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Monday 1 September   1873

Auction -  001
ELWIN - Mr J .J.    selling the lease  of 8 acres of land and stock at Halswell

Partnership dissolved  - 002
HENRY - John  and
STRUTHERS - Robert, storekeepers and general produce dealers at Dunsandel  --- John Henry will continue the business.

Tuesday 2 September  1873
Arrival of the Barque COLUMBUS  from London  -  001
This vessel was signalled this morning from the south and was being towed up to an anchorage by the s.s. Paterson ---  The Columbus is 102 days out, and brings a number
                of immigrants  about 130 people.

Lyttelton  -  Desertion  -  002
Frank Williams,  seaman, was arrested on this charge, owing to his ship the Edwin Fox having left the port  ---  he was discharged.

Wednesday 3 September 1873
Land Transfer -  004
CLEPHANE - Thomas,  2 roods part lot 105  Christchurch town reserves ---
FITZGERALD - Honoria,  1 rood section 509  Christchurch City --- 
GOULD - George,  50 acres RS 223 Christchurch district --
HARRIOTT -  Elizabeth Sophia,  38 perches part RS 79,  Christchurch district ---
HENDERSON - William,  1 rood 20 perches,  part RS 71  Christchurch district -
INNES - Alfred,  1 rood 7 perches  part lot 25  Christchurch district -
MALING - Thomas James,  8 acres ---  part RS 311 Christchurch district --
McCANDLISH - 53 acres, RS  10,855  and 10,856,  Oxford district --
McCROSTIE - Hugh,  70 acres, part of R.S. 4320, 4321,  4363,  4364,  Rakaia district --- 
MILLTON - William Newton,  1 rood 10 perches,  part RS 175 Christchurch district -----
McLEAN - Jessie Anna,  10 acres  part RS  5800,  Ashburton district ---
WILSON - Thomas,  2 roods part lot 105 Christchurch town reserves --- 

Furniture  & Effects  sale -  005
MOORE - Rev. Lorenzo,  leaving Papanui -- 

Missing Friends -  006
OLGILVIE - George of Glasgow, Scotland,  was in Blenheim August 1870   ----  more ---

Auckland -  007
SIMPSON - Mr,  pilot at Hokianga fell out of boat  and drowned --- 
SCUDDER - Mrs Ellen,  infant died ---- 

Thursday 4 September 1873
Funeral -  004
The funeral of the late Mr Reginald Cobb, whose early and unexpected death is regretted  ---  leave his res. tomorrow at half past 2  for the Church of England Cemetery.

Inquest   -  009
Some few weeks back,  Mr Dark, of Messrs Dark Bros. Station holders, Mackenzie Country, engaged a man named James Crawford as a bullock driver,
                 he was picked up in Burke's Pass and told to go to the station.  -------   the man never got there ---  after 4 days his body was found in the riverbed. an inquest was to have been held last Saturday.

Monday 8 September 1873
Accidents  -  005
KERR  -  a man named Kerr driving a trap at the Head of the Bay was thrown out  ---  fractured thigh ---  removed to hospital.
EADIE  -  Mr  of Whiterock,  was crossing the Ashley -- became submerged --  Mr and Mrs Eadie up to their neck and shoulders -- unhurt.

Desertion  -  006
HALLETT - Benjamin    and
FOSTER  -  John, arrested  ---  deserted from their ship Millwall,  were remanded to Lyttelton.

Fatal Accident  -  007
BOWIN -   (BOWIS  in later paper)
William Bowin,  farmer,  Ellesmere,  lost his life on the Great Southern Railway yesterday.  last train from Rakaia,  near Parish's  --
                        was about 50 years of age ---  was on the railway line ---  an inquest will be held.

Wednesday 10 September  1873
Accident  -  008
An accident occurred at Lennon's rope walk on Monday last, a man named William Smith  had his right arm broken in 3 places.  ------- now doing well.

Thursday 11 September  1873
Inquest  -  009  & 010
BOWIS  -  (BOWIN in earlier paper)  -
William Bowis , killed by the uptrain from Rakaia on Monday  ----  William WILLIS,  sergeant of police ----  Robert Stone Florance
                -- identified as William Bowis. --- George MORSE,  stationmaster  ------ Alfred BLACKBURN,  ststionmaster,  Templeton,  -------  William SYMS,  engine-driver 
                    ----   very long column  -   

Inquests   -  011
SCOTT -  Charlotte,  of Geraldine,  found drowned in the Waihi River on Friday last.  open verdict returned.
ROWLEY - Joseph John Griffith,  death through injuties received on 30 August -----  manslaughter against William NELSON  ------

Saturday 13 September  1873
Hokitika  -  012
ROUSE -  Capt. Rouse was drowned about 11pm on Sept. 7.     ---------

Death  -  013
WATSON    - 
Mr Thomas Watson of Lyttelton   died this morning at Ross,  Westland  in diving operations now being carried out at Ross for the recovery of pipes.
                 Mr Watson the diver had been down the shaft about 30 min  when one of the air pipes burst.  ------  more  ------

Death  -  014
Yesterday a man named Frank Woodham, who is perhaps one of the oldest settlers in Canterbury, died at Woodend.  Aged 91  last April. has been a
                             resident here for about 40 years.  was a whaler -----  served in the Royal Navy and was at the battle of Copenhagen  in March 1802.

Monday 15 September  1873
The Reported Death  - 015
It appears our Lyttelton reporter was misinformed about the death of Mr Watson, the well-known diver.  we learn he is in a fair way of recovery.

Accident  -  016
Mr McIlroy,  farmer,  Papanui, with his wife  was driving towards home, when his offside wheel came into contact with another vehicle, threw Mrs McIlroy
                            from her seat on to the road.  She fell in front of the near wheel which passed over her neck -----   much improved -------

Tuesday 16 September 1873
Accident at Sea -  016a
A sad accident occurred on the ship Cape Clear which took a number of the Dallum Tower's passengers to Sydney.  an apprentice named
                    Alfred Jones fell from the mizzen top gallant rigging, striking the ships rails and going overboard ---   alarm immediately given and a life bouy thrown to him --
                        -  a fellow apprentice named William Dunnall sprang over the side to assist ---   after an absence of an hour neither boys were found  -------

Thursday 18 September 1873
Wife Desertion  -  017
William Cookson was summoned for deserting his wife. ---     more  ------  case adjourned ---   until Thursday of next week.

Death by Drowning  -  018
McKENZIE -  on Monday last at Geraldine, a child of Mr D.McKenzie of the Raukapuka mills  was accidentally drowned in the Waihi river.

Friday 19 September 1873
Fatal accident on the Railway  -  019 & 020
James Palmer  and one of the team of horses he was driving were killed.  at Yankee crossing about 3 quarters of a mile north of the Dunsandel station  ----- 
                     employed by Mr Butterick,  farmer,  Brookside,  -----   was a single man  and has a brother somewhere in the Temuka district ----

Saturday 20 September 1873
Arrival of the PUNJAUB from London  -  021
A number of deaths had occurred during the passage, there was fever onboard.  There were 200? British and 112 Danish onboard. 
The deaths were - Danish 21,  British 7,   deaths resutling from measles 13,  teething 4,  typhus fever and other causes 11.  -----  lots more ----

Inquest - 022
James Palmer - a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Inquest  -   023  &  024  &  025
  An enquiry touching the death of James Palmer who was killed on the Great Southern Railway on Thursday ----  Constable O'Shannessy: I am stationed at Dunsandel -----
                    information was brought to me by George Dorn, that  the train for Christchurch which left Dunsandel at 1-45pm had come in contact with a team of horses and the driver was killed. ------ 
David Butterick,  I am a farmer residing at Brookside, which is about 6 miles from Dunsandel.  Deceased was in my employ ----  
James Walker -   I am a blacksmith residing near Dunsandel -------
William Holcroft  -  I am an engine driver on the Canterbury Railways. ----  
George Woolford Dorn  -  fireman on the Canterbury Railways   -  accidental death  verdict was returned ---    a very long inquest. -----

Monday 22 September  1873
The PUNJAUB  -  027
The ship is in quarantine ,  the official list is -  Male Ward  -  4 adults and 3 children,  in the Female Ward -  13 adults and 3 children. their names are

Male Ward -  R. Steward, 21, fever, dangerous:  J. Sprowle, 22  same:  Yens Petersen,  35, same, not dangerous:   Hans Petersen,  3,  same, not dangerous:
Agneti Petersen -   not dangerous:   Hans Rasmissen, 7, fever, dangerous:  George Evans,  41,

Female Ward -  Susan Evans,  16, favourable:  Sarah Greig,  fever, dangerous:  Mat Fergusson,  17, dangerous:  Mary A.Cochran, 74, dangerous:   E.Watkins,  19, fever:  L.Collins. 

There are 13 new cases of fever as follows -  E.Bannon,  fever, dangerous:    E.Collins,  26, fever, dangerous:      M.Hoey, 19, debility, improving:     M.Meaclean, 8, fever, favourable:    Johanne Rasmissen, 16 fever, dangerous:   R.Fergusson, 43,  fever, dangerous:  Sarah Mclean,  20,  fever, favourable:  R.Neilson, 7,  not dangerous:  John Jacobson,  11,  debility, not dangerous:  Kirsten Hansen,  34, fever,  favourable.
On Saturday afternoon the members of the Board of Health visited the Quarantine Station at Ripa Island and  inspected the arrangements made for the immigrants per the ship Punjaub and expressed themselves pleased -- at 3pm the disembarkation  was commenced in the ships boats  the s.s. Mullough towing them to the landing place.

Tuesday 23 September 1873
The PUNJAUB -  028
2 immigrants died this morning, one from brain fever and the other from consumption.  and 5 new cases have occurred.
Deaths  2  -   Sarah Greig,  single, 22  brain fever:  Mathias P.Hemsen,  39, married, consumption, leaves a wife and 3 children.
Fresh cases -  Margaret Ferris,  32, fever:  Ellen Hayes,  15,  fever,  Isabella McKirdy,  24,  fever:  Honora Corsky, 22, fever:   Mary Jones,  19,  fever.

Wednesday 24 September 1873
Ship Punjaub  -  029
The 2 immigrants,  Sarah Greig  and Mathias Hansen,  were buried yesterday afternoon at the old Quarantine Station at Camp Bay.  -------

Wednesday 24 September  1873
Inquest  -  017
  an inquest on the body of an infant child of Mr Watkins,  Woolston, was held ----   child had been ailing for some time -----

Thursday 25 September  1873
Ship PUNJAUB -   more deaths  and fresh cases  -   018
The Immigration officer Mr March, visited the immigration barracks   2 deaths  ---   and 4 more cases of fever ---  30 patients are in hospital
Died  -  Rebecca FERGUSON,  43,  widow,  Catherine PREBENSEN,  6mths.
Fresh  cases -  S.NEILSON,  John BOAL,  Thomas SKILLEN,  George CARR.
In a dangerous condition  -  Matilda FERGUSON, 17,     E. BANNON,   17,    E.COLLINS,  26,  M.MACLEA.N,  8.

Wife desertion  -  019
William Cookson  ----  charged with having deserted his wife  agreed to pay her 10s. a week.

Fatal Accident  -  020
The man who died in hospital on Tuesday evening after an accident on Papanui rd,  was named Catterick and resided at the back of Mr Goss's timber yard. 
                            He was married  but separated from his wife  and lived with his 2 sons  -----   an inquest will be held.

Friday 26 September  1873
Shipping  -  021
WHITEHALL -   from London  This vessel arrived this morning  from London after 102 days ,  no immigrants but a number of passengers ----   

Shipping  - PUNJAUB -  022
PETERSEN -  Joanna  aged 5 and half years.  -------In hospital  31:  Deaths

Inquest  -  023
An inquest on the man Catterick who died in hospital on Tuesday evening.  Evidence from Mary Rapley, who lives at Papanui, -------  Gilbert Mayo,  I live at Papanui -
                        ---   James Goss,  the deceased was in my employ  ---- was sent to the Papanui school with a dray and 2 horses -----   James S.Turnbull -  medical practitioner 
                              --- accidental death returned  -----

Saturday 27 September 1873
Ship Punjaub  -  024
FERGUSON - Matilda   aged 17 ,  -  ---- another death occurred   ----  no  new cases  but several still dangerously ill.

Monday 29 September  1873
Ship  -  Desertion  -  025
JAMES  -  John, arrested at Southbridge, an ordered to be sent on board his ship  the Mary Shepherd.

Blenheim  -  Drowning  -  026
MAIN  -  Mr David (known in Canterbury)  and
BEALEY  -  Dr.  (late of the ship Halcione)   were both drowned in crossing the new channels  of the Opawa River --------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
5 March 2010
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