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Friday 1 December  1876
Funeral Notice  -  001
BLALKELY -  William John -- his funeral will leave the hospital tomorrow at 3pm.    

Saturday   23 December  1876
Funeral Notices  -  027
WORT -  Mrs Jane, will leave her daughters res. Lodge's temperance Hotel,  tomorrow sunday 24 December at 3pm for the Wesleyan Cemetery.
MOORE  -  Mr Robert,  will leave his res. Bingsland,  at 2-30pm  on Sunday 24th instant.

Wednesday   27 December  1876
Funeral Notice  -  030
Le CRAS  -  Mr Thomas,  his funeral will leave the res. of Mr J.Johnston, Carlton Pl, Montreal st, North,  tomorrow,  Thursday at half past 3 o'clock.

Thursday 28 December 1876
Funeral Notice  -  034
WRAGG  -  Thomas,  will leave his res. London st,  North-east Town Belt, tomorrow, Friday at 4pm.

Friday 29 December  1876
Birth  -  037
PIERCE  -  on 20 or 29 Dec at St David's st, Lyttelton,  to wife of George Pierce  -  a daughter.

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20 March 2010

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