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Saturday 1 April  1871 
Inquest  -  William Henry MASON  -  000    page 2
An inquest was held at the Prince of Wales Hotel yesterday afternoon on the body of William Henry Mason, a child of about 8 weeks old. 
After hearing the the medical evidence and other testimony,  the jury returned the verdict  died from natural causes

Monday 3 April 1871    
Auckland -  002  page 2
GUILDING  -  Captain Guilding,  a Govt. Officer,  died yesterday.  The funeral took place today and was attended by over 3000 people.

Fatal Accident -   003
Sarah  SALT  nee  CATTERMOLE  -
Information reached Kaiapoi last night that a woman named  Sarah Salt and her child were drowned in the Ashley River, North Canterbury, last night.  ---------  
deceased was the wife of Mr William Salt,  farmer of Ashley Downs.  An inquest will be held tomorrow.

Tuesday 4 April 1871     
Fatal Accident  -  005    page 2
SALT  - CATTERMOLE  - Sarah Salt wife of Mount Grey Downs, farmer William Salt was drowned with her child  an inquest will be held.  --------- more ---

Wednesday 5 April 1871   
Napier  - 005a     page 4
WELCH  -  a fire occurred on Sunday night at Halletts Run,  Pukketitiri,  which destroyed the homestead. 
Daniel Welch was burned to death, and the other inmates had a narrow escape . An inquiry will be held Friday next.

Thursday 6 April  1871   
Ilegitimate Child  -  008
EFFARD - George was charged by Mary Gilbert  ----  

Melbourne -    008 - 1
-  Mr James Burke a well known coal merchant,  was killed through a buggy accident.  His funeral yesterday was largely attended.

Inquest  -   SALT     -  008a  & 008b
An inquest held at the Lion Hotel, Rangiora,  on Tuesday last at noon.  
Deceased was  Sarah Cattermole  and  22 years old  the daughter of William Cattermole of Kaiapoi.  The deceased lived with me as my wife,
and we were to be married as soon  -----     as I had thrashed my corn.-----------------    one and half columns long. 

Bluff  -   shipping. -  "Tararua"
The Tararua arrived from Melbourne at daylight, having sailed on March 30th. She sails for Dunedin tonight and will not proceed further north than Lyttelton.
Passengers -  Captain Cummings.
Messers Stewart,  Dixon,  Thomas Reeves,  J.Thompson,  Young,  G.Blyth,  Greenbank,  John S. Dickie, Geddes,  Robert Wilson, 
Master Willie White and servant,  Kermade,  Wilson,  Mercer,  Master A. Mellish,  Walters,  Commons,  Mills, Taylor,  Young,  Barlow,  Noble,  
Mesdames White & infant,  McEwan,  Taylor,  Young,  Constance Young,  Ida White,  & Elfie White.

Saturday 8 April  1871   
Hokitika  -  009
  -  Mr Robert, Registrar of the Supreme Court,  died last night.

Tuesday 11 April  1871  
Hokitika  -  010    page 4
ABBOTT - Mr Robert, late Registrar of the Supreme Court, was buried today  ---- 

Thames  -  - 011
RILEY  -  Several fatal mining accidents are reported from the Thames.  On April 5th a land slip occurred at the Morning star claim.  Mrs Riley and child were
                 buried alive and her husband and 3 children had a narrow escape.

Wednesday 12 April 1871
Le Bon's Bay -  Boating  Accident   -  013
PEARCE - John,  on the 10th  employed on Mr R.Townsend's survey party.  ------

Thursday 13 April 1871
Obituary  -  015
HAWDON -  Hon. Mr Joseph, --- enterprising pioneer in the founding of the Colony of Victoria -- was one of the 1st Australian colonists
to visit Canterbury --- made Canterbury his home ---

Friday 14 April 1871    
Christchurch -  Sudden death -  016    page 2
LESLIE  -  Mrs Leslie of Riccarton, died somewhat suddenly in Christchurch yesterday.  It appears she was taken ill in Mr Brice's shop  about 3pm,
but although every assistance was rendered  to her by Dr. Patrick, the unfortunate lady expired in a few hours.

Shipping  -  Bluff -   page 3
The Gothenburg  left Hobsons Bay at 3pm on April 8th,  arrived Bluff at 4-15pm, sails for Dunedin tonight.
Passengers -  Dunedin -   Mrs Kempthorne, Master Kempthorne, Misses Kempthorne (3)  Mr G. Horn,  Mr Neilson,  Mr Frost,  & 20 steerage.

Saturday 15 April  1871
Bankruptcy  -  018
GOODACRE -   Edward ---   time extended one week to annul the order of adjudication
MAY -  George,  meeting of creditors 24 April ---
JACKSON -  Wm. Thomas   and
ROBERTSON - Wm. Struan,  date of last examination and discharge  18th May
STONE - Joseph,  meeting of creditors  24 April
SHORLAND -  George,  date for last examination and discharge  18th May.
REES - John Louac,  meeting of creditors  26th April --
BEYNON - William Melville,  meeting of creditors  26th April

Monday 17 April 1871
Accident  -  020
BIRCH -  Mr Josiah, and his wife were returning from Christchurch to Kaiapoi ----  a Ward & Co's 4 horse cart coming at a
 galloping pace, driven by William Manson,  ---  jerked Mrs Birch out of the buggy  ----  no-one hurt.

Wednesday 19 April  1871 
Bankruptcies  -  023  & 024      page 2
BARKER - Henry,  last examination 18th May
GLENIS - Henry Sneyd,  meeting of creditors for 26th April
FAWCETT -  James Holden,  last examination 18th May
GOODACRE - Edward,  annulling the adjudication ---
SWINDELL -  meeting of creditors ----  Wednesday 26th April --
BIRCH - William James,  meeting of creditors ----  Wednesday 26th April --

Inquest -  Prebbleton  - 025
ROLLO  An inquest was held at the Hospital on Monday last, on the body of a female child  called Rollo,  who died from injuries received from burning on
                    Sunday morning ------  The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Thursday 20  April  1871  
Akaroa  -  028     page 2
Reported boat accident  -------  Mr and Mrs Dalgleish and 2 friends from Robinson's Bay, visited Akaroa -----   boat was on its way to Duvauchelle's ----

Inquest -   029
  - Mary,  on Tuesday an inquest was held at the Lunatic Asylum, on the body of an inmate named Mary Ellen,  age 27 years.
The evidence went on to show that the deceased was admitted to the Asylum on 27th February 1868 -----Death resulted from consumption,
 verdict was returned accordingly.

Friday 21 April  1871  
Akaroa -  4 Lives Lost  -  boat capzises  -  031  & 032     page 3
A long column, those drowned were,  Mr Hugh Dalgleish,, a settler resided in Davauchelles Bay,  his wife,  the latter's sister,  a young girl named E. Shadbolt,
a man named George Bryant. one survivor,  John Wardle.

Saturday 22 April  1871  
Dunedin  -    033a     page 4
JOHNSTON  -  John,  prop. of the Waikava sawmills has been drowned while rafting timber.
SHEPHERD -  Mr,   schoolmaster, Teviot, died suddenly of apoplexy.

Monday  24  April  1871 
Akaroa  -  034   page 2
DALGLEISH - Shadbolt - Bryant - whose lives were lost at Akaroa --  search for missing bodies ----Mrs Dalgleish was buried on Friday ----

Inquest  - Akaroa  -  034a  &  034b
DALGLEISH  - an inquest held at Waeckerles Hotel,  Akaroa,  drowned on the 16th by the upsetting of a boat -----  body of Mary Dalgleish, 
bodies of other 3 not yet located. --- a  very long column.

Napier - Inquest  -  035
MORDON - Peter,  drowned on Sunday at Pohui  ------

Timaru  -  036
WEBB -  seaman Webb's remains  found  ------  

Refusal of Duty  -  037
MURPHY - John, and A.B.seaman on board the brig Windhover was charged ------

Tuesday 25 April  1871  
Akaroa Boat Accident -  038     page 2
BRYANT  - body found on Saturday of Mr George Bryant - inquest held on Saturday.      --------   a long column. 

Hokitika - 
-  A fatal accident occurred at Greenstone on Saturday.  A large boulder giving way,  George Taylor,  a miner,  was killed and another named
                    Stewart had his leg broken

Wednesday 26 April  1871 
.Dunedin -    041-1     page 2
STEWART   -  Mr Stewart,  Customs Locker,  whose foot was injured a month ago, in an accident at Universal Bond,  died yesterday.

Thursday 27 April 1871
Destitute Persons - 043
MAZEY - Charles, charged with refusing to contribute to his mother's support,  has no job and wife and 5 children to support -----

Saturday 29 April 1871    
Wife Desertion  -  045     page 3
WILSON - Geo.  wilfully deserted his wife --- was ordered to apy15s a week support ----

.Nelson -   PETERSEN  -   LEWIS     - 047
The schooner Twilight, trading to Kaipara,  was lost in a recent gale.  Captain Meiklejohn and 2 seamen were wrested overboard.  The Captain was saved, 
but the seamen Petersen and Lewis were drowned.

Nelson  -  Deaths  -  047
  -  George  Webster,   of Hokianga, well known in Auckland commercial circles,  died suddenly of apoplexy.
PETERSON -   and
Captain Meiklejohn and 2 seamen were washed overboard, the Captain was saved but the seamen Peterson  and Lewis  drowned-

Napier - Captain St. George   - 048
The remains of Captain St. George, buried 8 months ago,  where he fell at Porutu,  have been removed to Napier, and were buried in the cemetery
yesterday afternoon with military honours. The ceremony began at 1 o'clock, and lasted until after dark.  The whole of the Militia and Volunteers
turned out and all places of business were closed during the funeral

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 May 2005
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