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Wednesday  3 May  1876
Marriage  -  001
on 2 March at Church of S. Francis Xavier, at  Oaklands, San Francisco, California,  Arnaud Henry Lille,  2nd son of late George Lille, of Virginie City,
Nevada    to    Elizabeth Mortimer, formerly of this city,  eld. dau. of Mr Douglas Mortimer,  of Bathfarnam,  Dublin,  Ireland.

Deaths  -  001
WATSON  -  on 2 May at his res. Colombo st, south,  Mr Thomas Watson,  aged 26,  bel. son of late Charles and Grace Watson,  late of Courtenay

Tuesday  9 May  1876
Funeral Notice  -  002
CLARKE  -  wife of Mr Frederick Clarke,  leave his res. cnr Windmill road and South Town Belt,  tomorrow Wednesday at 2-30pm

Saturday 13 May  1876
Death  -  003
BRIGGS  -  on 13 May  at Barbadoes st,  William Henry, only son of Charles Edwin  and Annie Briggs,  aged 5 years.

Funerals  -  005
BRIGGS  -  William Henry,  son of Mr C.E.Briggs,  for Church of England Cemetery  at 3pm  Sunday 14 May.
PARSONS  -  Eliza,  wife of Mr J. parsons,  will leave his res.  Waltham,  Sunday  14 May at 2.30pm
AYERS  -  Frederick,  son of Mr James Ayers,  leave his res. Ferry road,  South Town Belt  at 3 o'clock  tomorrow,  Sunday.

Tuesday  16 May 1876
Funeral Notice  -  006
COOPER  -  Clara Louise,  wife of Mr R.A.Cooper,  will leave his res. Bingsland,  at 2.30pm  on Wednesday May 17th.

Saturday  20 May  1876
Funeral Notice  -  007
LEA  -  John C.  brother of Mr George Lea,  will leave his res. Town Belt East,  at 2 o'clock, tomorrow Sunday  21 May.

Tuesday 23 May  1876
Funeral Notices  -  008
EDWARDS  -  Charles,  will leave Christchurch Hospital tomorrow Wednesday  at 3pm  for the Scotch Cemetery.
HIND  -  Henry Harper,  will leave his res.  Market Place  at 3.30 o'clock  on Thursday  25 May.

Thursday  25 May  1876
Death  -  009
HIND  -  on 22 May at his res. Market Place,  Christchurch,  Henry Harper Hind,  aged 47.

Saturday  27 May  1876
Funeral Notice  -  010
BRUCE  -  wife of  Mr George Bruce,  will leave his res.  Clare Road,  Springfield road,  tomorrow Sunday  at half past 3pm.

Monday  29 May  1876
Funeral Notice  -  011
THOMPSON  -  R.   Rainbow Lodge 84,  Lyttelton, 

Tuesday  30 May  1876
Funeral Notices  -  012
THOMPSON  -  brother   of Mr John Thompson,  will leave his res.  Canterbury street,  Lyttelton,  tomorrow Wednesday  at 3pm.
THOMPSON  -  Robert,  Court Queen of Isles No 2703  Wednesday  31 May  at 2.30pm 

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
23 February  2009

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