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Monday 3 January  1870
Obituary  -   DONALD -  001
Mrs Donald,  of Lyttelton was the daughter of the late James Townsend, Esq.  who came out with the first of the Canterbury pilgrims.
 Mrs Donald spent most of her life in Lyttelton,  suffered an attack of paralysis, from which she never fully recovered.  ------

Tuesday 4 January  1870
Bankruptcy  -  002
SIMMS  -  John
GREENING  -  Richard James
SPILLARD - Andrew  -----  adjourned to next Monday.

Saturday 8  January 1870
Legal  -  004
WAECKERIE  -  Jacob,   last examination fixed for Thursday 10 February
BLACKIE -  Robert,  deceased  probate granted to widow.

Meeting of Creditors  -  005
AIKMAN  -  Mr C.C.   auctioneer and commission agent,  the estate was vested in Messrs John Anderson &  W.H.Hargreaves,  as trustees  ---------

Monday 10 January  1876
Drownings  -  Timaru   -  007
SMALLWOOD  -  the body of Mr Smallwood who was drowned along with Mr Balfour, was found near the mouth of the Opihi  this morning ------

Tuesday 11 January  1870
Pigeon Bay  -  PITCAITHLEY  -  008
---  the ketch Folly was leaving the wharf, a young lad,  son of Mr Pitcaithley,  of the hotel,  fell from the end of the jetty, dragging a heavy wheelbarrow
with him. -----  managed to reach the shore little worse for his immersion.

Thursday 13 January 1870
Bankruptcy  -  009
O'MALLEY - Joseph,   final orders  for these people
GARDINER  -  Joseph
DOUGLAS  -  James F.
PIPER  -  Henry
PARKERSON   -  Richard Knowles
SCOTT  -  John

Adjourned until 10 February
BOWDEN -  William,  bankrupt discharged from custody.
BARNARD  -  William
RAINE -  Thomas,  jnr
HERON  -  Robert  & James.

Adjourned  sine die  
NINNIS  -  Egerton
GIBBONS  -  James Saunders

Relief was suspended  for one month
TURNER  -  Charles   

Monday 17 January  1870
Fatal Accident  -  DENNIS  -  010
The youngest child of Mr and Mrs Dennis, who reside at the cnr of Durham and Chester sts. 
        was accidentally scalded on Friday last  ---  aged 18mths died the following day.

Tuesday 18 January  1870
Legal  -  011
SPILLARD  -  Andrew,  last examination fixed for 7 March ----
SHADBOLT  -  Benjamin, 

Saturday  22 January 1870
The Late Mr BALFOUR  -  015
It is proposed to place a stained glass window in the church at Timaru, in memory of the late Mr Balfour, C.E.   
    subscriptions are limited to 10s 6d.  All the seaport towns in the colony have been invited to assist.

Saturday 29 January 1870
Testimonial  -  ROSS  -  018
The parents of the children attending the High School,  Lyttelton,  have presented the master  Mr John Ross,  with a highly
        flattering testimonial, expressive of their confidence in the way in which he has conducted the school.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ.
23 March 2010

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