this morning. ------  discovered in a small occupied house at the rear of a wooden block of shops
at the corner of Victoria street and Queen street,  opposite Greyhound Hotel.  ------   
Queen  street  -  destroying  
COOK's furniture shop,    
CLOSE Bros,  grocers,   
PAYNE,  watchmaker,
SYME,  hairdresser,
Fijian fruit house,  unoccupied
WELSMEN,  chemist
BENNETT,  draper
TURRELL's  music shop

Victoria street  -
Blue Post's dining rooms
the fire was stopped at Montague's brick building
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Accident at Woodend  -  MARKHAM  - 020
a sad accident occurred on Sunday evening to an old lady named Rachel Markham,  85 years of age.  She was on her way to Chapel, 
and had nearly reached the turning of the road opposite Mr Salkeld's,  when a horseman named Martin Sealey or Smith, came round the corner 
-----   lots more  --- email for a copy.

Waiau River  -  drowned  -  McDONALD  - 021
an inquest was held on Saturday May 6 at Jolie's Pass Hotel,  Hanmer Plains, Amuri,  ------  on the body of Peter McDonald, 
who was drowned in the Waiau River ------  email for a copy

Friday 12 May 1876

Stack  fire  at West Eyreton  -  HORRELL  - 022
Mr John Horrell, farmer, West Eyreton, had 4 of his stacks destroyed by fire early on wednesday morning May 10.  They contained
over 1000 bushels of oats.  -----  email for a copy

Monday 15 May 1876
Snippets   -  023
- a Scandinavian named Carsen,  at the Forty-mile bush   ------  A Mrs SYVERSEN  having a narrow escape,  -------  lots more
ANDERSON  -  HILL  -    Ilma de Mureka  Anderson   has just been married to John Hill .  pianist: half past 2.

Fire  -  LEE -  024
a cottage in Worcester street east,  owned and occupied by Mr John Lee,  builder,  was destroyed by fire yesterday.   ---------  lots more
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Nelson  -  SIMMONS  - 025
Mr Frank Simmons,  head master of Nelson College,  died suddenly last night.  ---------  where he was found dead in his bed this morning.  
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Tuesday 16 May 1876

The fire at Oxford  -  026 and 027

Napier  -  WRIGHT  028
Mrs Wright,  wife of Mr Walter Wright,  painter and glazier,   ---------------   email for a copy.

Wednesday 17 May  1876

Accident at Lyttelton  -  JOHNS  - 029
Mr William Johns,  the 2nd mate of the brig May Flower,  lying at Peacock's wharf,  met with a severe accident yesterday afternoon.   ----  his
head struck on theprojecting  ends  of some wire rigging coiled there and 3 wounds were inflicted there, -----  one rib was broken, ------
the sufferer was progressing favourably last evening.
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Accident at Oxford  -  MOREAU  - 030
a Frenchman,  named Franz Moreau,  of Rangiora, met with a serious mishap at Oxford yesterday.  It seems he was out walking and suddenly  slipped
in a hole,  breaking his leg just above the ankle. ------    email for a copy.

Nelson -  inquest  -  SIMMONS  - 031
at the inquest this morning on the Rev Mr Simmons,  ---------
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Napier  - inquest  - WRIGHT  - 032
at the inquest on Richard Wright, the infant child of Walter Wright,  plumber and glazier, ------------
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Thursday  18 May 2006
Ilma De MURSKA's (Mrs ANDERSON )    -  HILL  -  033 amd 034
early on Monday afternoon says the Otago Daily Times a most unexpected event took place in Dunedin  -  no less than the marriage
of Mdlle Ilma De Murska  (Mrs Anderson )     to      Mr Strauss Illa   (Mr John Thomas HILL )   The ceremony came off in the office
of the Registrar's of marriages,  to which the bride and bridegroom walked quietly in their ordinary attire -------
the official record shows    -      married on Monday May 15 at the office of the registrar of marriages  by Archibald Reid URE,  registrar of marriages   
John Thomas HILL  bachelor  aged 33 years   to   Ilma Maria Thea ANDERSON  ,  widow  aged 28 years.   the witnesses to the marriage were
Mr William Parker STREET  and  Mr J.R. SINCLAIR,  solicitor.  ----------  made her debut on the operatic stage in London in 1865,  Mr Hill was
a member of the orchestra on that occasion.     The eventfulk story connected with the death 2 months ago  of Mr Anderson,  and which caused
a thrilling sensation,  throughout the colonies,  found yesterday was what to everyone a most unexpected sequel.
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Wife desertion  -  HICKLING  - 035
John Hickling was charged with having --------   his wife Harriet Hickling  ----  
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Fire at Springston  -  REED -  036
Yesterday afternoon shortly after 2 o'clock,  Mr Joel Reed's smithy and stable attached were burnt to the ground.  -------  lots more
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Friday  19 May 1876  

Sudden death  -  LEA -  037
Mr J.C.Lea, a clerk in the employ of Dr Foster, was walking along Tuam street yesterday, when he suddenly fell down, 
to all appearances dead.  ------  email for a copy

Dunedin  -  Fatal railway accident  -  THOMAS   - 038
an accident according to the Dunedin evening star  happened on Friday afternoon on the Dunedin and Clutha railway,  by which Richard Thomas, 
driver of a goods train,  lost his life.  A little beyond Stoney Creek station,  ---------  lots more  ----     email for a copy.

Saturday  20 May 1876

Inquest   -  LEA  - 039
an inquiry was held  -----  respecting the death of Mr J.C. Lea  -----------   death caused by an aneurism of the heart. ---
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Monday 22 May  1876

Fire  -   Burnham  Hotel  -  040
The Burnham Hotel and its contents were totally destroyed by fire on Friday night. ----------
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Fatalities    -  041
-  the bodies of Gribble and companions are not yet found.  A hat,  identified as belonging to one,  was picked up on the beach yesterday.
TAYLOR  -  The boiler of the contractor's engine on the Waiereka line burst.  Taylor, the contractor's clerk, was killed on the spot, and several others
severely injured.  Some are not expected to survive.

Tuesday  23  May 1876

Oxford  -  death  -  COGLE  - 042
a man named Charles Cogle ----------- at LEUR's Hotel, Oxford,  on Sunday --------  an inquest will be held today -----
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Riccarton  -  LONGSTAFF  - 043
the man Longstaff,  who ran into a horse and trap on the Riccarton road,  died at the hospital yesterday morning. 
--------  an inquest will be held this afternoon.      email for a copy.

Fatal accident  -  MAYBER  - 044
a little boy 19mths old,  son of Mr John Mayber,  Kaiapoi Island,  fell into a bucket of water on Sunday last and was drowned. 
---------  an inquest was held yesterday afternoon.   -----
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Wednesday  24 May 1876

inquest   -  LONGSTAFF  - 045
an enquiry touching the death of John Longstaff was held at the Hospital yesterday.  ----- lots more
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Inquest  -  Oxford  -   COGLE  046 and 046a
an inquest was held at Leurs'  Hotel on Monday May 22 at 4pm.  on the body of Charles Wills Cogle   ------    a long column
email for a copy.

Thursday 25   May 1876

Inquest  -  ISAACS  047
an inquest was held this afternoon -------------    on the body of the newly born child of Mr and Mrs Isaacs of Waltham.  -------
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Friday  26 May  1876 
Inquest  -  ISAACS   -     048 and 048a and 048b
an inquiry was held at the Hospital yesterday on the body of an infant child,  the son of Harris Isaacs,  Colombo road,  which died Monday last.
 --------     2 and half columns long  -    email for a copy.

Saturday 27 May  1876

Wellington  -  Inquest  - LARSEN  - 049
at the coroner's inquest on the body of ---shot at Mellemskov,  in the Seventy Mile Bush,  the following verdict was returned --  that the deceased
Neils Larsen was shot dead    ----    on the 10th May 1876  ------  more
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Monday 29 May  1876

Sudden death  -  JACKSON  - 050
a man named Jackson of Riccarton,  while proceeding along Cashel street,  near the Zetland Arms,  on Saturday, suddenly dropped down dead.  He was immediately picked up and taken to the hospital.

Tuesday 30 May 1876

Accidents  -  051
ORR  -  at 12 o'clock last night at the res. of Mr John Orr,   Oamaru,   we were pleased to learn that the gentleman was slightly better -----
REED  - An accident occurred to Mr Reed,  blacksmith,  Duvauchelle's Bay  ---  which resulted in his breaking his leg a little below the knee.
WILSON  -  Mr J.H.Wilson,  schoolmaster of French Farm,was thrown from his horse -- he has now recovered.

Hokitika  -  fire  -  KORTEGAST's Brewery  - 052
Kortegast's brewery  at Ross was burnt to the ground at 2 o'clock this morning.  No other property was destroyed.  The hydraulic
 apparatus worked admirably.  ---- -----   email for a copy.

Sudden  death  -  THOMPSON  - 053
an inquest was held at the Hospital yesterday on a man named Robert Bell Thompson,  who died Sunday last.  ------    
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Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
27 November 2006

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