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Friday 1 December  1876
Property sale  -  002
Lyttelton  -   Royal Hotel,  cnr Norwich Quay  and Canterbury st, occupied by Mr Parsons  sold for 3000 pounds.  -----  more  ----

Absent without leave -  003
RODGERSON -  William, a seaman aboard the ship Langstone  was charged by Capt. Parker -----

Fatality  -  JORDAN  -  004
A  man named  John Gordin, who had gone with his brother to bathe in the river Heathcote,  found the body of a man --- near Wilson's Bridge,  deceased was a carpenter Henry Jordan  ----  lived with a Mr Valvercier in Lyttelton st,  Christchurch.  A youth named Thomas Betsey  who also lived at the same address  -----    more  ----       an inquest will be held.

Saturday 2 December 1876
Divorce -  005
FORREST  v  FORREST  and Hogan,  -----   a decree nisi was granted.

Monday 4 December 1876
Fatal Accident  -  Reefton  -  WILLIAMS -  006
A fatal accident occurred at the Golden Fleece Extended Mine,  Reefton,  on Tuesday.  -----  the engine driver Thomas Williams was terribly crushed ----    and died the same night.

Kaiapoi  -  Accident -  WESTON   -  007
A lad 13 years old  son of Mr George Weston, Okair, near Kaiapoi met with a serious accident,  he went to catch and ride a horse,  the horse came home with the saddle on,  the lad was found afterwards lying in the sandhills unconscious  --- still critical ----

Inquest  -  BLAKELY -  008
John Blakely aged 65,  was taken to hospital  last Thursday suffering sunstroke  ------- was working in hagley Park cutting grass ----  died the following morning ------  more  ----

Drowning  -  FABIN - 009
A little boy named Fabin,  aged 11,was drowned last week in the Tutaekui River,  Hawke's Bay,  while bathing.

Tuesday 5 December 1876
Presentation  -  DUNLOP - 010
A cheque for 12 pounds 10 shillings was yesterday handed over to his Worship the Mayor for presentation to Mrs Dunlop, proceeds of a concert by the Glee Club in aid of Mrs Dunlop and family shortly after the death of her husband.

Wednesday 6 December  1876
Fatal Accident -  011
ELMSLY  -  2 boys lost their lives in Auckland last Monday week.  One a son of Dr Elmsly,  aged 7  was drowned while bathing in a pond the other named
SKELTON -    aged 13 was thrown from a horse and kicked,  dying the following day from his injury.

Probate  -  012
McDONALD - Allan Ranald,  letters of administration to William Smoult Robinson,  as attorney of Elizabeth Mary McDonald,  in Colony of Victoria,  spinster -----

Thursday 7 December  1876
Protection Order  -  PASCHE -  013
Jane Pasche applied for an order for protection of her earnings against her husband on the grounds of habitual drunkeness  -------  application was granted.

Wife Desertion  -  014  &  014a
KANO - Mark Kano was on this charge,  he had been to the Coast, on the Kumara goldfields. and had arranged money to be paid to Mrs Kano,  ------  more  ----

Friday 8 December  1876
Immigration  -   Cardigan Castle  -  015
The following is a list of trades and occupations of the immigrants on the Cardigan Castle  -
Farm labourers  78:     general do. 17:   gardener 1:    navvy 1:   carpenters 9:  coachbuilder 1:  sawyer, 1:  bricklayers 2:  brickmakers 2:  bootmakers 4:  saddler 1:  blacksmiths 2:  carter 1:  dairyman 1:  constable 1:  hairdresser 1:  painter 1:  smith's labourer 1:  tailors 2:

Single Women  -  general servants 22:  housekeepers 5:  housemaids 7:  cooks 5:  dairymaids 5:  farm servant 1:  nurses 4:  dressmakers 2:  tailoress 1:  bookbinder 1:  charwoman 1:

Summary  -  Male adults, 135:  female do. 111:  male children, 35:  female do,  34:  male infants, 6:  female do, 3,     total 324 souls
Nationality  -  England 164,  Ireland 134,  Scotland 9,   Wales 7,  France 9,  Holland 1,  

Saturday 9 December 1876
Probates  -  016
GAUL  -  John,  letters of administration to Margaret Gaul  and Alexander McIntosh Gaul,  wife and brother of deceased ----
BLEAKLEY -  Wm John  to Thomas Bleakley,  son  and next of kin.

Wednesday 13 December  1876
Immigrants  -  Rangitikei  -  017
These immigrants were landed yesterday afternoon by the p.s.Titan   and were forwarded through to Christchurch by special train.  They may be engaged at Addington tomorrow after half-past ten in the morning.

Presentation  -  TIGHE  -  018
An address and silver cup will be presented to Dr Tighe, of the ship Rangitikei,  by the male immigrants at the depot on Friday next,  in regonition of his attention during the voyage.  Another presentation will be made by the single girls,  who were passengers by the same ship.  ------

Friday 15 December  1876
Accident  -  021
FRANKISH  -  Mr  and
LOCK  -  Mr,  both belonging to Mr Anderson's survey party at the Head of Bay, Akaroa, having a race on the beach, Mr Lock's horse fell and he fell heavily ------

Monday 18 December  1876
Disobeying an Order of the Court  -  022
SPRAY  -  Edward,  for neglecting to pay an order ---   towards the support of his wife  was remanded until 27 Dec.

Tuesday 19 December  1876
Accident  -  CURRIE  -  023
As Mr and Mrs Currie were driving past Trent's Chicory Works,  Whately road,  the horse took fright and bolted.  ------ both Mr and Mrs Currie were thrown violently to the ground -----     more  ----

Thursday 21 December  1876
Alteration to order from the Court -  024
LLOYD  -  Joseph, for him to contribute 12s per week towards the support of his wife.  ------   order not altered -----

Wife Desertion  -  025
SEARLE  -  Richard,  neglected to answer a charge of deserting his wife.  ----  order made for 10s a week.

Fatality  -  026
WHITE  -  Peter,  of the Commercial Hotel,  died this morning   -------

Tuesday  26 December 1876
Drowned  -  MOORE  -  029
A man named James Moore, working for Mr Graham,  of Ashburton Forks,  was founs drowned in the Ashburton --- deceased was a Scotsman, aged 42,
and an old soldier.  an inquest was held on Saturday, the result we have not yet learned.

Wednesday  27 December 1876
Accident  -  MERSON -  031
The hand-engine Dreadnought was being dragged behind a horse and cab towards the fire on Papanui rd,  when a lad James Merson, about 12 years old was accidentally run over.    --------  his is in a precarious state. -----

Inquest  -  MOORE  -  032
An inquest held on Saturday at Ashburton ---   James Moore ----    returned a verdict of found drowned  -----   more  -----

House Burnt Down  -  CARTER  -  033
--- A 6 roomed house occupied by Mr Francis Carter,  in Merivale Lane, is a miller employed at Wood's Mill,  Riccarton,  his house is occupied by himself, 
his wife and 10 children.  Only Mrs Carter and 1 son were home at the time of the fire, the rest being at the Forrester's fete. ----------    more  ----   the fire
was prevented from touching the adjoining property  belonging to Mr Dann -------

Thursday 28 December  1876
Wife Desertion  -  McPHEE  -  035
Neil McPhee was summoned  for having deserted his wife and family -------    accused said he was working at Mr Wason's place,  Rakaia and letters were sent
to her satating the  house was ready for her and family. -----   case adjourned a week.

Rangitata  -  BOOKER  -  036
On Saturday 23 Dec. a young man  John Booker,  in the employ of Mr Grainger of Rangitata Island was attempting to cross from the south bank to the Island,  the dray capsized and both man and horse were drowned. ----   an inquest was held on Tuesday  ---  the jury requested that the Rangitata ferry be re-established and the south bridge  into a  traffic bridge   -------

Friday 29 December  1876
Sudden Death  -  O'CONNELL  -  038
Catherine O'Connell,  the wife of a man who lets out pleasure boats on hire at the Bricks Wharf,  died suddenly on Wednesday night.  --------

Drowned  -  039
O'NEILL -  William,  aged 13   and
OLDHAM -  Elfie,  aged 6 were drowned in the Manakau Harbour, last Tuesday ------

Naturalization  -  040
ROTHER  -  Ernest Louis,  weaver,  of Christchurch   and
SMITH  -  Hans,  mariner  of Lyttelton.

Saturday  30 December  1876
Inquest  -  O'CONNELL  -  041
An inquest was held ---   yesterday  Catherine O'Connell ---  one of the sons gave evidence -----  deceased's husband said he did not remember anything,   both were intoxicated    ---  verdict  accidental  death -----

Ashley Bridge - Mysterious dissappearance  -  042
SPIERS  -  Mr  of the firm Wilson and Spiers who was last seen on the Ashley Bridge late last Friday night. ----  the river is undergoing a search --------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
20 March 2010

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