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Monday 1 February 1875
Invercargill   -  Death - 002
ADAMS -  C.L.,  cordial manufacturer, died suddenly at the Shamrock Hotel, Dunedin on Sunday  He had just arrived by the Waganui from Invercargill  --------

Sumner Accident  -  TERRY -  004
the body of W.G.Terry, one of ther unfortunate men drowned ---  at Sumner,  was found on Saturday and inquest was held  ----  Ambrose Cant,  a carpenter working for Mr Horneman  found the body  on the beach a little below Shag Rock  -----  body identified by Joseph Day  --- funeral took place yesterday  ------

Tuesday 2 February  1875
Presentation at Lyttelton  -  PEMBER -  006
----  for the purpose of presenting a parting memorial to Mrs Pember on her leaving for England  ----  pair of silver salt cellars,  and spoons, gilt lined -----

Wednesday 3 February 1875
Supreme Court  -  007 & 008
WOOD - James,  bankrupt ----  final order suspended for 12mths.
DUDLEY and CRAIG -   -------
BLYTH -  James -  declaring complete execution of deed of assignment.
HOPKINS - Joseph H.    declaring complete execution of deed of assignment.
EALAM - Peter,   ---- creditors to meet on 10the Feb ---  
WESTON -  Francis -  last examination for 25 Feb.
b- Harriet  -   order of adjudication,  creditors to meet 10 Feb at noon.

Accident  -  Wainui -  009
CALDWELL - Mrs, was on horseback, ----  she slipped off and fell heavily to the ground breaking her thigh -- aged 68  -----

Thursday 4 February  1875
Bigamy  -  012
WALKER -  James,  charged with bigamy --- married to Catherine Lee, of Christchurch,  denies marrying woman in Dunedin -----

Presentation  -  013
DAY -  Joseph -- an appreciation of his courageous conduct in saving the life of Mr Moreon' son ----  late accident at Sumner  --- gold chain  and locket ---  

Friday 5 February 1875
Rangitata  -  Drowning  -  013
HUNT -  Mr,  headmaster of Timaru school,  his wife and his mother-in-law,  Mrs Cunningham  --- attempting to ford the Rangitata ------

Fatal Accident  -  014
EDY -  or EDA,    John,  died in hospital -- accident at Heathcote Valley ----  an inquest will be held today. (listed later as EDA)

Saturday 6 February  1875
Inquest  -  015
EDA  -  John  listed earlier as EDY    ---  returned verdict,  accidental death.

Temuka  -  Inquest  -  016
BROGDEN - Rosa, sufferer from a buggy accident  on Tuesday aft.  died ---  on Thursday morn ----   accidental death was returned.

Rangitata  -  Drownings  -  HUNT  -  017
The persons drowned were  Mr J.F.L.Hunt,  headmaster Timaru Public School,  Mrs Hunt,  and Mrs Cunningham,  Mrs Hunt's mother,   ------
------  a very long column  -  -------

Sudden Death  -  022
CLARK - Mrs,  wife of James Clark,  bootmaker,  Salisbury st,  died yesterday aged 46  had been suffering from asthma for some time. inquest will be held today.

Tuesday 9 February  1875
Rangitata Fatality  -  024
the drowning of Mr & Mrs Hunt and Mrs Cunningham in the Rangitata on Thursday ----   coroner's inquest  was commenced at 3pm   ----   adjourned until next Friday  so the police may make further inquiries into the accident.  ----  ferryman  Wragg ------  funeral took place on Sunday   ---  not less than 1200 persons ---

Wednesday 10 February 1875
Naturalisation  -  027
FRANDSEN - Hans Christian,  stonemason,  Christchurch.

Supreme Court  -  029
BLYTHE - James   ---  complete execution of the deed of asssignment/
WEBB - Samuel,  deceased,  letters of administration to Jane Louisa Webb,  widow of the deceased  and Wm W.Webb.
TWENTYMAN & COUSIN,  creditors  and  and Middleton & McQuade,  debtors ----
WRIGHT - Hugh  ------
CHAPMAN - Louisa Theresa, deceased,    letters of administration to Wm Nixon Webb,  husband of the deceased.
SHEPHERD - Henry Thorne,  deceased,  probate to issue to Henry Thorne Shepherd  & Lewis Coutts, as executors named in the will.

Thursday 11 February 1875
Dunedin  -  TURNAGE - WEDLOCK -  030
It was stated at the hospital this morning that Fredk Turnage  and Thos. Wedlock, who were seriously injured ----  from the roof of the Chain Hills tunnel on the Clutha line -----   Wedlock had his right leg broken,  an inquest on the bodies of Thomas KERR  and Patrick DEMPSEY  will be  held at Green Island at
2 o'clock today. ---  more  ----

Wife Desertion  and Bigamy -  WALKER -  031
James Walker was brought up on remand from Dunedin  charged with having deserted his wife in Christchurch,  and marrying in Dunedin whilst his wife was still alive.   to reappear on the 18th. --- more ----

Sudden death  -  032
MOSS - Mrs Moss, wife of a railway employee -- dropped dead suddenly yesterday ------deceased was near her confinement  leaves a family of 7 children ---  an inquest will be held

Application for protection of earnings -  033
LEIGHTON - Maria  applied for an order  against her hus. Thomas B. Leighton -----  more  -----

Refusal of Duty -  034
George Brown,  John Abbott,  Archibald Thomson George Robinson,  seamen onboard the barque Queensland  -----     the accused pleaded that the crew were short-handed and the vessel not seaworthy. ----

Dunedin  -  RYDER -  035
A woman named Catherine Ryder died in Dunedin Hospital from injuries  through having been pushed down a bank in Clarke st,  by a man whose  name was not thent known.  a coroner's inquest was held and a verdict of manslaughter returned.  --------

Friday 12 February  1875
Rakaia  -  038
The health of the immigrants on Ripa and Quail Island is good --- the Board will meet this afternoon when in all probability the vessel will be admitted to pratique.

Timaru  -  Accident - 039
FITTON - Mr Edward ,  accident at Prince's saw Mills last Saturday,  2 fingers were taken off his right hand, and the rest badly injured.

Inquest  -  040
Mrs Priscilla Moss, whose sudden death was recorded yesterday   ----  died from natural causes.

Monday 15 February 1875
Otago Fatality  -  Chain Hills  -  KERR   -  DEMPSEY  - 045
A shocking accident occurred at the Chain Hills tunnel yesterday ---   instant death of 2 men and serious injuries to 2 others ----      Fred Turnidge  warned 2 to stop  as the material they were boring was treacherous and might give way  ----   as he spoke it happened  ---assistant foreman  Wm F.Patterson saw and with great pluck rushed forward at great risk  -----  Kerr was taken out dead,  aged about 40,  married,  with a wife and 7 children and had resided at Fairfield (close by)  for 14 years.  next brought out was Thomas Westlake,  whose leg was broken ---  Frederick Turnidge  was the next his injuries are of  a most painful description ----    Patrick Dempsey  was  dead  aged about 39  at the inquest a verdict of accidental death  -------   long column  -------

Tuesday 16 February 1875
Auckland  -  Death  -  046
WILLIAMSON - Mr --- he came to the colony in 1841  and started the New Zealander paper in 1845  ---- he has been 5 times elected Superintendant.

Wellington  -  048
DAVIS -  Mr James, of the Audit Office,  died suddenly of heart disease.

Wednesday 17 February 1875
A long list of names of pupil teachers who have sat their examinations

Testimonial -  COLLINS - 050
Last Monday 15 Feb. Mr and Mrs Collins (late of Collins Hotel)   -------  were presented with a handsome marble clock --- as a tribute of regard and regret at
their departure from the hotel -----

Thursday 18 February 1875
Departures Home  -  051
TURNBULL -  last week Mr Turnbull, the well-known merchant left with the family on a visit to last about 2 years -----
KRULL -  Mr F.A. another merchant,  and for many years Consul for the German Empire ---------
HECTOR -  Dr and his family on the ship HOWRAH? which sailed onSat.  
SEWELL -  mr and Mrs  also on the Howrah
MARTIN - Mr John and
SEED - Mr  Secretary of Customs leave on Tuesday by the "Frisco Mail ----  has a years leave of absence -----

Friday 19 February 1875
Wife Desertion  -  WALKER -   052
James Walker ---  William Moffatt, sworn said I am a farmer at Balclutha I was present when he was married in my house  17 Feb, 1864  He was married to
Agnes Houliston  ------  Susanah Mary Craddock said,   I reside in St Asaph st,   where my mother keeps a boarding-house.  On 21 Sept 1871 ----
I was present at a marriage ceremony when he married  Catherine Lee,  I was an attesting witness -----   lived together until 23 Nov 1871   

Dunedin  -  054
Board of Health  met today,  families affected with scarletina on board ship Oamaru  be at once removed to Quaratine Island  and single men to Goat Island on Monday   --- that the Gareloch's immigrants be admitted to pratique,  cabin passengers to reamain onboard the Oamaru,  the bedding and clothing to be thoroughly fumigated.

Saturday 20 February 1875
Supreme Court  -  055
MERSON -  Thomas,  order declaring the complete execution of the deed of assignment.
COGAN -  Edmund Frances,    meeting of  creditors for Monday 1 March at 11 o'clock
PETHERICK -  James Prosser,    confirmed choice of trustee,  last examination for 15 april.

Nelson  -  Death - 056
MACDONALD -  Mrs Macdonald,  wife of the manager of the Union Bank,  died last night.

Death  -  057
JACKSON  -  Ellen,  died from  measles.

Monday 22 February 1875
Napier  -  059
TIBBAL -  Tibbal's hotel burnt down  and his wife and 2 children were burnt to death.

Tuesday 23 February 1875
Wife Desertion  -  061
ATTIWELL -  left his wife and children in a house of ill fame.  the children were sent to the Industrial School ---

Funeral  -  062
BROWN -  Thos. took place at Akaroa on 17 Feb.  --------- was buried with military honours  ------   more ----

Wednesday 24 February 1875
Dunedin  - Typhus -   065
DENCH -  typhus fever broke out this morning in the house of Mr Dench,  Stafford st,  another case reported broken out north of the city. --- more ---

Thursday 25 February 1875
Christchurch  -  064
SMITHSON  -  Alice ----   arrested  having attempted to commit suicide  -----  lots more ----

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