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Monday  3  March 1873
Child drowned  -  RIDLEY  -
Yesterday a son of Mr Ridley,  aged between 2-3 years was drowned in a creek,  at the back of his res. North Town belt.  The child had left
the house,  but in a few minutes before it was found in the creek quite dead.

Friday  7  March  1973   -
Cokers Hotel  -    The license of Cokers Hotel was transferred from John COKER   to Charles ALLISON.

Fire  -  Kaiapoi  Island  -  ROSSER  -
an inquiry into the origin of the fire at the farm of Mr James Rosser  --------  email for a copy.

Monday  10 March  1873
Accident  -  BLACKMORE  -
about noon on Saturday as a man named Blackmore was driving his wife and child towards Carlton,  on the way home,
 --------   but fortunately escaped with only a few bruises.

Wednesday 12  March 1873
The late fire near Kaiapoi  -  ROSSER -
a subscription list is about to be opened for the benefit of Mr Rosser,  whose grain stacks were destroyed by fire a few days ago.   --------
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Friday  14 March  1873
Dunedin  -  GIBBS & CLAYTON  sawmills  -
GIBBS & CLAYTON  sawmills   were totally destroyed this morning.  --------   long column  email for a copy.

Saturday  15 March 1873
Sudden Death  -  SENIOR  -
with reference to the recent sudden death of Mr Senior, a carpenter,  residing in Oxford terrace east,  it appears the deceased had been under
medical treatment from time to time for a considerable period prior to his death.  he leaves a widow and family of 4 children,  all of a tender age
and in anything but good circumstances.

Dunedin  -  Fire -  Cumberland Street  -
the large wooden building in Cumberland street  -  opposite the Distillery,  and which was lately much extended and improved  -  in what Messrs
GIBBS  and CLAYTON  had their saw and planing mills,  and sash and door factory ---  Mr RENDLE  a turner's business  and Messrs
  a bone crushing establishment,  was destroyed by fire this morning.

Monday  17 March  1873
Inquest at Lyttelton  -  Captain EVANS  -
an inquest on the body of Captain Evans was held today.  A verdict of "found drowned"  was returned.

Death of an Old Identity  -  WELLBOURNE  -
Mr Geo.  Wellbourne,  who has been groom at Turton's Hotel,  Ashburton,  during the past 5 years,  died in hospital on Friday night from
inflammation of the lungs.

Tuesday 18 March  1873
The Taieri  fasting girl  -  Miss ROSS 
the latest account of the Taieri fasting girl is that she continues very much in the same condition she has been in for the past 3 years.  She never feels
hungry or has any desire for food,  and when she does take a mouthful of tea or a crumb of biscuit it produces a feeling of faintness.  The same
gnawing pain in the chest continues.   He countenance remains its healthy appearance,  and her manner is cheerful as ever.  She however only
speaks in a whisper,  and says she is getting gradually weaker.  The Bruce heralds reporter says that although it was 2 years ago since he
previously saw Miss Ross,  he could scarcely detect any change as having occurred in her condition or appearance.
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Friday  21 March  1873
accident  -  FLASHBOURN  -
Mr Flashbourn was returning home from town to Papanui on Wednesday evening,  when the horse he was riding came into collision near
Carlton with a cab driven by Mr C. DALWOOD.   -----   email for a copy.

The Late Dr BARKER  -
we deeply regret having to record the death of Dr Barker,  one of the Pilgrim Fathers of the province,  and a gentleman who enjoyed the highest
possible measure of esteem from all who knew him.  --------    He left England on the 7 august 1850  in the Charlotte Jane,  he was accompanied
by Mrs Barker and 3 sons.  ----   -lots more   email for a copy.

Monday 23 March  1873
Inquest  -  GIMBLETT  -
an inquest was held at the Wharf Hotel,  Ferry road, yesterday afternoon, ------   on the bodies of twin sons of Mr Robt, Gimblett.  The infants (
who were born on Sunday morning last)  died in the absence of any medical man,  -----died from natural causes ----   email for a copy.

Tuesday  24 March  1873
Child drowned  -   John BECK  -
on Saturday morning a child,  2 yrs of age,  named John Beck, the son of Mr R. Beck -  who resides in reach of the Lichfield street Fire
Brigade station -  was drowned by falling into a tub of water under the artesian well tap.  ------    a Mrs Catherine NICHOLSON 
found it in a tub ----      more   email for a copy.

Wednesday  25 March  1873
St John's  School  prize list -
the prizes gained at the mid-winter examination,  but not distributed because the absence of the incumbent in Melbourne,  were presented
in the schoolroom last night.    A very long list of prize winners   ---------  email for a copy.

Accident  -  FLETCHER  -
an accident happened yesterday to a man named FLETCHER,  carpenter of the barque JOLIBA.  It appears that the unfortunate man was
in the hold of the vessel  ------   email for a copy.

The Late Dr BARKER  -
The obsequie of the late Dr Barker took place yesterday --------  as a public event it stands prominent above all other funerals that have taken
place for many years --------  a long column   email for a copy.

Thursday 26 March  1873
Accident  -  Eyreton  -   McHUGH  -
occurred at Eyreton on Monday last,  to a child named John McHugh  aged 17mths,  the son of Michael McHugh.   It appeared that a man
named JORDAN  was driving along past McHugh's house,  which is distant about a mile from White's upper farm,  an inquest will be held
at the child's father's house at 11am today  ---  email for a copy.

Dunedin  -   The "Philip Laing"
The passengers by the Philip Laing,  the 1st ship  intend celebrating their 21st anniversary on April 15th.

Friday   27 March 1873
Nelson  -  early  Colonist  -    KERR  -  obituary  -
Mrs John Kerr, sen of Waimea West,  whose death merits something more than the  ordinary brief notice.  Mrs Kerr mother of 7 sons all calculated
to make good colonists,  arrived in Nelson Harbour on 1st February 1842.  As soon as the suburban sections of lane were surveyed and allotted, 
Mr Kerr,  --- occupied 100 acres of land in Waimea West,  and together with Messrs J and G, TYTLER  who settled on land  adjoining were
the pioneer agriculturalists of the settlement and Mrs Kerr's house for several years was the resort for all persons who visited the district -------
a very long piece  ----   email for a copy.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 April 2007

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