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Saturday 2 January 1875
Inquest -   Rangiora -  003  &  006
    -   Thursday last   Frederick  Lilley,  age 38 yrs ---   widow Agnes Lilley -- neighbour Mr and Mrs Luens -----  Mrs Lucas  and Mrs Scott ----  John Scott,  I am a tailor, ------  Charles Anderson -  I am a sailmaker living in Rangiora ------   William Adcock Burrows -  I am a duly qualified medical practitioner resing in Rangiora -----

Inquest  -  PURVIS  -  006a
Jessie Purvis  aged 4 years and 3 mths,  who was drowned in the Cam Mill race last Thursday -----  daughter of Mr James Purvis,  miller,  who on 30 December   went with her 2 sisters and a brother to play in the mill.  ------

Monday 4 January 1875

Inquest     -   MORRISON  -   007  & 008
John Morrison, aged about 35 - 40,    seaman on board brig. Wave   -----  James McKenzie,  master,  said deceased was an AB  on board the vessel ----  
Charles McLean  ---  I was on board the vessel and have known the deceased for 3mths  --------  Donald McKenzie  and John Nicol helped him to bed.  --- 
Franks,  sailor,  gave similar evidence ----   conclusion   -  died from suffocation.

Monday 11 January  1875
Presentation  -  010
a handsome tea and coffee service, recently presented to Mr Mayo -- resigning mastership of the district school,  Papanui.

Inquest  -  GRANT   -  011
W.K.Grant, who was found dead in his bed on Saturday ---   George Clark -   deceased came to my house on 25 Nov.  ----  was in the habit of taking sleeping draughts ----  Frank Morice,  constable of police ------  Dr Llewellyn Powell,  ----  death by natural causes.

Murder in Lyttelton  -  THOMPSON  -  012
A young girl a Miss Isabella Thompson, aged 13,  daughter of a shipwright employed on the tunnel wharf.  -----  an inquest will be held  ----  lots more  -----

Fatality  -  GRANT  -  013
A middle-aged man named W.K.Grant,  who has been employed at Mr Fussell,  chemist, Colombo st,  was found dead in bed on Saturday morning.  He was lodging at Mr Clark's, Hereford st,   -------

Fatality  -  Akaroa  -  014
SAYLE  &  NALDER -   yacht capsized ---  Mr Sayle and C. Allan Nalder, solicitor,  were drowned,  Messrs A.Westenra and W.Simms swam ashore ---

Tuesday 12 January  1875
Lyttelton -  015
THOMPSON -   the inquest was held on the murdered girl  and the funeral took place today -----

Lyttelton -  016
JOICE  -  Robert,  ----  accident at the tunnel wharf.-- waggon struck him on the head ----   progressing favourably.

Inquest at Lyttelton  -  THOMPSON -  017 & 018  & 019
Isabella Thompson ----  John Bailey, a lad living in St David's street,   ---  Mr Pember's orchard ----  told a man named Thomas Rouse,  who sent his brother Richard Rouse   ----     sent for Dr Rouse ----  John Blair Thompson,  father of the deceased ---- would be  aged 12 on 13th January -----  James Allan,  am a mate aboard the Canterbury,  I know John Mercer, he is a cook and steward on board. -----  J. Russell,  I am the master of the schooner Canterbury ----  inquest adjourned for 8 days.

Fatal Accident at Akaroa -  020
The yacht Ripple,  built at Port Chalmers was brought to Lyttelton to compete in the regatta,  which she won.  ----  Mr Sayle, who was at the regatta as captain of the Akaroa 4 oar crew -- took a fancy for and purchased her.  Mr Sayle, Mr C.Allan Nalder,  Mr A.Westenra of the Bank of NZ  and Mr W.Simms  started for a cruise ------  both men  who drowned are single.  ---   long column ------

Thursday 14 January 1875
Maintenance  -  021
WHEATLEY -  R.  was charge with neglecting to maintain his wife and child -------  more  -----

Saturday 16 January  1875
Inquest at Akaroa  -  022
LOW  -  Ernest Low,  M.D. inquest held on 14 January ----

Wednesday  20  January 1875
Adjourned Inquest  -  THOMPSON -  026  &  027 & 028 & 029
Isabella Thompson  ---  was resumed yesterday ----  John Darcy,  I am a cook on board the schooner Cleopatra -----     Nathan Percy -  I am a seaman, I was lately employed on the Canterbury  -----   John Skeet,  I am a seaman and live in oxford st, Lyttelton  ------  Robert Russell - I am a carpenter residing at in Christchurch ---  I was in a railway carriage  going to Christchurch by the 6pm train ----  Annie Rouse,  I live with my father and mother at the cnr of Ripon st and Oxford st ------     Susannah Toomey  - I am a widow living in Lyttelton -------   John Hall,  carpenter,  residing  in Christchurch

Thursday 21 January 1875
Slaughtering Licenses  -  031
BULL - Frederick,  applied for a license in the Malvern district ---  stand over ----
BULL  -  Frederick,  applied for a license in the Avon district,   near the Papanui Borough School  --------  stood over for a week ----

Licenses Granted  - 031
DIXON - T.  Hoon Hay road  --
GILMOUR -  John,  Sandhills, 
HANSON - J.E. Spreydon.
MARCHANT -  F.  and C.   Shand's Track.
New Zealand Produce Company - 
STACE - Harry,  Springston.

Adjourned  -
McRAE -  Samuel,  Malvern
REID - Alex,  Malvern.
WESTENRA - F.  Selwyn.

Maintenance  -  033
HOBBS - John,  for neglecting to maintain his son Henry Hobbs,   a storekeeper at Hororata ------

Fatal Accident - Sumner  -  034  & 035
-- loss of 3 lives occurred on the Sumner bar,  Messrs Joseph Day,  and Alfred Day,  old residents of Sumner, George Terry,  storekeeper,  Charles Morton, (age 14)  son of Mr J.W.Morton,  hotel. ------  Terry  leaves a wife and one child. ----   Bonn was a pattern maker working for Mr John Anderson of Christchurch -- he was also married but had no children. ----   lots  more  -----

Friday 22 January 1875
Sumner Accident  -  BONN -   041  &  042
An inquest of Hector Bonn was held on Thursday afternoon,   Joseph Day,  said I with others went to Whitewash to fish and on our return -----  our boat turned over  all thrown out  and Bush  held on to me and we got to the  bottom of the boat ----   I had charge of the boat  ----  G. Marshall, a carrier residing at Christchurch  -- found deceased's body  near the Cave Rock  ---    verdict accidentally drowned.

Saturday 23 January 1875
Death  -  048
MITCHELL  -  Captain,  who came up from Otago to take charge of the ship Jessie Readman,  died this morning.

Fatal Accident at the Waitaki  -  ANDERSON - 049  & 050
Miss Jennie Anderson (age 20  Mrs Frank Verten)  had been drowned trying to cross the Waitaki on Sunday.  --  was performing at the Volunteer Hall Saturday night. ---  the troupe comprising Mr and Mrs Verten,  Mr Llewellyn Thomas (harpist)  and Mr J.H.Gregg  -------  a very long column  -------

Monday 25 January  1875
Sumner Accident  -  052
BONN -  The remains of Hector A.Bonn -- drowned in the recent accident at Sumner  were interred at the Scotch cemetery yesterday ------

Tuesday 26 January 1875
Accident aboard MEROPE  -  055
LAMBERT -  a German,   had his right hand caught  in a cog wheel  and smashing a great portion of the hand.  ---  taken to hospital -----

Thursday 28 January 1875
Accident at Lyttelton - 061
-  A man named Joice was hurt by a pile falling on his head at the Lyttelton Tunnel wharf,   he died this morning.

Friday 29 January 1875
Fatality  -  LEWIS -  062
A  man named Lewis (on 30th is JEWIS)  residing at the Heathcote Valley,  died suddenly yesterday,  some time ago he was thrown from a truck on the
railway and fell on his head ---- ---  an inquest will be held today.

Saturday 30 January 1875
Inquest  -  JEWIS -  previously reported  as Lewis  -  064
Thomas Jewis, a blacksmith,  aged 43  --- clearing piles for the new wharf at Lyttelton   ----  deceased skull was fractured  -------

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9 May 2010

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